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Tech21 Impact Band with D3O

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Brand: Tech21 / Type: iPhone 4

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    1 Review
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      11.07.2012 23:39
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      An attractive case with several faults...

      Anyone who owns an iPhone will know that the moment your most precious possession falls from your hands your heart skips a beat and you hurriedly pick it up praying that the screen isn't cracked in that awful spider web pattern that destroys the aesthetics of the whole phone. Anyway, I digress, basically what I'm trying to say is that you don't want to step outside your front door with a beautiful iPhone unless you're fully protected - and I've got just the thing for you boys and girls...

      May I introduce you to the Tech 21 T21-1247 Impact Band designed for the iPhone 4.

      I first heard of Tech 21 on Dragon's Den, where the material D30 was introduced as a revolutionary material that can not only protect your gadgets but can be used in bullet proof vests for the army (now if that doesn't sum it all up I don't know what will!). The material, soft to the touch instantly hardens on impact to protect whatever you want it to. Upon hearing about this fantastic new discovery I quickly made my way to Amazon and purchased a iBand for my iPhone 3GS and upon buying the 4S I did exactly the same.

      You may be scratching your heads and wondering why I purchased something that's made for the iPhone 4 for my 4S, but unfortunately as far as I was aware at the time there was no such product for the 4S and as there's so little difference in design I risked it and made my purchase for £16.99 and excitedly waited for it to arrive.

      Upon arrival it comes packaged in a transparent box, which, yes you guessed it, is almost impossible to gain entry to. Upon finally gaining entry you'll notice actually how sturdy the case feels and it gives you that little bit extra peace of mind. This isn't actually a case though, this is called a band for a reason as it snugly (very snugly infact) fits around the edge of your iPhone, but cleverly the ridges that overlap both the front and the back of the iPhone are still very much protected. With the band being such a sturdy piece of material, it's actually rather difficult to get it around your iPhone. Once you do have it on it is a good sturdy fit, unfortunately this does come with its downsides. Although there are ridges for all the buttons and spaces for your headphones and charger, the buttons (which are covered completely) may as well be completely inaccessible as this is such a hard case it makes turning the volume up and down and an almighty task and even hurts your fingers at time because you have to push with such force. One thing that baffled me right from the start and still baffles me to this day (I've been using the band around 6 months now) is that occasionally I'll want to turn the volume down and with the force that I'm pressing it will actually do the opposite and put pressure on the volume up button which is rather infuriating.

      Another problem I've encountered, which perhaps is even more annoying than the accessibility of the buttons is the fact that because this case fits so snugly around the sides of the phone it will get underneath your screen protector and push it up. I wouldn't mind but I have two screen protectors (back and front) and this has happened to both of them which has resulted in me getting rid of the front screen protector altogether and at £7.99 each for the screen protectors I wasn't best pleased.

      Despite the fact that this is made for the iPhone 4, as aforementioned the design for the two phones is almost identical, the only difference being the silence switch on the top left has been moved very slightly so a fraction of the case covers the bottom part. Fortunately this doesn't affect the functionality at all.

      So, I've gone over the negatives of this band, now for the positives... are there any? Well yes actually there are, if you value style over substance that is, and on this occasion I think I do. I've always liked the look of this band. It's a clear material with an orange strip running all the way around and I've had lots of people comment on it wondering if it's one of Apple's branded cases. The look of this case really does stand out and it doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone at all despite how substantial the case feels in your hand it is practically weightless.

      Despite all the negative press this case has received from yours truly I have actually always liked this case and continue to use it to this day. Through its faults I feel at ease when I have this case on and I feel like no damage will come to my beloved iPhone (I'm not being sarcastic, I really am this dramatic when it comes to my iPhone!). It's hard to say whether I could recommend this case or not, because it can be an infuriating thing, but then at the same time it looks good. I'll let you clever people make your minds up on this one...


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