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Topdigi HSPBP High Capacitive Stylus

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Brand: Topdigi / Miscellaneous: Stylus

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    2 Reviews
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      23.02.2014 10:34
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to large fingers on the mobile phone

      As somebody who came comparatively recently, and a little reluctantly, to using a mobile phone, I soon mastered the art of dialling on it - well, sufficiently to get by - but I enjoyed texting about as much as pulling my teeth out. My wife, to whom her mobile is like a third arm, insisted that I had to get it right. Impossible, I said. I can put hands to keyboard and write e-mails, reviews for pay-per-view sites (and others), even full-length books. But not on this [expletive deleted] phone. Not one that makes sense, anyway. My fingers will wrap themselves cheerfully around a guitar, even a mandolin fretboard, on which the frets are quite small. But...

      A few weeks of the wrong keys getting under my somewhat less than diminutive fingers and sending her total gobbledeygook meant that the message got through. (To be fair, some of her messages to me also contain rather unorthodox spelling too). One day she produced a rather neat little metallic gold-coloured pen-like object, about four inches long, which she said she had found in a shop in town for about £5. Instead of a nib there was a small black rubber bulb-shaped end. Try this, she said.

      I found it worked very well. However it received pretty regular use more or less every day. On the rare occasions when I forgot to take it with me to work, I tried almost hammering on the touch screen of my phone with my finger, even my nail (my nails aren't sharp, but even so I'm not sure it was a good idea), and eventually got results of a sort - but only of a sort.

      After about six months the bulb end was beginning to disintegrate. These artefacts clearly have a limited life expectancy, I thought to myself, as I sat down to search on Amazon. Before you ask, I did so on my desktop PC at home, not on my Samsung, which does have the internet, but I am still the kind of person who would rather not use the phone to go online unless I have to. The old eyes aren't very enthusiastic, you see. Amazon came up trumps as ever.

      Before I go any further, I should point out that if you click on the screen, it will direct you to the 'TOPDIGI HSPBP High Capacitive Stylus Pens For Apple/HTC/Samsung/Any Touch Screen Black And Pink'. In other words, two high capacitive stylus pens. The page you are taken to tells you that they have very soft capacitive (nice word) rubber at the tip to prevent scratch or grease getting on the screen. The grease element is presumably another argument for not using your pinky. It also points out that they are 100% high quality elegant design and light in weight (well, of course they would if they wanted you to buy them, wouldn't they?), and that they are very portable and easy to carry around. Hmmm, I think that one's obvious.

      OH DEAR

      Then comes the bad news. The product is currently unavailable, and 'we don't know when or if this item will be back in stock'.

      Go on, sigh.


      Now comes the good news. Try typing 'cellphone stylus' or something similar into the Amazon search box, and you will be led to more or less the same thing. Cue a little fanfare for the, take a deep breath, SODIAL(TM) 3 pcs Aqua Blue/Black/Red Capacitive Stylus/styli Touch Screen Cellphone Tablet Pen for iPhone 4 4s 3 3Gs iPod Touch iPad 2 Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Playbook AMM0101US, Barnes and Noble Nook Color, Droid Bionic. If you're not particularly techie-minded, and I'm not, don't take fright. Oh, I will put my hand up and admit that I did cut and paste that little chunk into my review. I don't really think I can paraphrase the same information in the style of, say, Stephen King, or Irvine Welsh, or even Jane Austen. So I didn't try. It's just a mobile phone stylus, no matter what language you wrap it up in, right?


      It looks simple, and it is simple. There's no more to it than meets the eye. It clips onto your pocket, or slips into your handbag if you have one (I don't, you'll be relieved to hear). The few reviews I have seen elsewhere suggest that it does the job very well, and my experience is that it is far preferable to trying with your fingers. Oh, and the first time I forgot to take mine to work, I did try and use a pencil in the office with an indiarubber tip on the end. It didn't work, though I don't think it did the phone any harm. But if you think a pencil will make a good substitute, forget it.

      My set of three styluses (styli?) cost me around £2.10 a few weeks ago, plus free postage as I ordered a couple of boxes of catfood with them. Amazon says that they are among items which are cost-prohibitive to despatch on their own, which sounds fair enough. If you haven't got three cats like I have, or even one cat, you will surely be able to find something else on Amazon you need instead, like that book, DVD or lawnmover you always wanted. You haven't got a lawn either? Honestly, some people are so hard to please.

      Last time I checked - and I am being serious this time - they were priced at £3.05 free delivery with super saver delivery. I've no idea what they would be on the high street, and haven't bothered to look as I don't need to. But as with so many products obtainable online, the fact that my wife paid considerably more in the shop suggests that ordering online is the way to do it.

      I'm fully prepared for each stylus to last for only a few months before the rubber tip cracks. Other reviews elsewhere have said that the tip is also prone to come off, although I have never yet had this problem. But a set of three is pretty cheap and therefore easily replaceable, so in my opinion it's hard to fault.

      And I reviewed catfood several months ago.


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        19.11.2013 19:20
        Very helpful



        handy 'pens' for use with touch screens


        I bought these two little pens in pink and black when I bought my Samsung Galaxy tablet. I get very frustrated when my fingers are too fat for the mini keys so I thought these sounded a handy idea.

        They were bought from Amazon and they were only £1.2 plus the same in postage so great to top up the order for free postage, though not sure if one with postage would work for that.

        These look a bit like a biro with a clip to put it on your pocket. At the end that you use there is a sort of soft rubber end. I have no idea how it works as using other soft eneed things do not work at all.

        I like these as they are accurate and saves me sending strange messages or emails to people. I often read my Dooyoo posts at night in bed and so it is handy to be able to write comments which do make sense which they would not if I just used my fat fingers.

        The rubber tip seems pretty robust as I have had these in my handbag and carried them around now for about three months. My grandchildren have not been near them so I am not sure how they would cope with fiddly fingers.

        I like the fact that these are the same size and feel as a pen so I hold them in the same way. They take up very little room. In one of my tablet covers there is a special little holder for the pen to go in so that it is always handy and does not get lost.

        The second one I keep in my handbag so that I have it when I am out and about.

        I not only use these on my Samsung tablet but have found they are great for using with my iphone too. I am rubbish at texting and my family and friends get some very odd texts sometimes but using this makes my aim far more accurate and the texts are far less entertaining.

        The 'pens' are made of a sort of metallic element with the rubber tip so apart from the tip are pretty much unbreakable. I don't know how long the rubber tip will last but as I am not a heavy handed user and I am the only user they should last quite well.

        I think for the price these are that they are a very handy little help for those of us with fat fingers. It has really made it so much easier for me to use the touch screen more accurately especially when it comes to texting and emailing.

        I would say these are great investment for anyone with a touch screen phone or tablet.
        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same use name.


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