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D-Link DSL 300G+

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2 Reviews

D-Link DSL 300G+ - DSL modem - external - Ethernet - 8 Mbps

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    2 Reviews
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      13.02.2012 23:15
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      Fine for setting up a simple home wireless network easily

      As said, had this product for about 5/6 years now, and has only really just started to show signs of this.

      Worked fine up until the coming of the Xbox 360, which has seemed to have taken its toll on the modem. Cuts the wireless fairly often, and has to be restarted a couple of times a day at least, more on a bad day. This is pretty easy to do though, as the windows based GUI controls allows you to do this from anywhere in the house.

      >Features 4 Ethernet ports on the back.

      The wireless range is very good, still very strong quite far away, even outside I can still pick it up.

      Security >>>> The software allows you to set up quite stringent rules, which means that the mac address of any item you want to allow on the wireless can be input into the computer. So even if someone guesses or hacks the password onto the wireless, they still couldn't use it anyway, as there items MAC address wouldn't be recognized by the modem.

      If you don't have a games console this modem would be perfect, and even if you do it still works fine to be honest, the restarts take no time at all. The router, looks wise, given its age, doesn't really look that ancient, so is fine on the desk.

      UPDATE >>>> The router has just started error flashing the Ethernet ports, run diagnostics and a hardware failure now means that the Ethernet ports cease to work, wireless still works.


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        16.07.2005 20:15



        Good Modem, Connections ok.

        I find myself asking the question, should this product even be sold in the UK?

        I brought this router around a year ago. I read the details given to us by our ISP explaining what information to put in and what settings to have. I come to choose connection method, which our USP said should be PPPoA and it wasn't there only PPPoE. You are still able to connect via PPPoE but you will find you will experience problems. I found out also after that nearly all ISP's use PPPoA (mainly because it is the cheapest method for them to use), so why are D-link selling this without the support of PPPoA. It's doesn't make sense.. Of course D-link support were once again useless, don't bother ringing them...

        Overall it's a modem that works but ensure you check your connection type.


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      • Product Details

        The DSL-300G+ is an ADSL modem. It provides high-speed broadband connection from a PC or from a router or gateway.


        External box-type ADSL modem;

        G.dmt full rate and G.lite support;

        G.hs auto-negotiation of different ADSL variations;

        Bridged Ethernet over ATM, PPP over ATM and IP over ATM, PPPoE;

        Interface with host through USB or Ethernet (model dependent);

        Precise ATM traffic shaping;

        Windows-based GUI for configuration setup and diagnostics;

        Compact size;

        Built-in SNMP MIBs;

        TFTP firmware upgradable;

        Embedded PPPoE PPPoA and IPoA clients.