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T-Mobile web'n'walk Stick IV

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    2 Reviews
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      28.09.2009 22:44



      rubbish rubbish rubbish

      I signed up to T Mobile in May 2009 with an offer of £30 a month unlimited broadband usage and free laptop! Bargain I thought as I had been using the 3 stick which you just top up when you need too but we wanted something a bit cheaper for more so found this *bargain*. Now I wish I hadnt bothered!
      Getting the la[ptop and stick was fine delivered within a few days like stated all fine when arrived. After installing and getting online we noticed how rubbish the speed was. Pages were taking forever to download even pages like yahoo and Google. Pages like Facebook were like a no go area! After a few days things picked up and we thought maybe just needs using kind of thing. All went fine for about a week then problems began again.
      The stick would connect for about a minute thens top working-stay coonected but nothing else would happen. we had full signal and even rang T Mobile themselves-thankgod its free when using the sim card! W e were on thephone for over 1 hour and they couldnt find the problem were getting us to do things on the options etc in the end (when they closed) they told us would pass it on to smeone and contact us within 72 hours. 72 hours and still no internet passed and didnt hear anything. We phoned back up they tried the same stuff as the had already and told us n prblems with our stick. Still no net! Then someone phoned us a few days later stating there couldnt be anything wrong with our net as we had gone over our limit (which was wring as stated above we were on unlimited broadband!) Very rude person. We were asked to do a few things then cal them back after a few days. The net then went ok-not fab but liveable.
      We have just had to deal with it. We get it most days but only for about 2 hours max then it will cut off and not work cannot download anything as it will take about 2 weeks whereas 3 used to take an hour max!
      Nightmare and another year and a hlaf to go on it. I dont recomend them to anyone and I cannot wait to get rid!


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      15.05.2009 11:40
      Very helpful
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      A big letdown for me.

      I recently, well about 6 months ago signed up for T-Mobile broadband.

      Now the initial dealings with T-Mobile and getting my "dongle" sent to me was all fine and I would actually remark that T-Mobile are very fast and efficient in dealing with you, from initial phone call to the product arriving I was pleasantly surprised.

      The price plan was also very attractive, £10 per month for unlimited broadband and the ability to send texts from your log-on page was also another reason that pushed me towards T-Mobile.
      It was when I first logged on that the problems/difficulties started arising for me.

      The browsing speeds where horrendous, it was taking around 30 seconds to a minute just to load up Google which is of course a very easy page to load and should really take no more than 5 seconds and that's being slow.
      For loading pages sites like Facebook, Stick-Cricket and Irishleaguesupporters it was taking 5-10 minutes when at its worst, if you where lucky you would only be waiting a minute. These sort of speeds were just unacceptable, but they were just the tip of the iceberg.

      If you like me like to download songs, movie's, pod casts, games ect I warn you now to avoid this "broadband" service.
      I first attempted to download "Oasis-I wana live in a dream, in my record machine". When I begun the download I was shocked to see the download speed at 2 kb per second. When I think that my current 3 Mobile broadband download speeds vary from 70 - 200 kb per second.

      My advice is if you are in the BT35/BT34 areas avoid as I have tried and know that it dosent work here. If however you are elsewhere and you are going to try it out my advise to you is; Be very careful if you go over your 14 day period as I am now 3 months on from disputing that I was unable to use the internet correctly using this service and Im still being chased for the 18 month contract to be paid in full.


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