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    1 Review
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      15.06.2011 10:11
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Cheap, reliable and good compatability accross the range. good for older spec PCs

      Ok the ABiT AB9, I got this board as a replacement to my previous motherboard which overhead and blew up and burn out my CPU along with it. Before I start my review I just want to say that this will be basic and not too technical, I won't cover every aspect but just a general review of the performance and capabilities of this motherboard.


      Right like I said this was a replacement board not an upgrade so I didn't pick this board because of its reviews or whether it was a new release at the time. The motherboard basically had to support what surviving hardware I had from my PC which burn out. I chose the AB9 for its backward and forward compatibility as I did a bit of searching beforehand and found that there were many bios updates allowing the motherboard to support further newer technology so I knew it would be good as the attention towards updating was really good (although you do get this from most ABiT hardware anyway - I later found out)

      ))--Quad core support too?-- ((

      I won't list all the spec as you can find the technical info on the tab above or on the manufacturer's website. However what i will cover here is what i have found in the updates since the shipped bios version
      Originally it was shipped supporting 1066FSB updating the bios allows 1333FSB i have run a duo core 2 at this speed and has worked fine with excellent results and no issues. It also allows for a Quad core 64bit CPU which really pulls this motherboard up to date. After finding this out I quickly went out and purchased an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz CPU (an excellent CPU which so far has lasted 3 years) Also the update allows for more adjustments to over clocking of the Ram and CPU bus speeds. But i wouldn't touch the Ram OC unless your memory can handle it as the increments are quite big jumps and you cannot set it manually (as far as i can see) my corsair PC6400 didn't take kindly to it.
      There are a few more tweaks and interesting features here and there but i won't drag out this review i just wanted to point out that this board does actually support Quad core 64bit and runs it well!

      ))--Good Points--((

      --Quad core support
      --4 ram slots
      --Good fan assist setting in bios
      --The µGuru settings are excellent and there is good documentation included to explain the features.
      --Over clocking is available and provides good cooling management but I'd defiantly advise updating the bios to get the latest settings if you are thinking of over clocking.

      ))--Bad Points--((

      --Only one PCI express 16 which i think was a big downer as my previous motherboard had two and i was running 2x Geforce 7950GTS
      --Annoying bright LCD display in bottom corner of the board, my case has a transparent side and this display is really bright at night
      --No PCI Express 2 support? I couldn't get a Geforce 9800GTX to work which i bought as an upgrade since i could no longer run two 7950s
      --Quite a large board to say it doesn't have many PCI slots, another could have been squeezed on


      All in all a good motherboard, not the best in the world by far, it's a little out of date now and you can probably pick it up for £35, but with the latest bios you can run some fairly recent components. By no means does it compare to the latest boards supporting the i-intel range but for its genre it's pretty good. Very reliable - have run it for nearly 3 years.


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