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    1 Review
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      08.12.2009 12:41


      • Reliability


      Realy nice board

      This board is awsome , first of all ,there are 2 versions of this board, theres the aw9d max, and the aw9d shadow warior , so whats the differnce? Nothing realy ,The only difference is , the max hass an extra lan hookup ,and an extra heat cooling pipe, and of course the price .What i realy like about both boards, is yes, both boards can go solo, or dule core, or quad core, nice, its up to you. How ever the real wow factor ,is the versitility, of both boards.If you:r looking at this board , you have the atention;s of running 2 graphics cards . Now if thats so, then you know you need to buy the graphics cards around the board.So are you going to go ati crossfier? You will need a crosssfier board. However ,you can gowith an sli board for nividia .but maby, you dont want to make up your mind yet, thats why this board rocks , unlike moste boards , both aw9d;s suport,both nividia sli, and ati cross fier,the down fall of thees boards however ,is they are for the profesionals , lota bios tweking is needed every time you shut the mains off you will have to go in bios change change the mch voltage. Every time you change hardwear like g card, cpu ,memorry, you will need to take the boot off cmos jumper and switch back in forth then reset bios but if you like to play around with pcs this is board for you if your looking for aboard thats more automatic this isnt for you .


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