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Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 (rev. 1.3)

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2012 18:17



      Low budget motherboard with a lot of feature including on/off technology.

      The Plus side:
      1. Support AMD 6 Core CPU
      With AMD 6 Core CPU you can do a lot of thing like multitasking, multimedia and high performance gaming.
      For AAA games, you gonna need high performance graphics card like NVIDIA GTX series. If using the onboard vga, it will lags during playing the games.

      2. On/Off Charge Technology
      This technology allows you to charge cell phones. Three years ago when my cell phone charger broken, I have to make my own cell phone charger using USB cable and tap it into my old motherboard. My cell phone draws around 100 mA and took about more than 2 hours to complete the charging. With this technology I don't have to worry about the motherboard being lack of power when charging cell phone.

      3. PCI Express Interface
      The motherboard got PCI-E x16 for placing additional external VGA card. So you have two options whether using the onboard vga or add external vga card.

      4. Supporting up to 8GB of system memory.
      4 GB RAM is more than enough for web browsing or playing games or web caching. Better using Win 7 64 bit if using RAM >= 4 GB.

      The not so good side:
      1. NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a GPU
      Not support dx10 and dx11. Only support dx9. That mean you need to add external VGA card to play high performance games (Crysis 2, COD MW, etc.).


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      30.01.2012 11:23
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Its the best motherboard i have ever had and ive no doubt will continue to be so

      @ About, set up @

      This motherboard is the fastest and most reliable motherboard i have ever had. A few things you should note based on my findings: i am using it with Windows 7, i use it every day for at least 3 hours, and i am the sort of person that hordes desktop junk. I have had it for over three months now and so far so good - nothing to report.

      Setting up was a little hard but you do get a lot of assistance from the manual which is written entirely in english and is about 20 pages long, most of which are large clear diagrams which will help greatly with set up. The bios was the biggest faff with this thing because when i set the bios up, this thing immediately freaked out on first safe mode run and displayed the advanced bios controls on a bright blue screen with horrible Times New Roman font in about 60pt. Once i had got passed the bios controls it settled down and started working normally. Further set up on the desk top and running through the commands was easy and simple.

      @ Speed, Using the motherboard @

      8GB is enough to blast through six programs in a row and still never crash. I opened up iTunes followed by youtube and several other programs and it had to think about iTunes for a second and then got to work. I have the PC usage counter on my desktop and usage very rarely gets above 25% when downloading from iTunes, and mostly stays between 1% and 10%. speed continues to out stand me during start up because from loading screen to desktop with no password and just one account, its less than thirty seconds. You don't need to worry about the three black screens it displays because these disappear very quickly.

      Every day usage is no problem and so far it has not worn out, or crashed horribly on my system. Occasionally it will freeze windows media player when you run too many things at once but it quickly resolves this problem and gets back to work. The physical build quality of the motherboard is yet another plus for Gigabyte - all components are stuck down perfectly, nothing feels wobbly or of poor build quality and the components were not damaged upon arrival. This thing can take a beating and still survive.

      @ Overall @

      This motherboard is fast, reliable, and durable when it comes to regular use, and where hoarding junk is concerned, it performs well. No matter what you do on the desktop it wont break down or crash. Sometimes it has a think and it has to spend some time loading massive programs but thats it, the rest of the time this is a motherboard that will outperform any other motherboard within this price range.

      Highly recommended!


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