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Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2009 13:14
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      After a new board? Just buy it.

      A motherboard that has earned it's spot in my cramped computer case. This board is fantastic - it's available online for £80, but i'd pay up to £100.

      It's hard to put this board into a category of who would use it because it has so many great features but lacks some that a real enthusiast would require. It supports Intel based processors up to a core 2 quad which is overkill for most applications anyway - if you're looking at an I7 processor, you're going to be need a much more expensive board.

      DDR2 & DDR3 can be used, although not at the same time. DDR2 speeds are 1200mhz max (overclocked) or 1066mhz (no overclocking). DDR3 speeds are 1333mhz max. 8GB of DDR2 memory can be used in the 4 available slots, 2 sets of dual channel. 4GB of DDR3 can be used in 2 sockets, dual channel. There are 8 USB ports on the back with sockets for 4 on the front, 8 sata ports on board and 3 fan headers. The north bridge heat sink (next to the processor) can generate a lot of heat, and the heat sink provided is hefty, but keeps temperatures down well - It won't block any large CPU coolers you have in mind. I have an IFX-14 cooler, do a Bing image search for that and you'll get what I mean.

      1 IDE port at the base of the board, if you use a midi tower you probably won't be able to power any DVD drives with IDE due to the short cables. It's worth mentioning that the maximum safe length for IDE cables is 45cm, so buying a longer cable is not an option - this board is clearly aimed at SATA users. It only has 1 PCI express socket, so no crossfire or SLI for you guys wanting to run more than one graphics card.

      Overclocking on this board is fantastic. You can choose to change the FSB yourself and change the processor voltage. However, if you have no idea what FSB means, there are a number of presets that take care of all the settings themselves, whilst ensuring system stability.

      The main disadvantage is that there is only 1 PCIE port, only useful for extreme gamers. IDE can easily be replaced by sata, and if you're using a board like this, you really should upgrade your DVD drives and hard drive to take full advantage of its speed. As for the 4GB max DDR3 memory - I wouldn't bother, just stick to DDR2, it's cheap as chips and there is a minimal performance increase. 8GB DDR 2 is usually better than 4GB DDR3.

      One last thing, the build quality is excellent.


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