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Green Car Insurance

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2 Reviews

Providing competitive rates and discounts to drivers of eco-friendly cars.

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    2 Reviews
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      14.10.2010 13:09



      The worst car insurance company i have ever used. This company are not transparent with information given over the phone. I cancelled my policy as I changed my car and decided to go elsewhere for cover as they had a cheaper overall insurance quote. I was HORRIFIED to find out that they were going to charge me £50 cancellation fee, £266.30 commission, £37 legal cover in full. £39.50 for some other cover. I was only insured with them for 5 weeks and had already paid a £130 deposit. Which means they want me to pay £472 for 5 weeks insurance. WHAT A TOTAL JOKE!! will be complaining the ombudsman about this cowboy insurance company.


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      16.12.2008 18:06
      Very helpful



      Eco-friendly motoring, at ecomonic prices..

      When I got my first car in August of this year, no matter how excited I was about getting back on the road after a break of over three months after passing my driving test, I was not looking forward to have to pay the price of car insurance.. Particularly as I am only 18, and as we all know young drivers are statistically more dangerous, so therefore we get charged phenomenally high premiums and pay a fortune once a month for the privilege of being able to be on the road.. Not that we haven't already spent a fortune learning to drive, taking theory and driving tests, and buying a car and tax in the first place..! Grrr.. Rant over, you'll have to excuse my ramblings because it does annoy me a little, well a lot!!

      Anyway statistically or not I am one of the young drivers out there that does not drive irresponsibly.. Regardless it doesn't stop companies charging extortionate prices.. So when it came to look for my first car insurance policy I searched high and low for a cheap but reliable company to insure my little blue Clio.. Most companies were quick to charge me over £1000, for a 1.2 litre Grande RN Clio, it wasn't what I wanted to see..!

      ~~ Where did I find The Green Insurance Company ~~

      Well against my better judgement, I decided after spending hours trailing around websites of the insurance companies I could think of and ones friends were with or my parents were with.. I eventually decided to go on a price comparison website.. I picked 'Compare the Market,' put in my details in and waited for the site to work its magic.. It did, eventually, however there were a lot of prices to go through, and as much as I wanted to pick the cheapest one, you have to go through how they are for reputation and customer service.. However I went out on a limb with this company and took out a policy..

      ~~ Who are The Green Insurance Company ~~

      A car insurance company..! Not only that but they are one of the only companies I have seen that are doing something about the emissions that cars make on a daily basis.. Well not mine as it doesn't actually go out every day, but that is not the point! The company promises to plant trees in a new forest, enough to off set the carbon emissions the cars, they insure, produce.. Which is one of the reasons they are quite a good company to insure your car with them. My main reason to be honest for joining them is that they are cheap on insurance for me, as an 18 year old it is a slight miracle..

      ~~ What is included as standard? ~~

      With all fully comprehensive cover, there is a courtesy car and 90 days international travel included in the price of your cover.. I am not entirely sure personally how much the excess for every level of insurance, but for mine the excess is £300 but that is on a first year cover on a fully comprehensive car insurance, which is very high but on other companies I was offered well over £500 so I am keeping a check of everything, trying my hardest to avoid bad drivers because I haven't got £300 to pay for my car to be fixed!!

      ~~ Price? ~~

      As I said I cannot say what everyone's prices would be but, for me considering I have been driving less than a year on a full license it is on £800 or just over, which is around £200-£300 cheaper than the majority of the other quotes I got when I was looking for insurance.. The company offers monthly payments as well as a full years payment in one go.. As far as I can tell the company does not charge interest on the monthly payments either, because my total years cost is as cheap as the initial quote, which compared to sites like Churchill and Directline, is better value..!

      ~~ Customer Service ~~

      Well I am not going to say my time with this company has been entirely problem free, firstly the first few months were fine the payments went out as planned, until last month.. My bank made a mistake and my payment was not taken out, so not only was I charged by my bank for their mistake, but by the insurance company too.. HSBC decided to charge me £25 and they charged me £10! I sent them the payment as that was wrong, with bank charge cancelling direct debits, and so on.. I spent hours on the phone trying to make amends for this issue, only to find that I would still be getting charged £10, by them, however the money from HSBC was refunded so that's something I guess..

      It didn't end there, due to the silly way my wages are paid the date of payment to the company needed to be changed.. Having spoken to someone on the team I was told, that there was no way I would get my payment date changed.. So again I spent hours on the phone, arguing my case.. Until finally someone transferred me to the accounts department, where within about 30 seconds my problem was resolved..!

      ~~ My opinion ~~

      It seems to me there is a lack in communication within this company.. That I have had the brunt of just recently..
      Not only do they make a big deal out of problems you have no control over, but they charge you, send threats of cancelling your car insurance, and copious amounts of letters and e-mails that have no bearing upon your actual insurance..
      They are a good company providing you get your car insurance payments for the 1st of the month, and providing you don't bank with HSBC or you are liable to get some nasty bank charges..
      However if you do have a problem they are relatively decent people to try and help you resolve them, well the majority at least, some leave you going round and round in circles looking for a decent answer, which means extra time on your phone trying to make them listen..
      In my case I hold out no hope of getting any kind of return on the charge that occurred from the company for my banks mistake, but I am just hoping I have no more problems with them, because they are cheap and doing something good for the environment..
      So they are recommended but take my tips before hand, to ensure you have no problems with them!


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