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Abus Diskus 24

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Brand: Abus

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2010 20:58
      Very helpful



      Piece of mind, piece of cake!

      Right folks, first things first. I don't actually own this product but being in the locksmith industry i know alot about the products and how they perform. Let's face it, if i didn't then i'd soon be looking for a new job!

      Abus (August Bremicker und Sohne ) have been around for donkeys years, 86 to be precise. Founded in 1924 in Hesse, Germany they produce everything from padlocks to cylinder door locking systems. In those 86 years, since then alot of companies have been and gone which is testement to Abus's constant improvements in the products they provide. This helps assure the customer that the product they have purchased is more than up to the job, giving high levels of security to their possessions.

      Right, to the padlock and chain in question. The Abus Diskus Chain 24 is a very robust, secure padlock and chain combination. The padlock itself (the Abus 26/70 Diskus) offers a high security level of protection. This is possible due to the hardened steel alloy shackle, encased in stainless steel body. Every padlock that is brought onto the market has to successfully complete rigourous testing in the forms of manipulation, impact attacks and sawing. The Diskus padlock has anti-cut plates which provides a 360 degree of protection from hacksawing and grinding and the high level of welding prevents against any impact attacks. The padlock also boasts excellent weather resistance in the most severe of conditions so whether the padlock is used to secure a tool box in your garage or securing your garage itself, it will never let you down.

      * Tip - Once a month, give the padlock a quick spray with any kind of lubricating spray. I personally recommend GT85 over WD40. Do not use any grease to lubricate locks. Dirt and grime will stick to the grease and clog up the internals. As locks have very intricate 'inners' any build up of dirt, no matter how tiny, can jam a lock and render it useless. This goes for any kind of locking mechanism.

      Below are some specifications of the padlock itself that you may find useful.

      Overall diameter - 71mm
      Overall depth - 30mm

      Shackle Width (inner horizontal clearence) - 19.5mm
      Shackle Height - 17mm
      Shackle Diameter - 10mm

      Right, onto the second part, the chain. In general, you may have the most secure, sophisticated padlock out on the market but if your chain isn't up to the job then you may as well leave a note on your garage door giving directions to where your spare key is hidden! The chain is as, if not more, important than the padlock as it is the most vunderable to attack. The chain you get with the Diskus 24 (Abus 10KS/140 Security Chain) is most certainly worthy! The picture of the padlock and chain on DooYoo i believe isn't correct. It shows the padlock to be in a clear PVC sleeve but Abus have been selling their chain sleeved in a black water repellent fabric material, for better manipulation especially on a frosty morning, for a while now so that picture i can safely say is void. This doesn't affect the security rating in any way. If anything, it would take longer to get through the fabric layer than it would the plastic!

      The chain comes in a very handy length, 1400mm, and is made from the highest grade hardened steel so would resist even the most aggresive of attacks. Another handy feature is to be found at one end of the chain. At one end you have a longer link so the link at the other end can be fed through and secured via the padlock. This would prove convenient if the chain was to be bought seperately but the padlock that the user currently has doesnt have the clearence to accept two links.

      The are so many padlock and chain combinations that Abus sell so finding the best one can be hard. I thought by stating both part codes you can be assured that you have the best padlock and chain combination, whether you buy it as a set or individually.

      After a quick search on the web, the cheapest prices are as follows...

      Abus 26/70 Diskus padlock - £9.99 available at www.amazon.co.uk
      Abus 10KS/140 security chain - £35.89 available at www.amazon.co.uk

      The Abus Diskus 24 gives you that peace of mind knowing that your possessions are secured to the highest degree and will remain like that for many years to come. Many thanks for reading :)

      This review is also on Ciao under the same username


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  • Product Details

    Hardened closed shackle DISKUS padlock
    Attack resistant DISKUS shaped stainless steel body
    9 mm diameter special hardened steel chain

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