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Hein Gericke Gloves Pathan 2F BLK

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Brand: Hein Gericke

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    2 Reviews
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      23.12.2013 09:35



      A very good winter glove

      I bought a pair of these gloves after reading reviews in the Motorcycle publications recommending them as a good warm winter glove. I like many winter motorcyclists suffer 'cold hand syndrome' and after deciding that Winter muffs would restrict my use of the controls and heated grips would be tricky to fit and put extra pressure on my battery life. I decided to take the plunge and purchase a pair of these Hein Gericke Gloves. Well i have found them to be extremely comfortable and lightweight. This winter hasn't tested them that much so far however i have suffered from the usual uncomfortable hand and finger coldness. I have also bought some Thinsulate under gloves which has improved the problems that i have suffered with my hands through winter commuting. Bearing in mind i only commute approximately eight miles and we have not seen the extreme coldness of last winter yet i am slightly disappointed. I have found that the two finger design does not impede use of the controls and have found these gloves to be wind proof and water resistant. If you are looking for ultimate protection regarding winter cold hands then i suggest buying heated grips or maybe a better option use a car if you have access to one.


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      14.10.2011 22:51
      Very helpful



      Good pair of gloves at a reasonable cost but loss of dexterity could be a problem

      I bought the Hein Gericke Pathan gloves last year after hearing several friends accounts of how great they were I decided to try a pair for myself.

      Obviously in cold weather a good pair of winter gloves is essential on the bike as your hands and feet are the first part of you to feel cold and the rest of your body tends to follow pretty quickly.I've now got a set of heated grips on my bike which really helps but a set of decent gloves is still a must as the outer part of your hand is still exposed to the cold and the wind chill factor on a bike means it can be 10 degrees colder than the current air temperature.

      These gloves are unusual because they only have 2 parts for your fingers and a normal part for your thumb so you have 2 fingers in each side.The 2 finger gloves were designed to keep your hands warmer than a normal 5 finger glove due to less seams exposed to the cold air and keeping your fingers together helps to retain natural body heat. The gloves kind of remind me of the mittens my mum used to make me wear in the snow when I was about three years old although thankfully they don't have the ribbon strung through the sleeves and across the back of my jacket so I don't lose them!

      The gloves are made of a waterproof tear resistant polyester textile material with water resistant leather overlays on the knuckles,cuffs and outer side of the hand for added protection the palm has goatskin leather for protection and grip. The gloves also have a Sheltex membrane which is a lower cost Goretex type of material which is claimed to be waterproof windproof and breathable. The gloves have a wide velcro flap for securing the cuff and a thinner velcro strap around your wrist so there's no way they should come off in a crash if you adjust them correctly every time you put them on. The inner lining went a bit bobbly after a couple of months but at least the lining on mine didn't try to come out when you pulled off the gloves as I've seen with several pairs of winter gloves.

      The 2 fingered design means the gloves take a bit of getting used to on the bike ideally you should use your index and middle finger to operate the brake and clutch levers most people do this or use all 4 fingers so probably wouldn't have much problem with the Pathan gloves. Unfortunately I have a bad habit of using my middle, ring and little finger on the levers while leaving my index finger on the grip so I found it really awkward when I first bought these gloves on the plus side this has helped me get back to using the right fingers for the brake and clutch.

      We all know we really shouldn't give any rude gestures to other road users but lets be honest most people do! With these gloves on any middle finger insults are definitely out the window but an innocent thank you wave to the driver behind who moved over to let you filter through looks like you've just given them the V sign with these gloves on. Likewise the friendly wave to another biker coming towards you now looks like the Spock greeting on Star Trek.

      Like most winter bike gloves the Hein Gericke Pathan are a bit bulky and are a little bit stiff to wear the first few times although they didn't as long to break in as other gloves I've owned and were comfortable after a few days use. The gloves are claimed as waterproof but in all honesty I've yet to come across a pair of bike gloves that are 100% waterproof and these are no different. They will keep your hands dry in a short downpour but after 4 hours riding in torrential rain mine were letting in water thankfully I always carry a spare pair of gloves with me as there's nothing worse than putting wet gloves on to ride home after a day out or after work.

      The gloves do keep your hands warm for longer than most 5 finger gloves I've owned although long journeys will still eventually see you with numb fingers and desperately trying to warm the gloves up under the hand dryer at the petrol station or sticking them on the engine while you fuel up but for short winter commutes the cold shouldn't be too much of a problem wearing these.

      I've personally never been too sure of textile bike gear as I never quite trusted it to stand up as well as leather in a crash but after a 30mph slide on ice last winter the gloves only had one slightly torn seam and although this was the end for my gloves they protected my hands which is the main thing.

      I'm still undecided whether the extra warmth of the 2 finger glove is worth the loss of dexterity of a 5 fingered glove as I prefer to be able to do up my helmet strap or my jacket pockets and fuel up with my gloves on as taking them off in winter means your hands are cold before you even get on the bike. Due to this I might give the 5 fingered version of the Pathan gloves a try this year.

      Overall I did find these to be a good buy and would recommend them if you can get used to the 2 finger design they are a good pair of gloves. Mine cost me £50 which is a reasonable price to pay for decent protection,reasonable waterproofing and warm hands and is low priced compared to some of the gloves out there.


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    • Product Details

      Winter season/rain / 100% water and windproof / Breathable Sheltex® membrane / Warmth-giving 3M Thinsulate® insulation / Reflecting 3M Scotchlite® material / Material: Back of the hand: tear resistant textile / Colour: black.