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Honda SGX50 Sky Deluxe

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2002 08:19
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      • "No strorage"

      How pround am I too be writting information about a nice little Scooter. When I reached the age of 16 I was anxiuos to have a little scooter, after searching and looking into other makes I decided to by the Honda Sky Classic! I bought it because it was included in a deal package that included TPFT insurance, CBT, Helmet, the scooter etc etc, it was priced at around 1300quid brang new (you could upgrade the scooter to deluxe for free on this occasion although its normally 50quid). Im not going to bore you, but I think you will find my information useful. Advantages. I found the scooter to be extremely economical, to get me to college, work and see mates the cost always seemed to be 2.25-2.50 a wk on fuel!! Im not sure how this worked out but the engine literally seemed to run on fresh air! I found this scooter to be well equipped, the front disc was more than capable of stopping you, the shocks seemed to smooth out all but the biggest of pot holes and the light switch etc wer all in perfect reach. Im not sure if this is an advantage or disadvantage, but the speed would never go above 30mph! Even full throttle would not take it above 30mph! Apparently the Sky is built using a restricted engine so to de-restrict it you must take the engine apart and rebuild it without one small part (this may be un-true! its what a couple of people have said) But its safer than many other scooters due to speed restriction. Because the scooter is thin and relatively small it has no problem in getting through tight gaps in traffic jams, also when parking you can guarantee a space as this scooter will even fit in bicycle parks nicely without been noticed. Disadvantages. There is no extra storage! The only way you can lock the scooter with the helmet is by cable locking it to the front wheel (if it raints yer f****d though!) The Scooter lacks power, the scooter produces around 2.5BHP which means it
      isnt capable of beating anything of the mark at traffic lights! Even cyclists could beat me. Old design and basic. The scooter uses the old wheels from the early scooters, but I think this is how the scooter makes itself stand out more. The scooter is very basic, you are only presented with a speedo on the dash, when the fuel or oil gets low a simple LED light tells you the oil and/or fuel needs filling. Conclusion. If you are looking for a cheap run around, costing virtually nothing to run and to learn on- then I cant recommend the Sky enough. If you are looking for speed, power and modern style- go for an Aprilia or something?


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