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2 Fast 2 Furious (DVD)

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    24 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 22:32
      Very helpful



      Worth a watch. Nothing else to say!

      2Fast2Furious - movie only review.

      This is probably my favourite movie from one of my favourite franchises.

      The Fast And Furious saga has almost come full circle now. Since its launch back in 2001 we've seen characters come and go and an epic story unfold from what was at its heart just a bit of messing about with fast cars.

      This, the second movie in the series, takes a bit of a step away from the first film. The original was a little grimy, a little bit seedy at its core showing a murky and illegal Los Angeles underworld with modified cars and street racing the main story.

      In the sequel we're still in the shadows of an illegal racing operation, but it all feels so much more glamorous and pressure free on the Miami coast that it plays out with a bit more fun. The high-octane action remains, but this is less of a cop-action movie and more of an all-out speed-fest.



      This is the only F&F film that doesn't feature Vin Diesel. He rides off into the sunset at the end of the first movie and doesn't reprise his role until Fast 4 (after a brief cameo in Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift).

      Paul Walker: Brian O'Connor

      Tyrese Gibson: Roman Pierce

      Eve Mendes: Agent Monica Fuentes

      Cole Hauser: Carter Verone

      Ludacris: 'Tej' Parker

      Thom Barry: Agent Bilkins

      James Remar: Agent Markham

      Once again, there is a huge cast of bit-parts and minor characters, but the seven above are the ones central to the plot.

      Acting is excellent - not a single casting misses the mark here in my opinion.

      Our main characters bounce off each other well, though sometimes it's hard to watch them try to out-bloke each other with the streetwise, smooth talking Roman vying for the audience's attention over Brian's blonde, tanned, muscled 'All American hero' type. For the most part there is no scene-stealing going on, it's just fun camaraderie.

      Eva Mendes struggles a bit. She looks the part, but a few of her lines are read blankly rather than delivered thoughtfully. She is a bit wooden - but that might just be the script.

      For me, agent Bilkins (who we met in the first movie) is the big talent here. Gone is the stuffy FBI detective from the first film, and instead we're treated to a laid back, humorous and sometimes sarcastic 'seen it all before' cop happy to go with the flow and trust his subordinates rather than dictating rules and regulations like the first time around.

      Cole Hauser as Carter Verone, the villain of the piece, is an inspired choice too. I can only recall seeing him in a handful of big Hollywood movies before this one, but he oozes confidence and menace in equal proportion here. Terrifying, despite not being the typical looking baddie.

      It gets tough to watch when all three leading men are in a scene together - the too much testosterone from the title...look no further!

      The REAL cast:

      Once again, second to the human actors come the metal and rubber ones!

      There is always a good variety - this is no exception! A good selection of Japanese racers tuned to within an inch of their lives, American muscle cars and even a few Europeans in the mix.

      Brian begins the film with a Nissan Skyline R34, passes the middle of the film behind the wheel of a yellow Mitsubishi Evo 8 and ends it in a Yenko tuned 1969 Chevrolet Camaro! Roman kicks off with a beaten up 'destruction derby' car but quickly upgrades to a purple Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and again, ends the movie driving some more American Muscle in the form of a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

      There is a race at the beginning featuring a Mazda RX7, Toyota Supra and a Honda S2000, then another excellent chase scene half an hour in showing off (amongst others) fleeting shots of a Dodge Viper, a Saleen Mustang, a 3-series BMW and a Chevrolet Corvette C5!

      What's the story?

      This follows straight on from The Fast and the Furious. Brian has aided and abetted a fugitive and so has to go on the run from the law himself.

      In the short 'prequel' movie (available with the special edition) we see him head East out of LA, entering races and winning money along the way in order to upgrade his car from a dusty Mitsubishi GTO 3000 to the Skyline he begins the proper story with.

      Once in Miami it takes no time for the local police and FBI to catch up with him, and he is made an offer: Go undercover to help local police catch untouchable drug baron Carter Verone, or face jail.

      He opts for the first choice, on the condition that he can choose his own co-driver. That turns out to be his childhood friend Roman Pierce, though sadly they haven't seen eye to eye ever since Pierce was arrested for running an illegal chop-shop stripping down stolen cars. There are bridges to be built fresh as the two work out whether each are to be trusted.

      Mendes' 'Eva Fuentes' is an undercover agent in tight with Verone for over a year, and it's speculated that she might have turned against the police and be assisting him evade arrest. She is the romantic interest, though she's not a vital character to the story - if she didn't look quite so nice we could live without her (sorry!).

      The main body of the story is a bit flaky. Basically Verone is having trouble getting his drug money out of the area so hires 'street racers' Brian and Roman to pick it up and deliver it to his private jet. Why he would need a couple of amateurs to drive his cash from point a to point b I have no idea.

      Aside from that, it's a decent story. There are some obvious holes, but it's just a good fun action movie rather than a deep-thinker. Everything gels and the plot plays out well, with a couple of tremendous race scenes and plenty of eye candy (the metal type!).
      The ending wraps it up well, I presume they hadn't yet decided to turn the franchise into a franchise - it's become a slow burning (sort of) multi-thread extravaganza pulling all the separate movies together.

      The car chases are done VERY well. There is one ridiculous stunt involving a car and a boat at the end which is laughably bad (the idea, the execution and the CGI!) but for the most part it stays true to its pedal-to-the-metal roots.

      Mostly rap music on this one, much like the first, which fits the film and the scene it represents very well. There is a bit more laid back R&B which suits the lazy Miami vibe, and some brilliant sound-bites from the movie itself.
      Ludacris puts in a decent showing with a couple of soundbites, a solo track (Act a Fool) and a feature on one of the Tyrese tracks.


      Not the best, not the worst.
      This is a very good action packed race/chase film, the acting is strong and the story is passable.
      It follows well from the first film, but it does suffer for the absence of Vin Diesel badly. Tyrese is good, but there is no substitute for Diesel as the fearless leader.
      Looking back, this movie works well as a stand-alone feature. Yes it ties in with the series, but until the 4th film each of the movies is actually ok to dip in and out of without any back-story or knowledge of where it's heading.

      A mediocre script is the only thing knocking this down a star. It had a big budget and plenty of talent, and it shows.

      107 minutes is fine for a run-time, it gives plenty of room to show some back-story, time to flesh out and build up our main story then a good half an hour of action at the end!
      The $76 million budget was paid back in spades - It took almost $240million back at the box office!

      As a slight aside, I used to collect 1:18th scale die-cast models, focussing on American Muscle and TV/Movie cars. There are around a dozen of the cars from this film recreated in 18th scale by Ertl (Joyride), who are a bit like the American version of Corgi. The models are perfect representations of the screen cars!

      4 stars from me.
      A good movie, surprisingly difficult to watch after Paul Walkers tragic passing but he should be remembered for roles like this. (he did a lot of his own stunts when shooting chase scenes!)



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      21.09.2009 09:19
      1 Comment



      Not all bad film, with quite a lot of action and cars!

      As a sequel to The fast and the furious I think this movie is in a different league. Unlike the first movie I think the plot of this movie was much better and I didn't ever get completely lost and forget all the characters. I've watched this movie several times, but still I don't get bored half way through. There is some general showing off but also quite a lot of action, which seems to keep the movie interesting and worth watching. There is some over dramatization in some places, but this is too be expected of an action film. The stunts are exiciting and keep coming thick and fast, I still don't know which is my favourite! Although the plot is a little rough in places I think this can easily be forgiven, and the focus should be put on the cars - which are all ridiculously modded and customized. It might not be the best action film nor the best driving/car film but overall I don't think its a bad mix.


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        19.08.2009 19:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not that great

        2 fast 2 furious was released in 2003 and is the second film in the Fast and Furious series. This film is 107 minutes long and either rated 12A or 15 depending on which version you own due to minor sexual references, some quite bad language and a lot of violence.

        2 Fast 2 Furious had a much bigger budget than that first film at $75 million and went on to make $236 million worldwide, outselling the first film.

        Because of his actions in the first film, Brian O'Connor is no longer a cop and he moves to Miami to start over as well as taking on a new name, 'Bullitt'. Along with new friends Tej and Suki, Brian has to race again to earn a living and is one of the main racers on the scene.

        After winning a big race, Brian is arrested but his former FBI boss makes him a deal. If he takes part in a new mission, his record will be wiped clean. Brian's only condition is that he gets to pick his partner. Along with old friend/ ex convict Roman, the pair end up working undercover as racers for an Argentinean drug lord, Carter Verone. Brian and Ramon get some extra help in taking down the drug lord from another undercover agent, Monica, who plays the part of Verone's love interest.

        Paul Walker - Brian O'Conner
        Tyrese Gibson - Roman Pearce (as Tyrese)
        Eva Mendes - Monica Fuentes
        Cole Hauser - Carter Verone
        Ludacris - Tej (as Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges)
        Thom Barry - Agent Bilkins
        James Remar - Agent Markham
        Devon Aoki - Suki
        Amaury Nolasco - Orange Julius
        Michael Ealy - Slap Jack

        - Ja rule turned down a role in this film due to other projects
        - Most of the car license plates say 'Year One' on them
        - Devon Aoki couldn't drive at all before this film
        - There were two original scripts for this film. One included Vin Diesel and the other without him in case he decided not to return
        - Paul Walker performed many of his own stunts
        - Rapper Redman was considered for the part of Tej

        My Opinion
        2 Fast 2 Furious was no way near as good as the first film but at least it was a lot better than the third, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. I was very disappointed to see that Vin Diesel wasn't in this sequel because he was one of the best things about the original film. I think the main problem with this film was the fact that there was only 1 reoccurring main character.

        With the main character missing, I think the writers failed to make the story exciting enough to make up for it. The plot very much felt like something I had seen before with the Latino drug lord and the undercover cops trying to take him down, a bit like Bad Boys 2 but with the twist of adding in some street racing. It certainly wasn't anything original. Even though the story wasn't original, it wasn't boring like you would expect. There is lots of action and some amazing racing scenes which by far save this film.

        Paul Walker was very good again in his role as Brian O'Connor but I didn't feel like he brought anything new to the role. His character was very much the same as in the first film and I don't think he was developed enough for the sequel. After all the things he went through before, you would have thought he would have changed a fair bit.

        Tyrese Gibson was alright but he was no Vin Diesel. His presence on screen was forgettable and I didn't think he really brought anything majorly memorable or good to the film. His performance was quite flat most of the time and he didn't have the attitude needed for a main role. The only good thing about him being in this film was that he made Paul Walker look even better than before.

        I really can't believe that this film did better than The Fast and the Furious because it was no where near as good. Although the racing scenes were good, they weren't as impressive as before but for me, that was mainly because I didn't care about the characters doing the driving. If the main cast had been more likable or interesting it would have made the rest of the film better.

        The ending is extremely predictable but then there aren't that many films where I haven't been able to guess the ending. The cars are of amazing (according to my boyfriend) and along with Eva Mendes these are the only two things that I can see appealing to the guys. I didn't hate this film and the only really good thing for me was Paul Walker and Ludacris at times.

        If you were expecting this to be bigger and better than the first film then you will probably be disappointed. At least you can get it really cheaply now so it isn't a complete waste of money.


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          18.08.2009 23:32
          Very helpful



          Not as Fast, Not as Furious

          2 fast 2 furious stars paul Walker Reprising his role as Brian O' Conner. No longer a Cop he is pursuaded to go undercover to expose a drug lord played by Cole Houser.

          The film also stars tyrese gibson brought in to replace Vin Diezels character as his friend with a grudge against Brian for an incident in the past. the film follows a shallow plot and seems to be a standard by numbers sequel. In an excuse to cash in the first film success follows an dissapointing film with little character development. What the film does deliver on it its trademark car chases and scripted action scence that stop this from being a total disaster. it really is a leave your brains at the door film.

          The script is void of any character development leaving the actors to shape out the roles. unfortunatly this seems to be hard for paul Walker who would have been better if replaced by a cardboard cut out. he just cant deliver a serious line with ny justification and is bland in his role. unlike the first film that was well directed and scripted he is left with nothing but a one note character.

          tyrese gibson does the best in his role but seems to be there only as Vin Diesel looked at the script and passed. gibson gives his character a likeability and is the one who keeps you captivated in their adventure.

          The scence are fast and the action delivers on screen but the finale doesnt have the impact that first film had.

          The music is the standard hip hop/Load sountract that is expectant of this sort of film. The music doesnt hieghten the level of tension in the action scenes or bring any dramatic wieght to serious moment but falls flat.

          The film isnt a total washout. It is has some great performances from Eva mendas as an undercover fed and a chilling villian in Cole Houser.

          Not the best but one to watch late night on TV. Only for the hardcore Fans


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          01.07.2009 20:07
          Very helpful



          Not as good as the first one by a long way!

          All I can say is... oh dear.

          The Fast and the Furious was one of those hits which made you think some what pointless but still enjoyable nonetheless. It was full of sexy cars, gorgeous women and testosterone.

          The sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious is found wanting. This film takes more of a turn to undercover cop antics and doesn't focus so much on street racing, a major failing in my opinion. Stick to what worked!

          Paul Walker returns as Brian O'Conner who is picked up by customs and is offered a clean record in return for becoming a driver for a drug smuggler. He agrees to the deal aslong as he can pick his own partner, Roman Pearce (Tyrese).

          This is a rather bland movie trying to be more than what it is. Tyrese at least has some funny lines and is rather easy going compared to Walker.

          This does have a great soundtrack which fits the scenes very well. Gives the movie a bit more credibility.

          The driving scenes are still enjoyable with high energy and fluid footage and intense speeds. This is only barely worth a watch even if it is just to watch the driving scenes.


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            01.07.2009 14:33
            Very helpful



            An action film scant of plotting or intellect

            The original The Fast and the Furious was a very fun, if dumb B-movie exploitation flick, but its follow up two years later, cretinously titled 2 Fast 2 Furious, is an uninspired retread that features a cast without much bite, and a plot that reeks of buddy movie formula but isn't even really able to get that right.

            Quite how director John Singleton, who was nominated for Best Writing and Best Director Academy Awards for his superb work on the brilliant Boyz N The Hood, has wound up directing a film this low rent is both astounding and sad, and the limiting script provides little wiggle room for Singleton to provide and sort of substantive infusion or commentary (a film that's full of whites, blacks, mexicans and asians surely has something to say about the matter?).

            Walker and Gibson, who are now tasked with teaming up with the FBI in order to bring a bigger fish down, have decent chemistry as the foil and reluctant ally to each other. However, if the film succeeds in anything, it's the action scenes that, although bathed in CGI to give the allusion of light-speed motion, are kinetic and appealing. Thus, it isn't really any surprise that the main thing to shout about is the direction from Singleton.

            The film is also responsible for kickstarting the film careers of Eva Mendes (who had already starred in Training Day in a minor role) and Devon Aoki, although neither shows much flair here really. Mendes oozes sexiness for sure, but Aoki is just a very strange looking, strangely unattractive woman that resembles a mutant of some sort (harsh, but how far apart her eyes are is very distracting).

            A middling sequel that features well-crafted action and decent chemistry between Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson, but Boyz N The Hood director John Singleton is evidently slumming it here, and the film is simply a reiteration of its predecessor.


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            09.03.2009 20:51
            Very helpful



            A film for the boys...who like cars...

            Just imagine The Fast and The Furious, and then imagine if it was a little worse, and then you have a good idea of this movie....

            The premise is pretty much the same here as the original. Cop (undercover cop) has to pretend to be a criminal and a racer to get in with and catch criminals. Though, here, Paul Walker tries even hard to be a cop, and the bad guys are actually a little bit more bad. That's about it.

            Brian (Paul Walker) is now hiding from the law after his antics in The Fast and The Furious. After being caught though, he is given a chance of redemption, if he agrees to go undercover and catch out a powerful criminal named Carter Verone (Cole Hauser) Though, Brian insists that to do this he is allowed to bring along his old buddy Roman (Tyrese Gibson). In the middle of all this, he manages to fall for the beautiful Monica (Eva Mendes) who unfortunately is Carter's 'plaything'.

            Now, i am fully aware that this has all of the skillfull plot writing of an underachieving chimp, but it is mildly watchable i guess. Devon Aoki plays a gorgeous fellow racer, and the action growls along at a fairly steady pace without too much tedium. The cars are pretty sweet, and there is a larger range of them ,including a very impressive scene involving a ton of street racers and a big warehouse.

            However, this movie had a lof of flaws. I genuinly do not know how Paul Walker ever got offered a part, as the man genuinly cannot act, he just smiles, and the scenes in which he tries to be cool, as he fist bumps with 'homies' and uses words that only black men can pull off like "y'all" are actually a little cringeworthy.
            There would be more sexual chemistry between a hermit eskimo and a seal with abandonment issues than there is between Walker and Mendes.

            Tyrese also tries to hard to pull of the cool guy who doesn't give a damn, and instead comes across as annoyingly loud and cocky. Between them, they are the worst undercover team in history, and are about as subtle as a nudist in the middle of Waverly Station.

            My main problem with this movie is simply that it seems to be cool phrase, hot girl, fast car, cool phrase, hot girl, scary Hispanic guy....you get the picture, it is more like a collage of things that are meant to be trendy jammed together than a scripted film.

            Although it is possible to appreciate it for its fast cars and consistent action, it made me instead just feel like it was the most unbelievable film on the plannet, as everything is so over the top, overly colourfull, and overly cool.

            This is probably a movie for those with not all too much going on upstairs, who like action, girls, and a lack of plot. Though, you may also like it if you just REALLY like your fast cars. Avoid if you are-
            A child
            over 20
            have an IQ of over 90

            have fun :)


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              19.02.2009 20:45
              Very helpful



              If you wish to be highly entertained, there is no place else in which to look.

              2 Fast 2 Furious, as the two's would suggest, is the second film belonging to the Fast and the Furious related franchise. It is a massive American film that seems to incorporate pretty much everything, including big actors, although Vin Diesel, from the first, was left out of this installment.

              Somehow managing to feature cars, girls, guns, humour, conspiracy, car chases, famous rappers with jet ski pads, racing, stunts and many more, this film really does have a little bit of everything. Even a boat was a large prop towards the end!

              For me, understanding that I was in for 101 minutes of that mentioned above, I was very eager to initially see if this film was projected as well as it could be. Well, for every second of the one hour forty one, I was entranced in thourough enjoyment and entertainment.

              I don't really want to go into the story in depth, as this is, well, your job - to watch it, but to give a brief outline, Paul Walker is a massive star of street racing, until things take a turn for the worse, and his police interception means he has to co-operate to repel a jail sentence. With jail not a glorious option, he must pose as a racer, working as a spy for the police as they try to get enough evidence on arresting well known drug dealer, Cole Hauser. Things get even more complex when he seems to fall for Eva Mendes, an agent working undercover also, but from a different aspect. He must use his skill behind the wheel, and discipline himself well enough to ensure nobody gets killed, the dealer gets put away, the lady gets free and he escapes jail. A large ask for one man and his Nissan. Well until he gets a Mitsubishi anyway...

              The action scenes, of which there are many, are astoundingly entertaining, especially to a great car lover like myself. The races, although sometimes a little exhuberent, are fascinating to watch, and do add up to make this one of the best car related films I have ever seen.

              Girls, quite a copious addition to this film. Whether it be through undercover agents, red-hot street racers, or crowd bystanders, there is certainly no shortage of the women. Okay, a good addition, but everybody knows, this film is about the cars...

              ... Of which, there are many. Nissans, Toyotas, Mitsubishis, Hondas, Mazdas. Even American muscle is represented in the form of a monstrous hemi powered Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet's Camaro. There are also short roles from things such as Ferraris, Dodges, Acura's, Beemers, 'Vettes', even a Saleen tuned Mustang appears briefly. Basically, if you like seeing great motors, don't look anywhere else, there is more than plenty here.

              Action scenes appear well though of, and as good as you would find in any stand alone action movie. Admittedly there are no mindless shoot outs involving everybody and anybody, but there are some twists and interesting blows that will enthrawl you all the same.

              The cast was evidently well considered, and some big names appear on the payroll. Paul Walker, Eva Mendes, Tyrese Gibson, even Ludacris to name but a few.

              Paul Walker, cast in from movie number one, plays the same role, with the same sort of characteristics, if not a little more mature. Excellent behind the wheel, he once again must live up to his worth in order to save his neck, and many others around him. An excellent addition from an actor who's other works have not really been seen by me, and is therefore relatively unknown.

              Eva Mendes is an American actress who did not previously, or since, star in a Fast and Furious movie. She is an excellent addition who has since gone on to become the star of films such as Hitch, and more recently The Spirit. Not really a massive street racing feel is vibed off her, which is probably why her role in this film, doesn't drive a single vehicle. She wonderfully plays the beautiful undercover agent who is apparently fallen for by Walker. I really like her in this film and she does excel in her performance.

              Tyrese Gibson, who has previously decided to 'dab' into the music industry, had starred in only one other film prior to 2 Fast 2 Furious. An actor who, like Mendes, has gone on to fulfil roles in big films after this production, the best of which being 'Death Race'. He adds a great aspect of humour to this film, seemingly not wanting to care about much more than himself, yet getting his own way for a lot of the time, he is the estranged driver who is roped into the mission by Walker, in exchange for a clean record himself. He is a great addition to the film, and shows a great performance throughout.

              Quite a lot to sieve through, but you should certainly see this movie, it is afterall, not one of my favourites for nothing. If you wish to be highly entertained, there is no place else in which to look. Sit back, and prepare for the ride of your life. Great movie.


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                20.01.2009 08:11
                Very helpful



                A good sequel that I would rate at 3.5 stars

                Written by Gary Scott Thompson, Michael Brandt and Derek Haas and directed by John Singleton "Too Fast Too Furious" was released in June 2003 and was the long awaited sequel to the fantastic "The Fast and the Furious" released in 2001.

                Whilst "The Fast and the Furious" was aimed at true petrol heads the sequel "Too Fast Too Furious" was toned down a bit and aimed at a wider audience. Despite this "Too Fast Too Furious" still contains high revving, high-octane action with a variety of great cars.

                ****Story line****

                "Too Fast Too Furious" starts where "The Fast and the Furious" finished, so for those of you that have not seen the prequel I will not divulge any more.

                Once again Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) is drafted to assist in another undercover assignment. Whilst this may sound predictable there is a bit of a twist here and you will only know about it if you have seen the prequel.

                This time the gang are not in the cruising community, but consist of drug runners led by Carter Verone (Cole Hauser), who is the first name on the wanted list. Whilst this film is not primarily centred round the cruising culture it has stuck to its roots in that Brian has to call on the help of his old cruising buddies.

                This assignment requires two people and whilst the Police Department have a partner in mind, Brian is adamant that he will only work with one person, his old friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson). Roman, being an ex-con is still tagged and has a curfew, but with a few strings pulled he is enlisted to help Brian, with his reward being the eradication of his criminal record for the successful capture of Carter.

                The Police Department already have a long-term insider, customs agent Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes), who has managed to befriend Carter but Brian and Roman are required to provide the final piece of evidence to put Carter, and the gang, behind bars.

                In order to get the final piece of evidence, Brian and Roman need to be the appointed drivers for Carter and to get this job, and prove their worth, the pair have to successfully complete a 'mini mission' against other hopeful drivers.

                ****Other characters****

                Whilst the main characters include Brian, Roman, Monica and Carter there are loads of other characters that have quite substantial parts in this film. Other characters include:

                "Police Department"

                i) Agent Bilikins - Thom Barry
                ii) Agent Markham - James Remar
                iii) Agent Dunn - Edward Finlay
                iv) Detective Whitworth - Mark Boone


                i) Tej - Ludacris
                ii) Suki - Devon Aoki
                iii) Orange Julius - Amaury Nolasco
                iv) Slap Jack - Michael Ealy


                i) Enrique - Matt Gallini
                ii) Roberto - Roberto Sanchez

                On the whole the acting is really good, however none of the other characters were really memorable. That said, I don't think that many of the main characters gave a really strong performance and were nowhere near that of Vin Diesel in the prequel.

                ****My opinion****

                In my opinion many sequels are a let down. I think that the originals are usually good and the sequels are so hyped up by the media that when they are finally aired the public's expectations are just too high and have no chance of being satisfied.

                Whilst I did not enjoy this as much as "The Fast and the Furious" this is still a good film. Unfortunately it is not totally geared toward the cruising community and street racing, nor is it aimed at the hardcore petrol heads.

                Personally I don't find the story line as good as in "The Fast and the Furious" nor is there the amount of smaller 'side stories'. There is one story line and no deviations from this whatsoever.

                I find it a shame that a lot of the characters in the original, all of which were really good, do not appear in this film. If I were to remake this film then I would make the sequel continue the original story and focus on the controversial relationship between Brian and Dominic's gang. "The Fast and the Furious" ended in the perfect way for this to happen.

                ****Sound track****

                The sound track to this film consists of tunes from the rap/hip-hop genre, just like "The Fast and the Furious", by a range of artists including Ludacris, Sean Paul, Pit Bull, R Kelly and Run DMC amongst many others.

                It should be noted that this soundtrack has a parental advisory warning on it.

                ****Bonus features****

                There are a whole host of bonus features including:

                i) Deleted scenes
                ii) Out takes
                iii) Inside 2 Fast 2 Furious
                iv) Actors driving school
                v) Super charged stunts
                vi) Prelude to 2 Fast 2 Furious


                Running time - 107 minutes
                Certificate - 12A
                3 awards and 13 nominations

                ****Price and availability****

                This film can be bought from many online and offline retailers. At the time of writing it can be bought new for £2.97 (plus £1.21 P&P) from Amazon. A bargain price for a good film that can be watched over and over again.


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                  19.11.2008 14:45
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  still love the movie

                  2 Fast 2 Furious is the second part of the 'The Fast and the Furious' trilogy.

                  I was a bit surprised to read so many negative reviews here. However, I do understand why the movie has received low ratings. While the first sequel had nice cars AND a good story line, it seems that the film-makers expected that this time nice cars ONLY would be enough. I am and will be a fan of the trilogy, but I have to admit that this is the weakest part of the three.

                  1. The plot is much weaker than in the first part (some people also say there is none). It seems like the makers thought to themselves: everyone only cares about the cars anyway, so why spend time on the plot?!
                  Well maybe the should have thought about this a bit more. The story is kind of similar to the first movie:

                  Paul Walker as Brian Spilner, who quit his career at the police after he helped 'Toretto' to escape (first part), again has to infiltrate a criminal body as an undercover officer. Together with his friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) they fight a drug exporter and get themselves into a dangerous situation.

                  Positive: The movie still has Paul Walker in it
                  Negative: Vin Diesel is missing. He's a very strong character in the first part and you just miss him. You just expect to see him but you don't, which disappoints you a bit. Also the tension between Brian Spilner and Toretto from the first part is missing (which again leads to a rather boring story line).

                  Still nice cars and hot nice girls to watch, but story line is missing. .

                  Because I am a fan of the trilogy, I will still give 4 out of 5 stars!


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                    21.10.2008 21:34
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                    Poor story line and a lack of decent actors has made this the worst of the 3

                    Probably the most dissapointing film out of the 3 currently released.

                    The soryline was a little surreal, and lost the whole 'scene' which the original film captured. It's a shame Vin Diesel did not appear in this film, as I felt he had great on screen presence but probably realised that the story line was rather poor so opted into saving his career for the better films such as XXX2.

                    As per usual, the cars in the film were fantastic and the engine/exhaust sounds were brilliant. It's a very good film to watch with the surround sound on, the car chase scenes can sound like you're actually there! 5/5 for that.

                    As for the storyline, the directors have strayed away from what made the original film so popular. The whole 'underground racing scene' seems to have diminished and been replaced with Mexican drug dealers, of which the story was focused on a little too much.. If I wanted to watch a film of a car doing jumps through dirt tracks, I would have bought Dukes of Hazzard!

                    It's not a film you need to watch the original to in order to undestand what's going on. It felt like it was made on a budget (another potential reason why Vin Diesel wasn't in it?) and the special effects were pretty poor in many parts.

                    My overall opinion, avoid this film, watch the first and 'Tokyo Drift.' This film is probably the reason you see young kids with sun lamps under the car, and it's sure as hell not for giving he MOT mechanic a sun-tan in the pit!


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                      06.09.2008 12:03




                      I saw this film on a plane ride to Japan. I quite enjoyed the first Fast and the Furious in a ridculous, brainless way. It's a rip off of Point Break but with cars, I liked Point Break and I like cars so it was ok.

                      2 Fast 2 Furious then, I reasoned, should at least be brainless and enjoyable, perfect for a plane journey. Brainless yes, enjoyable no. There is such a thing as too brainless. A film has to have some semblance of plot to carry it along, just pictures of cars and girls can't carry a film for the full 90 minutes. And don't get me started on the acting. I'm not even sure it should be classed as acting, more just appearing on screen next to each other.

                      The cars in this one weren't even as cool as the last one. All in all a bad film, too stupid to enjoy.


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                        25.03.2008 16:09
                        Very helpful
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                        2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

                        The Fast and the Furious (2001) was a movie for car lovers - its involved some high-octane chases and races with some supercharged cars and a little plot involving a crook and a cop. 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) is the sequel and, as such, does no more really than continue the story of one of the characters from the first film.

                        The Plot

                        Following the events of the 2001 film, this sequel sees lead Brian O'Connor having lost his job after letting car thief Dom Toretto go. He agrees to work undercover for the police in order to avoid further action for his misdemeanours with Toretto, and enlists the help of an old friend, Roman Pearce, who shares the same passion for cars. Their mission is to infiltrate an underground scene of drugs and street racing.

                        The Cast and Performances

                        Paul Walker reprises his role of O'Connor, and his sidekick Pearce is played by model and actor Tyrese Gibson. The two male leads bounce well off each other, and are aided ably by the beautiful Eva Mendes. Rising star Devon Aoki also stars, and Cole Hauser plays villain Carter Verone very well.

                        My Opinion

                        The main thing that strikes me about this film is that it is very good if all you are looking for is a decent action film with some fast cars, hot girls and a simple plot. Director John Singleton is very accomplished behind the camera, and uses his skills to create a fun, fast action flick here. There is nothing too strenuous for the cast, although the stuntmen are definitely put through their paces (!) and the 103 minutes race by.


                        This is a good film to watch if you don't want to have to concentrate. It holds no unpredictable surprises.

                        I rate this film as 3 stars out of 5.

                        The DVD is available from amazon.co.uk for £12.97, but used copies are available for much less.

                        This review may be posted on ciao.co.uk

                        Thanks for reading


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                          20.09.2007 11:20
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                          Fun movie.

                          * THE NAMES O'CONNOR *

                          Lately I've been getting quite a few notches on my belt.. that is when it comes to movies I have been catching free of charge on television. Last night was no different, as I found '2 Fast 2 Furious' as the late night movie on ITV2. I have seen the whole of the Fast and the Furious trilogy, but I can barely remember the third one which I only saw a matter of months ago so you can imagine how my memory fairs when it comes to the other two. It's just a matter of fact, these movies aren't memorable. They're just brainless movies that you can watch at a drop of a hat, but they aren't half entertaining.

                          I cannot even remember the lead character, and here I was thinking they introduce a new lead character for every movie just because they did for Tokyo Drift, but a little trip down memory lane on IMDB.com has shown me that Brian O'Connor was also the lead character in the original movie, played by Paul Walker, who hasn't exactly got the acting credentials of an Oscar winner. The way they talk about the characters history doesn't jog any memories to me about the first film, however I think this is done on purpose to try and fill in the two year gaps between the 2001 release and this, the 2003 release. For about half an hour this just has me thinking, "Huh?!" The first big scene of the movie is a race, just as it should be, and it is pretty exciting -- not much really happens though, it just shows off Brian's abilities, and it was a welcome sight to see Amaury Nolasco in the movie who plays Sucre in 'Prison Break'.

                          After being caught by the police following the race, Brian has no choice but to return to his police officer past to clear his record. This will mean going undercover, and generally running into a lot of danger (that is presented in a way that only makes you half care). Brian recruits an old friend of his in Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) to help him on his mission, and in return Roman shall also get his record cleared and his house arrest revoked. The enemy of the movie is a drug lord in the shape of Carter Verone (Cole Hauser) that the police have some evidence on, but they just don't have the dirty money to prove it. If Brian and Roman can infiltrate the group as drivers to carry out their business, then that should be enough evidence to get Carter put behind bars. These two boy racers are not the only guys working undercover though, as the sexy Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes) is sleeping with the enemy in quite a literal sense in a bid to also aid the police, or is she?

                          * QUITE FAST, QUITE FURIOUS *

                          From my experience with Fast and the Furious movies, it's not really the storyline that is important - that can be as unbelievable as they want it to be - but what the film really needs is nice cars doing top speeds. I think this is shown in the fact that the storyline is incredibly one dimensional, and it doesn't exactly rival the drug related stories that we have seen in favourite films of mine, such as the well put together 'Bad Boys'. Remembering the third installment of the franchise, and really enjoying that surprisingly, it's quite disappointing to see that the car scenes aren't all that they should be in this sequel. There's only about four car scenes in the whole 107 minute movie, although that's not to say I didn't like the length of the film. What the hell do they fill the rest of that time up with then? It's hard to say really, but the director certainly went for the youth vote when he hired a sexy and in the public eye cast. Ludacris, a famous American rapper, plays a big Miami character, organising all the craziest events. Suki (Devon Aoki) plays a girl racer, which is refreshing to see considering she is portrayed as a defenceless woman, has everything going for her and has even proven herself worthy enough to appear in big name movies, such as 'Sin City'.

                          I do believe that the 15 age certificate comes well justified, as one of the things I was actually thinking throughout the movie is what age group is suitable for this movie. Calling me deaf, but I don't actually think there was all that much swearing in the movie, and a lot of the times when guns come up in the movie they don't actually go off. The reckless driving is, as I have probably said in comments about this franchise before, a bad infulence on young drivers clearly. You cannot say that this movie does not encourage street driving, although with a message like that it does pretty well and pulling in the young crowd to the cinema seats.

                          Most of the race scenes do have something that defines them, such as in the first one Ludacris raises the bridge for the big finale so that it works as a ramp. The rest of them, not so great and appear to be done on a low budget. A lot of computer animation comes into the race scenes, but when it comes to the realms of realism it is good to see that they have stuck to pretty much what cars can do. It's just lucky everyone in Miami is rich and has money to splash out. The storyline is nowhere near as 'furious' for my liking, and that is why I can't really recommend this movie. As I said at the very beginning of this review, the movies are brainless but a lot of fun to watch if you're under 20 years of age.


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                            03.09.2007 18:54
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                            Watch the movie for the cars


                            "2 Fast 2 Furious(2003)" is the sequel to the movie "The Fast and the Furious(2001)". The movie is primarily set in Miami. Directed by John Singleton, and distributed by Universal Studios, it does not live up to the prequel. John Singleton is fine, but is handicapped by the weak storyline. The Stunt directors and stunt drivers have done a fine job. The adrenaline packed car races are definitely worth the money you spent on the tickets. After Rob Cohen, who directed "The Fast and the Furious" opted out of the sequel , along with Vin Diesel to make the movie "XXX", John Singleton was chosen for the project.


                            The movie is primarily set in Miami. Brian O'Conner is stripped off his job as a cop, for aiding Dominic Toretto( played by Vin Diesel) to get away from the police. He is currently on the run . He comes to Miami and gets into street racing. Once, after winning a street race, he is caught by the police. He negotiates a deal with the Customs department which will erase his police records; if he helps the agents bring down Carter Verone, a drug dealer. He asks his friend Roman Pearce, an ex-con to help. Roman agrees on the condition that he is left clean after the operation. Monica Fuentes, who is a under cover Customs agent in Verone's organization ( she assumes the role of his love interest) helps O'Conner and Pearce. Together they manage to bring down Carter Verone and his organization.

                            There is nothing noteworthy in the plot . Unlike the prequel, the movie is really handicapped by the weak storyline. We really miss Vin Diesel. Both Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson have failed to make a mark . The only show stoppers are the beautiful cars and the car races. There are these beautiful american cars like Chevy Corvette, Saleen Mustang, Dodge Viper, Montecarlo which steal the show. There are also the gorgeous imported ones like Mitsubishi Spyder , Nissan Skyline, Honda S2000, Mazda RX-7 .. to name a few. The races are better than in the prequel( where the races were drag races). Here we have great turns and long straight stretches that make the races all the more attractive. The streets of Miami dazzle at night, and the background for the races is just perfect. The Sun in Miami also adds to the beauty of the races during the day. The street races are handled with great expertise.
                            With movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious which idolize street racing, teens are drawn towards the dangerous world of street racing. When you crash against a palm tree at speeds of a 100 miles an hour, the human body can suffer grave injuries like a permanently damaged spinal cord, or have certain areas of the brain permanently damaged resulting in problems like speech impairment. Believe me it really feels good to live with hands and legs that work. One can not really blame the movies because its really with the viewer as to how he responds to it. You may feel macho and attract a lot of girls, but, there is no machismo left in you when you cant walk nor talk.


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