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Abandoned (DVD)

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4 Reviews
  • Doesn't drag on
  • Some good twists and turns
  • Don't get to know characters well
  • Not one everyone will like
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    4 Reviews
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      02.08.2014 03:16
      Very helpful


      • "Doesn't drag on"
      • "Some good twists and turns"


      • "Not one everyone will like"
      • "Don't get to know characters well"

      Something to watch when there's not much on!

      Mary (Brittany Murphy) and her boyfriend Kevin (Dean Cain) are on their way to the hospital when the film begins. Kevin is having an operation on his leg and Brittany is going to wait to be a the hospital when he comes out of surgery.
      A nurse comes into the room and tells Mary to return in an hour when the surgery should be over.

      Mary goes to the canteen, makes a few phone call, chats to an old man and then waits in the reception area to be called to visit Kevin. After hours of waiting Mary goes to the desk to see if everything was okay and the receptionist has no record of anyone by Kevin's name in the hospital.
      The doctor who was scheduled to perform the operation is not even at work that day and nobody has seen Kevin.

      Mary returns to the room where she left Kevin to find it empty, the nurses on the ward also have no record of him and have never heard of the nurse Amanda who she left him with. The hospital is relocating so most of it is empty and still nobody can find him.

      Security and hospital management are called as Mary is annoying the staff going around the wards searching for her boyfriend.
      The staff have little sympathy, thinking he has either left her or doesn't exist in the first place.
      When some anti depressants fall out of Marys handbag they all think she is having some kind of breakdown and they call the psychiatrist.

      Will Mary find her boyfriend? Has something bad happened to him? Did he even exist at all? Is she actually crazy?
      I wont spoil the end for you!

      I found the film quite enjoyable, I thought there were enough twists and turns and action to keep it interesting throughout.
      There are a few things I didn't like about it. As the viewer had only seen the couple on the way to the hospital you don't feel like you have got to know the characters or relationship at all.
      Mary phones her best friend who has never met Kevin, to tell her he's disappeared and something strange is going on but the friend doesn't even think to go to the hospital to make sure her friend is ok.
      I think these two things which I didn't like were done for a reason, to add to Mary's loneliness and make the viewer think that perhaps she is actually crazy but it's obvious she's not so it was a bit pointless.

      My boyfriend really didn't like this film. HE said "it's for girls" I think he was expecting a bit more action and violence so was disappointed.
      I wouldn't watch this again (I wouldn't watch most films a second time) but it was worth a watch and at only 88 minutes long didn't drag on too much.


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      24.01.2012 21:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      see review x

      Well after not seeing anything I really fancied watching last night I eventually came across this on sky. To be honest it did not get much of a read up but I thought I would give it a try.

      The film

      The film starts off with Mary dropping her boyfriend Kevin off at the hospital for a routine operation, after she goes to get them both a coffee, he mysteriously disappears. She goes around the whole hospital, but can not find him anywhere, eventually the security at the hospital, and the hospital management get involved. Then the police are called in.

      The search really begins, but still with no one seeing him anywhere and him not been picked up on any cameras, they have no idea what has happened, and they come to the conclusion that she has a mental illness, but is this the case or is there something more sinister behind it all. Well to find that out you will have to watch the film.

      The acting

      Brittaney Murphy is the main star in this film, which was released in 2010 in her memory as she died in 2009. She played the character of Mary who was the one looking for her boyfriend. She really played the part well and her acting alone made this film, I do not think anyone else could have played this part as well as she did, and it was a great film to release in her memory.

      Dean Cain played the part of her boyfriend Kevin and he did play his part well but I have seen him act better in other films too.

      There was quite a few other actors in this film, that all played small parts in the film, but no other acting apart from that by Brittany really stood out, they was however still they did play their parts well, and all the acting in the film was good.

      My overall opinion

      I really was not sure what this film was going to be like, but once I started watching it I really enjoyed it. The film has you wondering what is going on all the way through until just near the end, and you never can really guess whats going to happen next.

      The acting in the film is also very good, I do not think there would be a bad thing I can say about this film, and I would highly recommend this as one to watch,


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        08.12.2011 00:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        OK and quite watchable, but not earth-moving!

        RELEASED: 2010, Cert.15

        RUNNING TIME: Approx. 89 mins

        DIRECTOR: Michael Feifer

        PRODUCER: Barry Barnholtz

        SCREENPLAY: Peter Sullivan

        MUSIC: Andres Boulton

        MAIN CAST:-

        Brittany Murphy as Mary Walsh
        Dean Cain as Kevin Peterson
        Peter Bogdanovich as Dr. Markus Bensley
        Tim Thomerson as Cooper
        Jay Pickett as Det. Franklin



        Mary drives her boyfriend Kevin Peterson to hospital for some minor routine surgery on his injured leg. On arriving at the hospital and checking Kevin in, Mary is told he will be ready to pick up in about an hour's time and is invited to wait in the reception area, yet when the time is up and she returns to the ward where she'd left Kevin, there is no sign of him or that he has ever been there. On making enquiries, Mary is told there is no record on their computer system of a Kevin Peterson even staying there as a patient, let alone being booked in for surgery. When Mary gives the name of Kevin's specialist and that of the nurse who was looking after him, she is told that the doctor is on leave and nobody has heard of the nurse.

        As Mary frantically wanders through the hospital corridors hunting for Kevin, her every move is recorded on a network of security cameras. The police are also called in, yet are of little help.

        When it becomes evident from a bottle of powerful anti-depressants in her handbag that Mary has been having some emotional problems, the medical staff instantly view her as being delusory.

        Can Mary find Kevin? Is there a deep mystery afoot, or have all the day's happenings been a figment of her imagination? Watch it to find out.


        First of all and unfortunately, I was immediately drawn to Brittany Murphy's exaggerated application of lipstick, which I found really annoying, simply because it wasn't necessary and made her look stupid! That, coupled with some rather strange acting from her at the beginning of the film (although she improved in leaps and bounds as it progressed), I was hoping I hadn't clicked the 'play' button onto something which was going to send me to sleep at best, or chewing the walls with boredom (or irritation) at worst.

        Abandoned is one of many films I've seen from all eras, that tells a story of somebody mysteriously vanishing...yet, each one I've so far watched (including this one) has a different outcome, and it's the first so far I've seen which has been set in a hospital environment.

        The film gets underway quite quickly, and throughout (until you find out what's happening), the mystery levels run pretty high, which in itself is enough to keep any viewer welded to the screen, wanting to find out what happens next.

        As touched on above, I did find the early parts of Abandoned a little dodgy on the acting side, particularly that of Brittany Murphy as Mary (complete with bizarre lipstick application), in that....well it's hard to describe quite what I mean...but she came across as really weird, and not in a very appealing way. There was something empty and quite flimsy about her, but she did open out and show a deeper side as the film progressed. Another thing I found rather strange is the way she was dealt with by hospital staff, which had me wondering if American nurses and medics are really so very clipped, curt, cold, brusque and unsympathetic?

        Despite those little faults, I was very drawn into Abandoned simply because for at least the first half of the film, the intrigue and suspense levels fire on all cylinders. Things do take a turn around an unexpected corner - not what I'd call a twist exactly - just that the storyline goes into an area which delivers one or two little surprises. However, once those surprises are out in the open, that's when it starts to lose some credibility. I'm not saying that the basic storyline never would or could happen given the right set of circumstances....more that if in the unlikely event it did, I'm sure all the people concerned would deal with what was going on differently.

        A couple of the medical things brought up in Abandoned aren't strictly correct...at least by British standards, but had they stuck to the book, then there wouldn't have been a story.

        I think the best part of Abandoned is feeling Mary's levels of frustration rise as she embarks on her desperate hunt for the missing Kevin, although if the situation was real, I believe she wouldn't have managed to get away with something which appeared to go unnoticed by the hospital staff, and on the other side of the coin, their (the hospital staff's) way of dealing with Mary when she was confronted.

        Most of the cast acted their parts reasonably well, but nobody shone or particularly stood out for me as even approaching brilliant - I think 'adequate' is probably the best word I can use. The music was rather bland, being pretty run of the mill and virtually identical to many other films of this nature and similar.

        I'm not sorry that I watched Abandoned, as I did find it fairly gripping and quite entertaining, but it's not something I think I'd walk over burning coals to see again. My overall assessment is that it's a neat little film which is good on the mystery stakes, but doesn't really contain anything unique or startlingly memorable. If you like films out of the bag of intrigue, you might just like this one, but connoisseurs of the suspense genre may be justified in claiming to have seen it all before.


        At the time of writing, Abandoned can be purchased from Amazon as follows:-

        New: from £3.98 to £11.94
        Used: currently 2 copies available @ £3.98 and £7.92

        A delivery charge of £1.26 should be added to the above figures.

        Thanks for reading!

        ~~ Also published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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          03.08.2011 10:21
          Very helpful



          Kept me on Edge!

          I am a huge Brittany Murphy fan and I was devastated when she died in December 2009 aged only 32, I had seen several of Brittany's movies and enjoyed pretty much all of them and since her death I have decided to make sure I see all of the films she's ever starred in. I had never even heard of Abandoned probably because it was one of the last films she ever made and it was released in 2010, after her death, so she wasn't around to promote it. It was on imdb.com when I was looking at Brittany's filmography that I came across it.

          Mary Walsh (played by Brittany Murphy) is the main character in the film and the plot starts out with Mary taking her boyfriend (played by Dean Cain) into hospital for a scheduled appointment for surgery. They are very much in love and her boyfriend is very anxious about his trip to hospital and makes his girlfriend promise not to leave him alone at the hospital and so she stays at the hospital to wait for her boyfriends surgery to be over and take him home. The nurse has told her it will only take an hour or two so just to wait in the waiting room which is what she does. But several hours pass and so Mary goes to look for her boyfriend only to find he has gone and nobody in the hospital has any record of him ever being there and basically treat her like she's crazy.

          You start to be able to tell very quickly that something sinister is going on and as the viewer you begin trying to work out who is involved and who isn't being honest, they are many suspensful moments and I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen. The story is a very good one and Brittany's acting is on top form which made the movie even better. Everyone at the hospital is making out that Mary is crazy and that her boyfriend was never at the hospital and you as the viewer know she is telling the truth, so it becomes one exciting journey that you go on with Brittany to find out what on earth is going on and where is the boyfriend?

          There are twist and turns throughout the film and it really did keep me glued to the screen. I was very shocked to find that the average user rating for this film on imdb was only 5/10. I think it deserves more credit than that. Brittany Murphy fans will love this film and so will those who aren't fans in particular, it is definetely worth watching.


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