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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (DVD)

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Genre: Children's DVDs - Animation / Universal, suitable for all / Director: Mike Mitchell / Actors: Jason Lee, Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney, Christina Applegate ... / DVD released 2012-04-02 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    3 Reviews
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      12.09.2013 12:56
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Running time - 87 mins
      Certification - U
      IMDB Rating - 4.1/10
      My rating - 9/10

      I watched this film with my kids, they are quite big fans of the chipmunks, and if I am honest so am I. I think they look and sound really cute, so I just love watching their films.

      The film

      the film starts of with the chipmunks going on a cruise ship with Dave. Straight away on the cruise ship, the chipmunks are causing trouble and misbehaving as they usually do. Well Alvin is actually the worst and is always getting shouted at.

      On the ship Ian turns up working, Ian is the one who always wanted the chipmunks just to exploit them, and make loads of money from them. He tells Dave that he is going to ruin his life, for payback of what has happened in previous films.

      On the ship Alvin is messing around, and goes paragliding on a kite, with the other chipmunks holding the rope, but with a big gush of wind, they struggle to keep control of the kite and it takes them all away from the ship. From which they end up making it to shore, with Dave also ending up in the water looking for them, with his rival Ian.

      Now the race is on to try and find the chipmunks and lead them to safety, with a few obstacles in the way. Watch the film to find out what does really happen.

      The cast

      First I will list who does the voices.

      Justin long does Alvin
      Matthew Gray Gubler does Simon
      Jesse McCartney does Theodore
      Amy Poehler does Eleanor
      Anna Faris does Jeanette
      Christina Applegate does Brittany
      Alan Tudyk does Simone

      Jason Lee plays Dave who is the main carer for the chipmunks, I find he plays the part very well, he has played Dave in each of the chipmunk films, so he has had plenty of practise. But I do not think it would be the same if someone else played his part. You get used to his voice in the film, and the way he is with the chipmunks, also the way he shouts Alvin, no one else could do that like he does.

      David Cross plays Ian, and he again has been the actor to always play that role, I think he also does a very good job, and he does come across a little bit like the mad man he is portrayed to be. I like the actor who plays him and do not think he could have played his part any better than he did.

      Jenny Slate plays Zoe the mad woman who they meet in the forest, I wont say too much about her character so I do not spoil the film, but she does do a really good job of playing the part that she is given.

      My opinion

      I do love watching the chipmunk films, and this was another good film from them, I will say it was not the best of their films, but I still really enjoyed watching it. I have watched it twice not, but only because of my kids, usually it is not a film I would watch again, as you know what happens in it. And its not that good to watch over. But it obviously is for kids, as mine loved the film.

      The special effects and how they do everything with the chipmunks I found amazing, its just like they were really part of the film and not just voiced. I would recommend this to watch as I enjoyed it and my kids loved it.


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      17.08.2013 18:35
      Very helpful



      Good but not the best

      We loved the first and second Chipmunks films so we bought the third one to complete the set but I would have to say it is my least favourite of the 3 films. The film costs us £5 which seems a decent price for this sort of children's film and even though it is a children's film it has plenty of humour in it for adults.

      The Chipmunks and the Chipettes board a cruise liner for the international music awards and as usual trouble ensues as it always does where Alvin is concerned. The baddie which has ran through the films Ian is on board and he sets about making sure that everything the Chipmunks does is reported back to the captain, as he is keeping such a close eye on them he gets caught up with Dave whilst handgliding trying to catch hold of the Chipmunks and Chipettes who have left the boat previously on a glider. Needles to say they all end up off the liner which sails off without them and they end up shipwrecked or "chipwrecked" on an island.

      The Chipmunks and Chipettes end up on one side of the island and Dave and Ian end up on a different part of the island so the Chipmunks all have to fend for themselves, when searching for food on the island they meet a girl called Zoe who has been living on the island for years. The girl is a slightly mental and has a range of "friends" which are actually different shaped balls made up with facial features but she shows the Chipmunks around and has them whizzing through the air on home made zipwires which Sophie found hilarious.

      Simon is bitten by a bug on the island and ends up with a totally different personality, he no longer worries about everything and turns into quite the adventurer which ends up with a little role reversal as Alvin becomes the sensible one. Simon being super confident finally ends up making a move on Jeanette who he has liked since the second film. Whilst playing around on the island Simon ends up in the water and finds a tiara behind a waterfall and it turns out that is what Zoe is on the island has been looking for treasure which Simon unwittingly has found for her.

      There is a volcano on the island which starts to show some life so the Chipmunks realise they have to get off the island and begin plans to find a way, Dave and Ian are finally reunited with all of the Chipmunks and everyone works together to build a raft and get off the island. Jeanette and Simon are looking for supplies in the forest and one of the Zoe's balls hits Simon on the head and then another one chases Jeanette who ends up trapped so Zoe can use her for retrieving the treasure, Simon comes too and is back to his normal self and remembers nothing about what has happened on the island. Dave and Alvin end up chasing Zoe to find Jeanette and manage to save her just in time as the volcano begins to blow.

      There are lots of random bursts of song in this film which makes it a little more interesting and the songs are all catchy like in the previous films such as SOS and Fireworks. The film is a bit predictable in my opinion you know that they are all going to be fine in the end which they are although you wouldn't expect that they would all have forgiven Ian by the end of the film. Neither of my daughters will sit and watch this whole film so it isn't really attention grabbing for children either, I find it a weak story from the makers it's not a really bad film just a bit weak and average.

      The film covers the Chipmunks and the Chipettes starting relationships which you have been able to see coming from the second film and the beginning of Simon and Jeanette's relationship is really cute. The forgiveness of both Ian and Zoe is a great touch as it is a lovely message to send to children that you can forgive and forget when someone is really nasty.

      The best scene in the film has got to be the ending scenes where the Chipmunks and Chipettes put on a show with a megamix of songs complete with dancing. I would only give this film 3 stars as it's too predictable and there are not really any scenes which really stand out as the whole thing is average, love the music and the dancing from the Chipmunks and that is probably the best part of the film, here's hoping there isn't a number 4 film.


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      16.04.2012 11:40
      Very helpful



      A funny and watchable children's film

      Alvin and the gang are back, and this time, they're off on holiday! Once again, Dave Seville is in charge of his young chipmunk band, and they are going on a lovely cruise, and Dave is hoping for some much needed downtime. Alvin, on the other hand, is sure he's going to do pretty much what he wants to do, whether Dave agrees or not. After a fun few days on the ship (causing mayhem of course), Alvin decides to be a bit cocky on a hand-glider, and ends up adrift on it with the rest of the chipmunks, landing on deserted island in the middle of the sea. The chipmunks are sure they're going to be stuck on the island forever, but Dave, who dove into the sea after them, has made it to the island too alongside old nemesis Ian who was aboard the ship, but can't find the chipmunks. Will the Sevilles be destined to remain on the island forever... chipwrecked?!

      This is the third in the latest set of Chipmunk films, an updating of the famous cartoon series starring Alvin, Simon and Theodore, 3 all-singing, all-dancing chipminks who live with human Dave Seville. I found the first film to be quite entertaining and a really good watch, but unfortunately the second film, imaginatively called "The Squeakquel", wasn't great at all and I didn't enjoy it all that much. When this film came on the KidsAM showing at our local cinema, I decided it was worth a watch for £1.50 each and Harry was really looking forward to it as well. It delivered on a pretty good and watchable story, with some fun modern songs thrown in there too, and I think it was probably the best Alvin and the Chipmunks film I've seen so far!

      The main actor in the film is Jason Lee, who reprises his role of Dave Seville for the third time. He seems to be perfect for the role in my eyes, a bit dopey and placid, watchable and funny, and the children really seem to like him as Dave as well. Considering he's acting with computer animated characters who aren't there when he is saying his lines, he does really well performing alone, and it seems very realistic when you view it. I really like the chemistry he has with David Cross who plays Ian, the ex-record company owner who turned down the Chipmunks in the first movie. Ian is a hilarious character, destined to be the idiot of the bunch, and there are some great scenes between Ian and Dave in this movie on the desert island together. There is a new female character in the movie, Zoe, someone who has been stuck on the island for years, but isn't all she seems. She allows for some good humour, although is clearly a psycho, something even Harry could see!

      The chipmunks, as usual, are perfectly animated and great to watch on screen. They're cute, they're funny, they sing and dance and captivate their young audiences from the minute they come on to the minute the credits roll. They all have an individual style, both the girls and boys, and it's easy for even the youngest of viewers to work out who is who. Alvin, who takes the lead for the first part of the film is typically funny and had Harry laughing out loud. However, I was surprised to see shy Simon take more of a front role this time, and I really enjoyed watching him. The female chipettes are voiced by some pretty big Hollywood actresses, Christina Applegate, Anna Faris and Amy Poehler, but of course their voices are so distorted you simply haven't got a clue who they are when you're viewing it.

      The story itself is quite good, and allows for lots of things to happen to keep the young audience entertained. As per usual with Chipmunk films, there's quite a bit of singing going on, including songs such as Destiny's Child's 'Survivor' Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way', Pink's 'Trouble' and Rihanna's 'SOS'. I really enjoyed the soundtrack, and all the songs worked really well with their arrangements, even if the Chipmunks/Chipettes singing could be a little ear-splitting at times! The animation was really good throughout on the chipmunks, and the scenes on the desert island were beautiful, it was a lovely location and allowed for lots of strange goings-on. There was nothing really scary for little ones, just a bit of mild peril so it should be a film that is suitable for all ages that are able to sit through a 90 minute long movie! I found the pace didn't lack at all, and the story was simple enough for youngsters to follow without boring parents out of their brains too, so thumbs up for that.

      Overall, I found the film to be a good watch, and is probably my favourite of the 3 Chipmunk films so far, and a huge improvement on the awful second movie. Harry really every second, even the bits toward to the end which scared him a little bit! The animation of the chipmunks is perfect which is of course very important seeing as they are the stars of the movie, and the actors do a great job working alongside the fictional creatures too! If you didn't like the first two films, I doubt you'll like this but remember it's all for the kids, and I'm sure they'll enjoy the funny action. As well as being an amusing watch, there's a pretty important message in there as well about stepping up to the plate and being the person you didn't think you could be when the situation calls for it, and I found a few bits quite touching, maybe I'm just too soppy! A very good kids movie though, and one I wouldn't mind be subjected to again if the occasion arose!

      Directed by Mike Mitchell
      Written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger
      Running Time: 87 minutes
      Certificate: U

      Main Cast:
      Jason Lee ... Dave
      David Cross ... Ian
      Jenny Slate ... Zoe
      Justin Long ... Alvin (voice)
      Matthew Gray Gubler ... Simon (voice)
      Jesse McCartney ... Theodore (voice)
      Amy Poehler ... Eleanor (voice)
      Anna Faris ... Jeanette (voice)
      Christina Applegate ... Brittany (voice)

      You can buy the DVD on Amazon.co.uk for £10 (April 2012 price).

      Thank you for reading.


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