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And Soon The Darkness (2011) (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Horror / Suitable for 15 years and over / DVD released 2011-03-07 at Optimum Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2013 11:59
      Very helpful



      A horror/thriller with a few turns and twists.

      (Film only review)

      == And Soon The Darkness ==
      Stephanie (Amber Heard) and her best friend Ellie (Odette Yustman) are two young American girls who have taken a bit of time from there everyday lives to of travelled through Argentina to see the sites and the luxuries of the country. Whilst they are there they decide to travel around on mountain bikes to get a better view of the place and to see what they have on there list. One night Ellie persuades Stephanie to go out to a bar, now Stephanie isn't all that keen because she thinks they may get too carried away and not get up in time for their early morning bus which is also the last one for a while that leaves this place. During the night out the girls meet an Argentinian guy, whom at first seem really sweet but after Stephanie had gone home, later that night Ellie turns up with the guy she met on the night out and because she turned him down things get a little heated between them and he ends up going ballistic. He starts ramming on the door, shouting and screaming (somehow he knocks the girls alarm clock out the plug socket...no idea how after all he is outside the apartment). Michael (Karl Urban) is staying next door to the girls and confronts the Argentinian guy and makes him go away.

      The next morning arrives and the girls wake up late because the alarm clock had been unplugged, they try catching the bus but miss it. So they decide to do something and go to where there is a little lake and a place to lay in the sun. The girls end up getting into a bit of an argument and Stephanie leaves Ellie there and goes off to do her own thing. A little time passes and the girls make up via text message and arrange to meet at a place back in town where they can have dinner, upon arriving Stephanie realizes things aren't right and she decides to go to the lake where Ellie was, the only problem is Ellie is gone...no where to be seen, all that's left is her mobile, which is near some substance that looks a lot like blood. Question is where is Ellie? Stephanie now has to find out what has happened to her best friend. There is a lot of suspense in this movie and a fair few surprises, this isn't the whole plot its the basic of it, you're going to have to buy it if you want to know what happens. Question asked, is it worth buying? read on!

      === Did You Enjoy It ===
      Yeah I liked some parts of the movie but the main reason I liked it was the fact Amber Heard was in it, she's beautiful, talented and my dream girl. It was also a suspense thriller movie that always kept me on edge and always made me keep thinking what was going to happen next. By all means this is basically where the good stuff about the movie ended in my opinion. All though the story of the movie was actually quite good and did make quite a lot of sense unlike most horror thriller movies, which make very little sense and sometimes you can get lost half way through, with this one its actually quite understandable and makes much more sense than most films. But I am afraid to say that is literally the end of the good stuff about the movie. I did quite enjoy it as I enjoy just about all movies, especially with Amber Heard in but I really wouldn't expect other people to enjoy this movie so much. Its quite a lot like A Perfect Getaway with Milla Jovovich, Timothy Olyphant and Steve Zahn but this movie is no way near as good or as bizarre as A Perfect Getaway. All in all if you're a huge fan of Amber Heard or if you're a mega fan of thriller/horror/crazy movies then you might actually like this, if not I would recommend you avoid it as you wont enjoy it whatsoever.

      === Characters/Performances ===
      Now I will be a little bias and say that Amber Heard is amazing as always but to be honest she actually wasn't. Other than looking rather good in the movie, she gives a mediocre performance that I wasn't really used too from her. Amber plays the lead role in the movie as the character Stephanie, she has also been in many films before this and has done a far better job acting wise. I thought she was absolutely fantastic in The Stepfather and that is one of my best films ever! Also she was quite good in The Informers but wont go into detail about that movie. She just wasn't great in this film. Now Karl Urban who plays as Michael in the movie is actually not too shabby and he is in actual fact an award winning actor. He gives the vibe of a hard act yet quite sensitive character in the movie. Karl has been in many top movies such as Star Trek, The Chronicles Of Riddick, Doom and most notably The Lord Of The Rings franchise. Now the other actors/actresses are just plain and not that notable. So I'm just going to cut this part short and say it was deeply uninspiring. The cast isn't great and their performances went down the same road.

      === Other Bits ===
      The basic story of the movie is a quite simple storyline but it is the movies best, if not only good quality part about it. Although the movie isn't up to high standards it doesn't really make you lose track through the whole of it and it is actually a rather riveting plot and you will be constantly on edge trying to work out what is going to happen next. Although this is mainly the best part of the movie it really needs a lot more than just a good storyline, it is really let down by many other aspects of the movie. The special effects are really weak, there is basically none throughout the whole movie and when there is a glimmer of hope, of actually seeing something...you get absolutely nothing.

      Now another major let down of the movie is the soundtrack! It is absolutely rubbish. The songs just don't go with their respected scenes and it really just fails big time in this department. I always expect some nice on edge kind of music to these films and at times with the soundtrack to this I thought it was going to be a happy kind of movie with a little bit of comedy added in there somewhere. I really wasn't expecting such a dull and bland soundtrack to a thriller movie and this disappointed me the most about the movie. it was a huge let down, it would of got a slightly better rating if it had even just at least one chilling song that would make you feel more suspense...but yet again...nothing. Another thing I don't really want to waste much time mentioning was the director of the movie. The directors name is Marcos Efron and this is literally his best movie ever and probably his last. the only other work he has done is short movies which in my eyes are a complete waste of time and effort.

      Now there are a fair few of these types of movies and i am usually a big fan of these genres, that's why I couldn't wait to watch this. There are loads of them from A Perfect Getaway to movies like Joy Ride or Road Kill which ever you want to call it starring Paul Walker and Steve Zahn, also there is my personal favourite The Hitcher with Sophia Bush and Sean Bean, plus there is also the older hitcher movies. All in all there is plenty of these films out there but some are just not worth bothering with, like this.

      === Value For Money? ===
      Dear oh dear! To be honest the only way this would be value for money is if you was getting paid to watch it, otherwise its not worth buying. Don't get me wrong its not the worst movie in the entire world but it is a million miles away from being even close to the best. the story is good and Amber Heard is nice but other than that I cant say its worth spending some money on. There is way to many flaws to say its value for money, however...like I said if like me you're a thriller/horror fanatic you might actually think this movie is worth watching and maybe even worth owning. All in all it can be worth buying but it all depends if this movie is for you.

      === Final Thought ===
      I would watch it again, maybe a few decades down the line but for two reasons, Amber Heard and the story. Other than that its not up to scratch with the modern day thriller movies and just doesn't has what it takes. If you like thriller movies watch it, if you're not a big fan then avoid it. I would give this movie a miserable 4/10!

      The runtime for the movie is roughly 91 minutes and the movie is also a certificate 15 probably not suitable for the younger viewers due to strong language and violence throughout, and also probably not suitable for many other people due to lack of a top movie!

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987


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        17.01.2012 12:55
        Very helpful



        I didn't expect much from this film and that's what I got; it's a so-so horror

        I hadn't heard much about this so I just went by the picture on the cover and the blurb on the back; it sounded, and was much like, the run of the mill trashy horror that I expected.

        And Soon The Darkness 2011 is actually a remake of the original 1970's British flick (same title). This 'classic thriller' was directed by Brian Clemens (who has worked on a few things in terms of writing/direction, though I hadn't heard of them before). The basic premise is that two girls are cycling around some rural roads in Argentina on holiday when things take a turn for the worse. There's a guy who introduces himself as a friendly, yet strange, American, and then there are tales of an unsolved murder and a killer still at large, perhaps in that very area.

        I won't say any more on the plot, but it's your standard two pretty girls meet a killer kind of scenario. Then one of the girls go missing. The differences between the original and remake are mostly in terms of setting and cast; the former was set in France with British girls taking the lead, whereas the latter uses Argentina as its backdrop with American girls taking the lead. I can't say much on quality comparisons as I don't think I've seen the original, or if I have then I've forgotten it, much like I've forgotten a lot about the remake only a few hours after watching it.

        The cast includes Amber Heard and Odette Annable as the lead girls on holiday, and Karl Urban as Michael (aka the too-friendly American who hangs around a little too much). Whilst Heard was actually quite good in her role, I don't think there would be any awards for acting in this flick. It was still watchable, but only in the sense that this is a fairly senseless horror that lacked a real depth of characters or atmosphere. I didn't think the character development was built as solidly as it could have been and this dragged down the ability to empathise or identify, which had a negative effect on the overall atmosphere.

        What really irks me about these American rehashes is the clichéd feel to it, the predictability and the almost inevitable factor of pretty girls who happen to lose some of their clothes. The fear factor was there a small bit, but I think I've acclimatised too much to these sorts of films, so I wasn't too surprised by the turn of events that started to unfold. I definitely didn't find myself feeling much in the way of suspense or shocks, so I did end up getting quite bored by it.

        The storyline itself aside, the film was somewhat slow to take off. The tension was built ok, but it could have been better given a better script. The ending was a bit disappointing, leaving the film with an overall feeling of being a bit rushed and not too great in terms of quality.

        Overall, this doesn't offer anything new and I didn't find it particularly interesting to watch, but if you want a mind-numbing horror that doesn't involve having to think too much then this is perhaps one to zone out to. I personally won't be watching this again but I'd be interested to watch the original and see which offers more than just the basics of a standard horror.

        Released 2011, rated Certificate 15
        Selling on Amazon for £7.89


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