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Another Earth (DVD)

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Fantasy / Suitable for 12 years and over / Director: Mike Cahill / Actors: William Mapother, Brit Marling, Jordan Baker, Flint Beverage, Robin Taylor ... / DVD released 2012-04-02 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      13.09.2013 13:10
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      see review x

      Director - Mike Cahill
      Running time - 92 mins
      Classification - 12
      IMDB Rating - 7.0
      My rating - 4.0

      The film

      The film starts off at a party to begin with but then quickly changing to Rhoda driving along, seeming like she is struggling to stay away, then it skips to a family chatting away in a car, before the car quickly gets smashed into. Killing a child and her mother. The father is unknown as to live or die at this stage. Then it skips to the inside of a prison where Rhonda is in a cell. Then it goes to four years later.
      When she is released, sghe visits the sot where the accident happened, and sees a man laying flowers, who we assume if the husband/father of the ones killed. She reads up on the accident, and then goes to find the father who's called John.

      She tries to speak to John and tell him it was her who took his family, but instead tells him that she is doing trial cleaning. So he lets her in, She ends up cleaning his house for him, which is in a right state. She sees the damage that she has done to him, she sees family pictures that really get to her and make her feel more guilty. They end up though in a sexual relationship.

      An Earth two is discovered, and communicated with. Rhonda wins a competition to go to Earth two, and tells John who at first seems really happy for her, but then asks her not to go. Then she tells him that it was her who was the drunk driver killing his family, and he throws her out.

      She tries to make ammends and gives him her space ticket, to which he accepts and travels in the space shuttle.

      The cast

      William Mapother plays John Burroughs I think he plays the art of a grieving widow and father really well, he seems to have the sort of emotion to play this part very well, and I can not fault him in any way.

      Brit Marling plays Rhoda williams she plays her part really well, I love her acting when she is in the accident as she has her lips shivering and everything, it just felt so real to watch. She did not play a bad scene in the film at all, she did a brilliant job.

      My opinion
      I did enjoy the film, but I found it a little bit slow on places, I mean the film is called another earth, but you only ever heard this mentioned, I thought the film would have been mostly based there. The film was good, but I think it could have been better with more of better story line to it.

      The film did seemed to keep me interested and wanting to find out what happens next, but it was just a little bit disappointing for me. Each time I was waiting to see what happened in a certain part, I felt disappointed that it was not better. The acting and special effects were brilliant though, but even so this is a film I am not sure if I would recommend or not, as it is a little boring and the story line disappointed me.


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        17.07.2012 11:36
        Very helpful



        Don't waste time with this movie you will defo regret it, such a borefest!!!

        *** This review contains spoilers ***

        It's hard to review this movie without giving some things away so I apologise in advance and if you're dying to watch it don't read on though I highly recommend you just read this and skip the movie, that way you won't waste nearly 2 hours of your life!

        The trailor for this movie makes it look quite good, new, modern and exciting so I watched it with high hopes, only to have them dashed not so long into the movie....I continued watching in the hope it would get better.....I am still waiting!

        The immediate start of the movie seems like it might be ok, girl driving home, looks out window, not concentrating on road and BAM she hits a stationary car that has a family inside, the girl, Rhoda (Brit Marling) gets out of the car to assess the damage, see dead bodies, and CUT were away from that and all of a sudden its 4 years later, took me a moment to realise she was signing out of jail to be greeted by her family who seems ackward and distant with her, she was in jail for goodness sake im sure they must of visited her and would be happy to have her home and show some love and smiles, but no its like watching a group of people who have never met! Rhoda has im assuming from her stint in jail turned into a robot with no feelings or expressions, she stares into space way too much which leaves you thinking for goodness sake get over it and do something useful.

        The film is full of silence, I mean really I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to speak and then some random narrator speaks here and there and your thinking who the heck is that? They try to make the film look artistic but to me it makes it look old fashioned like a cheap low budget 80s throw back. The only thing this movie cares about is how much the second earth looks like earth up in the sky they seem to have wasted their time on this and forgot they were actually making a whole movie.

        Ok not only is earth two completely crazy, a plant hidden by the sun that takes 4 years to make contact with even though its closer and bigger than the moon which doesnt take four years to even travel to, but then there's also the fact that we are mean to believe John doesn't know who Rhoda is. She killed his family for a start and although it states that her name was not released as she was a minor (hard to believe as she was enrolled to go to MIT) there is no way this would of went to court without him finding out her name at least! It makes you think do they really reckon the audience is that silly? Oh and the other earth is a mirror of normal earth and apparently everything has happened the same on both, but have things changed now that they know about eachother? who cares? im bored!!!

        The relationship that happens between the two main characters is ackward and uncomfortable to watch, even such things as them plying on the wii is hard work, its cheesy and uncomfortable to look at. There are a few random moments where you think oh maybe something will happen here and a few raised voices, but of course nothing ever comes of it. I kept wanting to turn it off but I kept wanting to watch it just incase...wish I had of went with option 1.

        So John is finally informed of who Rhoda really is (of her own doing might I add) and of course he tries to kill her, then he just wants her to leave, she previoulsy entered to win a trip to another earth and wins but as she feel guilty she gives John the ticket so he can go and try to find his family there blah blah yawn ill not spoil the end but I will say I am very surprised I actually made it to the end without sleeping.


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