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Ashes And Diamonds (DVD)

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Genre: Drama / Theatrical Release: 1958 / Suitable for 12 years and over / Director: Andrzej Wajda / Actors: Zbigniew Cybulski, Eva Krzyzewski, Adam Pawlikowski ... / DVD released 2007-05-28 at Arrow Films / Features of the DVD: Black & White, PAL, Widescreen

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2009 05:32
      Very helpful



      Ashes and Diamonds

      Ashes and Diamonds is a war film made in 1958. The film is an adoption of a novel by Jerzy Andrzejewski and he also wrote screenplay for the film. The film was directed by Andrzej Wajda. He is polish director and this film is in polish language. The story took place at the time of World War 2 when Germany surrendered. The film was nominated for 2 BAFTA awards for Best Film from already written source and for Best Foreign actor.

      Star Cast:
      Zbigniew Cybulski portrays Maciek Chelmicki.
      Ewa Krzyzewska plays a role of Krystyna
      Bogumil Kobiela portrays Drewnowski
      Adam Pawlikowski plays a role of Andrzej
      Waclaw Zastrzezynski portrays Szczuka

      Plot Summary:
      It starts with Maciek and Andrzej who are soldiers and both are allotted to cease the communist party officer Szczuka. This is the day when World War 2 ends after Germany has been surrender. They made a mistake and kill workers of some industrial plant. At the same time minister's assistant organized a ceremony for minister. Here Szczuka is trying to turn up his son who is working under Andrzej in the army. Maciek and Andrzej are handed another chance in hotel to cease the communist party officer Szczuka. Maciek fall in love with bartender Krystyna. He makes love with her. Now he doesn't want to miss the chance to kill Szczuka. Will he able to do that? Watch out film to know the answer.

      My Views and Perspective:
      This film is continuation of A Generation and Kanal and in my opinion this one is best among trilogy. In A Generation director caused dejection condition of gangs after the war. In second film he pondered on terrible and awful occurrences in the fatal war originating in 1944. In this film he put an effort to show hard hitting and clear-cut social and political pandemonium. Wajda formed the story in powerful and thrilling visual presentation and images. He made bright ideas from pictures that express pessimism, hungriness and depression. Wajda imagination of warfare and cynicism consequences is altered with historic ambiguity that leaves the audience with autonomous conclusions. No doubt he understandably presents depravation and corruptness of newly elected government. The frames that contain sheer images impregnate work of director with pleasing visual intensiveness. Wajda's concentrated more on Cybulski character and emphasized the scene where he speaks with a soldier struggled in civil war.

      Now I am talking some great scenes that shine in the movie and shows great camerawork. The beginning scenes intimate powerlessness of religious belief in hard time. Chase in the final moments, recounting poems on the grave of the church, fireworks in the end, blood and white plane that exhibits the flag, the disrupted crucifix clinging topside down in the church and final dance scene. Honestly these scenes are arousing and marked by sensationalism. The scene where killers thinking of dead companions, they are checking each remembrance with a glass is very exquisite. Cameraman captured the possible and essential richness of B/W and exact editing of each scene furnishes the visual cohesiveness. Each and every scene of the film is compiled in an artistic manner

      My view on Plot
      Whole film sets to show only two days. This story is plotted skillfully and told in a compulsive manner. Plot of the film goes around the attempts of young soldier Cybulski whose job is to kill the polish communist officer. He is prescribed to change his commitment to Soviet Union. Conversances with communist officer originate volatile condition. The film does not probe only the moral quandaries of politician and admirer but interchanges between all characters showing their perspectives in accomplishing agendums of Soviet establishment of a communist Poland. The complexness of political conditions clearly reflects from the film. The entire scope is tasted from effete communists to savage person who aids to communists leader. Film also depicts what went wrong (obviously in Poland) at the end of World War 2 and how the character of Maciek exploited. Including him some youngsters were struggling administration of Poland and soviet. The film describes how these youngsters encountered to impart the brutal breeding.

      Characters and Performances
      All the characters shown in the film are the illustration of cabals on the day when Germany surrendered. Character of Cybulski is strikingly unconventional but he as an extraordinary ability to attract. He played a role of a Maciek who gags in brutal conditions. Cybulski is looking and good, sore, a fellow with lots of humor. The apparent movement of a body and facial expressions of Cubulski make an unforgettable character. He grabs Wajda's beliefs and impressions about desperation that is conveyed by war fatigue. This role gives a glance of his western similitude. As Krstyna, the lady working in a hotel and whom Maciek fall in love with, Krzyzewska looks pretty good.

      DVD Details:
      The DVD of Ashes and Diamonds comprises many special features. The most likeable feature is interview with director. This interview lasts around half an hour and it is named as Andrzej Wajda: On Ashes and Diamonds. This interview also features film critic Jerzy Plazewski and director Janusz Morgenster. There is a commentary track by Annette Insdorf. He is scholar by Columbia University film and he talks about the circumstances of Soviet movement in Poland at that time. The English subtitles are also there with the DVD. Apart from this we have one essay by Peter Coates. This essay is worth engaging because this essay shows elaborated analysis of theme and motive of the film. Also there is a making of the film and one part shows how director bring film to cinemas or you can say this part shows about production of the film. This also includes behind the scene pictures of production.

      As I mentioned earlier that I love to watch movies that depict the real story, I picked that movie for the same reason. This is one of the rare movies that compound acting, direction and cinematography perfectly. This film is none other than masterpiece. This film is audacious in stylish manner and it is visually stunning. Film is volatile elicitation of post war bedlam. Good thing is that this film focuses on experiences of some characters in a span of one or two day and crystallizes substantial historic realisms in setting challenging story. I was profoundly struck by the dilemma it shows. The film is appealing critically describing motifs of all in dispute.


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