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Barsaat (DVD)

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Genre: Drama / Theatrical Release: 2005 / Director: Suneel Darshan / Actors: Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra ... / DVD released 03 October, 2005 at Orbit Media Ltd. / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2006 10:30
      Very helpful



      This film should have been washed away with the rain water...

      Barsaat means "the rains" and believe me, there are a quite a few scenes featuring heavy rain in this August 2005 released film!

      ~*~ CAST/CREW ~*~

      Barsaat stars Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra and is produced, directed and written by Suneel Darshan.

      Supporting cast includes Shakti Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Mahesh Thakur, Gajendra Chauhan, Farida Jalal, Beena and Vivek Vaswani. The film runs for a longggggg 143 minutes.

      ~*~ PLOT TEASER ~*~

      Arav (Deol) works as a mechanic in the USA, he's ambitious, wants to be a car designer and uses every possible opportunity to try to get people in the car business to listen to his ideas, but without much luck.

      By chance Arav meets up with Anna (Basu) at a gypsy temple. They bump into each other on several occasions and she starts to fall for him. He keeps calling it coincidence but she insists that it's fate. By chance she helps him get a job at BMW as a designer (oh if everything was so easy eh?) and works with him. As she flirts with him outrageously his attention is more focussed on doing his job well as he is intent on realising his life's ambition - to design cars. Gradually though he falls in love with her too. He successfully designs a new BMW and at the launch of the car finds out that Anna is the granddaughter of the Chairman (Kapoor) of the board and their engagement is announced. Ah a fairytale romance…?

      Actually it's not... as Arav is married to Kajal (Chopra) back in India. She was his childhood sweetheart and he was somewhat coerced into marrying her by his and her family. He left for the USA pursue his career in car design having not consummated the marriage and she's been waiting faithfully for him for 3 years. Arav has to return to India as his father is unwell, asks Kajal for a divorce and there's all sorts of tricks she uses to get him to change his mind till eventually she realises he's serious about the divorce.

      Anna and her grandpa arrive in India at a moment's notice to have the wedding out there and you'll have to watch the film to find out what happens from here onwards...!

      ~*~ ACTING ~*~

      I'm not a big fan of Bipasha Basu and even though she played a rather more wholesome character in this film that her normal characters, I'm still not convinced about her acting abilities. Wearing short skirts and revealing tops does not a good actress make and maybe she's relying a bit too much on her sex appeal to wow audiences. I find her rather wooden when all is said and done and she has a very long way to go before I could find her a talented actress.

      Whilst I've found him to be just about adequate in previous films he's been in, Bobby Deol was quite bland in this film. His portrayal of the young ambitious designer torn between two women who love him was totally unconvincing. I was bored by his character and very unsympathetic to his woes. His lack of acting skills in this film was rather curious though considering he had two of Bollywood's current day sexiest actresses to work with!!!

      Priyanka Chopra played a very different role to those that she played in Yakeen and Aitraaz. She played a blinder, I think it's refreshing to see her acting a wholesome "goody two shoes" role for a change, and personally, I felt she handled it really well. She looked gorgeous in most of the scenes she appeared in and I found her character really believable, mostly due to her facial expressions and body language, although I doubt she's going to be winning any awards for this particular film.

      ~*~ MUSIC ~*~

      The music in the film was nothing to write home about, the songs were unmemorable (for me anyway) and there were just a few too many of them to make them annoying rather than a pleasant break from the story.

      The lyrics are by Sameer and playback singers include Alisha Chinoi, Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan and Sonu Nigam (as well as Priyanka Chopra herself singing briefly too!). The music direction for Barsaat is by Nadeem Shravan.

      ~*~ MY THOUGHTS ~*~

      The best way to describe this film is as a love triangle. You can see disaster coming a mile away in the first half of the film as the meeting and falling in love of two out of the three leads seems way too easy.

      Deol's character comes across as quite fickle throughout the film, the only reason he seems to fall for Basu initially is because he's grateful to her for helping him get the job. And you almost see the $ signs in his eyes at the launch of his car when he realises that she's the bosses granddaughter and only heir to his empire. Then, when he goes back to India (incidentally the reason for him going back there is because his dad is ill - there's no evidence of this and seems to have conveniently been dropped from the storyline) he gradually falls for his wife! And that only seems to be because she's trying to entice him with pleasures of the flesh at every opportunity. There are some comical moments which made me laugh quite hard.

      Shakti Kapoor cast as a kindly grandfather? Hmmm I didn't quite buy it. He's really not old enough to be playing a grand-father of a grown woman! They could have had him playing Basu's dad to make it more believable at least! This guy is most commonly known as a "baddie" in Bollywood films, so I found it a bit weird that he was cast in this role, although I would have to say I found his acting was far superior to that of Deol's in the film, even though he was only a supporting actor!

      There were too many plot inconsistencies to make this a believable love triangle. What woman (Kajal) in her right mind would agree to help dress another woman (Anna) on her wedding day who's about to marry the guy (Arav) that she (Kajal) loves? That was weird. And yes, I know it's just a film, but to use BMW as the new car that he successfully designs? Yeah right, that happens every day doesn't it?

      I understand that ex Miss World Aishwarya Rai and model turned actress Katrina Kaif were considered for the Anna role but both turned it down. Seems they thought as much of the story as I did!!

      ~*~ WHERE TO GET IT ~*~

      You can buy Barsaat from DVDSource.co.uk for £15.99 or play.com for £16.99 or you could try renting it online. Very possibly there could be copies floating around eBay already - as it's not a keeper…

      ~*~ RATING ~*~

      What do I rate Barsaat? Well I'd have to give it a very generous 5 out of 10. The excessive songs and Bobby Deol's acting (and Bipasha Basu's acting to some extent) brought the score down dramatically for me.

      Just be glad I gave up 143 minutes of my life to watch it!


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      Tells the story of three young people who seemingly have no control over their love lives.