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Behind Enemy Lines II (DVD)

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Genre: War & Western - War / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Director: James Dodson / Actors: Shane Edelman, Keith David ... / DVD released 14 May, 2007 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, PAL

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2007 09:42
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      A film that had so much potential but ended up being incredibly poor

      When a nuclear war head is spotted on American Satellite being loaded into a North Korean missile bunker, the American’s are unsure what to do. The president green lights a Navy SEAL’s operation behind enemy lines, but when it comes to the crunch and the SEAL’s are in position to jump the President pulls the plug on the mission. By this time it’s two late and one way or another 4 of the team are already out of the plane. Now the team must do what ever it takes to keep themselves undercover and survive until they can be rescued or escape.

      After the surprise success of the first film staring Owen Wilson I suppose it was inevitable that someone would make a follow up. Of course this isn’t so much a sequel but more a similar premise for a script that’s been given the same name as the 2001 hit. Whether this is due to someone having no imagination for a new title or it is just a case of cashing in on the others success remains to be seen. As a film in its own right this one is filled with explosions and impressive special effects but the storyline is quite weak and while it translates into a reasonable action film, it’s not a patch on the original Behind Enemy Lines.

      This is the first time I’ve actually heard of Director James Dodson. He has previously been involved with a few other movies but nothing I can honestly say I’ve seen or at least can remember. I found quite a bit of his direction to be rather annoying and in particular the flash back scenes. The lead character kept having flash backs to his training with the SEAL’s and rather than helping to expand the plot it just interrupted the flow of the story. While the special effects and action scenes were done very well the rest of the film and in particular these flash backs actually ruined a reasonable movie.

      Of course the plot wasn’t exactly the best you will ever see. The fact that director Dodson also picked up his pen to write the script may have had something to do with it. This sort of film has real potential to work incredibly well as the first film showed. The problem here though was Dodson spent too much time on characterisation that it disrupted the actual story and that is incredibly off putting. I really felt if he hadn’t done that he could have had a film on his hands that was just as good as the 2001 movie.

      While the assembled cast didn’t seem to be filled with big names and the film obviously wasn’t huge budget the lead roles were actually quite good. The lead role was given to Nicholas Gonzalez as Lieutenant Robert James. He took to the role incredibly well and really makes you believe in his performance and start to hope he’s going to succeed in getting back home and out of trouble. There is also a very good relationship between his character and Matt Bushell’s as he plays James’s best friend from training and they work incredibly well together on screen.

      The rest of the cast also put in reasonable performances but in the grand scheme of things it really needed a stronger script and more development of other characters and not just the lead character. There are one or two recognisable actors in the film, mainly because you’ll have seen them in a lot of different things. In particular I was, once again, impressed by Glenn Morshower who doesn’t seem to get massive parts, but just like his role in 24 you can’t help but like him in this as well.

      Overall I think this is more a case of someone unable to think of an original title and spotted something to piggy back onto and make some money. This is a reasonable film but it shouldn’t have been given the same name as the 2001 hit. It’s ok to watch once but it won’t really be that memorable and if it is, it certainly wont be for the right reasons. There is a lot of action, a lot of gunfights and a lot of explosions, which makes it a decent film for the lads but really it could have been so much better.

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    • Product Details

      This sequel to the blockbuster Behind Enemy Lines follows a team of Navy Seals on a mission to North Korea, where they must destroy a missile site to save the world. When things don't go as planned, four of the men find themselves stranded, forced to take on rogue elements as they fight their way to safety.

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