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Carry On Behind (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / Theatrical Release: 1975 / Parental Guidance / Director: Gerald Thomas / Actors: Elke Sommer, Kenneth Williams, Bernard Bresslaw, Kenneth Connor, Jack Douglas ... / DVD released 2003-05-12 at ITV DVD / Features of the DVD: PAL, Special Edition, Widescreen

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    3 Reviews
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      10.11.2011 20:21
      Not Helpful



      good film carry on classic

      I recently watched this film and found it really funny. It is a classic carry on film in the sense it has mild rude humour, and witty jokes throughout the film which you would expect with the carry on films. If you like caravanning and looking at old caravans this film might interest you if you like researching that type of thing (I know people who do) this film follows people in a caravan park and shows you what they look like back when the film was shot in 1975. The acting is superb and it really is a classic. Unlike other carry on films this one was set in the time it was filmed and within the UK which was different as carry on films are often set in other countries or time zones.

      If you are a fan of any other carry on films you will love this one.

      Highly recommend.


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      01.04.2010 23:33
      Very helpful



      A late Carry On, think "...Camping" without Sid, Babs & Hattie

      By 1975, Sid James, Charles Hawtrey, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques and Terry Scott had all made their final entries to the Carry On series, and with "Carry On Behind" we would lose two more regulars: Bernard Bresslaw and Patsy Rowlands.

      "...Behind" is the twenty-seventh entry in the epic comedy canon directed by Gerald Thomas and produced by Peter Rogers: the heights of the series are past, many of the major players are gone, and the series' popularity is waning.

      We're not quite hammering the nails into the coffin yet, but that time is not far off.

      "Don't worry, me and Professor Crump will soon be having it off."
      "HITTING it off!"

      Roman remains have been found in an old cesspit at a small caravan site in the English countryside, and archeologist Professor Roland Crump (Kenneth Williams) if off to check it out.

      He is teamed up with Russian stunner Professor Vooshka (Elke Sommer) by his Dean, a forthright blonde with long legs who hasn't quite mastered the English language yet, getting her into all sorts of trouble!

      Meanwhile, on holiday away from their wives are Fred Ramsden (Windsor Davies) and Ernie Bragg (Jack Douglas), both of whom are trying to chase a little skirt in-between doing a spot of fishing.

      Having a horror of a holiday is Arthur Upmore (Bernard Bresslaw) with his wife Linda (Patsy Rowlands), who has to put up with mother-in-law from Hell Daphne Barnes (Joan Sims).

      Then there's Joe (Ian Lavender) and Norma Baxter (Adrienne Posta) trying to keep their huge Irish wolfhound under control as it roams the campsite, while campsite owner Major Leap (Kenneth Connor) and handyman Henry (Peter Butterworth) do their best to keep on top of things.

      Will any of them enjoy their weekend away, or will the rain, nagging wives, exploding tents, extreme subsidance and busty stripper be too much for them?

      "It's time for knocking off!"
      "Time for what?!"

      Six years earlier, British cinemas were graced with "Carry On Camping", an amusing look into tents and what can be done in them, hosted by the cackling Sid James.

      "...Behind" was filmed in the very same campsite and is a sequel of sorts - while it does not sport the same exact characters, it is very similar in style and situations and does not stray from the formula.

      We do have, however, a brand new script writer, as Talbot Rothwell left after "Carry On Dick", so welcome aboard Dave Freeman (who would only write "...Behind" and "...Columbus").

      This does mean that the comedy is slightly different from previous entries - this is not to say that it is outlandishly different, but you can tell that it is raunchier and there is a lot more of the classic wordplay and missing expletives that some of the more recent entries had been lacking.

      With Sid James out touring with a new stage play, Windsor Davies (in his first Carry On) is handed the customary lecherous role of old man chasing skirt.

      Davies is best known for his stint as Sergeant Major 'Shut Up' Williams in the long-running TV series "It Ain't Half Hot Mum", his tweeked moustache, twinkling eyes and incredibly deep Welsh accent defining him to be a true on-screen character.

      In "...Behind" he doesn't have half of the presence Sid James ever had, but he doesn't fair too badly alongside Jack Douglas as his sidekick, the pair of them making for semi-realistic older men who'll never *actually* cheat on their wives.

      The crime of the film is probably Davies' ridiculously summery matching shirt and shorts, an 'orrible yellow and brown design that would make the Pope shed tears.

      Douglas on the other hand puts in another solid supporting performance - he seems really unable to let the team down and has consistently been good in the series so far, using his unique blend of spasming slapstick mannerisms to full effect.

      They play two good drunks too.

      Getting top-billing this time around, however, one might expect it to be Kenneth Williams as he gets to have one of the largest parts *ahem* of the film.

      However, topping the billboard was the fresh talent of Elke Sommer, the tall Eastern European beauty who gets stuck right into things, wrestling with the English language and confronting every double entendre in the book.

      Confident Sommer works really well here alongside Williams' ultra nervous Professor Crump and they make a good onscreen pairing, especially when it starts to become apparent that they might get together - what is unneeded, however, was a full bare-backside body shot of Kenneth Williams, which was the last thing I wanted to see.

      In another caravan and not liking his holiday one bit is Bernard Bresslaw as poor old Arthur, who has to contend with a talking bird that spouts rude words, a giant dog and semi-clad ladies, all of which get him into trouble with his wife and terrifying mother-in-law.

      Bresslaw is very good here in his final Carry On effort and its a fine performance to go out on, down-to-earth and realistic in comparison to his OTT Chief of the Bow Street Runners in "...Dick".

      At 6' 7", Bresslaw was often cast as the great lumbering simpleton or the mighty villain, and he did well at both, but it was his more human characters that were the highlight of his career in the series.

      Totalling up 14 entries between 1965 and 1975, he died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 59 in 1993.

      As his forgiving and long-suffering wife Linda is Patsy Rowlands in her usual dowdy and frumpy character role.

      She hardly ever diverted from this role, her woebegone face making her a Carry On staple as the over-worked and under-loved, always making for a good supporting role, however.

      In "...Behind" she works well alongside Bernard Bresslaw and shines, but this would be her last Carry On as well, her ninth and final offering.

      After her departure she kept to TV and the stage, but sadly developed breast cancer and passed away in 2005 aged 74.

      As the mother-in-law from Hell is Joan Sims who puts in a masterly performance, always finding her son-in-law in embarassing situations and always yelling at him.

      Not to give anything away, but towards the end of the film she does have a sudden sweet character turnaround, making for a very nice scene with Peter Butterworth.

      Also on the site is Ian Lavender, best known for playing Pike in "Dad's Army", in his one and only Carry On role; and we also see the return of Liz Fraser in a small role - she hadn't been seen for twelve years since "...Cabby".

      Finally, the owner of the caravan site is Major Leap, played by Carry On veteran Kenneth Connor in his penultimate role, and, while looking ancient by this point, he does still seem to be game, his leg still shaking like a dog's, ready to try it on and get into bed with any and every woman on the site.

      The dirty old man.

      With its silly title, music and opening credits sequence, "...Behind" looks and feels very cheap and is missing principal ingredients in its cast.

      This is not too large an issue, but nothing very much really happens and the grand finale seems a bit tacked on - but the film is funny, regardless of looks, and will have you smiling.

      The cast obviously weren't having a happy time with the weather - it's not hard to see how terribly muddy the field is, but this doesn't detract too much from the frivolity.

      "...Behind" is not as good as "...Camping", but nor is it a paltry effort - don't set your expectations too high with this one.

      [The DVD can be purchased from play.com for £10.99 (at time of writing), including postage and packing]


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        21.07.2009 23:52
        Very helpful



        Not a bad effort for a late carry on

        Jbsabbath is the number one 'Carry On' reviewer here on Dooyoo, but then being my brother I hope that some of his crownworthy reviewing might rub off onto me. Rather than watch the whole series in order, I occasionally dip into the odd film here and there - and there's none odder than 'Carry On Behind'.

        Coming in quite late in the whole Carry On scheme of things, Carry On Behind was made in 1975. Professor Vrooshka (Elke Sommer) and Crump (Kenneth Williams) and a group of students visit a campsite in order to dig it up for archaeological remains. However, the campsite is still in use and along with Bernard Bresslaw, Windsor Davies and a host a regular Carry On stars 'comedy' ensues. The film could be seen as more or less a sequel to Carry On Camping, it was even filmed at the same campsite.

        It certainly isn't a classic in the series, but it does have some genuine laughs. I suppose you could see it as the last decent film in the series as things went rapidly downhill after this film. Quite a number of the original stars are in this one, and are joined by a host of new faces.

        The writing isn't too bad, but veers too much on the double entendre side of laziness. Quite a number of these lines have to do with Elke Sommer and her wanting to 'have it off' with Kenneth Williams. This is amusing to begin with, but soon gets tired after the fifth go.

        Williams looks very uncomfortable indeed in this film. In particular there is a scene where he bares his naked body while getting dressed, this feels unnecessary and exploitative. How a lot of this style of comedy looked even in 1975 is intriguing. Gone are the genuine attempts at comedy in the series from its early days - here too much of the comedy is based on embarrassing situations and wobbly arse cheeks.

        Windsor Davies and Jack Douglas are the older guys here looking for young ladies rather like Sid James in Carry on Camping. Here, they look old and filthy as they chase around bits of skirt round the campsite.

        The funniest person in the film is probably Peter Butterworth as the grounds man who gets a genuinely moving scene with Joan Sims. Too much of the film seems borrowed from a number of other Carry On films and for that reason and the setting, makes the film look very cheap indeed.

        The music is quite jovial and bouncy which goes along with the lurid cartoon title sequence which promises more from the film than it actually delivers.

        Things would get a lot worse for the Carry On team, especially with 'England' and 'Emmanuelle'. Behind isn't too bad, and isn't too rude that you couldn't show it to your kids. But on the whole there are a lot better films in the series to watch.


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