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Cat In The Hat, The (DVD)

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Fantasy / Parental Guidance / Director: Bo Welch / Actors: Mike Myers, Spencer Breslin, Dakota Fanning, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Preston ... / DVD released 2006-07-02 at Dreamworks Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2013 21:44
      Very helpful



      An okay film.

      ~*~*~ The Cat in the Hat ~*~*~

      Having never read the book I cannot make comparisons between the two, however I have read that there was much negativity when the film was first released due to there being mature content and humor, and the way it deviates from the book. There are a lot of elements which came from the book however there was more added, which I think is to be expected really as they need more material to make a film last the 82 minutes.

      My 18 month old son loves, loves, loves The Cat in the Hat, he finds it highly amusing and the bright colours in the film hold his attention, my other children liked the film the first time around but after the fifth time it does start to grind! With it being my 18 month old's favourite thing to watch at the moment (and for the last six months or so) I have watched it probably around 30 times and it is still as irritating now as it was the first time, now though I can speak the film out word for flipping word! Not good!!!

      I tend to put it on in the morning whilst my son is having his breakfast which means that I have a few minutes to get the cleaning done whilst he sits engrossed and quiet.

      ~ The Cast ~

      Mike Myers - The Cat in the Hat
      Alec Baldwin - Lawrence (Larry) Quinn
      Kelly Preston - Joan Walden
      Dakota Fanning - Sally Walden
      Spencer Breslin - Conrad Walden
      Amy Hill - Mrs. Kwan
      Sean Hayes - Mr. Humberfloob
      Sean Hayes - Fish
      Dan Castellaneta - Voice of Thing 1/Thing 2
      Talia-Lynn Prairie - Thing 2
      Danielle Chuchran - Thing 1
      Taylor Rice - Thing 1
      Brittany Oaks - Thing 2

      There are others too, including a cameo appearance from Paris Hilton as a club go-er.

      Mike Myers plays the role very well and whilst Tim Allen was originally cast to play the role of the Cat I don't think I can imagine it with anyone other than Mike Myers.

      I have to say that I don't think there is any weak acting in the film and it is all played out very well. The people chosen to play the parts do suit their roles well and it makes it hard to imagine anyone else doing it. Dakota Fanning plays the part of spoilt Sally brilliantly.

      ~ Favourite Quotes ~

      The Fish - This cat should not be here, he should not be about! He should not be here when your mother is out!

      Cat - Who, Me? Why I'm The Cat in the Hat, there's no doubt about that. I'm a super fundiferous feline, who's here to make sure that you're..."meline"..."key lime"..."turpentine". I got nothing! I'm not so good with the rhyming, not really, no. Look, I'm a cat that can talk that should be enough for you people!

      ~ The film ~

      The very start of the film starts in a brilliant way which begins with the DreamWorks logo being all set in Dr Seuss colours, showing the Cat fishing whist sat on the moon. The Universal Pictures globe changes into a star ball and the Fish darts into the water during the Imagine Entertainment logo.

      The film begins by showing a brightly coloured town, and we go into Humberfloobs Real Estate. This is where Joan works and she is the mother to Conrad and Sally. She has to leave the office due to her babysitter not being able to babysit any longer and we get to see where she lives. All the houses in this place are the same, they are the same colour, same shape, have the same cars parked outside and they even have the same tree's. The colours are somewhat gaudy and bright but I think it is this that keeps my son interested.

      From the start we see that Sally is a bit of a control freak as she sits making a to-do list in her PDA? and we see that Conrad is a little bit of a live wire to say the least!

      Joan gets home to be greeted by Conrad flying through the front door on a tray and Joan is exasperated as she is hosting that months Meet and Greet party for work, the house must be spotless or else she risks getting FIREDDDDDDDUH!
      Upon arriving home she soon gets a call saying she is needed back at work so she calls in Mrs Kwan to babysit. But not before a brief visit from her boyfriend Lawrence Quinn. He wants to marry Joan and send Conrad off to military school! But all is not as it seems with him.

      Before leaving the house Joan makes a point that ' Absolutely no-one steps foot in the living room or else! '

      It isn't long before the children hear a banging from upstairs so they head up to investigate, they find nothing but Conrad does use this as an opportunity to frighten Sally! Until they both turn around from the closet to be greeted by a six foot high talking cat! The Cat tests them with his phunometer to check their behavior. Sally comes out as a Control Freak and Conrad a Rule Breaker (with the phunometer accidentally making him out to be a Bed Wetter!)
      To rectify the situation the Cat offers them two options -
      1. A series of painful shots into the knee caps (whilst brandishing a very large needle).
      2. A musical Number! Me, me, me, meow!

      Sally asks how many shots, but they end up getting the musical number. This involves the Cat singing a strange tune.

      I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny
      But we can have lots of good fun that is funny
      It's fun to have fun but you got to know how- ow
      I know lots of good tricks, and I'll-

      (Fish starts talking)
      The fish is talking!
      Remember me?
      Came home in a baggy
      Loved me for two weeks and then NOTHING!
      This cat should not be here, he should not be about
      He should not be here when your mother is out.

      (Cat Talks)
      Come on, kids, you gonna listen to him? He drinks where he pees!

      (Cat sings again whilst dressed in a rather fetching (Uhhem!) Grass skirt!)
      There was this cat I knew back home where I was bred
      He never listened to a single thing his mother said
      He never used a litter box, he made a mess in the hall
      That's why they sent him to a vet to cut off both his boo--

      Boy, that wasn't fun, fun, fun,
      He never learns you can have fun, fun, fun,
      But less is more
      They may ship you off to school so reign it in a little
      We can't spell "fun" without "U" in the middle

      (Fish shouts)
      Children, this cat is currently in violation of 17 of your mothers rules.

      (Cat picks up the phone, this is in reference to one of Joans rules to Conrad)
      City Morgue!


      (Cat sings again)
      You can juggle, work and play, but you have to know the way
      You can keep afloat a wish like the way I do this fish
      You can be a happy fella someone throw me an umbrella
      And that rake, that cake,

      Life's what you make it, so have fun, fun, fun,
      Go insane and have some fun, fun, fun,
      Just look at me! Fun, fun, fun!
      No more rain, look, it's the sun, sun, sun
      So can't you see?

      I'm as happy as a clam, I'm as fit as a fiddle
      Yeah, the dogs may bark about you
      And the purebred chaps may doubt you

      milk big mistake

      But remember this, you can't spell fun without "U"...

      i knew that milk would come back to haunt me


      After this the children seem to trust him more and then the trouble starts.

      We see a huge host of different things happening throughout the film which results in the Mother of all Messes where the house is trashed.

      The children do seems to notice the error of their ways however so this is seen as a lesson learned and the Cat of course comes back to help them along with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

      ~ My opinion ~

      Although I am not a lover of the film, I do think it is well made. As I have already said my 18 month old loves it, and my 9 year old finds it quite funny too, it has however been over watched in this house so now I just find it really irritating!

      There are some humorous scenes and with it coming with a PG rating I do think this is appropriate. There isn't anything too rude but it is more of a family film that one just for the children. Some quotes will be over looked by children, like the part in the above song where there is reference to a cat having his balls cut off, of course this isn't said but we know what it would have said!

      ~ DVD Extras ~

      The extras include 16 deleted scenes, 20 outtakes, and a ' Dance with the Cat' tutorial to teach children a dance.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      This can be picked up for £3.00 on amazon with free delivery, but it may be found cheaper on ebay and the likes.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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