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Chuck: The Complete First Season (DVD)

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8 Reviews

Genre: Comedy / Theatrical Release: 2007 / Actors: Zachary Levi, Joshua Gomez ... / DVD released 2008-09-16 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: AC-3, Box set, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, PAL

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    8 Reviews
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      07.05.2012 19:06
      Very helpful



      A decent enough intro to a fun filled action comedy

      Chuck is a comedy/action/drama TV series which first aired in the USA in 2007. The show was created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak and fast became a firm favourite of mine to watch having been given my first taste of this show by a colleague recommending it to me so I recently purchased a few of the seasons on DVD for myself when I heard season 5 was going to be the last and wanting to own the whole series to watch at my leisure.


      Picture this - you're ordinary guy working on an electronics store, probably earning just above minimum wage. Not a skilled job but you left college without finishing and have been stuck in a rut in this job for years. Suddenly an old friend sends you some information which means you're invaluable to your country as an intelligence asset. A really hot blonde spy becomes your handler and your friends can't believe how much your life seems to have changed over-night. This is Chuck! Every geek's dream maybe?

      Chuck is played by the relatively unknown at the time Zachary Levi. Levi brings charm, vulnerability and humour to the role in a way that shows he was the right choice in the leading role for the show.
      Chuck Bartowski (christened Charles) is in his late 20s. He was a Stanford university student who had to leave before he graduated due to being accused of cheating in tests. Since then he has lived with his older sister Ellie (Eleanor) and her boyfriend Devon in Echo Park, Los Angeles, who are both doctors. Chuck has been working at the Burbank branch of electronics chain store Buy More (which could be compared to our PC World / Dixons / Currys / Maplins). Chuck is a geek and heads up the Nerd Herd, a department of Buy More that goes out to help customers with PC problems, so he has a Nerd Herd company car.

      Chuck has a very close relationship with Ellie and they have looked out for each other since their mother left them when they were young and their scientist father didn't take much notice of them as he was so busy with work. Chuck's best friend since childhood is Morgan Grimes who also works at the Buy More as a Sales Assistant. In episode 1 Chuck receives an email from an ex friend (Bryce Larkin who got Chuck falsely accused of cheating at college leading to his expulsion) which once opened released lots of confidential information from around the world which ends up downloading into Chuck's head making him and his mind an invaluable asset to the CIA and NSA. Agents Walker and Casey are assigned to look after Chuck. It is revealed that the information uploaded to Chuck's brain is called the Intersect and the senior government officials often describe Chuck as just the Intersect rather than as a person. The Intersect makes Chuck "flash" sometimes when he sees something or someone which is suspicious, such as major drug dealers, criminals, terrorists, etc.


      The show wouldn't be as successful and entertaining as it is without a stream of close friends, family and colleagues in Chuck's life.

      ~Morgan Grimes~

      Morgan is Chuck's best friend and has been since childhood. He's a short bearded guy who's as "geeky" as Chuck. He loves playing computer games and still lives with his mum. He's had a crush on Chuck's sister Ellie for years and makes comments in front of her which clearly make her uncomfortable. Joshua Gomez plays Morgan and he really does seem as if he's been Chuck's best friend for years. Morgan is often seen to behave in rather a childish manner and he sulks when scolded by Chuck, e.g. when he shows a couple of teenage customers how to use a camcorder but uses a woman's backside as his target. Chuck tells him "I used to be cool. When was that, when we were 13? I'm sorry to go changing on you buddy. But if you hadn't noticed, we are not chronologically speaking adults. So unless you wanna work retail for the rest of your life and by the way, drag me down with you in the process, I would suggest you grow up." Morgan feels that he's losing Chuck to Sarah, whilst he's still single and pining over Ellie, Chuck is moving on with a beautiful girlfriend (obviously he's unaware that the relationship is a cover).

      ~Sarah Walker~

      Agent Sarah Walker is played by Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski. I think she pulls off the American accent used in the series pretty convincingly. I had no idea she was Australian until I watched the DVD extras! Sarah is an NSA government agent assigned to keep an eye on Chuck and keep him out of harm's way. Chuck falls for her pretty much the first time he sees her and within a short time it's fairly evident she has feelings for him too but is unable to declare these feelings due to being a professional and not wanting to mix business with pleasure. Sarah is cute, sexy, caring, tough and sometimes we see flashes of a vulnerable side to her. We don't find out much about her previous life in this season. Sarah's cover is to work in a hot dog store across the road from Buy More and she is also Chuck's "fake" girlfriend, much to the amazement of his geeky colleagues who don't understand how he landed such a hot woman! I actually found myself feeling rather sorry for Strahovski's character as she has to wear a rather demeaning and ridiculous outfit for her role at the Hot Dog store and is sometimes shown getting dressed for a mission in her underwear hiding knives and other weapons about her person. Funny that we don't get to see her male colleague half naked...

      ~John Casey~

      Agent John Casey is played by Adam Baldwin who is fantastic as the tough CIA agent who loves to be in the thick of action with his gun. He's assigned to look after Chuck along with Agent Walker and he's the strong, silent type. He's often heard to growl rather than speak and he takes no nonsense. Casey is definitely a company man and has been with the government for so long that he doesn't question orders from above unlike his partner Walker.

      ~Ellie Bartowski~

      Ellie is Chuck's older sister who he's extremely close to at the start of the season. As he gets more and more involved in secret missions with the CIA and NSA due to having the Intersect in his brain, he obviously has to keep this a secret from Ellie, a) because he's been told to keep his activities confidential and b) to protect Ellie from harm in case other spies try to get information from her about Chuck if she accidentally lets something slip at the wrong place and time. Ellie is a doctor, which, to be honest, is rather hard to buy as she just does not come across as a medical professional. She firstly always looks very glamorous and beautiful and secondly, she doesn't seem intelligent enough to be a doctor. Sarah Lancaster who plays Ellie is stunning but I don't know if it's deliberate that you're not supposed to find her believable as a doctor or if it's just that she's unable to act like a doctor.

      In the first episode of the series Ellie finds Chuck hiding in his bedroom with Morgan during a birthday party she's thrown for her brother. She says to Chuck "Chuck, I have invited, real, live women for you. So please, let's go. Morgan, you stay here." This pretty much sums up her relationship with her brother and his best friend - she adores Chuck and wants him to meet a nice girl and settle down and finds Morgan rather irritating, especially as he has had a crush on her for years and makes no secret of it. Ellie starts to get really concerned when she feels Chuck is distancing himself from her, if only she knew he wasn't telling her what's really going on to keep her out of danger and to prevent her from worrying about his safety.

      ~Devon Woodcomb aka Captain Awesome~

      Ellie's boyfriend Devon is also a doctor. He's tall, good-looking with a heart of gold and also doesn't come across as a doctor. He seems rather dense and comes across more as a stoned university student most of the time rather than a practising surgeon! Ryan McPartlin play Devon whose often used catchphrase is "Awesome!" hence the nickname Captain Awesome. He is often heard to use terms such as "dude" and "bro" when speaking with Chuck.

      ~Jeff Barnes and Lester Patel and the rest~

      Jeff and Lester are played by Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay respectively. These two guys work in the Nerd Herd, reporting in to Chuck. They are probably the laziest guys you could ever expect to meet in the workplace and will do anything they can to get out of doing any work. They make a fabulous double act, Jeff being probably in his 40s with some rather eccentric habits and Lester, a Jewish Hindu, who tries to be the cleverer one of the two, not often succeeding.

      Other characters in the show include Big Mike (played by Mark Christopher Lawrence) the manager of Buy More who loves to eat and also loves to delegate as much work as he can so he doesn't have to do any himself. There's also Anna Wu (played by Julia Ling) who becomes Morgan's girlfriend during the first season. Anna is shown to be tough talking but we see a softer side of her once Morgan gets involved with her. General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) and Director Graham (Tony Todd) are mostly seen via a video feed or heard over the phone giving instructions to Agents Casey and/or Walker.


      Although each episode contains a general theme of its own, there is a main storyline which shows Chuck's character developing throughout the season from an easy-going nerd to a man worried about his sister and friends being adversely affected by him being the Intersect. There's also the underlying story of Chuck and Sarah starting to develop real feelings for each other but unable to do anything about these feelings.


      I noticed a few things during the season which grated on me as continuity errors. One was Bryce Larkin being described as Chuck's best friend at university yet his best friend from childhood, Morgan Grimes, had never met him. When Morgan sees back from the dead Bryce in the Buy More he tells him he's the spitting image of his best friend's ex friend but he only knows this from having seen photos of him.

      In the first episode an intruder dressed in black from head to toe breaks into Chuck's apartment to steal his computer. During the confrontation it's evident that this is a male intruder, yet when the intruder escapes and drives off in their sports car and removes their mask revealing that it's Sarah. Her figure and the figure of the intruder don't even match, so this was rather a large and noticeable continuity error.


      This season of Chuck only had 13 episodes due to the infamous US Writers Strike that year. The episodes were titled:

      1 Pilot
      2 Chuck versus the Helicopter
      3 Chuck versus the Tango
      4 Chuck versus the Wookie
      5 Chuck versus the Sizzling Shrimp
      6 Chuck versus the Sandworm
      7 Chuck versus the Alma Mater
      8 Chuck versus the Truth
      9 Chuck versus the Imported Hard Salami
      10 Chuck versus the Nemesis
      11 Chuck versus the Crown Vic
      12 Chuck versus the Undercover Lover
      13 Chuck versus the Marlin


      Season 1 has 13 episodes over 4 discs and there's no shortage of extras. Each episode runs for about 40 minutes. Subtitles are available in English and Dutch. On each disc there is a feature entitled "Declassified Scenes" showing deleted scenes from the season. These scenes last a minute or so and delve further into the storylines of each episode but in the grand scheme of things weren't deemed essential to the episode enough to make the final cut.

      On disc 3 the main special feature is "Chuck's World" in which we have individual headings for Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, Casey, Ellie and Devon. Each item is about the character and how they were cast in the role. Zachary Levi says of his first thoughts on his role, "Wow, what a great opportunity to just come to work and be me, you know, for most of the time." He admits to being as very similar to his on screen character which is probably why he's so convincing in the role. We also see clips from the original auditions of the main characters which was interesting to watch - it was like being let in on secrets of the show in a way!

      On disc 4 "Chuck on Chuck" features Zachary Levi with Josh Gomez, Josh Schwartz (show creator) and Chris Fedak (show co-creator) discussing 3 scenes each which strike a chord with them from the first season. The US writers strike taking place when this season was being created is mentioned a few times during this featurette.

      Also on disc 4 is "Chuck on Chuckles", a 7 minute featurette of scenes from filming (in other words a gag reel) during which members of the cast (but mostly Zachary Levi) dissolve into laughter during takes.

      In "Chuck's Online World" there are 4 sub headed featurettes:
      * Meet Jeff: Jeff speaks about himself; it's like watching an online dating video
      * Morgan's Vlog - Movie Villains: Morgan discusses the current trend of really bad movie villains and give examples such as Montalban as Kahn in Trek 2, Clarence Boddicker from Robocop, Hans Gruber from Die Hard and Brenda from 90210!
      * Anna's Amazing Talents: Karate Moves (20 second karate display from Anna)!
      * Anna's Amazing Talents: Sword Skills (35 second sword fight display from Anna)!

      The extras are quite entertaining to watch and it's pretty evident that the cast and crew have real fun making the show.


      I'm quite happy to rate Chuck season 1 with a strong 4 out of 5 stars. We're starting to get to know the characters and this is a good starting season which leaves you wanting more at the end. The show doesn't take itself too seriously and it's certification as 15 seems just perfect.

      NB: DVD easily available online on sites such as Amazon and Play, prices will vary.


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        06.02.2010 16:47
        Very helpful



        Chuck is an original series that is definitely worth the watch.

        This series follows computer geek Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), a average guy who has top secret government plans embedded in his brain. Two agents from opposing operations are sent to help protect him. Each episode follows him and how he is used to solve crimes against the government. He will often see a person resulting in a "flash" that will reveal infromation about them or something they are involved in. Adam Baldwin plays a tough NSA agent and Yvonne Strahovski plays the seductive CIA agent who proves to mean much more to Chuck than she plans.

        Having watched many dramas and comdies i have got to say that this is a great merging of these two genres in a tv show that has characters who are easy to like and storylines that are engaging and bring some of the spy genre back to television without making another dark tv show. I enjoyed this series but when looking back on it I feel that some of the characters did not work as well as the could have and the overall plotline didn't carry as well as I had hoped.

        There is not a lot more I can say about this series other than that it is worth a watch and I would reccommend buying it for any avid television fans like myself as i believe the next two series that i have currently not watched could turn out to be much better than this one, developing the story a lot more. There is noting boring about this series but it falls short of others so i think it falls more into the category of 4/5.


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        01.02.2010 10:32
        Very helpful



        A very funny and enjoyable TV-series, highly recommended.


        "Chuck" is an American spy-comedy thriller TV series first premiered on NBC television channel on 24th September, 2007. There are thirteen episodes in first season and this TV show created by famous American screen writer Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. This show gained tremendous popularity among the viewers and received mainly positive reviews from the critics. The storyline of this show revolves around Chuck Bartowski, a normal computer technician works at local electrical store, and he receives a highly important encoded email from his college roommate. Now this creates some serious problems in Chuck's life. This American TV show was aired on Virgin1 TV-channel in the UK. The third season of this show recently aired on NBC, on 10th January, 2010. The DVD box-set of the first season released on September, 2008 and there are four DVD's in this set.


        ## Zachary Levi plays the role of Chuck Bartowski (The protagonist of this show, an average computer technician, works at Buy More as Nerd Hard member and lives with his sister.)

        ~Family Members~
        1. Sarah Lancaster plays the role of Dr. Eleanor Bartowski aka Ellie (She is elder sister of Chuck and works in a local hospital. She lives with her boyfriend, who is also works in same hospital.)
        2. Ryan McPartlin plays the role of Dr. Devon Woodcomb aka Captain awesome (He is boyfriend of Ellie, works in same hospital. He is physically fit, active, and funny and frequently uses the word "Awesome" in conversations. )

        ~Co-workers at Buy More~
        1. Joshua Gomez plays the role of Morgan Grimes (He is also best friend of Chuck.)
        2. Vic Sahay plays the role Lester Patel (He is one of his Nerd Herd team-member , and prefers to solve MAC related computer problems )
        3. Scott Krinsky plays the role of Jeffry Barnes aka Jeff (An aging and alcoholic team-member of Nerd Herd, he's also the oldest employee of Buy More.)

        ~Secret Service Agents~
        1. Yvonne Strahovski plays the role of Agent Sarah Walker (A sexy, seductive and efficient CIA agent, her job is to protect Chuck and help him in government missions.)
        2. Adam Baldwin plays the role of Major John Casey (A veteran and experienced NSA agent, he is also assigned to protect Chuck Bartowski)

        PLOT OUTLINE :

        Chuck Bartowski is simple and socially awkward young man lives in Burbank, California with his sister. He was expelled from Stanford University because one of his roommates Bryce Larkin wrongly framed him of cheating. Now he works as a technical expert in Buy More (a fictional electrical retail store). He received an email from Bryce Larkin on his birth-day, and it was an encoded with series of pictures that contains very important and secret information (also known as "The Intersect") about USA government. Chuck opens this email and all the information stuck in his brain. Because Bryce destroyed the govt. Copy of Intersect, now both CIA and NSA sent their best agents to recover The Intersect.

        So, as the first season of this TV show progresses, it tells us, why Chuck received that email, and how he reacts when he gets to know about The Intersect. It also shows us, how the amateurish and comical Chuck helps both CIA and NSA in different missions using the Intersect.


        Talented American screen-writer and producer Josh Schwartz created and produced some famous and well-recognized TV shows such as The O.C and Gossip girl. His class-mate Chris Fedak came up with the idea of this TV show. Later this duo co-created this excellent TV show. Zachary Levi played the lead role of Chuck in this show. He also acted in some well known US made TV series before. But he rose to fame and gained immense popularity for the role of Chuck. Chuck Bartowski is a socially awkward, shy and unenthusiastic twenty-something guy, who still works as a technical expert at a local store. His sister, Ellie continuously encourages him to find a better job and to do something better with his life. But, all of a sudden his life takes an unexpected turn, when his old nemesis Bryce Larkin sent him an encoded highly important email and all the USA government secrets are embedded in his brain. Slowly, he starts helping the USA secret services to catch the bad guys. Mr. Levi did an awesome job in this TV show. He has a day job in Buy More, and in the evening, he helps CIA & NSA agents to solve national security problems. He is confident, relaxed and really believable in his role. I really like the character of Chuck, because he is just an average guy, and he always have real-life problems and he deals with them in a funny way. It's very well presented and well executed on the screen.

        Australian Born Actress Yvonne Strahovski played the role of dashing CIA agent Sarah Walker. She was sent to Burbank to recover the Intersect. But she ends up protecting Chuck and becomes a CIA handler of the Intersect. She is a smart, attractive and very kind-hearted woman. She always tries her best to help and protect Chuck from dangerous situations. Yvonne did an excellent job in her role. Adam Baldwin played the role of an aging NSA agent, Major John Casey. He is a very professional and smart NSA agent and does not show much emotion about real life. Joshua Gomez played the role of the best-friend of Chuck. I really enjoyed his acting. He is really weird and comical. He really cares for Chuck and often creates some absurdly funny situation on the screen. Rest of the casts are also very believable and well presented.

        The story line of the first season is very fast-paced, engaging and entertaining. All the lead characters got equal importance on the screen so viewers get to know about the lead characters and their background very well. Each episode mostly revolves around Chuck's personal life, work life (at Buy More) and spy life (helping Sarah and Casey). Each episode is only 43 minutes long and full with surprising twists and hilarious situations. Chuck always finds himself in an awkward and embarrassing situation, when he tries to maintain a balance between his personal life and spy life. All these sequences are very well presented on the screen. All the episodes are consistent and have a smooth flow over the first season.


        This DVD box set contains very few special features. But all of them are really funny and interesting. There are few deleted scenes included in the Deleted Scene feature. Especially, when Chuck jokes about Sarah's sickness and tells his sister that she is suffering from Spastic Colon (it's a continuous gag; Chuck uses to explain Sarah's absence in important family get-together.). This deleted scene clip from various episodes is only nine minutes long and very funny.

        "Chuck vs. The Chuckles" features the bloopers of the first season. Zackary Levi is very funny and always jokes around with his co-workers. In ninth episode, Yvonne and Vic Sahay did a comic scene together. This scene was well received by critics and viewers. Even the re-takes of this scene are simply hilarious. In another fighting scene, Zackary asks Yvonne to jump, and she replied jokingly that I only respond to "action". Zackary always mimics Yvonne's Australian accent, and it's just hilarious.

        "Chuck on Chuck" features the commentaries by Zackary Levi, Joshua Gomez, Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak on different scenes and sequences from first season. They also discuss about their favourite scenes, character developments and behind the scene incidents. Josh Schwartz describes about the character development of Chuck and tells the audience that it is one of his hardest works in the first season. Both Josh and Chris give more importance to the family life of Chuck, and they discusses about a specific family dinner scene. Josh said that, family is the heart of this show.All in all, This DVD box set got some interesting and really funny special features, and I really enjoyed watching them.

        ~Viewer's reception & Critic's Opinion~

        The first season of "Chuck" received positively by both critics and viewers. Most of the USA newspaper included this TV show in their top ten TV show of the year, 2007.Both Zackary and Yvonne received some prestigious awards for their brilliant performance in this show.

        '''Official Website: ''' http://www.nbc.com/chuck/
        '''IMDB rating: ''' http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0934814/


        I just love this TV show. It is very funny, entertaining and the lead characters give superb performances in their roles. The dialogues are very witty, sharp and well executed. Sometimes, they make references to popular cultures (famous movies, Cartoon Characters and fictional characters) in various episodes and mimic them. I find it really amusing. Especially Chuck Bartowski is a truly hilarious character and surely knows how to entertain the audience. I really enjoyed this show and highly recommend it. It is a light-hearted spy-comedy TV show with a great and fast-paced storyline and really worth your time. You can buy the DVD box set from Amazon.co.uk and it will cost you only 10 GBP with free delivery (if you use super saver delivery in the UK).

        Many thanks for reading my review and I hope you enjoy this great TV show.


        '''***This review also posted on Helium and CIAO under same username. ***'''


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          11.06.2009 00:08
          Very helpful



          WATCH IT

          Chuck Bartowski is a normal young man living a normal life and working at an electronics store, the Buymore, along with his best friend, the equally geeky Morgan. On the night of his birthday however this all changes when he reads an email sent by his once best friend Bryce, who had got him kicked out of Stanford and is now a rogue CIA agent. When he opens this email however, his whole life changes in a matter of seconds, as the entire database of US computer (the Intersect) is subliminally entered into his brain and then destroyed. The government needs the intersect and the NSA and CIA both send agents Major John Casey and Sarah Walker to retrieve the data from Chuck. This however means that Chuck has to go with them on a series of missions to see if he has 'flashes' from the Intersect at any point during the mission as this is the only way the government can get the information from the Intersect.

          This original TV series is laugh aloud funny, and once you've watched one episode you will not be able to stop watching. The amount of scenario's that Chuck gets himself in, and how he gets himself out of them with the help of his two minders is thrilling to watch. But the series also includes how he manages to balance (or fails miserably) family life, work and his new found job of being a spy. It explores the difficulties of being thrust into a life which you know nothing about and not being able to tell anyone else about what you are doing. The producers have also included the necessary romance that is needed to keep any 13 episode series running, and that is the feelings that Chuck has for Sarah, and that Sarah appears to feel back for him but never truly seems to be able to say them.

          All of the characters are amazing from Sarah's amazing competence and being the typical eye-candy in any series, Casey's hard assed view of the world which gets more understandable as the series goes on, Morgan's extreme incompetence and nerdishness, and Chuck's ability to get himself in and out of trouble. The series really sucks you in and one moment you will be panicking on behalf of one character, with your heart in your mouth and the next minute laughing out loud and clapping loudly...if anyone's seen the series - the Pineapple moment is one of these!

          This is a series which is a must watch. You actually haven't been educated if you haven't watched it.


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          14.03.2009 13:30



          A comedic show with Intelligence

          Chuck in my opinion is something different, and for an american show is a rareity. Its a show that could in many ways be as serious as 24, the unit and other such shows, but isnt. This is not a negative point as the show outdoes itself by mixing comedy and everyday life with goverment intelligence.

          The show is based on a character called Chuck, hes an average shmuck who works with his best friend Morgan, theyre the geeks you would have met from school obsessed with gadgetry and getting girlfriends but rarely pulling it off. Chuck has a sister, theyre very close and live together along with her boyfriend who is a friendly jock.

          The show takes off when we learn that Chuck was chucked out from college because of actions undertaken by his supposed best friend at the time Bryce, who he holds a heavy grudge against. We soon learn however that Bryce was not all that he seems when he emails Chuck goverment intelligence that gets downloaded in to Chucks mind.

          Chuck soon becomes a geek with a massive brain of knowledge, and acquires two agents who are sent in to protect him from people who would want to gain goverment intelligence from him, this involves a cover that sees chuck dating a sexy blonde agent and for the ladies there is the eyecandy that is adam baldwin who is so dedicated to his job he often takes hillarious action to protect Chuck.

          This show is a good mix of comedy and intelligence and easy viewing for those that enjoy shows such as 24 who may want something similar with a more relaxed humerous feel.


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          25.01.2009 00:54
          Very helpful



          A Must For TV Fans

          This is an American TV show, where Action meets comedy. It really is a great show and another American show that I am compelled to review. At the moment I avidly watch Dexter, Prison Break, Lost, Heroes, House, 24, Smallville and now Chuck is firmly added into that list.


          Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski
          Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker
          Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes
          Adam Baldwin as John Casey
          Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski

          PLOT SUMMARY:

          This is a simple story about an average man, who lives an average life working at an electronic retail store. However his life is turned upside down when he unknowingly downloads all of the government secrets into his brain. Know he has the most valuable brain in the world and a lot of dangerous people are after him, so two agents are sent to protect him. They are also deadly and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their prized asset. How does Chuck cope with his mixing his new and old life together....


          The initial attraction to this show for me was that they work in Buy More, which is essentially a similar store to Comet, that I used to work in. So I can relate with all of Chucks work colleagues and these characters really do exist in real life, and there crazy behavior is not just exaggerated for the work place. The two agents set to protect Chuck are very different and cool in their own way. On one hand there is the deadly Casey who is never distracted and is willing to do anything for his country, think Jack Bauer. Then on the other hand there is the equally deadly buy gorgeous Sarah Walker. Her and Chuck definitely have a connection and it is interesting to see how this develops throughout the whole season. It is also great to see Chuck hanging about Buy More and doing his old job, whilst knowing that at any moment he is going to have a crazy operation to take part in.


          I highly recommend watching this show if you are looking for something to watch or simply bored. No it is not in the same class as 24, Lost or any of those other shows I mentioned at the beginning of my review, well maybe it is better than Smallville. This is a great show nonetheless and hopefully sticks around for the long run.

          Just to add a quick note that the latest episode of Chuck was not the best, and felt that the producers focused on a mere minority of people that watch this series. This was because 3d glasses were required to watch the episode and without them, there was a distinct green tint around all the characters and objects.


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            22.11.2008 22:10
            Very helpful



            Fun series, not taxing on the brain

            Chuck is an ordinary guy. He works at the 'Buymore' electrical store, along with his nerdy best friend Morgan. He lives with his sister and her boyfriend who are both doctors. Chuck went to Stanford University, but he was thrown out for cheating, although Chuck knows he did not cheat. His room mate at the time, Bryce went on to work for the CIA, and when he suddenly emails Chuck out of the blue, the email contains the encoded contents of the CIA's main intelligence computer, stolen by Bryce the now rogue? agent before the main computer was completely destroyed. When Chuck opens the email, the computer information is downloaded into Chuck's brain, (??!!??)and he becomes the most valuable 'asset' the CIA and the NSA have. He is assigned two minders to protect him, and so begins one of the funniest, cleverest, comedy spy drama series on TV.

            Chuck is played by Zachary Levi, and he gives the role just the right combination of social ineptitude, and unsophisticated charm that it demands. His minders are played by the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker)and the wonderful Adam Baldwin.

            Even the supporting characters are well crafted, with Sarah Lancaster as Ellie, Ryan McPartlin as her boyfriend 'Captain Awesome' (and he is!) Joshua Gomez as Chuck's geeky best friend Morgan Grimes. Even the minor charaters are well done, with Chuck's workmates Vik, Jeff and Anna (played by Lester Patel, Scott Krinsky and Julia Ling) his boss Big Mike, (Mark Christopher Lawrence) and gorgeous Matthew Borner as the mysterious Bryce Larkin.

            There is plenty of comedy, but the action and drama are not sacrificed for the sake of comedy, there are plenty of great storylines too. Chuck isn't aware of the knowledge in his head all the time, when he sees something, or someone he 'flashes' that is remembers the information. There are plenty of nods at other famous spy characters, for example when Chuck has to pretend to be a 'real' agent, and introduces himself as Carmichael, Charles Carmichael.

            It's fun and easily watchable, but not so mindless that you have to completely leave your brain behind. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah is gently explored, with much misunderstnading between them when she is his 'cover' girlfriend. Are the things they say and do for real or just for the sake of the cover? You make your mind up as the series progresses. Great series to watch.


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              20.06.2008 18:18
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              If you like True Lies, Alias & The OC this is for you.

              What is Chuck?

              Chuck is an American action-comedy television program which was created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The show is basically about an average man who receives an email from an old friend who is now in the CIA, the email embeds the only remaining copy of the worlds greatest spy secrets in his brain. This average man has to become a spy.

              The Plot

              Chuck Bartowski is a self proclaimed nerd, so much so he works as a electronics expert in the Nerd Hero at the local Buy More store. One night he receives an email from his ex friend now turned CIA agent Bryce Larkin which contains an entire server of sensitive data, and once seen is embedded into his brain by a long series of images. Now the NSA & CIA want the intelligence returned to them and each sent a handler of their own to retrieve that data. Each time Chuck sees something that looks like something in the intersect he flashes and then has to help the NSA & CIA retrieve that information.

              Is it any good?

              I'm sure you're thinking what a load of crap, but please just watch one episode of Chuck. If you liked Alias, Chuck is definitely for you. However it's minus the crap storylines and the brooding stars, it's pretty much just a great comedy series which fantastic scripts. True Lies is another good example of what this show is like, it's very funny but at the same time dramatic enough.

              It's a stupid show and if you're not into comedy, this show isn't for you. Josh Schwartz who created this show, was actually the creator of The OC and Gossip Girl so if you liked either of them, I'm sure you'll love this show.

              The Cast

              Zachary Levi- Chuck Bartowski: I would probably not have watched this show, if not for the adverts. These just included Zachary Levi sitting on a chair with clips playing of the show. Basic but it pulled me into the show, just because this guy is so damn lovable. He manages to make the viewers feel for his problems and you really want him to get together with Sarah.

              Yvonne Strahovski- Agent Sarah Walker: She is sent by the CIA to retrieve the data from Chuck and later becomes his handler. Their disguise is that they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Their relationship is a bit like Bones, I think the creators are doing exactly the same as they did in that show (Make moments between the characters, but never actually get them together) as this keeps viewers involved in the show.

              Adam Baldwin- Major John Casey: He is sent by the NSA to retrieve data from Chuck and becomes his handler later on. His disguise is he lives in the same apartment building and works at the buymore.

              Joshua Gomez- Morgan Grimes: He plays Chuck's best friend, who has no clue of his best friend's secret life.

              Sarah Lancaster- Dr Ellie Bartowski: She plays Chuck's sister who he lives with. She has no clue of her brother's secret life.

              My Opinion

              Chuck is pretty much another 'The OC' or 'Alias'. I think you either like it or you don't. It is definitely my kind of thing, as it keeps me laughing throughout, the lead's not too bad looking and the scripts are pretty good.

              I know I will probably get moaned at for saying this, but in MY OPINION, it's much better than that god awful Doctor Who and a lot of the shows on TV nowadays. At least it doesn't want to make me pull my hair out whilst watching it because the scripts are so badly written. It's a very funny show, with fantastic actors and great scripts.

              I have read a few reviews on IMDb.com and they all seem to be the same. 'Watched this show and hated it, couldn't have expected any more from Josh Schwatz though'. If you don't like JS, don't watch the show. In my opinion, ignore all of those reviews. They are all obviously people who hated this director in the first place and couldn't stand his two previous shows, so why even bother watching this.

              I have actually just found out that the show has been picked up for season 2, so it should be back on Virgin 1 around November time probably depending on if there's another damn writers strike.

              Hope this helped.

              Kirsty ©


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