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Crazy, Stupid, Love (DVD)

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11 Reviews
  • genuinely funny
  • Entertaining characters
  • Cheesy
  • the first hour is a LOT better than the second
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    11 Reviews
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      10.05.2014 23:49
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to watch"
      • "Entertaining characters"


      • Cheesy

      Not as Crazy Stupid awful as I had expected

      Crazy, Stupid, Love falls within the rom-com genre, but I''d argue it''s also a bit of a drama piece. We''re introduced to Cal, a happily married man with kids and a job. That is, until his wife, Emily, suddenly blurts out that she wants a divorce. She''s already been seeing another guy and Cal, whilst still madly in love with his wife, has little option but to go it alone in the single world. He tries dating and chatting to other women but he''s very out of practice. Instead he ends up in a bar where he meets Jacob, a handsome guy who is obviously a confident ladies man who knows just what to say and how to say it. The two hang out, discuss their relationships, and Jacob gives Cal some pointers.

      We then see Cal struggling in being a singleton, his wife with her new lover struggling to figure out who she is without Cal, their son as he falls for his babysitter, and Jacob, the man seemingly incapable of a relationship, start to fall for a woman in a way he didn''t think was possible. The question is, how do the relationships pan out for each of the characters?

      It wasn''t really a unique premise but it explored relationships between characters in a way that allowed room for surprises. Each character was built up fairly well and felt reasonably three dimensional because they had some flare and a sense of identity to them.

      It''s quite cheesy and some of the humour is rather unbelievable. It''s not a gritty down to earth drama by any means, but at the same time I was surprised to find I didn''t find the humour too ridiculous.
      I think the tinges of sarcasm, and Gosling, also helped with keeping it witty rather than stupid.

      The cast includes Steve Carell (Cal), Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Josh Groban and Kevin Bacon amongst others. There are quite a few famous faces here so it had a bit of a mish-mash Hollywood-esque feel to it, but I think it played well on the comical aspects of the film because it wasn''t designed to be super realistic, gritty or down to earth. However, thanks to some good acting, the flick was kept reasonably grounded; you could believe the characters most of the time and that made it easier to watch. Each actor/actress played their respective role reasonably well and if nothing else, made the characters enjoyable to watch. Even the child actors, whilst not award-winning in my books, were bearable and not too irritating to watch, which is always a bonus!

      It also had some underlying morals along the way, some of which were rather obvious and sickly sweet in the rom-com fashion, others of which were reasonably touching. It was easy and entertaining to watch, and the cast made it enjoyable enough to keep my attention so it is one I''d recommend, especially if like me you had originally dismissed it.


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      10.04.2014 01:38
      Very helpful


      • "generally good story"
      • "not typical/tacky/cringey"
      • "genuinely funny"


      • "the first hour is a LOT better than the second"

      A lovely rom-com with a lot of genuine humour, laced with sweeter romantic moments!

      CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE. Romantic-Comedy.
      Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.
      Starring Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone.
      Running Time: 118 minutes.

      Crazy, Stupid, Love revolves around Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) who finds out at the beginning of the film that his wife Emily (Julianne Moore), has slept with a co-worker and wants a divorce. Enter Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) - a smooth, handsome ladies man, who wants to help the pitiful Cal pick himself up again. Soon, many sub-plots involving the films supporting cast (the two children, their teacher, their babysitter, Jacob's girlfriend) begin to intertwine, making for a hilarious, but at times touching story.

      The film is supported very well by it's cast, particularly Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell who made me laugh the most with their buddy-chemistry. Emma Stone, who has a supporting role is also very funny, and the whole cast make the film very easy and enjoyable to watch - none of the performances are wooden or forced.
      Unlike many rom-coms, the film finds an actual balance between romance and comedy, and doesn't have any horribly tacky elements of unrealism. The story, although it's a little outlandish, isn't fake or impractical. The first hour of the film is definitely more exciting than the second, although there is one penultimate scene towards the end, and honestly, the whole film is very watchable and easy to enjoy.
      The film is rated '12A', presumably for a few uses of profanity, one bedroom scene and one scene with many men fighting (the 'violence' is very mild and actually very funny). I wouldn't be against watching this with your kids, as it's probably a better film for them to see than many other comedies, such as the Hangover or The Inbetweeners Movie.
      All in all, this is a very lovely sweet rom-com with just as many great moments as funny ones - I highly recommend!


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      11.01.2014 01:15



      Plenty of laughs, fantastic story: a great watch

      Crazy, Stupid Love is one of those films that you can watch over and over again with the laughs remaining funny, the characters remaining likeable and the story remaining entertaining.
      The plot is based around Cal Weaver played by the ever watchable Steve Carell who, having been left by his wife, turns to drowning his sorrows in a bar. This is where he meets ladies man Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) who vows to help him to "regain his manhood" through makeovers and pick up tips with very entertaining results. The story includes multiple potential romances for all concerned with a truly brilliant 10 minute sequence towards the end of the film when a genuine surprise is revealed.
      The acting is no less than could be expected from such a well renowned cast which as well as Gosling and Carell includes the likes of Emma Stone and Julianne Moore as their respective love interests. Also of note is the smaller role of the 'other man' taken by Kevin Bacon who is brilliantly smarmy and dislikeable.
      Together, this cast with a fantastic script come together to form a rom-com to rival Richard Curtis that with leave you with a smile of your face.
      Note: language and moderate sex scenes/references make this film inappropriate for younger viewers.


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      05.10.2013 12:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Cliche and safe at times

      Star - Ryan Gosling
      Genre - Romantic
      Certificate - PG13
      Run Time - minutes
      Country - USA
      Blockbuster Rental- £1.49 per night
      Awards - I Golden Globe Nomination
      Amazon -£4.50 DVD (£7.99 Blue Ray)
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      Forget female ambition, financial security and that first class degree. A controversial study in America has suggested that the main reason women pursue a good career is because they fear they are too plain to get married to an eligible mate on their level of education and expectation, choosing 'briefcase over baby'. The research revealed that as the proportion of eligible men decreased in an area over time the proportion of highly paid women increased. The evidence seemed to suggest that the more attractive women are, regardless of their education, the more likely to cherry pick the richer and more successful men in the area. Men simply don't worry about a woman's wealth and went mostly on aesthetics, tits and ass over brains and class. Interestingly, those intelligent women didn't see the lack of men as a chance to get those higher paid jobs going but simply a lack of men they would be attracted to. Deep down modern women are still thinking about meeting men of means so not to have to struggle through the career path to leave men to do battle with, even the smartest girls.

      More irreverent evidence from a similar study revealed that poor men with big bellies are indeed a turn off to women, as they should be, yet wealthy men with the same waistlines are not so much of a turn off, as long as their wealth grows in proportion to their girth. For shorter men it was a much harder sell and they had to be considerably richer than the female partner to tie the knot. It got easier for regular men in recession, where attractive women are more likely to be put off by alpha males seeking sex over commitment and drawn towards more sensitive and conservative men with stable jobs, regardless of their looks. Again, when it comes to a hubby potential material stability was all important. If you want to seek out one of these guys, girls, then according to the same study men called 'Brian' top the list to have the best credit rating, followed by Alan, Ian, Robert and Peter. And for any guys reading this hoping their new wife doesn't have a nasty shopping or online gambling habit, well Susan, Julie, Elizabeth and Joanne topped the female solvent list.

      Crazy, Stupid Love plays around on that thing called attraction. Is love blind? Can a special moment or interaction between two people be enough or is it simple narcissism where you pair off with someone aesthetically you equal? Does it begin and then fade according to mans ability to provide and a woman's ability to need all the time? When we are younger its lust for all, of course, and security and loyalty when we get older, how much we have invested in that relationship overtaking how much we are still putting into it winning out it in the end. But if your Alpha male is Ryan Gosling then no women is going to turn you down however much money one earns and so you need a bigger pinch of salt than normal to enjoy this pristine chick flick. People pair off in Hollywood due to perfectness and so the point of this film slightly lost in places. But we aspire to be the people in the movies and so we sit back and become them.


      Steve Carell ... Cal Weaver
      Ryan Gosling ... Jacob Palmer
      Julianne Moore ... Emily Weaver
      Emma Stone ... Hannah
      Analeigh Tipton ... Jessica
      Jonah Bobo ... Robbie
      Joey King ... Molly
      Marisa Tomei ... Kate Taffety
      Beth Littleford ... Claire Riley
      John Carroll Lynch ... Bernie Riley
      Kevin Bacon ... David Lindhagen

      ===The Plot===

      Somewhat conservative 40 something Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is separated from his attractive wife Emily (Julianne Moore), who has been bonked her boss David (Kevin Bacon), both men still holding a torch for her. The Weavers precocious and romantic 11-year-old son Robbie (Jonah Bobo) has similar feelings for his pretty 19-year-old babysitter Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) and not shy on projecting those feelings, often to great embarrassment. But she has a crush on his dad and so Robbie will have to wait.

      Feeling extremely sorry for himself Cal is hitting the bar after work to bore everyone senseless. So enter ladies man Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), taking pity on him crying into his whiskey and willing to teach the pullover wearing man the way of the female species, demonstrating his tactics on an attractive lawyer Hannah (Emma Stone) in the bar in question, a girl who would never succumb to such a player, of course. But apart from Hannah the rest of the women lap up his cheesy lines, including her best friend, and leave the bar with him every other night.

      A reticent Cal, in search of some self confidence and man company, goes along with it for a laugh and after some embarrassing knock backs and a serious makeover from Jacob our Cal can indeed pull beautiful women. So problem solved, right? Of course not because whilst Jacob is teaching him to be a vacuous womanizer, Cal is subliminally teaching Jacob the benefits of being a nice guy and actually think about settling down with a nice girl, someone he can actually talk to and share meals and downtime with, legal lady Hannah a likely target although he doesn't know that yet.


      If you read modern fiction with girly covers then you will enjoy this. It claims to be a bit more than that to draw in a male audience but bar a few nice bits and bobs it's exactly that and with a beautiful cast in case you dare not stray. Even I get lost in Ryan Goslings big blue eyes.

      It was rather hard to shake the feeling that the film was too drawn out for the story it was trying to tell and started to drift into Love Actually territory with all the complex love knots that lead to the deliberately over the top crescendo twist, one you don't see coming, to be fair.

      It's a slow boiler and not a lot happening by half-hour and in terms of writing and direction it has an almost indie-film feel to it, but with that Hollywood gloss to make it palatable to mainstream viewers as it quickly becomes commercial and formulaic. The performances are texted in and the soundtrack of hits unavoidable on the CD it's clearly promoting. Everyone concerned signed up for this as they already knew they had the audience gagging for it.

      It's not the sort of movie you would watch again although definitely one to impress the girlfriend as it's their idea of romance. It's most definitely Americas less than subtle version of Love Actually and as far as comparable romcoms would go I would say it's more The Holiday with Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz than the smart and engaging Serendipity. A film could not be more three stars out of five.


      Imdb.com - 7.4/10.0 (237,745votes)
      Metacrtic.com - 68% critic's approval
      Rottentomatos.com - 78% critic's approval


      Marie Clare Magazine -'It'll make you laugh, it'll make you'll frown, it might even make you cry, but mostly it'll just make you want to have sex with Ryan Gosling'.

      Time Out -'This is witless, saccharine and lifeless..'

      Big Hollywood -'While far from a landmark effort in the careers of anyone involved, there is more than enough heart and humor in Crazy, Stupid, Love to make it worthwhile..

      ABC Radio Brisbane -'These characters reflect no people that I've ever met. They're as crazy and stupid as the title suggests'.

      Grazia Magazine -'If you're hungry for a romantic comedy that's really entertaining and doesn't insult your intelligence, here it is'.

      = = = = = = = = =


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        14.11.2012 21:33
        Very helpful



        Entertaining comedy

        Cal Weaver's life is turned upside down when his wife announces she wants a divorce and has cheated on him.

        Cal moves out and drowns his sorrows at a local bar where he meets Jacob. Jacob is super cool, stylish and has women falling at his feet. Cal sticks out like a sore thumb in the bar telling anyone who will listen about his wife's cheating and observing this Jacob decides to take him under his wing.

        To be honest I wasn't expecting much of this film as I trawled through Sky movies looking for something that wasn't too taxing. I chose this, primarily because it had Julianne Moore in who was the only actor I recognised in the films on offer on Sky that night.

        I love a good film but recently all I seem to watch are films from the last decade, or I watch films by directors I like which tend to be foreign language. Hence the reason I didn't know who Ryan Gosling was who plays Jacob or Steve Carell who plays Cal.

        This was definitely a good choice as it was a really good comedy that is very entertaining, funny and had me laughing out loud many times.

        I thought at first that Steve Carell was going to be annoying in an Adam Sandler sort of way, but he plays the part of a wronged husband just right. Slightly pathetic but very convincing portraying a man who has just had the shock of his life and doesn't know how to cope with it. So agrees to be groomed by Jacob as he perceives him to be successful just when he is feeling like a failure in life.

        I did find it difficult to understand why Jacob decides to groom Cal and give him a makeover but that being said their relationship and scenes where they shop, go to the gym and hang out in the bar contain some absolute comedy gems and the two men really work well together.

        There are also some very funny scenes with Cal's teenage son who has a massive crush on slightly older teenage babysitter Jessica. Just to complicate things somewhat Jessica has a crush on Cal.

        Julianne Moore plays Emily Cal's wife, not the biggest part in this film, but a believable one as I don't think she really knows why she slept with another man and wants a divorce.

        Ryan Gosling is excellent , he looks good , is very charismatic and somehow manages to deliver some truly cringe worthy chat up lines , but still comes across as being cool.

        I can't say too much about how his character develops as it will give the game away, but the Dirty Dancing moves had me hitting the rewind to watch it again as it was so funny.

        There are a couple of sub plots and Emily Stone is in love with someone who her friend thinks is all wrong for her and encourages her to take up Cal's offer when he hits on her in the bar, but she turns him down. She really comes into her own towards the end of the film and is magnificently funny after she receives disappointing news.

        What I liked about film was the comedy wasn't predictable, some of it I had seen before but it still made me laugh. One scene in particular in the changing rooms where Jacob is talking to Cal has been done before, but was still very funny.

        I can't watch a bad comedy and will switch off pretty quickly rather than stick it out to the end. So many comedy films rely on so called funny men like Adam Sandler (annoying voice and not funny in my opinion) or the humour is too juvenile for my tastes or too predictable, so this was a real treat. Not sure my husband would agree to watch this as he may class this as a romantic comedy but if he did I think he would have laughed at it as well.

        It was also a comedy with a heart and there are some moving moments that make this a real feel good movie. Quite a long film at 113 minutes, but I didn't find it too long and enjoyed every moment.

        It is rated 12 and runs for 113 minutes. Not too sure I would want to watch this with a 12 year old as it seems a little bit too adult in parts, but I guess it depends on how mature the 12 year old is.

        Directed by Glen Ficarra and John Requa.

        I watched this on Sky premier but the DVD is available to buy from Amazon at £4.99 , so this is a review of the film only.

        I give it 5 stars and look forward to discovering some more Ryan Gosling and Emily Stone films - not sure about Steve Carell though.

        Just the sort of film I want to watch when I am in the mood for something lighhearted that does not require too much concentration.


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          20.08.2012 11:18
          Very helpful



          Enjoyed this rom com with a twist!

          Crazy, Stupid Love is a film about a couple falling out. From the start of the film we see Cal's life fall apart as he learns that his wife cheated on him. He promptly moves out and has his kids round for half the week, and heads to the same bar nightly trying to move his life forward, meeting Jacob down the bar who teaches him tricks about pulling ladies. Following this series of events, life takes a turn for the better and for the worse, and the film tracks the lives of several different characters in several different situations caused by love.

          I wasn't sure what to expect from this rom com but it was a hilarious watch and thoroughly entertained me. I would give this film 4 stars as the plot was slightly badly thought out in places, with a random character introduced halfway through (Cal's daughter) to give the plot an extra twist, which didn't quite work as I felt she should have been at least a small part of the story of their family in particular from the beginning of the film, even though she appeared briefly at the beginning of the film!

          This film is available to rent on Blockbuster (where I get all my films - as you will know if you read my film reviews!) and also online at Amazon, play.com, HMV for between £5 and £10, depending on where you shop. I would recommend this film as a light hearted look about some of the more serious problems that someone can experience with their love life.

          From young characters (Cal's son) to older characters (Cal) falling in and out of love, and exploring sides to themselves they didn't know they had all in the name of love!

          I felt that the film took a realistic look at the world of relationships for the most part, and explored the harsh realities of getting dumped and not being wanted by the person you are crazy about, all those things that most people have to go through at some point! Would you do ANYTHING to get someone back? What happens when the person you have been married to for 20 years takes off with someone else?

          The ending of the film is slightly blown up and ridiculous and there were moments when I felt that they focussed too heavily on making it funny, where they should have toned down the in-your-face humour slightly. However, overall I give it four stars for entertainment value and this very watchable film.

          Get this film for a fun and light hearted look at relationships!


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            16.08.2012 00:18
            Very helpful



            A refreshingly superior romantic comedy

            I noticed another reviewer regarded Crazy, Stupid, Love as a 'typical rom-com'. I heartily disagree.

            Directed by: Glenn Ficarra, John Recqua
            Starring: Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone
            DVD release date: November 1, 2011
            Runtime: 113 mins
            Rating: 12

            The film, directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Recqua (a duo who are more often than not seen together behind the camera, in such films as I Love You Phillip Morris, and who are also responsible for writing the gem of a Christmas film that is Bad Santa), is romantic, and is comic, but to label it merely as a "rom-com" or "chick flick" is arguable. It's a feel-good drama that features many hilarious moments alongside the romantic and emotional scenes, and is supported by a great cast of both the old and new.

            Cal Weaver (Steve Carrell) has been told by his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) that she wants a divorce; his fiddling trainer-clad feet under the restaurant table are the first indication as to why exactly that is. He's a man who has slipped into a comfort zone, and the spark that was once present in his marriage has fizzled out. Cal moves out, but spends his days and nights in a club complaining about David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon), a bloke from work Emily slept with. To make matters worse, his friend Bernie tells him that his wife has banned him from seeing Cal anymore. Soon, ladies man Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) notices Cal; everything from his suit-and-sneakers combination to his incessant droll about David Lindhagen. Clearly as somewhat of a thrill-seeker (because his foolproof ability to pick up women must get boring after a while...), he calls Cal over and offers to turn him and his life around and help him pick up women himself. While Cal looks for an antithesis to love, his babysitter Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) (also Bernie's daughter) is secretly in love with him, while his son Robbie (Jonah Bobo) is openly in love with Jessica; and love threads its way through the entire plot - crazily, and stupidly. Also featuring Emma Stone and an absolutely bonkers Marisa Tomei.

            Crazy, Stupid, Love excels in the Rom-Com genre on a number of levels. Firstly, the cast is a mixed bag, but fantastic. Steve Carrell is superb in a role made for his second half (the first half was filled in Anchorman). Ryan Gosling is arguably the biggest star out at the moment, and his status, attractiveness and demeanour inevitably adds heightened appeal to the film - and while this role appears rather subsidiary to the likes of super-serious films Drive and Blue Valentine, he is nonetheless great in this too. The rest of the cast are brilliant too, particularly youngster Jonah Bobo, despite having a very limited filmography at the callow age of 15. The 'mixed bag' creates great, and at times, hilarious results, and provides a solid and workable foundation to the film. Meanwhile, the plot and script are excellent, clever and very, very funny. The intertwining nature ultimately creates side-splitting results, in particular the surprise-a-second garden-scene climax which is my scene of the year. The blend is just right in the film. It manages to be hilarious, but never delves too deep into one side of comedy, most notably avoiding the viral Judd Apatow realm that is becoming oh so tiresome these days. As aforementioned Marisa Tomei's role, albeit short-lived, is as close as the film gets to fanatical comedy - but she is completely nuts in it. There are a number of hyper-real elements in the film, but they are executed tastefully and just somehow seem to work. The one-liners are gold, too ("That's one way to treat people...").

            Comedy aside, and it is important when reviewing Crazy, Stupid, Love that comedy is put aside at some point, the other elements are essential. All characters and relationships are convincing. As previously mentioned, there are some hyper-real elements, but that doesn't mar the credibility of any part of the movie. Instead, entertainment value is heightened and a little comic value is added too. They are believable and likeable characters. Gosling's Jacob is an arrogant berk when all is said and done, yet his appeal is retained, and despite cheating on her husband, Julianne Moore's character Emily still evokes a lot of understanding and sympathy. 'Heroes' and 'villains' (well, David Lindhagen...) are established well.

            Overall, the film is very lighthearted, enjoyable, funny, heart-warming and touching, and I can't say it for many films, but I'd happily watch it a number of times. The music is a blend of OST (Original Soundtrack - newly composed, incidental) composed by Rom-Com/family-film veteran Christophe Beck and Nick Urata, and existing pop music. The film's general style is very cool, and ever so slightly indie. The DVD cover is bright and bold, as can be seen above, and suits the film well. The only Extras featured are some deleted scenes. It can currently be purchased for £5.00 on Amazon, and is around that price in many other stores too; I would highly recommend.

            I really like Crazy, Stupid, Love. It's not the best film of the year, but with a great cast, a hilarious script and a very intelligent story, its miles ahead of 95% of other recent Rom-Coms, and highly refreshing to the Hollywood comedy film scene. This isn't just a film for the ladies; with two men in the leading roles, a wide-ranging comic spectrum and romance being far too central to the storyline for it to be considered a Romance film (if that makes any sense whatsoever..!), this is one for everyone.


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              05.08.2012 22:31
              Very helpful



              A great comedy that has a real heart

              I first saw this film when it came out in the cinema and I have to say it was nothing like I had expected. The advert sold it as the story of a man who separates from his philandering wife and gets made over by a young stud who pushes him back onto the market. What I actually saw was more of a family drama and it took me totally by surprise.

              The film was first released in the summer of 2011 and was generally well received. There are a collection of well known stars in this film and for many this was the initial draw - that and the promise of something crazy and stupid. It has since been nominated for and won a few different awards and has been successful since the DVD release too. I bought myself a copy recently when shopping for something new in HMV. Having enjoyed it in the cinema I thought it was a fairly safe bet and something I would be quite pleased to own.

              The plot line is based around Cal (Steve Carrel) who has recently separated from his high school sweetheart and long time wife (Julianne Moore) after she admits to being adulterous. Feeling forlorn he frequents a trendy bar telling everyone who will listen about his broken relationship. It is here that he attracts the attention of suave ladies man Jacob (Ryan Gosling). Jacob decides to teach Cal the tricks of the trade and gives him a Pretty Woman style makeover. With his new found looks and confidence Cal is able to bed reformed alcoholic Kate (Marisa Tomei). However, it is obvious that he still has residual feelings for his estranged wife and decides to tread the bumpy road back to reconciliation.

              Meanwhile there are other concurrent stories playing out in this film of many parts. Behind the scenes, and away from Cal, Jacob gets knocked back by a beautiful young lawyer in training (Emma Stone). When she breaks up with her long term boyfriend, Richard (Josh Groban), though she throws caution to the wind and decides to bed Jacob. Her attempts to be a little reckless and have a one night stand fail as the pair hit it off and Jacob totally lets his guard down.

              While this is all happening we also loosely follow the story of Robbie, Cal's son, who is trying to win the heart of his older babysitter Jessica (Analeigh Tipton). Though Robbie's gestures become increasingly dramatic Jessica fends him off while crushing madly on Cal. This inappropriate infatuation, along with all the other storylines, come to a head towards the end of the film with quite a big twist that most won't see coming.

              The film is really enjoyable to watch, surprising in many ways and constantly changing. I thought so many of the characters were convincing and likeable, they felt very authentic and it is a situation you can imagine playing out in real life. I also thoroughly enjoyed the cast, all of whom are great comedy actors and added a great level of humour to this film. They also brought with them a real sense of heart though, and this was the aspect that most surprised me about the film as I was expecting it to be another laugh a minute comedy. This film actually has a very heart-warming message to it which definitely lifted it from what could have been mediocre to something quite special. Also, Ryan Gosling is in it and is breathtakingly sexy so even if you hate the film he will totally redeem it for you.

              My only slight reservation is that I think the title is stupid and mildly mismatched to the film I saw. I didn't really see anything crazy or stupid and I think it probably mis-sold the film for a lot of people. That said, I enjoyed it despite the expectations I had based on the advert and name but for many this might have proved to be a disappointment.

              I bought this from HMV and got it in the two for £10 offer so essentially for it for a fiver. This really is a good deal for recent release and I reckon you'd struggle to find it cheaper elsewhere.

              Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this comedy with a heart.


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                25.04.2012 11:21
                Very helpful




                I saw this at the cinema after seeing a trailer for it and thinking it looked quite funny. It is a romantic comedy and is directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. It was released in July last year and is now out on DVD. We have bought the DVD too and it cost us about £10.00 but is can probably be found for cheaper now.

                I never expect too much of romantic comedies but was hopeful for this one as the cast seemed quite strong, especially the fact that Steve Carrell stars in it. The trailer suggested it was quite a typical romantic comedy and was quite honest about this.


                The film is about a guy called Cal Weaver (Steve Carrell) who finds out that his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) has been having an affair with her colleague David (Kevin Bacon) She tells him she wants a divorce and he quickly moves out and faces single life. Embracing his new freedom, despite not feeling happy about it, Cal goes out to a local trendy bar where he is approached by Jacob, a good looking younger guy who is very successful with women. Jacob appears to feel sorry for Cal and takes him under his wing giving him a complete re-styling and attempts to teach him how to seduce women.

                This results in several hilarious and awkward moments for Cal. In the meantime, Jacob, who appears to be an eternal womaniser who will never settle down, meets his dream girl Hannah (Emma Stone) and distances himself from Cal. I can't really go any further than that without giving away the storyline, but somehow all the characters find themselves together at the end in a hilarious situation which was definitely the highlight of the film.

                There are also some sub-stories for example Cal's son Robbie has a huge crush on his babysitter who happens to be in love with Cal! This story ends up linking to the main storyline towards the end.

                **My Opinion**

                I'm not going to lie, this film isn't deep in any way, nor did it intend to be. It is a romantic comedy in the literal sense. The main and only theme tackled by the film is relationships and romance. This was what I expected so I enjoyed it, however if you're not into that kind of thing steer clear of this film.

                The plot moved relatively quickly and was upbeat throughout and never dwelled on one scene or one moment for too long which kept it interesting. I also thought the comedy moments were very important in this film, without them it could have bordered on being quite boring as there was nothing dramatic or gripping about the plot. So it did heavily rely on funny moments which were provided in abundance and were genuinely funny without playing on too many cliché's.

                Despite the film being quite typical of a romantic comedy, I did feel there was something different about it that made it stand out and made me want to buy it on DVD and watch it again. I think it is quite a clever film and the way the story comes together towards the end is quite a surprise and a very pleasant one. I was expecting it to dwindle off into a predictable ending like most similar films, but the fact that it took on a more challenging, unexpected ending made it stand out from the crowd.


                Having seen other films starring Steve Carell I knew to expect plenty of well played funny moments. This was provided and didn't disappoint. I suppose it could be said that Carell was playing his 'safe' character and this probably wasn't too challenging, but he still did well all the same. I have also seen Ryan Gosling in a few films now, although never in a comedy before. Again I thought his acting was very good as always and he suited the character he played. I don't think it was a challenging role for him, especially compared to previous roles he has had, but he still acted well and was convincing.

                Emma Stone who plays Hannah, Jacobs girlfriend, is an actress I haven't seen too much of in films, yet I was pleasantly surprised by her performance and it gave me a really good impression of her. The same goes to Julianne Moore who plays Emily, Cal's ex-wife, I think I may have seen her in some films but nothing memorable, yet was impressed by her in this.

                I don't think any of the cast had particularly challenging roles to play and no role in this film allowed for one of those amazing performances that sticks in your mind, yet I feel the film was well-cast with a strong group and this made the film stronger.

                **Overall Opinion**

                This film is exactly what it says on the tin, it's a romantic comedy that doesn't try to be anything other than that. The comedy element was stronger than I expected and there are plenty of genuinely funny moments to keep things interesting. However this is a very romantic film so is only really suitable for that crowd. This wont become one of my favourite films of all time, yet stood out as one of the better romantic comedies I have seen and I have since watched it again a few times and still enjoy it. So I do recommend it for when you're in the mood for a good rom-com.


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                  03.03.2012 11:49
                  Very helpful



                  Love is..............

                  Crazy Stupid Love is a film i've seen four times now and I have to admit I loved it, it is a comedy about love and relationships, its funny, its realistic, its sad and its thoughtful, overall it really tries to dip beyond the usual cliches and offer a slightly more realistic and at times depressing view of the roundabout we all try to jump onto, but all fall off of at various points and then wonder whether we want to get back on it.

                  ==The Story==

                  Cal Weaver (Steve Carrell) and Emily Weaver (Julianne Moore) are professionals with really good jobs, one day Emily tells Cal after an evening out that she spent the night with David Lindhagen (Kevin Bacon), a work colleague and wants some time apart. Cal is broken, his family are his life and the time apart forces this mild mannered accountant who met and married his first love to re-evaluate his life.

                  Returning to the singles circuit after 20 years he regularly visits a bar and watches Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) in action, Jacob has the gift of the gab and spends his evenings charming different ladies into bed. Jacob takes pity on the dishevelled Cal one evening and agrees to help him out.

                  He takes him clothes shopping helps him regain his confidence and then sets him on the road to becoming a ladies man, however beneath Jacob's woman-eating persona is a guy hurt by family issues who finds it hard to get close to people, despite these difficulties he meets and falls for the independent minded Hannah (Emma Stone) and tries to put his past behind him and become a one woman man.

                  As Cal realises he needs his wife and family and Jacob realises he has met the 'one' both have to contemplate their current lives and their behaviour and change. Can Cal win back his family, does he want to, can Jacob stay on the straight and narrow and win the girl and does she want him to. In addition, Cal's son Robbie (Jonah Weaver) has a mad crush on his babysitter Jessica (Analeigh Tipton) but she herself is smitten with Cal and what will the ubiquitous David Lindhagen do to win Emily?

                  The story develops perfectly interweaving character stories to a satisfying finish, but will it be a happy one?


                  The cast is excellent, Steve Carell is brilliant as Cal a man almost institutionalised by marriage and unable to function without his wife and family, his transformation from geeky accountant to ladykiller is amusing and uplifting in equal measure as always Carell brings a likeable screen presence even when his behaviour is a bit naughty. His relationship with Jacob is much smarter and more nuanced than the usual comedy buddy movies and more rewarding in the later stages because of this.

                  Ryan Gosling is excellent as Jacob, smart and impossibly smooth with the ladies, we only see elements of his true personality later and he does a beautiful job opening up himself, his performance is comedic and very powerful and is memorable, the Dirty Dancing love scene and his ripped stomach will appeal to some viewers more than others but he clearly put in the work to play this part and does a great job.

                  Julianne Moore is underused as Emily, she is solid and confused by her relationship with a work colleague and her feelings for her husband, but for much of the film she is kept in the background while the guys story develops, as always she is a strong screen presence, but underused.

                  Emma Stone as always is great fun, she is sassy, smart and prepared to face down smooth Jacob, until they get together her role is bitty, however during their seduction scene she is brilliant and the intimacy between Jacob and Hannah is fantastic, nothing sexual but sexy, funny and electric, she is an actress who just lights up the screen in everything she plays and is enjoyable in this.

                  Solid support is provided by Jonah Weaver as mature romantic schoolboy Robbie and Analeigh Tipton as Jessica the girl whose mad crush on Cal could destroy him, Kevin Bacon really plays Kevin Bacon but surely that is more than enough for most film fans. The ever reliable Marisa Tomei is also excellent as a spurned teacher.

                  This ensemble cast are enjoyable to watch and clearly had a lot of fun.

                  My View:

                  This is a mature and fun romantic comedy which has a very satisfying last quarter, the dynamic between Carell and Gosling is excellent, they really spark off each other, the dynamic between Stone and Gosling is realistic, sweet and cool, the whole cast are spot on in their performances and the story mixes the right levels of comedy, sexiness and pathos as this middle aged man begins to feel slightly silly chasing young women when all he wants is his one true love.

                  I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of Steve Carell for once being cool (if only for a little while) and felt Gosling maintained his superb level of performance from previous films, the idea of this film is that love can cross boundaries, in essence it is a very sweet film that has got good reviews from everyone I know who has seen it, the soundtrack is excellent, the direction patient and understanding and the acting is the key to the whole film.

                  The film is currently available for £9.99 or rentable through Lovefilm, it is worth seeing and thoroughly memorable.


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                    13.02.2012 10:22
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                    An ok film

                    About the film
                    Crazy, Stupid, Love is a romantic comedy film that was released at the cinema in 2011 and on DVD in February 2012. The film has a run time of 118 minutes and is rated 12A due to scenes of a sexual nature, humour content and language.

                    On a dinner date with his wife, Cal Weaver gets a massive shock. His wife announces that she wants a divorce and has slept with another man. Not knowing how to cope, Cal turns to drinking in quite an upmarket bar and moaning to anyone who will listen about his life while drunk. This catches the attention of self-confessed ladies man, Jacob. Jacob can get any woman he wants and is smooth as hell. He decided to show Cal what his life could be like if he stopped being so pathetic and while helping Cal get his life back together, they become friends.

                    Basically, the film is about the love lives of Cal, his family and Jacob.

                    Steve Carell as Cal Weaver
                    Ryan Gosling as Jacob Palmer
                    Julianne Moore as Emily Weaver
                    Emma Stone as Hannah Weaver
                    Analeigh Tipton as Jessica Riley
                    Jonah Bobo as Robbie Weaver
                    Joey King as Molly Weaver
                    Marisa Tomei as Kate Tafferty
                    John Carroll Lynch as Bernie Riley
                    Beth Littleford as Claire Riley
                    Kevin Bacon as David Lindhagen

                    What I thought
                    When I saw the advert for this film months ago at the cinema, it was instantly one I wanted to see. Unfortunately, it wasn't until recently that I managed to though.

                    Crazy, Stupid, Love starts off very unexpectedly. As I said in the synopsis, Cal and his wife Emily are out having dinner when she blurts out that she wants a divorce. Not a typical opening for a film that I thought was going to be quite slushy and romantic. I really liked how the film began with a bit of a shocker as it made me wonder what other surprises it would have in store for me throughout.

                    I'm a fan of Steve Carell, who plays Cal Weaver. Although he does tend to play a lot of the same roles - a man who is having trouble in love and is a bit shy and awkward - I still like the way he does this. As Cal, he is instantly likeable due to the fact that his wife cheats on him. The way the plot begins makes it possible for the audience to sympathise with Cal and want it to all work out well for him in the end. Julianne Moore does well as Cal's wife Emily and even though I thought I was going to hate her character, I didn't. Again, there are reasons for liking Emily even though she doesn't come off as very nice to begin with but as the film went on, I got to like her more and more.

                    Ryan Gosling plays Jacob, the man trying to sort Cal's life out for him. Many of my blogger friends have this massive thing for Gosling but honestly, I have never seen the appeal - even after watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. While he does a great job in his role as Jacob, characterisation was seriously lacking. There are massive gaps in his part of the story which I would have loved to have seen explored or expanded upon but because they weren't, I just didn't really care for him. Gosling does do the ladies man thing extremely well though and has charm and wit coming out of him with ease. I think I would like to see him in a film now where he gets to do a lot more.

                    The plot was not predictable and I loved this about the film. Rom-coms are generally really easy to predict and the outcome is normally always the same but with this one, there are twists all over the place. Due to the film also concentrating on Cal's son, there are some really funny scenes I wasn't expecting from him. It was nice to see love from all angles and not just from the adults in the film and this made a great change for a rom-com. Yes, there are still some clichéd moments throughout but you can't expect a film like this to be completely original can you?

                    Unfortunately, Crazy, Stupid, Love wasn't nearly as funny as I had expected it to be. There were a few really funny one liners but not much more than that. Carell pulls off his comedic timing with precision and ease but I wouldn't expect much less from him. Really, it is the script that lets this film down as I think there could have been a lot of conversation that had the chance to be hilarious but instead, it was quite mundane at times.

                    For me, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a bit of a mixed bag. While I liked it, I didn't love it but at least there are some good things about it!


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