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Cry Wolf Uncut (DVD)

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Genre: Crime & Thriller / Theatrical Release: 2005 / Director: Jeff Wadlow / Actors: Julian Morris, Lindy Booth ... / DVD released 27 March, 2006 at Optimum Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    5 Reviews
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      28.02.2010 08:23
      Very helpful



      Not good

      Cry Wolf is not a horror film that I would recommend as it has a very poor and very predictable plot to it that simply does not work for me and as such it was a very disappointing viewing experience.

      Owen is a troubled child of rich parents who continually gets moved from one boarding school to the next due to his actions, most of his behaviour could be classed a sa cry for attention from his work obsessed father and his new school looks like it will be no different however one plus point is the attractive student he sees, she goes by the rather unusual name of Dodger.

      He falls in with her crowd who tend to get up to late night activities and one of the rumours they start is of a serial killer called The Wolf and they link this to the recent brutal murder of a local school girl. However next thing is that Owen receives a message supposedly from The Wolf which he dismisses as a school mates prank however things soon start to take a sinister turn.

      This is one of those films that is much too predictable as you could almost give each ofhis classmates a number to identify the order that they will be bumped off, rather like the meat counter at Tesco and you are left with a fairly typical teen slasher movie the only problem being that it has all been done before and a lot better.

      Owen is played by Julian Morris who is competent enough however I was not clear why and English boy ends up in America for no obvious reason. Lindy Booth plays Dodger and again is someone I have never really heard of and her character is rather stereotyped for my liking and the casting of Jon Bon Jovi as one of the teachers was cringe worthy or at least his performance was, stick to the singing Jon, no wait give up both.

      Overall this is not a great film, in fact it is not even an average film and I do not recommend it at all.


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      07.04.2008 18:26
      Very helpful



      Gruesome teenage slasher flick

      2005's 13 million dollar US box office hit, Cry Wolf, Written and directed by Jeff Wadlow and produced by Beau Bauman. The creation of this new film director and financed by his win of the Chrysler million dollar film competition, which he won with his short film, entitled _ Living the Lie _ .

      I've no idea why I actually picked this film up, it maybe that it appealed to my more teenage horror slasher side, or I think it was mainly because I fancied something new to watch have exhausted all the DVD's. the initial attraction I do think was the outside cover, I didn't actually realise until a little while after I bought it that it has the word _ believe _ written in the blackened face on the cover... for a media student that's bad on my behalf!

      Cry wolf was released on the 16th of September 2006
      90 minutes in length

      ~~Starring ~~
      ~~Julian Morris ~~ Owen Matthews... Now rumoured to be starring as Dr. Kyle McRae in Hellbound:Hellraiser 2.
      ~~Lindy Booth ~~- Dodger Allen... Starred as Nicole in Dawn of the Dead.
      ~~Jared Padalecki ~~- Tom... starred alongside Paris Hilton in house of wax and more recently hosting series Room 401.
      ~~Kirsty Wu ~~ - Regina... starred in 2007 movie Flight 29 Down - Hotel Tango
      ~~Sandra McCoy ~~Mercedes... auditioned in the final 18 of The Pussy Cat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll.
      ~~Jon Bon Jovi ~~- Rich Walker... Singer, Writer and Musician

      ~~Characters ~~
      Most of the characters in this film have something slightly suspicious about them, going from manipulative and evil through to narcissistic.

      ~~Dodger ~~
      A lying, scheming, manipulative beauty from the outset. Most of the school and her friends are unaware of her deviance and her slightly sadistic nature up until this point. When the actual truth comes out the only person to know about her scheming to murderous plan is Owen, and through her manipulation of this fresh-faced lad she managed to put pay to any credibility he had.
      To be honest in my opinion... She's just a nasty b*tch, you cant trust beauties nowadays they're always to manipulative...!

      ~~Owen ~~
      A naive, English boy joining the school after having left numerous schools, for behaviour or other problems. Behaviour perhaps irrational die to his loss of emotional attachment to his father. Owns irrational behaviour ends in the death of his journalism teacher, which could be accounted for in his unduly obsession with Dodger, who led this poor boy into believing and hanging on to ever word she said..!

      ~~Tom ~~
      A carefree character, who is very sporty minded who once dated Regina. Begins to suspect thing may be amiss when he receives instant messages from 'Wolf' even more so when Owen is around.

      ~~Regina ~~
      The individual of the group, incredibly intelligent especially in special effects although she ever resenting of dodger who she shares a room with as she is always using her as a pawn fro her own actions, without giving a concern to Regina's feelings.

      ~~Mercedes ~~
      Brains and beauty; made a rod for her own back in making the fatal mistake of chasing a new guy in a wolf costume, and ending up banned from leaving campus, leaving her to send pictures of herself to her boyfriend were they discovered she was not along, eventually leading to her death.

      ~~ Rich ~~
      Journalism teacher inaccurately (we think) framed for a pupils death, despite the fact he was not only having relations with the murdered Becky but also Dodger.

      ~~The Plot ~~

      I will try not to ruin the ending for those of you who have yet to see this film, but I'm sure I will give a few hints along the way..!

      Owen the fresh faced English boy starts West Lake Preparatory Academy, arriving on campus at the time of a grisly murder, initially meeting Dodger at that time, they struck up a conversation.

      (Is it just me or do British characters sound more British in American films?!)

      They say first impressions can be misleading, increasingly true with this girl, something doesn't seem quite right about this girl, despite the dubious nature of her personality she does give a certain spark to the film, especially with her _ game _ that the group entangle Owen in. of which causes sparks mainly because Dodger obvious bias towards the new guy.

      As a result of an assignment set in journalism class, the gang set about creating an email, describing details of murder and deaths from a killer called 'The Wolf.' they create a look for this killer which is mainly the only thing that makes you laugh about this film , as it is a little dull until the deaths begin...

      'The Wolf's' attire was and orange ski mask, camouflage jacket and a hunting knife... identical to those owned by a certain journalism teacher...!

      As a result of the e-mail strangle things begin to happen, mostly blamed on Owen; the trashing of Tom's room, the strange instant messages, and the beginning of the murders. Although the plot to scare these teens is a little tedious and perhaps its just me, but I was more interested in getting to the gruesome murders.

      At this point the strange things begin to happen, people go missing and the first murder takes place, as Randall disappears when he's meant to meeting a girl and the suspicion mounts, especially after Owen catches Dodger and Mr. Walker kissing. Providing a perfect opportunity for blackmail when Mr. Walker tries to expel Owen for having a knife in his bag.

      The deaths begin to occur more frequently and I didn't realise at the time but it is fairly obvious that at that point who the murderer is as they are never around when the murders occur. I won't tell you how everyone died as that would ruin the film, but they are not a gruesome as you would expect.

      The ending was a bit obvious, when you realise who the killer actually is and it just leaves me personally wanting the hurt the person in question. The manipulation this person uses to diminish the responsibility onto someone so innocent after all he did for them is terrible. This film did somewhat get my on my nerves. However it is a good film if you don't mine waiting for the deaths and murders, for them all to come in the space of around 30 minutes.

      ~~ Extra Information ~~

      The original version according to the director will never be seen as it would feature Owen and dodger in a very graphic sex scene and the murder of Mercedes being a much more grisly affair than published.

      ~~ Price and Availability ~~

      I got my copy for £4 from Tesco but it is available on play.com for £3.99 in their massive sale!


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        30.01.2007 11:03
        Very helpful



        A horror/thriller that does neither

        Cry_Wolf wants so much to be a hip trendy entry into the teen horror/killer genre but is just not good enough to come even close to rivalling the likes of Scream or its most obvious comparison Urban Legend. In fact it is very similar to Urban Legend with a dash of Gossip, the teen rumour spreading thriller, thrown in.

        Owen (???), is the new boy at Westlake Preparatory Academy. The first person he meets is Dodger (Lindy Booth - Wrong Turn, Relic Hunter), the sarcastic 'queen' of the school. She takes a shine to him and he is soon invited into her group of friends, bored rich kids with nothing much to do except play 'the game', a game of manipulation, lies and deceit.

        When a local girl is killed near the school the group decides to up the stakes and include the whole school in their little game. Owen composes an email that they forward to the whole school telling everyone that this killing is the start of a serial killers rampage, as it had been at other schools. The email he puts together is enough to persuade everyone that the killer has come to their school and no one feels safe.

        Little do they realise that by listing how all the deaths happened in the 'previous' attacks they are giving the real killer a disguise and something to aim for, or even copy.

        Cry_Wolf is an okay film, it is a decidedly average entry into the prolific teen horror genre. Apart from one sequence that does catch you out and almost makes the film worth watching it is very pedestrian and is close to being boring. It is one of those films that borrows heavily from a lot of other films and if you have watched a lot of this genre of movie then you are likely to be yawning with recognition at the many clichés.

        The sad thing is that Cry_Wolf is actually a very well crafted film, it has very high production values that makes it look polished all the way through, and, in the minor roles at least, it has a pretty good cast. The more well known participants prove their worth in the few scenes they are in.
        The script is pretty good but for some reason the overall package just did not work for me. It is all too clichéd and draws far too much from other films. It takes an interesting idea and then just fills the gap with tired old slasher scenes, even worse when they are planning their email the think up deaths and show clips of them as they think them up. This means that when the killer re-enacts them the shock value is already negated because you have seen them already. What on earth were the writers thinking of doing that?

        Cry_Wolf is probably just about worth renting, if you are with an online rental company and not actually having to pay any money for it and if you do like these tacky, cliché ridden teen horror/thriller mixes. Other than that it is one I would suggest you avoid, even the clever twists and turns that the script does occasionally exhibit do not fully redeem it.

        The cast is mostly unknowns, the exceptions being Gary Cole (Midnight Caller, American Gothic) as Owens' dad who never has time for him makes his class show. Without him the rest of the cast might have seemed quite good, or at least average, but with him the difference in ability between him and the rest of the cast is immense.
        Still Jon Bon Jovi as one of the teachers and the attractive Lindy Booth as 'Dodger' are both almost as good as Cole and have slightly larger parts as well. The three of them do stand out amongst the non-entities that populate the rest of the film.

        At the end of the day Cry_Wolf is a film that promises much more than it delivers. It intrigues you with it's premise but never manages to live up to its ideas.


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          28.08.2006 10:22
          Very helpful



          A very watchable 'teen horror' movie with many twists and turns.

          <<<< Overview >>>>

          When a local townie is found dead, a group of teens who played an innocent game of lying, decieving, and accusing, they decide to go full throttle. The teens write a mass e-mail about a fake killer named the "The Wolf" who goes from prep school to prep school killing, always shooting a townie in the face first, then attacking the school, their lie becomes the truth. One by one, everything in the e-mail becomes real, until it`s a race against time to save each other. Who is the wolf--and who`s next? You Lie...You Die.

          <<<< Cast >>>>

          Julian Morris .... Owen
          Lindy Booth .... Dodger
          Jared Padalecki .... Tom
          Jesse Janzen .... Randall
          Paul James .... Lewis
          Sandra McCoy .... Mercedes
          Ethan Cohn .... Graham
          Kristy Wu .... Regina
          Anna Deavere Smith .... Headmaster Tinsley
          Gary Cole .... Mr. Matthews
          Jon Bon Jovi .... Rich Walker

          At first glance when you come across a film like ' Cry Wolf' you begin the imagary of countless teen horror/thrillers running in the same mould as Scream. Although the film plays on that angle, it never claims and thankfully never develops into the same old predictable routine that such films suffer from.

          The plot develops quite well, although a very vigilent viewer may be able to spot the plot twists, but I can say that they are not particluarly obvious. The main female lead, interestingly named 'dodger' plays her role well, switching from being manipulative to a likeable innocent girl next door, it is the latter that makes the film really click. The director obviously wants you to keep guessing who the killer is just as you figure out who it is, there is a plot change so you more confused about what is going on. It is quite obvious in what direction the film is heading and this style of 'in your face' antics by the teenagers may seem a bit of a put off.

          The acting is quite poor, a bit cliche and some dodgy accents thrown in. Also there are some moments that the characters take rather baffling decions, this of course is a common problem of 'teen flicks'. The whole film is based on pretence and the power of lies, but having created such lies the characters are rather 'dim witted' about what is going on.

          At the same time there are some clever moments in this film that help build up to the finale. One of these moments is at the party where the main lead 'Owen' finds many people walking around with the killer's costume. This is of course is very similar to a scene in Scream. At first you may think this is just a rip-off but eventually realise that the director wants you to assume this, i.e. it's the good old 'double-bluff' routine. A good thing about this film is for a long time you don't expect a hoax or you infact if you are not following things closely you may never see that the film is developing in this underhand manner. This a least keeps things interesting.

          After watching the film, you may start to wonder how everything falls into place just like it was planned to (won't say who by), but then again that is your standard conclusion for the majority of movies nowadays. It is not one to stretch your intellect to much, but it does get your mind working (well slightly) during the movie as to what may be going on.

          Certainly this film won't develop into a cult status nor does it break into new territory in this film genre, but it is a pleasant watch and beats most of the films in the same genre over the past few years.


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            17.04.2006 18:13
            Very helpful



            Tame example of a story within an exhausted genre

            Ignored and overlooked by his work-obsessed father, wayward teenager Owen bounces from one school and scandal to another. Arriving at his latest school for the first time, he can see no reason for things to be any different when he chances upon a rather attractive female student, who goes by the name of Dodger. Later that night, his room mate wakes him up to tell him that they are sneaking out for a few hours and when he is told that Dodger wants him to come along, he doesn’t hesitate in joining in.

            Dodger and friends have congregated in the school’s old chapel where, illuminated only by torch light, they play a game of bluff. One of them is a liar and the others must smoke him out, with a cash prize up for grabs for the winner. Owen’s instincts fare well and he emerges victorious, much to the irritation of the other players. But the group has grown tired of the same old games and on the look out for a new twist on the old theme they hatch a fiendish new plot. Following the brutal murder of a local school girl, they hatch a plan to circulate a fictitious email relating to the “urban legend” of a serial killer, nicknamed The Wolf, who has run havoc on other high schools in the area. The methods of murder are fabricated in some detail and given the link to the very real local murder the rumour soon spreads like wild fire.

            When Owen subsequently receives an instant message, purporting to be from the Wolf, he immediately dismisses it as a hoax. But then strange things start to happen. People start to disappear, property gets wrecked, and Owen starts to spot flashes of a figure that looks remarkably like The Wolf. It seems that fiction has started to turn into fact, but now Owen will struggle to find anyone who will believe him and time is running out for his friends who, one by one, fall prey to the mysterious and deadly Wolf…..

            I have a simple rule when it comes to DVD / video covers. Any cover artwork that features a collection of teenage students arranged in a row with one face slightly in front of the other can mean only one thing. Shit movie. Action required – avoid. There are exceptions to the rule (Scream, for example) but for every one watchable film, there are twenty or more that aren’t. With Cry Wolf, the clues were there (the 15 certificate, the words “Uncut” suggesting that the distributors have tried to beef it up a bit and yes, the ubiquitous row of teenagers) but still I ignored my better judgment. When will I learn?

            In all fairness, Jeff Wadlow’s 2005 horror thriller isn’t, as such, a dog’s dinner. In deference to the genre and target audience, Wadlow assembles the parts quickly and efficiently and throws in all the correct ingredients. A socially and ethnically diverse group of spoilt posh kids, united only by the fact that their parents have money and they could all have come straight out of a Pringles advert. He sets the proceedings in the grounds of a high school, so there’s an element of detached vulnerability as well as creepy old rooms. He gives two of the characters the hots for each other; gives another one of the characters an attitude problem and then throws in a smart mouth for one of the others. A liberal sprinkling of latent sexuality, a few japes and a plot that threatens to consume the plotters would generally be all that would be required to make the perfect teen slasher movie. And in some ways, Cry Wolf is a perfect teen slasher movie. The pretty young cast members gradually find themselves further and further up shit creek without a paddle. The pace is spot on with a perfect concoction of naughtiness, intrigue and dread, and then there’s an urban legend that somehow seems to be coming to life. So, what more could you ask for?

            Me? I’d ask for some decent actors for a start. For some reason, the lead character Owen is English for reasons that never seem to be explained and this means that he’s rather at odds with the rest of the cast. Whether or not Julian Morris is a particularly bad actor remains to be seen, but he certainly doesn’t fit in with Cry Wolf and that pretty little face alone simply isn’t enough to spare him from the critics. Lindy Booth’s Dodger is predictably untrustworthy and unconvincingly sultry and the rest of the gang are equally irritating, equally pointless or a combination of both. (What exactly is the point of the Japanese girl with lip issues, for example, except to balance the diversity scores?) But the most crucially awful casting decision is almost certainly the choice of Jon Bon Jovi (yes, you heard me correctly) to be the students’ journalism teacher. Like, whatever.

            The actors aren’t the real problem though. The trouble with Cry Wolf is that it’s a horror film for sissies. It’s a slasher for people who don’t like blood. It’s a thriller for people of a nervous disposition. It’s like running a bath, getting lovely fresh towels, pouring in your favourite bath oil, dimming the lights, stepping gently into the water, but only having it lukewarm because it “gets a bit too hot”. Apart from some very rushed and blurred moments of narrated violence, there’s simply nothing here to get your heart racing. Indeed, the film’s 15 certificate is probably only due to a couple of references to masturbation and the suggestion that one of the characters has been castrated. What a let down! That old DVD cover problem comes back to haunt you once again, when you read the quotes on the front (“Ultra Scary” and “Don’t Watch Alone!”) only to realise that said words came from the pages of Sneak and Sugar magazines, none of whose target readers are probably old enough to legally watch the movie anyway.

            Worse still, the “ingenious” plot (well, that’s what Heat magazine said anyway) is actually very silly, very tired and full of ridiculous clichés. The whole “Cry Wolf” idea obviously comes from the story of the boy who cried wolf and this is exactly what is supposed to be happening to Owen. The only trouble is that whenever Owen tells people there is a crazed killer after him, they, erm, believe him. Is it just me or does that kind of go against the crying wolf issues of aforementioned boy in aforementioned classic story? Further ridiculous ingredients include the need to set the film at Halllowe’en when, shock horror, everyone comes to the ball dressed as the killer and Owen finds himself surrounded by people dressed the same. Yawn. There are also plenty of the archetypal red herrings to get you going. Is Mr Bon Jovi really pleased to see Owen or is that a knife in his pocket and why does that old bloke sweeping up leaves keep giving Owen funny looks? Sheesh. It’s like Grange Hill meets Scooby Doo – without the sense of fun. Only the most easily fooled amongst you will fail to figure out what’s going on long before Owen does and only the most foolhardy will see it through to the end. The ingenious plot twist is anything but and by the time the credits roll, it’s really something of a relief to know that it’s all over.

            Caught between a fan base that demands more violence and a market that needs less, Cry Wolf makes the terrible mistake of pretending to be something it isn’t. At its heart, Cry Wolf is a fairly watchable children’s drama that will appeal to anyone glued to the television between 4 and 5 every afternoon. But by taking on the big boys and selling to the gore whores by trying to be that bit nastier, it falls flat on its face straight away. I got bored within the first thirty minutes and was it not for the fact that this was the only film I had on me on that particular rail journey I would almost certainly have switched off long before the amateurish climax. I know that my best mate would be frightened by this movie, but then if I tell you that she was scared during Tarzan, you might see why this is not such a good thing.

            Not recommended


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            Eight unsuspecting high school seniors at a posh boarding school, who delight themselves on playing games of lies, come face-to-face with terror and learn that nobody believes a liar - even when they're telling the truth.

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