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Dakota Skye (DVD)

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Genre: Drama / Actors: Eileen Boylan, Scott F. Anderson / Director: John Humber / DVD Release Date: 2009

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2012 21:40
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      Dakota Skye is a film about a girl with a super power. Whenever people lie she hears the truth.

      I'm always looking out for films with original storylines and, if possible, something with a supernatural element. Out of boredom, I decided to see what I could find and came across a page on Eileen Boylan who I'd seen previously in South of Nowhere. I glanced through the list of things she'd been in and saw this film which seemed to have both the key points I was looking for; original with a supernatural element.

      The film isn't quite how it sounds when you explain the storyline, but I wouldn't say it's a bad thing.

      Dakota Skye is cursed with a super power. Whenever anyone lies she hears the truth; what they really mean. Dakota has a boyfriend and friends, although she is becoming more distant from them, and lives the life of an ordinary teenager. Things change though when her boyfriends friend Jonah comes to town. Unlike everyone else it seems he doesn't lie, no matter what she asks him. Now she has to make a choice. Does she want her boyfriend Kevin or does she want Jonah?

      Eileen Boylan plays Dakota Skye. You get to learn a lot about Dakota, especially through the voice-over. Dakota is a typical teenager with just one difference, her super power. Like everyone else she lies and makes mistakes and Eileen does a great job of showing that there's more to Dakota than just her power.

      J.B.Ghuman Jr. plays Kevin Miles. The first thought that comes to mind is that he's a bit stupid and that he doesn't love Dakota. He is in a band, which seems to be his only real interest. However, as the film goes on you see more depth to his character and by the end your opinion on him does change.

      Ian Nelson plays Jonah. Jonah is Kevin's best friend and he likes Dakota from the start. Jonah is always totally honest, or so it seems. He appears to be quite a social guy, laughing and joking with Kevin and going out drinking with him, and he's quite comfortable talking with Dakota but you see another side to his character when the two are alone together.

      The Film:
      The film starts with a very dark setting and two characters lying on the grass, just talking. This is rather boring, but luckily it isn't long and it does make sense later on. Having said that it wasn't until I started watching it for a second time that I remembered it began with this as I'd forgotten that scene by the end of the film. I believe this is a low budget film so there obviously aren't going to be amazing effects or anything, but I do think they could have done a little more with this scene, especially with it being at the very start.

      After that it then switches scene to showing a girl in bed who you soon find out is Dakota. You see her getting ready for the day and it's during this time you learn exactly who she is in a voice-over. The voice-over explains her super-power and is rather entertaining as she makes comments about typical super-power themes such as being bitten by a radioactive spider.

      The film jumps to right near the end of the story, with it then showing Dakota driving along and saying how she is ditching her friends on graduation day. There's a good reason why she's driving and that's where the story really starts as it takes you back to where everything began.

      You see what a normal day is like in Dakotas life and then Jonah shows up and everything changes, but I won't say anymore as it will give the whole film away.

      Throughout the film every time someone tells a lie the words of what they really meant are shown. There's no amazing effects, just text being shown on the screen which keeps it simple and it isn't distracting as you can still hear what the characters are saying.

      Oddly enough the one thing that really stood out to me after watching this film was one short scene where Dakota and Jonah were on a cliff and he asks if she were to jump which way would she want to face. Would she rather see the end coming or not know when she was about to hit the earth. She answers face-up so she can "just kick back and enjoy the ride". My first thought was that the question seemed a bit random and not something that you'd normally ask when just getting to know someone.

      Despite it not being something you'd normally want to think about after she answered I couldn't help but ask myself the same question and I started thinking more about it after the film and asked my parents. At first they thought I was a bit insane and then they also couldn't help but think about it and wonder themselves. So I guess this film not only makes you think about lies and how much people lie about in life, but also about life itself and what kind of person you are. Are you honest, are you trusting, are you laid back or aware of everything that's happening?

      Soft music is playing at the start which fits well with the scenes and doesn't drown out the voice-over. The same music is played each time there is a long voice-over, but rather than being repetitive and annoying you don't really notice it. There are odd parts where music is played, but I can't really say I noticed it other than when Kevin's band play as I was more focused on what was happening or being said. Overall it has a decent soundtrack.

      You can buy this off Amazon for around £7 (including postage). It is an Region 1 DVD though so you need a region-free DVD player or region 1 DVD player to be able to watch it.

      Overall I did like this film. It's not quite what I expected as I thought there would be more action or events, but the idea of it is interesting and I like the way they show it. This film isn't about the action and although her super power plays a big part in her life and the story it's not really the key point in the end.

      It shows how much people lie, even when they don't need to, and that telling the truth can lead to more. This is a film that is certainly worth watching. Recommended.


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