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Dead End (DVD)

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    9 Reviews
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      05.07.2012 00:00
      Very helpful



      I really loved, loved, loved this somewhat off the wall film!

      RELEASED: , Cert. 15

      RUNNING TIME: Approx. mins

      DIRECTORS/SCREENPLAY: Jean-Baptiste Andrea & Fabrice Canepa

      PRODUCERS: James Huth, Sonja Shillito, Gabriella Stollenwerck & Cecile Telerman

      MUSIC: Greg De Belles

      MAIN CAST:-

      Ray Wise as Frank Harrington
      Lin Shaye as Laura Harrington
      Alexandra Holden as Marion Harrington
      Mick Cain as Richard Harrington
      Amber Smith as The Lady In White



      It is Christmas Eve and Frank is driving his family to his mother-in-law's house for the festivities. Bored and reluctant at spending yet another family Christmas in this way, he decides to vary things a bit and takes a different route to usual.

      The Harringtons find themselves on a lonely, dark road which seems never-ending.

      As the family continue their journey, they have little arguments punctuated with a few jokes - even some loving words - but things get very difficult when they spot a young woman wandering in the middle of the road, all dressed in white, carrying a baby in her arms.

      Also, where is Marcott, a place for which sign-posts appear at intervals on the roadside?

      From that point onwards, things become decidedly weird, with Frank wishing he'd taken his usual route.

      Who is the young woman in white? What, if anything, does she want...and, what is the menacing black car which periodically appears?

      That is a very loose outline of the basic plot, so to find out what's going on, you must see the film for yourself.


      Dead End is a very difficult film to précis, because although things do happen, much of it centres around conversations the family have whilst driving along the lonely, dark road.

      When settling to watch Dead End, I was expecting something maybe not unwatchable, but pretty run-of-the-mill regarding films of this type where a group of people, in this case a family, find themselves in an isolated location late at night.....that's usually when the 'creepies' start to happen. Although this is still the case with Dead End, I was very surprised to find myself instantly drawn into the film, enjoying the conversations the family was having whilst Frank drove, which were quite dialogue-intensive.

      I had to smile here and there at Richard Harrington, Frank and Laura's attitude-ish, cheeky teenage son, plus some of the things he said.

      As the family's journey progresses and the plot deepens, various little secrets emerge which they were previously hiding from one another. It appeared to me that the stressful situation and events which occur, put each family member (apart maybe from Richard) into emotional overdrive, whereby they are unable to 'keep mum' about certain things any longer. Some of these secrets revelations are quite interesting, and I love the way such fitted so smoothly into the dialogue.

      The acting by all main cast members is really good with me not having a particular favourite, as each actor gave a lot, but as far as their characters is concerned, I was especially drawn to young Richard (played by Mick Cain). If I had a teenage son going through a similar phase to what Richard appears to be in the film, I wouldn't be too happy - but it was something I could comfortably raise a smile about whilst watching on screen.

      I can't say I was aware of too much of the musical score, but near the beginning of the film, there was a slight blast of heavy metal music which did make me jump as I wasn't expecting it, plus I was listening to the film through headphones, which increased the shock factor and blasted my ears almost to smithereens.

      One thing which I did find difficult and irritating is that Dead End is 99.9% filmed in darkness. Of course that's to be expected with it taking place at night in the middle of an unlit nowhere, but it was rather frustrating to not always be able to clearly see what was going on. It would have been nice for the film crew to have cast a little light into the proceedings, even if only dimly....just enough to make out the details of certain happenings.

      There are a few surprises during the Harringtons' road journey, most of which are delivered via conversation, but another little frustration for me was that surely if anybody else was in a similar situation, they'd take a different course of action in order to solve their problem of being lost....but, maybe the Harringtons were too caught up in themselves to think properly and if they had have acted more efficiently, then it wouldn't have made this unusual, intriguing film.

      I can't say that Dead End scared me particularly, but there were a couple of surprises at the end - not twists as such - just surprises. I didn't see the first of these coming, but the second, which closes the film down, I felt was totally predictable. However, it didn't really matter because I'd so thoroughly enjoyed Dead End.

      This is a horror-type film with a difference in that although creepy things occur, the bulk and crux of Dead End flows from the dialogue rather than 'bump in the night' stuff and it is one of the most unusual I've seen in this genre.

      I really do recommend Dead End. There are a couple of scenes within that could sicken or scare some people, but nowhere nearly as bad as I've seen in other films which are far more graphic - also, as everything which you see (apart from the very end) is in darkness, it could make those slightly gory episodes easier to stomach for the faint-hearted.

      It is possible that some people may find Dead End a bit daft, but I hesitatingly suggest such could be due to not concentrating on the dialogue and expecting ghosts, creepies, psychos with axes or whatever else jumping out from all sorts of nooks and crannies. It isn't that sort of film really, albeit it does contain its fair share of bloody bits....mildly so.

      I have noticed, while cruising through reviews of Dead End on various internet sites, that it appears to be something people either loved or hated....I absolutely loved it!

      I do so badly want to be able to give Dead End the full five-star whack, but must knock one off regarding the darkness issue, as such did slightly mar my enjoyment.


      At the time of writing, Dead End can be purchased on Amazon as follows:-

      New: from £2.49 to £9.99
      Used: from 19p to £5.99

      A delivery charge of £1.26 should be added to the above figures.

      Thanks for reading!

      ~~ Also published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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        04.05.2009 23:09
        Very helpful



        A definite for horror fans

        This is a very recommendable B movie horror if you ask me. The unknown cast copes well enough, the story is different, the scares are pretty eerie, and there is also some good old family feuding thrown in for fun!

        The Harrington family are travelling to the house of a relative on Christmas eve when the father falls asleep at the wheel. What seems like a harmless mistake unravels into a series of terrifying ordeals throughout the night which will test the family's strength as individuals and their strength as a group.

        The acting throughout is mainstream to be honest, but from an unheard of cast, it is good enough to carry the film. Ray Wise is probably the strongest, as father Frank Harrington, whose calm and stern character is both entertaining and convincing throughout. I felt that Mick Kain brought a little warmth also as Richard Harrington, the 'teenage' son, who enjoys ridiculing his sisters boyfriend and generally being a pain in the ass. This helped to add quite a bit of realism to the whole family dynamic, and i felt more empathy towards the characters as a result.

        There is probably more drama than action throughout, as this film relies heavily on suspense, a growing feeling of despair, and the relationship between the cast than it does on action and scares. Though, there are a fair share of frights throughout, and these are done with low budget special effects, but are still creepy and quite impressive.

        Some of the scenes could disturb younger or more queezy viewers, such as one involving a baby in blankets, but if you're a fan of being scared and have a strong constitution, then this will just be another good frightfest at times.

        This films greatest stregth is probably the twist, and although it is a little obvious to many what may be going on in the film, to most it will be a fun game guessing exactly why the bizzare events throughout are happening to the seemingly unsuspecting family.

        Dead End is a fairly impressive example of B movie horror. The cast aren't great and it's clearly cheaply made, but it at no point requires expensive effects or set pieces. This isn't really a movie that i would reccomend for younger viewers, as some of the events throughout could be quite distressing to some, but to all horror fans out there i would strongly advise a night in bed with a pot noodle, some nice beverage, and this silly but fun film.


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          29.04.2008 20:29
          Very helpful



          Stick to the motorway`s !!

          Every year for the last 20 years Frank Harrington takes his family on a trip to see their inlaws for christmas, he does this however much against his wishes as he would rather be at home.
          This year through boredom mainly he decides to try a shortcut way of the beaten track they usualy travel every other year, this turns out to be the biggest mistake of Franks life.

          After driving for some time down this road Franks wife begins to realise that they are passing the same point and the same road signs time after time althought they havent turned but have been driving a straight line.

          shortly after finally agreeing with his wife they pass a woman dressed in white carrying a baby and claiming to need help but they soon find out the baby shes carrying isnt ill but dead.

          the woman in white seems to roam the forrest leaving a trail of death, they also encounter a black car which appears to have no driver but turns up to take the dead of into the night.
          As they continue to drive down this never ending road with costantly repeated signposts to a place they never reach, the family start to go mad and some deep dark secrets surface.

          What should have been a christams vacation to the inlaws turns into a hellish nightmare.
          I found this film to be a great watch, a real horror movie at last. made up of creepish eerie music and jumps and scares just at the right points. it does contain the usual teenage type humour lines that all horros seem to use these days but they are well fitted in to the movie by the excellent acting of Alexandra Holden who plays Marion Harrington the daughter and Mick Cane who plays Richard Harrington the son.

          all said and done if you like a good horror then you are bound to like this film. It has all the right ingredients for a good horror movie in my opinion.

          the main cast list for this movie is as follows.

          Ray Wise ... Frank Harrington
          Lin Shaye ... Laura Harrington
          Mick Cain ... Richard Harrington
          Alexandra Holden ... Marion Harrington
          Billy Asher ... Brad Miller
          Amber Smith ... Lady in White
          Karen S. Gregan ... Doctor
          Sharon Madden ... Nurse
          Steve Valentine ... Men in Black
          Jimmie F. Skaggs ... Worker #1 (as Jimmy Skaggs)
          Clement Blake ... Worker #2

          the movie runtime is only 84 minutes quite short for a movie these days. its suitable for 15 years or over as it contains adult language.

          the dvd has no extras to speak of other than the usual various subtitle languages, the production does seem to be a bit of a b grade movie but i found the story to be first class!


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            20.03.2008 01:46
            Very helpful



            Good Film, Reccomend to anyone who likes horrors

            Dead End
            Release Date: 2003
            Certificate 15
            Approx Running Time: 85 mins
            Director: Jean-Baptiste Andrea

            Frank Harrington (Ray Wise) and his family are driving to his Mother-In-Laws house, to celebrate Christmas. In the car with him are his wife Laura (Lin Shaye), his daughter Marion (Alexandra Holden), his son Richard (Mick Cain) and Marion's boyfriend Brad (Billy Asher). The trip isn't very pleasant for Frank with an uneasy atmosphere between Marion and Brad, who aren't speaking to each other, his wife constantly nagging him about anything and everything, and his son doing his very best to annoy and wind everybody up, especially Brad, who he seems to have a dislike of. After singing a few christmas carols and a little more bickering between Frank and Laura, everyone in the car falls asleep, and frank continues driving, although the piece and quiet, makes him start to doze off too. He awakens by a cars horn and sees headlights coming towards him, so with a split second to spare he pulls away and avoids a head on collision.

            After a few harsh words from the family about his driving skills, Frank sets off, and due to the boredom of driving the same way every year, for the past 20 years, Frank decides to take a different route, and they find themselves travelling down a long road, with nothing but forest at either side of them. After a driving for a while Frank suddenly stops the car, and reverses a little, when asked the reason for this he tells the others that he say a 'woman in white' in the forest. They see no sign of her, and are about to carry on and theres a nock on the door, and the woman is there carrying a blanked and sporting a nasty cut across her forehead. Franks asks Richard to make room for her and walk behind the car, but he defy his fathers wishes so Marion leaves instead. They tell her to meet them at the cabin which they previously passed, and they help the injured woman into the car, where she sits silent and still, which Frank Predicts is down to shock.

            They head for thesmall cabin with Marion walking down the road a quite a distance away and once there Frank and Laura head inside in the hope of finding a Ranger, to help them with the woman and Richard heads into the woods alone, leaving Brad alone in the car with the woman and her baby. He tries to have a conversation with her, but she ignores him and doesn't even look at him.

            After a while of sitting in silence she begins talking about her baby, and she (the baby) is cold. She hands the baby to Brad and asks him to hold her and he starts talking about how he isn't very good with babies. And after noticing something a little wrong, He asks if she'd beable to breath under all those blankets, to which the woman replies "She doesn't need to breathe because she's dead". He think this is just some sick joke, so he unravels the blanket and sees whats inside.

            We hear a scream, and Frank and Laura, leave the cabin, and see that Brad and the Woman are no longer in the car. They shout Richard who comes out of the woods, confused to what has happened. The scene then goes back to Marion walking towards the cabin by herself, and some mysterious car headlights turn on in front of her. As she looks on, a ghostly black hearse with blacked out windows, drives past, with Brad banging on the back windows trying to escape.

            From here on in, things start happening to the rest of the family, each time, the woman in white is spotted, and then the black hearse appears with one of its unfortunate victims inside. While the people who are still alive try there best to get off of this road and into a place not on the maps but on the roadsigns known only as Margate.

            Alot of people I know didn't enjoy this film in the slightest, but I thought it was pretty well made. The acting wasn't too bad, though it could have been a lot better. I'd never seen any of the actors in any other movies, apart from Ray Wise, who was in Twin Peaks.

            The way Jean-Baptiste Andrea films some of the scenes are magnificant, The aerial view of the car travelling down the road in the middle of the woods, does it's job well of showing the predicament the family have got themselves in. Also when a character is killed, you never see the actual body, instead it is filmed from the bodies point of view, watching the families reactions to seeing their loved ones body. Some people have complained about how this take something with away from the movie, but in my opinion it adds alot. I have a very vivid imagination, and other peoples imaginations of what the lifeless corpse would look like is always going to be more frightening that a prop could show.

            Also when one person dies, another always seems to go a little crazy due to shock, the first or second time it seems like a fair realistic idea, but then the writers use this a little too much and it kind of becomes a little boring, seeing each charcter act the same way. Although the shock can leave to some creepy moments. I particularly found the part where marion who is in a state of deep shock after seeing her boyfriends mutilated body, and starts singing jingles bells while having a lifeless stare rather creepy. And the part where Laura was looking out of the car window, saying that there were people in the woods with sad faces, and then talking to her friend who died 15 years earlier also made uneasy viewing.

            Overall I think it's a fairly good film, and with the price you can get it for now (£5 on Play.com) it's definetly worth a watch. It has a nice twist towards the end which gives you something to think about, and reminds me a little of The Blair Witch Project, in how it makes you use your imagination to guess what is happening.

            (Also posted on Ciao)


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              08.03.2007 00:46
              Very helpful



              Worth a watch for some quick thrills, but don't expect too much.

              Dead End (2003)

              It's Christmas Eve and the Harringtons are going to visit relatives in the country. It's an annual do, and Frank (the father) always insists on driving. Although this year he's having a little trouble staying awake in the evening, and takes a different route off the highway to keep his mind stimulated. His wife, Laura, children Richard and Marion, and Marion's boyfriend are all asleep. They wake with a fright when Frank dozes off at the wheel, having a near miss with an oncoming car. Regardless he still insists on driving on.

              After some understandable criticism everything calms down, until they happen upon a lady dressed in white, clutching a young baby in the road. She appears to be in shock, so they take her to find the nearest police station or hospital. Unable to find anything on the seemingly endless road with no turn offs, and with no mobile reception, they stop at a forest rangers shack in the hope of finding a phone. It is now that things take a sinister turn, and to say anything more would ruin the tension.

              Dead End is quite clearly the first film from writers and directors Jean Baptiste Andre and Fabrice Canepa, but in no bad way. The minimal locations and small cast are fitting with a low budget first feature, and they use them to the fullest. The amount of amusing and believable dialogue on display helps you ease into the plot and characters mindset. They've perfectly judged the introductory scenes to allow the anticipation to slowly build and then don't waste any time getting immersed in the horror.

              Speaking of the horror, this is where the film scores heavily. The gradual build at the start is quickly shattered by a feeling of dread and certain doom. The film is turned on its head as a supernatural force is trying to claim their lives. It comes across as creepy more than anything. While there are some particularly grisly deaths, it never shows them in gory detail; leaving your imagination to fill in the gaps. I found this very effective. What they do show is also very creepy. The use of a large black car is especially good, and whilst the lady in white brings back memories of Ringu and old vampire movies of the seventies, they manage to wring out a few more chills from this overly used image.

              The performances are all of a good standard with a lot of thanks to the material. Ray Wise (Twin Peaks) is superb as the ever in charge father who is determined to come out on top. Lin Shaye gives an amusing, if slightly over the top, rendition of serious shock as Laura. Mick Cain and Alexandra Holden both make convincing children (teenager and mid-twenties respectively). A lot of the family conversations are very well written and delivered, although some of the their reactions are a bit excessive. Finally, Amber smith as the lady in white has little to do, but her sultry looks add a dimension to her character that draws you closer and makes an appropriate performance.

              With all this in its favour it's a shame that the overall story couldn't manage to deliver any of its promise. Already stuck in well trodden territory, using country roads and the woods as a focus, plus the quite derivative imagery. It needed something original to set it aside from other films. Sadly nothing materialized. Despite being on the edge of my seat for most of the film, once it was over I really wasn't that impressed by the finale.

              For films of this type a good ending can be make or break, and here Dead End proved disappointing. Unlike some, I hadn't guessed the ending. It was somewhat refreshing, but too simplistic and ultimately unsatisfying. The story it seems had come to a dead end of it's own; out of ideas. All in all it was a short and sweet movie showing definite ability, but without it's own identity.

              Rated: UK:15 / USA:R
              Running Time: 85 mins


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                04.07.2006 10:45



                A overall great film to watch and makes you think at the end!

                This dysfunctional family is off to a spend Christmas at grandma's house. With the man of the house Frank, opting to take the scenic route. As he travels through the woods and unfamiliar roads, nerves begin to fray. After the constant bickering from the back seat, between his son, daughter and her fiancé, tiredness begins to set in. Frank briefly falls asleep at the wheel, before waking suddenly after a near collision with another vehicle. The family, all slightly shaken by the close call, are wide awake moaning and bickering along the road until things become not as they seem!

                They pick up a what appears to be a lost woman in white at the side of the road. The woman just sits in the backseat, holding her child, very quiet. When Frank pulls over at a cabin to see if there is anyone who can help, the terror then begins!
                Brad, the daughters fiancé is hauled away in the back of a black car after screams are heard when he's left alone with the woman. They jump back in their car and try to chase them, and the woman in white, gone. Dead and mutilated, Brad is found further up the road. The madness continues on the scary, endless wooded road.

                Dead End is a great horror masterpiece with an ending that made me sit for half an hour afterwards thinking about the possibility of how the scenario could become a reality.
                The film includes a fine cast, and shows interactions between a typical family with each character bringing profound personality and quirks to the story. The characters aren't boring, and each actor gives a great performance to make their characters as over-the-top as they can.

                All in all this film is a must see, with twists and turns all along the never ending road, and a shock near the end that will make you think back through the whole film from a different point of view. If you like the supernatural and horrors flicks, you will not be disappointed with this film.


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                  21.11.2005 22:51
                  Very helpful



                  I don't like this summary thing

                  Directed by: Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa

                  Ray Wise............Frank Harrington
                  Lin Shaye...........Laura Harrington
                  Mick Cain...........Richard Harrington
                  Alexandra Holden....Marion Harrington
                  Billy Asher.........Brad Miller
                  Amber Smith.........The Lady in White
                  Karen S. Gregan.....Dr. Marcott
                  Steve Valentine.....The Man in Black
                  Jimmie Skaggs.......Worker 1
                  Clement Blake.......Worker 2

                  For the past 20 years, without fail, Frank Harrington has driven his family to the in-laws to spend Christmas. With his family asleep in the car, Frank is bored, and decides to try a different route to the one he usually takes, leading his family into the unknown, which could turn out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

                  My Opinion:
                  How do I begin a review on such a bizarre film?! This is definitely one of those things you will either hate the instant it finishes, or love it. Whichever of these is yours, one thing is certain - you'll think about it, and think about it, and think about it. You just can't help it - and it needs to be thought about if you're to ever come to a conclusion as to what the film is about.

                  Some people reading this review, I know, will be immediately put off by my first paragraph, but I urge you not to be, and to watch this film anyway, just to see.

                  I won't go into the details of what happens, as many other reviews have done that, and with a film such as this, it sort of takes away the point of watching. Dead End is an experience all the way through, not just saving the twists for the end, and so I won't take away from that by telling you the ins and outs.

                  It's very difficult to say WHAT this film is about, as a matter of fact. It's meaning is really down to interpretation, and there are many interpretations out there. As far as I'm aware (unless there is some extra on the DVD), the Directors / Writers have not given their side of it. It can't be compared to their other films either, because this is the only one they're credited with. What I have found when looking at other people's opinions on Dead End, is that a lot of people dismiss it outright, partly because it's a low budget film, and partly because it is not an immediately obvious plot.

                  With regards to the 'not an obvious plot' side of this, what I would say is, if you don't mind not knowing exactly what the director was thinking, and having to put your own theories in there, then you'll get along just fine. If you like your well wrapped up happy endings, then avoid this one at all costs.

                  As for the low-budget-ness of Dead End, as a film student myself, I have to say that this should be everyone's number one reference guide for how to make a great film with zero pennies. The cast list at the top of this page is not my usual 'main cast' list, but the ENTIRE cast - the fewer salaries to pay on a low budget, the better. When you watch the film, you'll also notice that the majority of the film is set on the same road (it's meant to be the samev road - I don't mean they've hidden the fact badly!), and in the same car, with the odd scene here and there shot elsewhere, but again, nowhere flash.
                  Despite all of these budget cut-backs, it stil manages to look good, and this is all down to the fact that the script was clearly written with the lack of budget in mind, as opposed to the often-seen "big screenplay, small money" syndrome, where every scene that should have had all guns blazing looks super-cheap.

                  There could be countless interpretations of Dead End, and of course, I have my own theories, but going into them would give half of the film away (if not all), so I won't do that here. What I will say is, go - rent the film, see for yourself, and when you're done, go onto IMDB and read other people's theories (there are some very interesting ones), and then form your own. Alternatively, rent it, hate it, don't have theories, and come back here and tell me off for makng you waste your £4 (or however much it is to rent a movie these days).


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                    19.10.2005 22:05
                    Very helpful



                    There's a lot of talk, and not a lot of action!

                    Brief Synopsis of this film:-

                    "Frank Harrington is grudgingly driving his family to spend the holiday season with his in-laws. His long-suffering wife tries to force some cheer into the dreary journey, battling against her husband's moaning and son Richard's teenage jibes. Meanwhile, their daughter Marion and her boyfriend Brad do their best to rise above the growing tension.
                    For the first time in twenty years, Frank decides to take a short-cut via a deserted route through the woods. It turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life. The road they find themselves on is long, straight and never-ending. Before too long, a mysterious woman in white steps out of the woods and Frank stops the car to help her. A second decision he will come to regret!
                    As the survivors succumb to panic and insanity, deeply buried family secrets burst to the surface and the journey turns into a living hell".

                    I watched this film last night after having not seen it for over a year, and I have to say it was a LOT better than I remembered it to be.

                    It's a very slow film, and to be honest, not a lot happens in it - but it is good - promise!!!

                    I think the main problem is, its aimed at a horror audience, but apart from a bit of blood here and there, its not REALLY a horror - Its more of a psychological affair rather than out-and-out gore. There's a lot of talk, and not a lot of action!

                    I also have to say THE most annoying thing in the film was the wife, I think she is supposed to actually be annoying, but it got to the point where my boyfriend wanted to turn the movie off purely because she was winding him up so much!!!

                    One of the things I did like about this film is, NOTHING is explained to you until right at the very end - it's left to you to work out whats going on, and the 1st time I watched it, I certainly didnt see the ending coming, and then, just when you think you understand it all, it thows something else in to turn everything you thought you knew on its head!

                    Its definitely not the kind of film you can watch over and over, but its certainly worth a watch once or twice.


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                      31.10.2004 21:18
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment



                      A friend of mine who, like me, tends to watch a lot of films recommended this film to me. Some of his recommendations have been a little suspect in the past but generally they are sound. When he mentioned this film to me one Friday night I made a mental note to rent it next time I was in the video shop. A couple of weeks later I was wandering aimlessly around the video store searching for something different to watch when I noticed this film there. Remembering my friend’s recommendation I decided to give it a try. After all, how bad can it be?

                      ** Storyline **

                      The story in set on Christmas Eve as Frank and his family travel to the mother in laws for Christmas. This is the same journey they have made every year for the last 20 years. Searching for a little variety in the journey Frank decides to try out a short cut rather than sticking to the highway. Frank is very tired but insists on driving and is convinced that taking this new route through a wood will help to keep him awake. When they meet a lady dressed all in white on the side of the road everything starts to go wrong. Will they make it to their destination?

                      ** Main Characters **

                      Frank Harrington – played by Ray Wise (Jeepers Creepers 2), is the father of the family and despite being tired is determined that it will be him who drives the family to the mother in laws.

                      Laura Harrington – played by Lin Shaye (Something About Mary) is Frank’s wife. She is not very happy about the short cut and doesn’t see the need for change. She harasses Frank about being tired making him more determined to continue driving.

                      Marion Harrington – played by Alexandra Holden (Drop Dead Gorgeous), is Frank’s pregnant daughter. Travelling with her partner (Brad) and family she becomes caught in the middle of some banter between Richard and Brad.

                      Richard Harrington – played by Mick Cain, is Frank’s obnoxious son. Richard has little regard for the other family members and resents being in the car. He baits Brad throughout the journey.

                      Brad – played by Billy Asher, is Marion’s partner, travelling with the family for Christmas. He is quite restrained in the face of provocation from Richard but is clearly becoming more annoyed.

                      Lady in White – played by Amber Smith (How High), is a mysterious woman the family find on the side of the road in the forest. The Harrington’s try and be helpful by taking her to the nearest ranger post for help.

                      ** Opinion **

                      “How bad can it be?” is a question that we have all regretted asking at one time or another. In this case, I certainly regret challenging the film, for the most part anyway. The first hour or so of this film is some of the most painful viewing I have ever had.

                      When I finished watching the film I felt quite let down. Looking back on the story as a whole I think the idea is not too bad and could have made a more than reasonable film. I can’t think of another film that has used this sort of storyline (although there may well be one) and I think it is sad that the idea hasn’t been executed properly.

                      The storyline was slow, boring and very repetitive. You could have easily watched the first 15 minutes and then skipped forward an hour without the story losing anything. None of the characters are developed (in any real sense) during the film so it is difficult for the audience to form any relationship with them. This lack of bond ruins the rest of the film, as the audience is not really bothered if something happens to the characters. The “action” is sparse and well separated by segments of the family driving along a road, which doesn’t make the most riveting of viewing. When the action does arrive it is brief and predictable.

                      There are no well-known actors in the cast for this film and it really does show. The problem is that it is difficult to know if it is indeed poor acting or simply a poor script and poor film. Maybe the fact the well-known actors are not involved can be taken as an indication of a poor film all round.

                      This is clearly a low budget film with virtually nothing in the way of special effects. Some of the “action” scenes could have been more a lot more menacing with the introduction of some slightly more advanced special effects. As it is there always seems to be something lacking from the film (on top of the poor acting, poor script and bad story).

                      Never wanting to be too negative about something that so many people have put time and effort into making it is time for me to mention the only good thing about this film and what I would imagine to be the reason my friend recommended this film to me . . . the ending. Sadly it would “spoil” the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it for me to tell you what is good about the ending, but suffice to say that it is by far the best part of the film and is indeed the only clever part of the film. I am not sure that it is worth putting yourself through the first hour of the film for but if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself watching it then definitely stick it out till the end just for some sort of enjoyment. The sad thing is that on another film the ending probably wouldn’t be considered that good. It is just that by the end of the film you are searching for something positive to take from it and the ending is certainly the highlight of an otherwise dull film.

                      Overall I would recommend that you avoid this film and find something more constructive to do with your time, like watch paint dry or something.

                      Thanks for reading.


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