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Dhadkan (DVD)

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Genre: Bollywood / Theatrical Release: 2000 / Universal, suitable for all / Director: Dharmesh Darshan / Actors: Sunil Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty, Kiran Kumar ... / DVD released 2000-10-09 at Eros International / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2011 22:08
      Not Helpful
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      Not bad. Wouldn't mind watching again and keeping in my DVD collection.

      Dhadkan stars Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty. The fim is about two people who love each other but the girl's dad doesn't approve the relationship, so he wants his daughter to break the relationship and wants his daughter to get married to the person of his choice. The girl refuses and then her dad blackmails her by saying if she doesn't get married to the guy he wants he will kill him self. To stop her dad from doing this she agrees to get married and breaks all ties with her lover. However after she gets married she cant seem to love a second person because she is not able to forget her first love. Her husband tries to find out the reason. He tries to understand her and doesn't force the girl with anything. He waits because he belives that time is the great healer. After a while the girl learns that her husband loves her very much and she is not doing right by not give him the love he wants from his wife, she slowly starts to love him and start to forget her past as she is having fun and enjoying her life with her husband.

      But now her past comes back in her life, her boyfriend is back to take the her away from her husband. He couldn't forget her as he has always been madly in love with the girl. But the girl refuses saying she is very happy with her husband and she cant go with him and tells him to go away from her life, but he tries to take revenge. He tries to take away all the properties and money so that she come's to back him. She still doesnt go as she is very happy with his husband. He then tries to blackmail the girl saying if she doesan't go back to him he will tell everything about her past to her husband. But she herself tells her husband everything. After knowing everything he still loves his wife saying that he doesn't care about the past. He loves his wife and will allways. And tries to explain to her ex boyfriend to go away and leave them alone. After the guy understands that they were not meant for each other and he wants to se the girl happy, he goes away from their life and then the husband and wife lives happyily ever after


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        13.10.2010 15:26
        Very helpful
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        Just a mediocre Bollywood flick all round...

        This is a film only review.

        Dhadkan is a Hindi language (Bollywood) film starring Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty (no relation to Shilpa by the way).


        Anjali falls for Dev who's from a poor home and whose parents were never married. Because Anjali is from a well to do family her father doesn't agree with her choice in marriage partner and refuses to give his blessing. Instead he emotionally blackmails her into marrying Ram, who is from a similar family background, i.e. wealthy, well educated, etc. Ram lives with his step-family who secretly plot behind his back to get rid of him but are nice to his face. They treat his new bride quite poorly and it's not till things get out of hand that Ram takes any action against his step-mother and step-siblings. Anjali slowly falls in love with Ram.

        Three years after their marriage Dev comes back into Anjali's life and is now a successful businessman and he's determined to win back his love at any cost. To what lengths will he go and will he succeed?


        I'd never really heard of this film before I watched it. I find Shilpa Shetty to be a fairly average actress and although Akshay Kumar has been quite popular in Bollywood as an action hero in recent years, I've never been overly keen on him. On top of that, Sunil Shetty is someone I find rather annoying as an actor. So why did I watch this film with three people starring in it that I find either mediocre or just annoying? I can't answer really without making myself look stupid, I didn't do any checking on who was in the film before I watched it, my mum gave it to me and said it was a pleasant film but not excellent.

        So what did I think of it? Well to be honest, I found pretty much everything about the film to be mediocre. The acting was mediocre, the story was mediocre and the sets/cinematography/music were also mediocre. Of the three main stars I'll give Shilpa her dues, she was slightly above average in her role as Anjali. She looked stunning all through the film and she tried her best to display on screen chemistry with both of her co-stars, not succeeding all that well with Sunil Shetty (to be honest, I often find him lacking in chemistry with his female co-stars) and doing fairly well with her on screen husband played by Akshay Kumar. Why would a young woman in love follow her father's wishes and marry someone she didn't know rather than marry the man she loves, one might ask? Well her father lays so much emotional blackmail on her, with a shotgun no less, telling her she might as well kill him rather than marry someone like Dev, that she gives in and tells Dev that her duty is to her parents. At this stage in the proceedings, normally I would want to puke but in this case, I so agreed with her father that I would have asked her to shoot me as well rather than marry the arrogant but penniless Dev. The scene where Dev first meets Anjali's parents to ask for her hand is marriage was just ridiculous. His attitude towards his potential father-in-law to be was preposterous! If any father said yes to a guy so rude and obnoxious I'd recommend the father be taken to an asylum! Anyway this might give you an idea of how Sunil Shetty plays the character of Dev from the start of the film, becoming rich and successful just made him even more obnoxious and one wonders why the seemingly sensible Anjali would even look twice at him.

        Now to Anjali and Ram, Ram is played by Akshay Kumar - I found his character to deviate quite a lot from the normal roles he's played over the years. No action hero for you here, no siree bob! The character of Ram is played almost too good to be true. He sings devotional songs to God in the morning, he is aware of his step-family plotting against him but he chooses to turn the other cheek, claiming that if you give love, you'll get it in return! What a load of #@&*£$%! Here I did want to puke! "Grow a pair man!" I wanted to scream at the screen (which I've felt a lot about roles he plays when he's not playing the action hero). Without giving away the ending, at one stage I was thinking "Why would Anjali want either of these dolts in her life?"

        I can't say that I found the ending of the film satisfying really but I would add that it was pretty much as expected. If you read between the lines of what I've written you might guess the ending but then again, you might not even care!

        The film had 7 or 8 songs sprinkled throughout. Although I recognised a couple of them, having heard them on local Asian radio stations over the years, I wouldn't now be able to recall a single one of them off the top of my head (having seen the film just a few weeks ago) which goes to show none of them made any lasting impression on me.


        I struggled to even list a few good points but eventually I came up with these:

        * Shilpa Shetty generally did well in the role
        * The story was not too bad - I made it to the end of the film without switching off (I've never actually bothered to review a film where I've had to do that)...

        BAD POINTS

        I could have gone on longer here, but hopefully these will give you a good idea of what I didn't particularly like in the film:
        * I hated Sunil Shetty's character in the film
        * I hated Sunil Shetty's acting in the film
        * I wanted to punch Akshay Kumar's character in the film - he was unbelievably saint-like!
        * I also wanted to put out a contract on the entire step-family, they were so over the top pantomime bad guys that it was laughable!

        MY RATING

        In all honesty I can only give Dhadkan a mediocre 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn't bad enough to score it below average but it's not a film I would want to watch again nor one that I'd even recommend to anyone to watch; just mediocre all round. If you want to watch a similar storyline with more credible acting and better plot, I suggest you watch Dil De Chuke Sanam with Aishwarya Rai, Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan.


        Release date: August 2000
        Starring: Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Mahima Chaudhury
        Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes
        Language: Hindi
        Director: Dharmesh Darshan
        Producer: Ratan Jain
        Music: Nadeem-Shravan


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