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Enter the Void (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Actors: Natheniel Brown, Paz De La Huerta, Cyril Roy, Masato Tanno, Olly Alexander / Director: Gaspar Noe / Classification: 18 / Studio: Entertainment One / DVD Release Date: 25 April 2011 / Run Time: 154 minutes

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2013 14:19
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      Sex and epileptic fit inducing colours

      "A stroke of genius", "A visual master piece" Gaspar Noe's Enter The Void was, for the most part, a huge hit with movie critics around the U.S. The visually stunning approach Enter The Void took to the silver screen was something that most thought had never been done before and was something to be marveled. Either Gaspar Noe had sold his soul to Don King or he was really on to something here.

      Enter The Void follows the life and death of Oscar (Nathan Brown), an American national that resides in Japan with his younger sister Linda (Paz de la Huerta). As far as a plot goes, that's about all there is to it..... honestly. The main plot behind this movie is so thin that I could spread a thick layer of Philadelphia over it and not worry about gaining any weight. The problem with 'The Void' is that it has a beginning, it has an end, but it lacks a middle. If my third grade English class has taught me anything it's that every good story should have a beginning, middle and end.
      When I say that there is a huge hole in this movie, I mean it. I've seen more substance in a Street Fighter movie than I have is 'The Void'. Now this usually wouldn't be a big problem considering that the psychedelic visual effects are supposed to be the big selling point of this feature film. But Enter The Void is two hours and forty minutes long. Yes, 160 minutes of bright colours and no real dialog to speak of.

      Gaspar Noe has relied on two things to keep the audiences entertained while watching his baby project. The first would be the aforementioned crazy bright colours and patterns. The second would be sex. Full on, verging on hardcore, sex. It's like Gaspar Noe let his horny teenager grandson direct at least seventy percent of the movie as when you aren't being blasted by played out images you wouldn't be surprised to see in a kaleidoscope, your getting full frontal porn shoved down your throat for no real apparent reason.
      There is only one way, just one way that Noe was able to do what he did with Enter The Void. He got high, extremely high and fell asleep watching season five of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In fact I'll go as far to say that Noe borrowed idea's from the guys over at 'It's Always Sunny'. In the episode "Mac and Charlie write a movie", the boys write a movie about a hardcore scientist that goes around fighting crime. But being from Philly the boys needed to pay homage to fellow Philidelphian M. Night Symalan and add in a little twist. The twist being that every so often, the scientist (played by Dolph Lungren), would return to his lab and bang his assistant with the camera showing "full penetration". This is almost what Noe did, but instead of the incredibly stupid story, he removed it altogether so in the end all you are left with is visual affects and hardcore porn.

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        02.08.2013 23:45



        Only for those with extreme acquired tastes.

        After the controversial yet still successful 'Irreversible', director Gasper Noe went on to create a more heartfelt, personal and somehow even more explicit production, 'Enter the Void'. A hallucinatory, drug-fuelled tale about a young man who is killed and then, in 'limbo', attempts to regain possession of his body, while contemplating important moments of his life. The concept is interesting and has the chance to offer a unique story - for me it fails on both counts. It is visually driven, which is both its biggest strength and its greatest weakness. For long sequences of the film, we get nothing but multi-coloured neon imagery, inter-cut occasionally with another flashback. The problem with this is simple: it's incredibly boring. Not only that, but it moves at a snail's pace, and watching scenery concerning characters we don't know/don't care about makes it incredibly difficult to watch. When you get down to it as well, the plot isn't at all engaging. There's nothing wrong with telling a story through visuals, but you have to get it 100% right, and Noe does not. If you're looking for an out-of-body experience motion picture, 'Enter the Void' is for you, but if you aren't looking a pretentious entitled waste of two-and-a-half hours, I'd steer well clear. Only for those with a LOT of patience and suspension of disbelief.


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