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Final Destination 2 (DVD)

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23 Reviews

Genre: Horror / Theatrical Release: 2003 / Director: David R. Ellis / Actors: Ali Larter, A.J. Cook ... / DVD released 20 October, 2003 at EIV / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    23 Reviews
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      08.12.2009 19:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great sequel for the most part

      note: also appears in part on Flixster and The Student Room

      Final Destination was a clever antidote to the rote and trite horror films that we've been subjected to for so long, in that rather than the killer be some masked nutter, it is death itself that is coming for them. It also doesn't take itself too seriously as so many horrors tend to, and actually has a lot of fun with the convoluted ways through which people are killed.

      The second film is much of the same, but given how fun the original was, that's not such a bad thing. This time, the protagonist is Kimberly Corman (A. J. Cook), who, while on the freeway with her friends, has a premonition that a huge accident is going to happen. Sure enough, she gets off of the freeway, and then we're treated to a brilliantly bombastic accident scene, in which the vast majority of the people on the highway are destroyed by death's touch.

      Now, given that a few have escaped, they must try and cheat death. The survivors summon the help of Clear (Ali Larter), who remains the sole survivor from the events of the first film and has incarcerated herself in a mental asylum to ensure that death cannot get her. Together, they must try and find a way to trick death and survive, or suffer a grisly, possibly hilarious fate.

      As far as sequels go, I thoroughly enjoyed this despite it being mostly a retread of the original concept. The opening premonition sequence is absolutely spectacular, and the inventive and over-the-top deaths throughout the film are both messy and at times fun. The film tries a degree of smarts near the end which only worked with mixed results, but this was a more than competent sequel.


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        28.10.2009 10:31
        Very helpful



        A teenager narrowly avoids a violent car-crash but finds Death hasn't finished with her yet!

        Final Destination 2 is the second (and arguably the best) of three sequels to the highly unique and original film that was Final Destination. Taking a whole new cast and cleverly linking them to characters from the first film, the movie provides lots of twists, turns and shocks as fans try and second-guess how each character is going to die...usually in the goriest ways possible.

        For those not familiar with the first movie, a group of school kids aiming to fly to France on a class trip narrowly averted all being killed when one of their friends had a chilling premonition at the airport that the plane was going to crash soon after take-off. Many of the students and teachers who refused to believe stayed on the plane and it was only because teenager Alex Browning caused a fuss that he and some of his friends were ejected from the flight!! But, like the tag-line to this movie says, you cannot cheat Death and pretty soon each of these survivors found themselves fighting for their lives as the Grim Reaper attempted to claim their souls in a variety of very nasty accidents.....

        The second film begins a year later and a group of teenagers are all going on a road-trip when one of them experiences a similar vision (in one of the film's most chilling and bloodthirsty moments that really sets the scene for whats to come) of a very horrific accident that will happen just ahead and wipe both her and all her friends completely out. As in the first film, this teenager causes enough of a scene that her friends are forced to pull the car over just as the multi vehicle pile-up she "saw" takes place just ahead of them barely moments later. Chilled to the bone, each of the survivors (that includes a random group of strangers who were stuck in the cars behind the friends) counts themselves lucky but what they fail to realise is that they have put into motion yet another cycle as Death comes back to claim the lives of all those he missed first time around.

        As each of the survivors dies in turn, Kimberly Corman, who had the vision, remembers the case of Flight 180 the year before and the bizarre accidents that followed that plane crash. Tracking down the last surviving member of that flight in a secure mental institute, Kimberly tries to discover how Clear Rivers managed to escape the cycle and persuades her to help her and her friends likewise cheat Death a second time around. Meanwhile the deaths pile up getting bloodier, gorier and nastier with every kill providing the audience with plenty of "jump" moments and scenes that will have you positively reaching for a cushion behind which you can hide your eyes!

        Many sequels end up being very disappointing but thankfully FD2 manages to maintain the fast-paced action, tension and suspense that made the first film such a big success! Wong and Morgan, both veteran writers from The X-Files, once again manage to deliver the goods and the corelation between this and the first film is also very very cleverly devised! Each of the survivors in this film, you see, has their own personal links to Flight 180 and that is why Kimberly has her vision just before events are set in motion. Of course there are rules and thankfully "Candyman" Tony Todd is back as a scary funeral attendant to explain how the game is to be played this time around in what is a highly disturbing cameo and a very welcome return from the first film.

        There are plenty of reasons why this sequel probably shouldn't work (it rehashes ideas from the first film, uses similar shock tactics and amps the blood and gore up another level as it tries to usurp its predecessor, has characters just begging to be taken out and killed) and yet.....this is quite simply a highly awesome and effective film that remains as good every time you watch it. Even knowing what is to come, I still jump every time I see it and that is a sign of an excellent horror flick!

        This is without any doubt, horror at its best. Its just a shame number 3 was such pants!


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          03.09.2009 10:29
          Very helpful



          A worthy sequel to a fantastic film.

          Exactly one year after the horrific plane crash of Flight 180 a group of teenagers are about to set off on their vacation. While approaching the highway, Kimberly (A.J Cook) has a gruesome premonition about there being a huge motorway pile up, killing everyone involved.

          Just like Flight 180, Kimberly raises the alarm and prevents a group of people from entering the highway however just days after the accident the survivors start to die in freak accidents, sound familiar? Proving that no matter what people think, you can't cheat death...

          I was really impressed when watching this sequel for the first time a couple of years ago, it was released in 2003 and although the film depicts the events as occurring one year after Flight 180 in reality it's three. I think this significant time gap bodes well for the films and they've followed the rule of three with their other two sequels with Final Destination 3 being released in 2006 and The Final Destination released at cinemas in 2009. The significance with the time gap being that it enables people to possibly forget the early twists that occur in the movie, making it a more tense atmosphere when you witness the horrific accidents towards the beginning of the film.

          This sequel is a little different than most as it follows the exact same premise that the first film was based on; an accident occurs and the survivors begin dying, this all sounds relatively simple but Final Destination adds something very innovative and intriguing to the mix enabling audiences to be captivated by each individual film and not be caught up in the 'it's all the same' attitude. Of course with the sequel following the same foundation as the original film you'd be very naïve to think that it's going to all be fresh and new but luckily because of the ingenuity and shrewdness of the Final Destination films it still manages to grip audiences, so much so that a forth film has recently been released, the only other horror film which I think surpasses that in the number of sequels and innovativeness is the Saw franchise.

          Unfortunately I don't think Final Destination 2 quite manages to match up to the imaginativeness of the first film because it's simply a carbon copy but as the saying goes 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' and that's what they've done with this film. The makers of Final Destination 1 and 2 know they've got a good thing going here and know that it would be foolish to alter anything. In this film they've tried to go that one step further, making the film a little bit more believable; plane crashes are rare but there's something shockingly simple about a highway pile up which is caused by the most mundane of circumstances.

          The director clearly knows that he's got a job on his hands to make this sequel match up to the brilliance of the first film; because it's all been done before the element of surprise has been eliminated therefore the director has to try and be even more imaginative with the deaths and with that he sets up many red herrings, making the audience believe that a character is going to die a certain way only to do a complete 180 (no pun intended) and kill them a different way. This adds to the tension of the film and allows the audience to join in with the action and let them predict how a character is going to die only to shock them into killing them in another, arguably less inventive way. Unfortunately the deaths lack a bit of originality and imagination the second time around, they're not predictable but they're not inventive enough to leave the audience stunned. In a way this does make the film seem a little more realistic though, in the first film the characters died in ways that you can never even imagine happening in real life but in this film you think to yourself that certain scenes could actually happen.

          There were points in the film that made you think that this is too contrived even for a film, unlike the first film we gets hints of how the characters are going to die before it actually happens. Kimberly starts having mini visions of things happening to people which could have made the film more tense because you know that something is going to happen but the characters are oblivious however I think this makes the film unrealistic and takes away the element of surprise even more unfortunately.

          The special effects are fantastic and the first accident scene with the pile up is superb, the time and effort that went into putting it all together really works to the films credit and just shows how clever and imaginative this film really is however the deaths subsequent to this never seem to be able to match up to the opening sequence meaning that after a breathtaking 30 minutes you're then left with a bit of a lacklustre effort that desperately tries to recapture the magic of the first sequence.

          The fact that they brought a character from the first film back makes the film a little less predictable because it means that there can be survivors, this again adds to the build up of tension because you never know if a character is going to do the 'impossible' and escape their own death or intervene in another. Clear Rivers played by the most recognisable member of the cast Ali Larter plays the survivor from the first film, she plays a welcome addition to the film as her character adds to the unpredictability of it all.

          Overall I think this is a good, if somewhat flawed sequel. It was never going to match up to the originality of the first film due to the repetitiveness of it all but it's still great fun to watch and the fact that a forth instalment has recently been released just shows how popular and groundbreaking these films have become over the years. The third film was a little disappointing so hopefully the forth will be able to shed some new light on a film with a limited shelf life.

          The DVD is available from play.com for £4.99.

          The special features include:
          Filmmaker's commentary
          'Bringing Death To Life' documentary
          Deleted and alternate scenes
          Music videos
          The Terror Gauge
          'Cheating Death: Beyond And Back' documentary
          Choose your fate
          Fact track


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            01.09.2009 22:22
            Very helpful



            Not as good as the first film

            Final Destination 2 is the sequel to the 2000 horror film Final Destination and was released in 2003. It is rated 15 due to a lot of gore and violence and a lot of bad language. The film is 93 minutes long. Final Destination 2 was also a financial success, making over $90 million worldwide.

            It is one year after Flight 180 and now someone else is experiencing visions. Kimberly is driving along Route 23 when she see's a mass pile up happen and a lot of people end up dead. She blocks the road off to prevent it from happening but it happens anyway and people really start to believe her. The survivors of the crash start dying one by one and Kimberly knows she must track down Clear Rivers, the only survivor still alive from Flight 180. Clear has put herself in a mental institution in order to stay safe and tells Kimberly that everyone on Death's list is there because of Flight 180 and its consequences.

            Ali Larter - Clear Rivers
            A.J.Cook - Kimberly Corman
            Michael Landes - Thomas Burke
            David Paetkau - Evan Lewis
            James Kirk - Tim Carpenter
            Lynda Boyd - Nora Carpenter

            Special Features
            - Filmmaker's commentary
            - Deleted/ alternate scenes
            - Music Videos
            - Trailers
            - Beyond the movie: the terror gauge
            - Cheating death: Beyond and back documentary
            - Choose your fate
            - Fast track

            My Opinion
            Although this film has been described as extremely similar to the first film, I really liked how many new ways there were for people to die and how elaborate the scenes were. The high gore factor is still there and there is an amazing amount of blood. Some of the death scenes were quite gross and made me look away at times.

            While the plot isn't anything original, the writers did manage to add in some very good twists so the ending wasn't particularly predictable. The story keeps us guessing about who is going to be killed next and I found myself sitting there trying to figure out the order. Not many horror films make me think too much and that was something different about this one. We do see a lot of the ways in which characters are supposed to do but nothing in horror is ever that simple and there are a lot of elements of surprise throughout Final Destination 2.

            The cast on a whole, were really good and each played their parts well but it was Ali Larter that stole the film for me. It was good to see someone survive from the first film, proving that death can be cheated if you try hard enough. Later's character, Clear Rivers (What a stupid name) is very believable when we find that she has committed herself to a mental institution. I think if I were having visions of people dying, I would want to be on so many drugs that I don't remember.

            Even though I liked this sequel, I didn't think it was as good as the first film mainly because it didn't bring enough originality to the table. It is definitely worth a watch but it isn't a film that will be watching over and over again.


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              30.03.2009 07:01
              Very helpful



              Very good Sequel

              Final Destination 2 was released in year 2003 and sequel to the Final Destination. As Final Destination, Final Destination 2 is a horror thriller and was directed by David Ellis.

              Ali Larter is returning in the sequel. She played a role of Carter Rivers, one of the survivors of the flight 180.

              AJ Cook played a role of Kimberly Corman. She is the main character of this movie and had a vision about accident on route 23.

              Lynda Boyd played a role of Nora Carpenter.

              Keegan Connor Tracy played a role of Kat Jennings.

              Jonathan Cherry played a role of Rory Peters, a drug addict.

              TC Carson played a role of Eugene Dix.

              The roles of Frankie Arnold, Dano Royale, Shaina Gordon and Evan Lewis are played respectively by Shaun Sipos, Alex Rae, Sarah Carter and David. They all are Kimberly's friend.

              After one year of explosion of flight 180 Kimberly and her friends are going for going for vacation. While driving she experiences a vision of pile-up on the route 23. After premonition she felt that all things she saw in vision starts happening. She blocks all the cars on the highway and told police officer about her vision. As she is talking to officer cars begins to crash with the truck holding logs on the back. Kimberly and her friends all are shocked.
              Officer takes all the survivors of route 23 accident to police station. The survivors are Eugene, Rory, Catherine, Nora and his son, Kimberly herself. In police station Kimberly starts telling about her vision but no one is ready to believe. The people start dying mysteriously. Then Kimberly meets Carter Rivers one of the survivors of flight 180 and ask for help because she has had a same experience. First she refuses to help but then she agrees to help Kimberly. She told Kimberly to spot the signs of the death. When she spot a sign and try to help the survivors she found them dead. Then they went William Bludworth, an enigmatic mortician for help. He told them that only new life can defeat death. Now what will Kimberly do? How people start dying? Does any body able to survive? To know all the answers watch "Final Destination 2".

              After watching Final Destination I felt that I should go for Final Destination. While watching movie I felt my decision was not wrong. The story is almost same as first one. But I love the accident scene of route 23. What an amazing scene it was. As I wrote in my previous review on Final Destination that I love the way they show people dying. Same things happen in this movie. After watching death scenes I really start thinking how creative people can be? Some scenes are so genuine that sometimes when I saw the same environment and things around me I also get scared for a moment. So I you haven't seen Final Destination then definitely you should watch this movie. I strongly recommend this movie to all horror and thriller lovers.


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                17.03.2009 19:04
                Very helpful



                A good thriller that will keep you guessing about the graphic death scenes

                Written by Jeffrey Reddick, J Mackye and Eric Bress, and directed by David R Ellis, Final Destination 2 was the long awaited follow up to the box office horror Final Destination. Released back in February 2003, the cinema going audience had to wait for over two years for this sequel, but it was worth the wait?

                ****Story line****

                It is the first anniversary of the Flight 180 explosion and "death" is devising its new list.

                Kimberley Corman (A J Cook) and her friends, Shaina (Sarah Carter), Dano (Alejandro Rae) and Frankie (Shaun Sipos) are embarking on a trip when a premonition stops Kimberley in her tracks. She is obviously distressed by what she has witnessed and parks her car across the entrance to the freeway. Luckily, Officer Thomas Burke (Michael Landes) is not far behind and as he is diffusing the chaos Kimberley has caused a freak accident occurs leaving all of the witnesses shocked.

                The premonition plays on Kimberley's mind and she feels there is only one person who can help her understand what is going on and how to deal with it. That person is Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), sole survivor of the Flight 180 explosion. Unfortunately for Kimberley, Clear is unresponsive but soon gives in and offers advice based on her experience.

                Now that Kimberley has the assistance of Clear Rivers can she, and her new found friends, change the list of death?


                This film is based around seven actors including:

                i) Eugene Dix (Terrence Carson)
                ii) Nora Carpenter (Lynda Boyd)
                iii) Tim Carpenter (James Kirk)
                iv) Evan Lewis (David Paetkau)
                v) Isabella Hudson (Justina Muchado)
                vi) Kat Jennings (Keegan Connor Tracy)
                vii) Rory Peters (Jonathan Cherry)

                Whilst all of the above do a good job, and are believable in their respective roles, I don't think that any of them give an outstanding performance.

                There is also a large cast of supporting actors but none of these have a significant part, or are present in any memorable scenes.

                ****My opinion****

                Final Destination 2 is a good film although it is not one that I would watch over and over again, like I do some other films since the longetivity just isn't there for me. The story is unrealistic but then it is executed so well that this doesn't really matter.

                The writers and producers have done a great job and they appear to let their imagination run riot. The ways in which the characters are slowly killed off, and the build up to it is very clever and unique and it did make me wonder where the inspiration came from. The killing scenes are explicitly gruesome, although a bit over the top and contain a lot of blood, which some people may find distressing.

                There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing, especially when dealing with the killing scenes. Just when you think you have figured it out something else totally obscure happens and you find you are way off the mark. Unpredictability is something I like and it really works in this film.

                There are special effects used throughout the film and they are very good. In my opinion the best sequence of events, involving some very good special effects, occurs within the first fifteen minutes of the film. This is action packed and fast paced although the film doesn't stay at this momentum until right near the end.

                The sound effects and back ground music is very well done and used at appropriate times, really setting the mood. I think sound is a crucial element of thrillers and, for me, the sound can make or break a film of this genre and the sound definitely makes this film.

                The acting is good and all of the actors play their parts well to ensure that there is tension, mood and atmosphere throughout the film. No one actor steals the limelight and there are no really outstanding performances although I thought Ali Larters was the most believable.

                The ending is weird and I found myself thinking "I don't really know what is happening here" but it didn't really matter that much and did not ruin my enjoyment of the film. Although gruesome, I found the scene right at the end quite funny. I don't know if that was the intention of the producers or not but it did give a talking point as the DVD was being ejected from the player.

                Overall this is a good film. It is not great, nor will it ever be up there with the classics but it is well worth watching if you like a good thriller that requires very little thought and attention whilst watching it. Don't expect too much and I think that you will enjoy it.


                Run time - 90 minutes
                Certificate - 15
                4 award nominations, but no wins


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                  14.02.2009 02:56
                  Very helpful



                  It was put together well, but is not really the sort of film I would watch over and over again

                  In the year 2000, there was a hit film called Final Destination. So successful this was, that in 2003, a sequel was made, following the same basic plot guidelines, but changing the storyline somewhat. A little bit like in the Die Hard films, terrotists keep attacking, and John McClane is always involved, just in different ways.
                  Strangely, a different director was used in this film, David R. Ellis, who had only one notable film previous to this; Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco, not what you would call a 'supernatural thriller', but he was given the job all the same, and a budget of 26 million dollars, and on 7th February 2003, Final Destination 2 was released in the UK.
                  His bosses obviously thought he did a grand job because he was later chosen to direct the fourth installment, due to be released in 2009.

                  I have personally never seen the first one, but did see the third, and that was similar to this film in some ways.
                  Storywise, a girl has a vision that she will be involved in a massive traffic accident and she and her friends will be killed. Stopping the car immediately, she watches in horrification as the road she would have been travelling on suffers a terrible road accident.
                  When they learn of the goings on regarding Flight 180 (the story from the first film) they understand that in order to live, each of the survivors must find a way to 'cheat' death which is coming their way sooner rather than later.

                  Not a bad storyline I suppose, something different is you discount the other films in the series, this gives an exciting run of events as the characters of the film try to prevent death from hunting them down and killing them in turn.

                  It stars one semi famous actress, Ali Larter (whom some will recognise from 'Heroes') but apart from her, none of the cast are really big names from the world of acting. Having said that, the cast from this film did a grand job of proving their place in the film world, as I don't think there was a bad part played by any of them.

                  Some genres specify this as a horror film but I would be inclined to disagree slightly. I see horrors as films which scare you somewhat, or, making you 'horrified'. This however, was not something which made me scared in the slightest, instead more of a psychological thriller type of film would suit the genre better. It did have large degrees of gore, and each of the deaths witnessed were very graphic indeed, so if that is what you are after, you will enjoy this film.

                  Prepare to believe that either death is coming, or things have got highly coincidental, or you won't get far with this film. It did entertain me for the duration, and it certainly keeps you guessing as to what will happen next.

                  I am rating this film 3 stars, because although I believe it was put together well, it is not really the sort of film I would watch over and over again.


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                    01.09.2008 20:02



                    grat deathly sequel

                    the sequel to final destination arrives and in my oppinion its just as good. This one follows kimberly conrad she and a group of friends are of on a trip. on the highway she has a premonition that there is going to be a huge pileup she wakes up and begins to see the early sign of the crash .she makes a scene and a cop tries to help but the pile up happens her friens die she and the cop survive along with a few others. however kimberly soon realises that death is chasing them people start to dye the group of survivors team up to try and cheat death clear rivers also returns from the mental intistution she was in and helps them she tells them that if you can cheat death then your life will be skipped and then death turns to the next person inline to die.


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                    07.03.2008 14:49
                    Very helpful



                    Entertaining, especially for a sequel

                    Kimberly Corman is going on a road trip with her friends...or so she thinks. On the way, she suddenly has a premonition about a car crash and terrifies the life out of her friends by coming to a complete halt on a highway. While trying to explain what she thinks is about to happen to a disbelieving police officer, the crash happens, killing her friends and several other people. Thanks to her premonition though, there are survivors. But Kimberley remembers a plane crash a year before after which the survivors died in freak accidents one by one. The only survivor is Clear Rivers, and she is in a psychiatric hospital. Kimberley goes to see Clear hoping for some answers. Will she get any? And will she persuade the other survivors that they need to cheat death in order to stay alive?

                    A J Cooke plays Kimberly Corman. I've seen the actress in Ripper and thought she was really good. As Kimberley, she gave a convincing performance - she does a lot of freaking out, which she managed to do without annoying the pants off me, so that is definitely a plus. This is though a film that concentrates on action rather than character development, so Cooke doesn't really have the chance to show us what she's made of. Ali Larter returns from the first Final Destination as Clear Rivers and again gives a good performance bearing in mind the limitations to her role. I like her because she is not the usual perfect beauty that directors tend to pick, which makes her easier to identify with and therefore more realistic.

                    I spent ages trying to work out where I had seen Michael Landes, who plays the part of Officer Thomas Burke. He has recently been on our screens in Love Soup, along with Tamsin Grieg, but I know him best from an Agatha Christie interpretation. I really like him. There is something very appealing about the way he looks and acts on screen. As Burke, he is a very sympathetic character - he is the only one who believes Kimberly to begin with. Acting-wise, Landes gives a competent performance - again, he is forced to show more action than emotion - nevertheless he won me over. Without him, I think this film would have been little more than average.

                    Having seen the first Final Destination, I watched this immediately afterwards, expecting it to be pretty average. There are a lot of similarities with the first one, so that I was left thinking I'd seen it all before, but on the whole, this was a compelling film that kept me on the edge of my seat even though I thought I knew what was going to happen. The pacing is great - the film flashed by in no time at all and the viewer isn't given a moment to draw breath. And it really isn't necessary to have seen the first film in order to understand this one - it can be watched as a stand-alone and in fact, might be all the better for it.

                    Visually, there are some pretty spectacular accidents. Some of it is really gory, particularly when compared to the first, because we actually see the results of the accidents rather than being made to imagine it. One of the crash survivors is cut into pieces by a flying barbed wire fence - it literally slices him in three and we see his guts spilling out. This is something I'm more used to with Korean and Japanese horror. I don't mind it, but obviously some people will find it unnecessarily nasty - so be warned! There is a rating of 15 for this film - I actually expected it to be an 18 - but as it is about teenagers, I suppose it is aimed at the teen market.

                    There are some flaws in the plot - or at least parts that I didn't fully grasp - and that I think could have been handled better. It took me a while to work out what had happened to one of the characters from the first film, because it isn't immediately obvious. And because we aren't given any insight into the characters before the car crash, it took me a while to work out who they all were - the first death after the crash seemed completely random to me because I hadn't recognised him from the day of the crash. Obviously character development isn't the most important thing in this film, but being given time to work out who was who would have been a good idea!

                    I actually really liked this film. I expected to find it a bit silly - I did borrow it from a fourteen year old after all - but instead I found it thoroughly entertaining, albeit with the odd flaw. I have the third installment to watch and am a bit concerned that they can't possibly make it as good as the first two, but who knows? This one certainly worked for me. Recommended.

                    The DVD is available from play.com for £5.99.

                    Classification: 15

                    Running time: 90 minutes


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                      20.04.2007 17:26
                      Very helpful



                      Inevitably not as good as the first, but not as poor as many sequels

                      What’s it about?
                      Kimberly Corman cheats death and saves the lives of a number of other people in a car accident. Death, however, comes hunting them.

                      Who’s in it?
                      In true “horror/serial killer” movie fashion, it’s basically stacked with a mostly young, good looking cast who, though competent, are never going to set the acting world alight. But that really doesn’t matter. Their job is simply to die in increasingly interesting ways. For the record, though, the main characters, played competently, if a little blandly, are Kimberly Corman (played by A J Carter) and Officer Thomas Burke (Michael Landes). The only surviving cast member from the original is Ali Carter, as Clear Rivers.

                      The only downside to this fairly anonymous cast, is that it can sometimes be a little difficult to remember who has already died and who is still alive!

                      Is it any good?
                      Inevitably, the film is not quite as innovative as the first film, as you know what to expect – elaborate set-pieces, leading to the death of one of the characters and a mad race against time to try and work out how to stop it all.

                      Whilst lacking the element of surprise of the original, the film is still great fun to watch. There are some very imaginative and shocking deaths here. The writers play with our expectations, setting up lots of red herrings and more obvious means of death, before using something very unexpected to despatch the characters. This adds to the sense of fun and, to some extent, even helps to create an element of suspense. We know a character is going to die; what we don’t know is how. So, the directors and writers cleverly show us the scene where the death will take place, and every object becomes a potential death trap for the poor victim! Watching it for the first time, try and guess what will kill someone – the chances are, you’ll be wrong!

                      The death sequences themselves are often very elaborate affairs, the result of the most unlikely and bizarre set of co-incidences and circumstances. Your enjoyment of the film will very much rest on whether you get these deaths or not. If you think they are ridiculous and contrived, you might as well go and watch something else, as the whole point of the film will pass you by. Otherwise, you’ll take a certain savage pleasure in the imaginative ways that the victims meet their end!

                      The deaths are probably a little bloodier and graphic than in the first film. In fact, in Final Destination, much of the power of the sequences came from the fact that, often, you didn’t actually see the actual bloody deaths at all. The classic example of this is the bus accident – possibly the best (and most unexpected) death sequence ever filmed. Here, however, there is more claret spilt which, depending on your point of view, may be a good or bad thing. Personally, I think both films got it right – the (relative) lack of blood in the original suited the tone. Here, the increase in blood is fully justified and matches the film well. It’s not the goriest film ever made by a long, long way, but there are still some sequences which might have more squeamish viewers screaming

                      As if recognising the film’s potential weakness (we’ve seen it all before), the writers try to bump up other elements of the plot – not always successfully. For instance, they increase the supernatural element, allowing the main character to have repeated premonitions giving hints about how the deaths will occur. This stretches the credibility of the film a little too far, and makes it over-elaborate. It also slightly spoils the element of surprise about how characters are going to die. The beauty of the first film was that the set-up was so simple. By introducing additional elements, the film starts to look a little smug and self-satisfied.

                      Another criticism is that the film is a little imbalanced in terms of its running time. The initial set-up (the premonition and subsequent avoidance of the accident) are a little drawn out. The film has a crisp running time of just 90 minutes, yet this first section takes up nearly 25 minutes of the film – over a quarter of the running time. As such, the subsequent deaths and final solution have to be crammed into the final 60 minutes, resulting in a slightly rushed feel. Indeed, whereas in the first film, each character had their own death scene (increasing the number of elaborate deaths), here several victims are killed in the same sequence (though not necessarily by the same thing). This suggests that the writers were perhaps struggling to come up with new scenarios and struggling against time constraints. The film would have been better paced if the accident had been dealt with more quickly, with increased time for the death sequences. After all, the biggest audience for this film is likely to be those people who watched and enjoyed the first film, so they won’t need much in the way of introduction. As for new viewers, well, it’s hardly the most taxing concept in the world, so a quick recap would probably have been more than adequate!

                      Having criticised the opening segment, it has to be said that it is very impressive. The premonition which Kimberly has of the accident is deeply chilling and superbly filmed. In fact, this sequence is probably the stand-out one in the film. The real problem lies with the scenes immediately following this, which are a little too wordy, and don’t feature enough action.

                      The film also tries a little too hard to tie associate itself with the first film. The most obvious is the re-appearance of the character of Clear Rivers, in a fairly pointless role. However, there are plenty of others too. The convoluted attempt to tie all the main characters in some way to the original Final Destination is clunky and cumbersome. This constant referencing all but forces you to compare the two films. And there’s no escaping the fact that, however much fun it might be, it’s not as good as the original. Personally, I think the writers would have been better making a completely new film with totally new characters and breaking all ties to the first film – retaining .just the original basic idea and the elaborate deaths. They are, after all, what set Final Destination apart from so many other recent horror/serial killer films.

                      Inevitably, the sequel lacks the impact and the innovative plot of the original. Despite its problems, though this is still a fun, if flawed, film.

                      Basic Information
                      Final Destination 2
                      Director: David R Ellis
                      Runing Time: approximately 90 minutes
                      Certificate: 15

                      Lead character Kimberly Corman is named in homage to (low-budget) horror maestro Roger Corman.

                      © Copyright SWSt 2007


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                        02.09.2006 22:33
                        Very helpful



                        It does everything that could be asked...given its genre and target audience

                        It would be easy to dismiss Final Destination 2 as just another tragic teen flick. Such movies rarely win critical acclaim in their first outings, let alone with a rehashed sequel to continue the franchise. But while the sequel to the 2000 hit wins no prizes for covering new ground, it certainly lives up to the expectancy bestowed on it by its core fans.

                        The premise is simple. You don't mess with the plan of death. What is death's plan? This is the question that Final Destination poses and answers over the course of a hundred action packed, and often violent, minutes. The thing which seperates this franchise from the rest in its throwaway genre is that the movie has no intention of exceeding its own expectations. A slasher breed movie in every sense of the word, yet with an absent villian who exists only in cutaway camera shots as we watch the acts of a higher being unfolding through visual suggestion.

                        One year on from the ill-fated Flight 180, and your token good girl, Kimberly (A.J Cook), is experiencing frightening premonitions of her own. Just like her predecessor in the first movie, a nasty vision of the fate that awaits brings a trail of devestating destruction...before we snap back to the present, midway through the chain of events which will take our characters to their deaths. Naturally, Kimberly is startled by her vision of the highway accident in which dozens are about to perish. Even more startled when the very truck which causes the pile-up surges past her on the road. As death would have it, Kimberly was never supposed to make it off the highway on this particular day. Her natural reaction is to avoid the hell that awaits, and in the process, deny death its insatiable appetite for mass suffering which plights the first scene.

                        You have to admit, whether you're a fan of the movie or not, the opening sequence makes for a startling introduction to what the Final Destination series is all about. In kicking off with Kimberly's premonition, we're greeted to a adrenaline pumping blitz of GFX and high octane action that you'd usually find in the final quarter of a movie. At the crescendo of the madness, we're hastily brought back to reality and Kimberly's ghast at the chain of events beginning to unfold is our own. It's something that has taken on new meaning given the events in society since the turn of the milenium. We do possess a slightly dystopian taste for the mass disaster, and such an incidence where we're shown it about to unfold would naturally raise the hair on the back of the neck.

                        And there lays the major selling point of Final Destination 2. We know what awaits the cast, and we witness the seeds being planted as death conspires against them. The writing has deliberately geared itself to laugh in the frailties of its own genre. Most teenage horror flicks are designed with such character pecking orders that we can decide for ourselves withinn minutes just who's going to make it, and who's going to have their guts cleaned off the floor. Final Destination holds no cards up it's sleeve. It tells us straight up who's next in line to meet their grissly end, and we're left to sit back and watch it happen.

                        The trademark kill-offs all take place in the same fashion, from a production standpoint - although in nature, there's a hell of a lot of inventive execution going on. The camera will cut away from the character in danger, and show us the chain of events towards their demise being triggered in relatively innocent fashion. Prepare to speculate over what's going to be the killer blow as Death closes the net on its victim.

                        We're treated to some truly gruesome scenes where the would-be victims of the opening car crash meet their ends. There's a freak appartment fire, a pigeon inspired decapitation and a whole host of bloody collisions which i won't spoil. To reveal too much would be to rip the heart out of the movie. This is a film which thrives on serving up the unexpected.

                        The cast itself is relatively unkown, which is probably a better thing in this case. A superstar lead would have undoubtedly taken away from the premise that anybody can die at any time. The acting is passable but it should be noted that the cast are rarely asked to push the boundaries of their craft within the script. The directing is such that too much character background would detract from the thrills at stake. Indeed, even the latest death of a central character is brushed under the carpet and forgotten within moments, and we're soon plunged in to the next chain of events.

                        The ending is quite clever when you look at the options that were available to them. With a movie such as this, in dealing with Death itself, how do you make the final ten minutes seem reasonable without over-stepping the mark? I was left unsure of the final outcome until the actual payoff, which is more than can be said for most of Final Destination's rivals.

                        At the end of the day, Final Destination 2 has to be judged on its ability to deliver to the target audience. If psychological horror and subtle plot twists are your thing, then you're probably not even considering this movie. So why judge it on that? The movie is in no way revolutionary. But it takes an almighty stab at a relevant fascination which most people share in death itself, and translates it for a teenage audience who will - and have - lapped it up in abundance.

                        Leave your brain at the door, and your dinner too. Final Destination 2 offers more than its share of gross out moments, and a few mild scares. The script, although not as sharp as the original, delivers in catering for the job at hand. We're not forced to invest interest in to faceless characters, and the action carries the movie through most of its running time. Compared with the genre that it finds itself representing, Final Destination 2 is a surprisingly well paced flick with the intelligence in knowing what its cinema viewers have paid their money for, and delivering it.

                        Extras on the DVD include:

                        - Audio commentary track.
                        - ‘The Terror Gauge’ featurette
                        - ‘Cheating Death: Beyond & Back’ featurette
                        - ‘Bits & Pieces: Bringing Death To Life’ documentary
                        - Deleted and alternative scenes.
                        - Fact track trivia
                        - Choose your fate game
                        - The usual array of trailers and music features.


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                          07.08.2006 03:58
                          Very helpful



                          Not as good as the first film but still worth a look... you sick puppies!!!

                          I missed ‘Final Destination 2’ when it hit the cinemas back in 2003. It got pretty reasonable reviews despite it giving us more of what the first film delivered - but maybe not quite as well as the original.

                          That said, ‘Final Destination 2’ is still definitely worth a look.


                          THE PLOT:

                          On the one year anniversary of the crash of Flight 180 (see the original ‘Final Destination’ and my previous review on it), Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) and her friends head out on a road trip. Just as they’re about to head out onto the highway, she has a premonition that there is going to be an horrific multi-vehicle pile-up so she pulls over and blocks the access to the highway.

                          It is worthy of mention that the pile-up as seen in her premonition is absolutely incredible and is very intense. It all starts when a lorry carrying logs sheds its load when supporting chains snap. Total carnage follows as several cars are hit by the falling logs and others crash as they try to avoid them. The crashes are so nasty in places, they may just make you think twice about flooring the accelerator as much in the future!

                          Kimberly’s behaviour attracts the attention of a cop who is driving a few cars behind her. When a tearful Kimberly is asked by the cop what the problem is, she tells him that there is going to be a terrible accident.

                          The cop asks Kimberly to get out of her car just as the log lorry passes them. She tries to tell the cop that the lorry that just drove past will be the cause of the pile-up - just as the accident begins to unfold as she foresaw - with the exception that now she and her friends, the cop himself and several other people that were due to be caught up and killed in the accident are now safe at the side of the road - but how long will they remain safe?

                          The cop runs to his vehicle to call in the details of the accident and has to run back to Kimberly and pulls her back from her car just seconds before it is hit from the side by another lorry - instantly killing her friends. It would seem their fate was still to die in the pile-up but Kimberly, the cop and the other people have been spared… for now.


                          THE CAST / ACTING:

                          The cast in ‘Final Destination 2’ are mostly pretty good - with a majority of them playing their roles convincingly. Unlike it’s predecessor, ‘Final Destination 2’ has quite a few characters that are pretty irritating or who are simply not very nice. As a result, you don’t care for a few of them but if you’ve seen the first film, you know that there’s a very high likelihood of these characters not making it to the end of the film - and can look forward to their grisly ends!

                          A.J. Cook is good as the lead character but somehow, none of the characters are quite as well rounded as in the original film.

                          There are a couple of role reprisals from the first movie that help the feeling of continuity. Sadly, the lead character from the first film is now dead - which is revealed to us in a some-what throwaway scene where the cop looks up details of the characters that survived Flight 180 but ultimately died in the first film. On one of the following screens is a news report from a website detailing Alex’s death. He was apparently killed by a brick which dislodged from a building - killing him instantly when it hits him in the face.

                          Alex’s girlfriend - Clear Rivers (played once again by Ali Larter reprising her role from the first film) was with him at the time of his untimely fatal “accident” and has now placed herself into an institute with a padded cell - in order to keep herself as much out of harm’s way as is humanly possible.

                          Kimberly visits Clear to tell her about her premonition and that what happened to the survivors of Flight 180 is happening all over again. Clear is initially hostile toward Kimberly but eventually decides to try to help her find out exactly what is happening before the survivors of the pile-up share the same fate as those on Flight 180.

                          Another role-reprisal from the first movie is the great Tony Todd (A.K.A. Candyman) as the morgue attendant, William Bludworth. There’s just something about Tony Todd’s voice that just made him perfect for such a bizarre role.


                          THE SPECIAL EFFECTS:

                          The effects in 'Final Destination 2' are very effective with very subtle blends between CGI and real on-set effects.

                          With any sequel to the original ‘Final Destination’, the hardest thing facing the writers was always going to be how to top the death scenes from the first film. ‘Final Destination 2’ certainly doesn’t disappoint on this level - with some pretty incredible set-pieces which are often very intense - often with a few red-herrings being thrown at us before the pay-off and death of a character.

                          I’m not into dishing out spoilers - so if you want to experience all the shocks and thrills - you’ll just have to do it first-hand.

                          One notable difference in the effects between this and the first film is that the presence of death is no longer accompanied with the shadowy effect seen in the original - but is still paired with a slight gust of wind - so there is still some reasonable continuity as far as this goes (the same applies to ‘Final Destination 3’).


                          THE MUSIC:

                          Shirley Walker is back as the composer for ‘Final Destination 2’. As with her score for the first movie, she more than delivers the goods for this sequel. The music is an excellent companion to the often tense and sometimes gory happenings on-screen.


                          THE DVD:

                          The picture and sound quality are both very, very good and well presented. The surround sound tracks are very effective and give your speakers a very good work out.

                          The menu screens are good but not amazing - though no-one ever buys a DVD for the menu alone, I’m sure. The menus on this disc are still relevant to the film and do their job well enough.

                          The specifics of the DVD are as follows:

                          Presentation ratio:
                          1.85:1 Anamorphic PAL

                          Available language(s):
                          English Dolby Digital 5.1
                          English DTS-ES 6.1
                          English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround

                          The extras on 'Final Destination 2' are of high quality too. They include:

                          - Audio commentary by Director David Ellis, Producer Craig Perry and Screenwriters J. Mackye Gruber & Eric Bress

                          - ‘The Terror Gauge’ featurette

                          - ‘Cheating Death: Beyond & Back’ featurette

                          - ‘Bits & Pieces: Bringing Death To Life’ documentary

                          - Fact track (Subtitle trivia track)

                          - Deleted / Alternate scenes (with optional commentary including:
                          Post Accident Interview
                          Alternate Crematorium Visit
                          Isabella's Husband
                          Nora And Eugene
                          Truck Chase / Eugene At Hospital

                          - Choose your fate game

                          - Theatrical Trailers for ‘Final Destination’ and ‘Final Destination 2’

                          - Music Videos:
                          ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ by The Blank Theory
                          ‘Seven Days A Week’ by The Sounds


                          MY CONCLUSION:

                          Although not quite as good as the original film, ‘Final Destination 2’ is still entertaining in that the set-pieces are often incredible as are the deaths of the characters. You have to wonder who gets paid to sit around and think up horrible ways for the characters to die!

                          As with the original ‘Final Destination’, this film can be very gory and graphic in places so if you’ve seen the first film, you should know what to expect by now.

                          To conclude, I have to say the obvious:

                          If you are into horror films, check it out… if not, avoid this like the plague as it certainly won’t be for you.


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                            21.02.2006 12:58



                            THE FLIM WAS VERY GOOD YOU SHOULD WATCH IT

                            FINAL DESTINATION 2

                            PLOT OUTLINE………

                            This movie follows events that took place a few years ago after the tragic accident of the flight 180 and the strange curse that surrounded it’s survivors. This time, a group of friends take a road trip. On approaching a busy highway. Kimberly has a vision of a terrible accident involving her and her friends in a huge highway pile up. Sensing this, she pulls over blocking others to gain entrance onto the highway. Sure enough a huge accident occurs exactly like her vision, and she has spared hers and several others, their lives. However, this was not ‘deaths’ design, and now death is coming for them! As the survivors drop off one by one, Kimberly needs to find a way of stopping deaths design to save the remaining survivors.
                            WHAT THOUGHT OF THE MOVIE……….
                            I thought the film was very good as I liked the suspense this film provided. The bit that I most liked in final destination 2 was when Kimberly Conman had a vision that a big accident was going to happen and it did. There were no bits I did not like about this film. I could watch it over and over again. I would like to see final destination 3 I have read review’s on it and they sound great so I cannot wait to see that film…

                            CAST AND OTHER FEATURES……………

                            AG COOK
                            MICHAEL LANDS
                            TERRENCE CARSON
                            KEEGAN CONNOR TRACY
                            ALI LARDER
                            ENID REYE ADAMS

                            DIRECTOR: DAVID R ELLIS

                            GENRE: THRILLER, HORROR

                            HOW LONG THE FILM LASTS: 90 MINUTES


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                              09.10.2005 14:00



                              A real classic horror

                              What a cracking film, I saw the first one at the cinema and its one of those films that keeps you on the edge of your seat, the story was good, the acting was excellent and the ending gave way for the sequel, and i couldnt wait!
                              I know at times the sequels can be a little dissapointing but this one was outstanding, if i had to choose between the two, i would have chosen Final Destination 2.
                              Every scene keeps you on the edge, waiting for what you think is going to happen, but i was totally wrong most of the time and the surprise way that people died was amazing.
                              After watching it, i then waited for the dvd to come out and got it asap, i then not only watched it again but the beauty of this is that it contains the making of the film and lots of other extras aswell. It really is a work of art. I dont want to give you the ins and outs of the film as that will spoil it, all I can say is, this is a must see film for people who like a little GOR or a lot of GOR


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                                12.11.2004 18:01
                                Very helpful



                                YOU CAN’T CHEAT DEATH TWICE !

                                The surprise cinema hit of 2000 was without doubt the brilliant and morbid Final Destination. Once Devon Sawa has a premonition that the plane he’s about to board will crash, he ensures that he and numerous others survive the fateful tragedy and live to fight another day. However, as it goes, that ’another day’ is much closer than they think. Slowly but surely the surviving cast members are killed off in sick ways each worse than the previous, but boy is it fun. Yes I’m morbid and a strong lover of the horror genre, but Final Destination truly did take the cake. Surviving member Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) was the sole survivor of Death’s order, yet with a new twist and new set of ‘victims’, she’s soon cheating death again. Final Destination took the genre places it hadn’t dared go previously, the question however, was how much further could the sequel push it ?!

                                “For every beginning there is an end….”

                                Having seen this film upon it’s cinema release, it shows you the effect that a true piece of suspense can have on an audience. Numerous people either jumping from their seats or clinging to the person in the next seat, all because one mans genius of a death scene came to fruition. The death scenes are nothing short of fantastic - window panes, ladders, hell even pigeons, all play their part in some way or another. The modern genre has been plagued by a recent long line of poor flicks, each labelled as suspense filled and quoted as ’superb’ , yet if you want real suspense that is genuinely deserving of superb then Final Destination 2 hit’s the spot every time.

                                “An exhilarating thrill ride”

                                Kimberley (A J Cook) has, as Sawa did two years earlier, a premonition of a highway pile up before it happens. She knows that she and her friends, as well as numerous others, will perish in a scene that has to rate as one of top individual movie scenes of recent years. Of course with the news of Flight 180 still fresh in the mind, as soon as the first victim meets his maker, word gets round of Rivers existence inside a local nut house and the possibility that she may be the only one that can prevent what’s on the horizon. Cook does a more than valiant attempt at the lead role, conveying the emotion with enough to keep you interested (personal note - she’s hot), but in fairness, this movie is run by the effects department, not the cast. It’s more the genius of ones mind than the effects themselves, a twisted mind that has invented some of the best singular death scenes ever seen in cinema, whilst being genuinely chilling at the same time.

                                “A gripping ghoulish giggle”

                                Cabin Fever, Wrong Turn, 28 Day’s Later, I could go on naming films that had so much promise yet delivered so little. Poor acting, weak scripts all contribute to flunking a film before it’s hit the screen, but with the success of the first Final Destination film, the sequel was a sure fire hit, even had it been poor. The promise was there, the able young cast was in place and the script was pretty good - but as a package, Final Destination 2 simple blows the mind. Shocks, suspense, blood-a-plenty, all what the horror genre badly needed after a poor couple of years of over-rated trash (with the exception of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) but this was a much needed and well received kick up the butt. The tragedy of it all is that there is to be no third instalment to this near perfect franchise, with studio bosses simply dismissing any consideration of it, although with this to live up to - who’d blame them.

                                “High octane horror”

                                As an avid fan of the horror genre, preferring the likes of Nightmare On Elm Street to most of the modern trash, FD2 was not only a pleasant discovery, yet it also opened my eyes to the fact that there are some great modern films, there just not given the ‘media’ attention that these high roller blockbusters get. The likes of Cabin Fever etc, simply don’t make the grade when compared to the relatively small fish (financially) of Final Destination, Blade and Resident Evil, three films that offer more than enough thrills and spills to go around. Anyway. back to the film in question. Final Destination 2 is, without wishing to heap to much praise on it, a gem, a cracker, a masterpiece of cinematic beauty, a film done the way they should be done, with the audience in mind. Too many production companies concentrate on the dollar, and more importantly how much they can make rather than building a following through making great films.

                                “A slash above the original”

                                These days a lot of movies are hit or miss on special effects, with a lot of directors doing away with the notion completely, as it may cloud how they see the film. Final Destination, with beautifully co-ordinated death scenes and a pile up to die for (pun intended) has all the special effects needed to be a success, and damn is it just that. The cast do their jobs as ably as could be expected, the storyline without doubt holds up, whilst feeding from the first film and the entertainment value is through the roof. Bonus material, another key element of the DVD ‘package’, is well represented here in the form of a generous amount of material ranging from film makers commentary to music videos and a lengthy documentary entitled ‘Cheating Death : Beyond And Back’, a rather interesting view. Combining the film with the extras …… the near perfect modern thriller package, without question.

                                “For every beginning there is an end”

                                CLEAR RIVERS - Ali Larter
                                KIMBERLY CORMAN - A.J. Cook
                                OFFICER THOMAS BURKE - Michael Landes
                                EUGENE DIX - T.C. Carson
                                RORY - Jonathan Cherry
                                KAT - Keegan Connor Tracy
                                SHAINA - Sarah Carter
                                NORA CARPENTER - Lynda Boyd
                                EVAN LEWIS - David Paetkau
                                TIM CARPENTER - James Kirk
                                MR. BLUDWORTH - Tony Todd
                                ISABELLA HUDSON - Justina Machado
                                MR. BLUDWORTH - Tony Todd
                                DANO - Alex Rae
                                FRANKIE - Shaun Sipos
                                MR. CORMAN - Andrew Airlie
                                ADMINISTRATOR - Christina Jastrzembska



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                              • Product Details

                                A killer sequel to the first Final Destination film, begins with a young woman's horrifying vision of a huge freeway pile up. When the woman manages to save the lives of many of the intended victims by blocking the freeway on-ramp, death goes to extreme measures to correct matters.

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