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Flushed Away (DVD)

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22 Reviews

Genre: Children's DVDs / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Director: David Bowers, Sam Fell / Actors: Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman ... / DVD released 02 April, 2007 at Paramount Home Entertainment (UK) / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, PAL

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    22 Reviews
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      20.01.2011 17:08
      Very helpful



      A great animated family film

      Flushed Away


      Recently, myself and my little family have started having a duvet afternoon on those quiet Sunday afternoons where we let our three year old daughter choose a DVD and all cuddle up on the sofa under the duvet. Recently, we borrowed a few DVD's from a friend, and one of those was the 2006 film; Flushed Away.


      "No slugs were a-salted in the making of this film."

      The story of Flushed Away begins in upper class Kensington with a high society mouse, Roddy, who lives as a beloved pet in a posh Kensington flat. Life, he believes, is perfect until a sewer rat named Sid finds his way up the drain and into his life. As Roddy schemes to get rid of Sid, his plan backfires and winds up with him being flushed down the toilet and into the bustling sewer world of Ratropolis. It is here that Roddy meets Rita, a scavenger mouse who works the sewers who winds up helping Roddy get back home, at the same time as running from the villainous Toad who wants all rats and mice eliminated and his henchmen.

      My daughter has just started getting into animated films after we took her to the cinema for the first time for her birthday and was eager to watch this animated film after seeing a preview on the television. Apart from the cinema film, though, my daughter has not been able to sit through a whole animated film without getting frustrated and wanting to play, though this film saw her miraculously glued to the sofa!

      The storyline is a simple storyline, simple yet very full. The simplicity of it works really well with regards to younger children's attention spans as well as the fun of the film itself. The setting of the film is also very well thought out and detailed. Although the sewers is not a scene in which children or adults can relate to (I hope!), it is easily recognisable with so many small details included. Such details really make the scenes fantastic to the eye, with all the human detail and objects included in each setting in such imaginative and creative ways - it really is a pleasure to see and makes each scene all that more humorous.

      Talking of humour, this film incorporated a huge amount of humour from the action to the script. One specific thing which really stood out for me was actually a very small feature of the film. This small thing, or things, came in the shape of slugs. These slugs were not in the main running of the storyline, though appeared throughout the film in the background with short one-liners and fantastic song. Every time these slugs came on screen, I found myself (as did my daughter) in floods of laughter. Such a small thing in the film, yet this shows just how thoroughly funny the whole film is from the large main parts to the bitty parts.

      Another aspect of the humour in which I picked up was the mixture of humour suitable for both children and adults alike, and also the very 'British' humour used. As the film is set in England, the contrast of humour between the posh mouse and the sewer rats is fantastic, though I do get annoyed when posh characters are always shown the same stereotype. This is just a little niggle of mine though. Some of the very British humour, though, may get a little lost on people who are not from England.

      Although this film is not a musical as such, there are quite a few songs, or part songs, included in the storyline and most of these are sung by the extremely funny slugs. I am not a huge fan of song in animated films, though here it works perfectly and simply add to the great humour of the storyline. All in all there are approximately fifteen songs, and what a great song list to use. Not all the songs are favourite of mine though the way they are performed by the animated characters really enhances the humour and storyline. Also, none of the songs are sung completely, instead only parts of each song is chosen, and once again, the parts chosen are perfect for the film and characters. The songs used include Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself, Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat?, Don't Worry, Be Happy and many more.

      One thing that I always feel in a film (and in books) is that the film can be absolutely brilliant, though if the ending is not up to scratch then it can ruin the whole experience. Luckily, in this film, the ending kept in perfect rhythm to the rest of the story. The whole story led perfectly to the ending, winding everything up perfectly and leaving both my and my daughter with a feel-good feeling. Almost straight away, my daughter wanted to watch it again!

      Overall, this film is a truly excellent film for both adults and children alike, and both myself and my three year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed watching it.


      This film was directed by David Bowers, known for such films as Shark Tale and Dangermouse, and also Sam Fell, The Big Cheese and Chump. It was written by a collaboration of fifteen people all with some experience of children's films and so from the off, this film in my opinion, had a really good chance of success. If you are interested in the full list of writers, you can find them on the IMDB website.
      Something in which a lot of people do not think of when watching an animated film is the actors whose voices are the voices of the characters. Personally I feel that this is an important choice in animated films as the wrong voice or characterisation via the voice can make all the difference.

      There are many minor voices, many of which are not credited. I have only listed some of the main voices in this film;

      Hugh Jackman ... Roddy
      Kate Winslet ... Rita
      Ian McKellen ... The Toad
      Jean Reno ... Le Frog
      Bill Nighy ... Whitey
      Andy Serkis ... Spike
      Shane Richie ... Sid

      Jackman was perfect for the lead role of the posh mouse, though I must admit that it did take a little while to feel relaxed with his voice as this mouse. At first, it did not seem to fit properly, even though it is very apparent that the appearance of Roddy was mirrored on Jackman! After a while, though, I found myself forgetting who the voice was and began to really love the character and voice. I found that after a while Jackman's voice mixed perfectly with that of the other main characters and became much less annoying as the film got going.

      When I first saw that Winslet was voicing one of the main characters I was fully prepared to hate it, though to be honest, Winslet changed her voice so completely to fit the character that I barely registered it was her voice. As an actor, I am not too keen on Winslet, perhaps she should stick to voice over characters as it does seem to fit her calling much better in my opinion!

      The great cast list just keeps flowing! With McKellen listed in a cast, whether it be a real cast or a voice-over animated cast, you just know that the film will be a hit! His voice was simply perfect for the villainous Toad and caught the eye (ear?) every time his character appeared on screen. He was simply perfect as usual.
      Reno was a name I was not familiar with, though sometimes with animations this is a good thing and it certainly worked out well with his part as Le Frog. He was extremely amusing in voice as was the character himself.

      Nighy and Serkis were an amazing voice duo and fit their characters perfectly. As the characters appeared on screen pretty much together all the time, it was important to find a great sounding duo that work well together and in this case, they hit the nail on the head. The characters together were so funny, and I believe that this was enhanced big time by the voices of the two actors.
      I do admit that Shane Richie is a favourite actor of mine. His voice alone is simply hilarious in the right setting, and with the character of Sid, he just made each scene come to life. The character did not seem to be mirrored on Richie's looks at all, unlike a lot of animated characters, yet it still managed to work brilliantly.

      There were a lot of minor characters in this film, yet no voices stood out as wrong. Some smaller parts even shone through such as David Suchet and Kathy Burke who voice Rita's parents. They do not appear on screen for very long, yet their voices not only worked well together but also worked fantastically as their animated characters.

      Some unaccredited names were also amazing, and these were that of the slugs. Both in speech and song, the slugs voices were so funny and perfectly harmonised, creating such brilliant tiny scenes for them all.

      Overall, the film has a very strong voice cast which really enhanced viewing. I had no qualms at all about the voice-overs and felt that they were all a perfect choice.


      I did not, at first, think that much could be written about an animated film, though when I watched the film I realised that so much in this film bought it to life. The voice choices, the settings, the story line, the music...everything was pretty much perfect, and all together it made one amazing film full of humour, suspense and emotion.

      I absolutely loved this film, as did my three year old daughter. I fully recommend watching this film whether you are an adult or a child, and it is a perfect family film for those quiet Sunday afternoons!


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        05.05.2010 13:00
        1 Comment



        a must see

        We purchased this on dvd for our children to watch. The humour is excellent and some of which is wasted on a child from but this is probably to keep the parents interestd also but in all kept us in fits of laughter at every viewing.As with other reviewers I must point out the brilliance of Ian McKellen as Toad,Bill Nighy as the lovable but supremely daft henchman Whitey,Miriam Margolyes as Rita's crazy grandmother and Jean Reno as Le Frog.
        There are lots of humorous references to other movies which will keep you on your toes as they come and go so quickly! Nemo is spoofed when Roddy sees a fish swimming around in a toilet bowl and is asked 'Have you seen my dad'(complete with liverpudlian accent!),Le Frog bears an uncanny resemblence to Inspector Clouseau with one of his henchfrogs being a mime artist called Marcel,an obvious reference to Marcel Marceau,there is a spaghetti kiss between two slugs (lady and the tamp)Toad mimics Larry Grayson in a 'Shut that door' imitation~I could go on as there are tons more but I shall leave you to discover then for yourself....
        i would recommend this dvd to anyone as it is very funny and a good family movie.


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          22.04.2010 18:52
          Very helpful



          Great movie for the whole family

          I wanted to see Flushed Away for a while since it was released in 2006 and finally bought this on DVD the other month and have to say for the price I got it which was under £5 and for what it was I wasn't disappointed. The company that made this also made Wallace and Gromit so that's always a good sign anyway as that was great too.

          The story in this feature length movie surrounds Roddy who is a pet rat. He lives in a very nice apartment in London. When the family goes away for a trip he enjoys the run of the place and free reign. He was alone and loved it until he started to hear strange noises in the night. He soon discovers he has company in the form of Sid who is a sewer rat living in the kitchen. Roddy decides to trick Sid into getting flushed down the toilet but the joke is on Roddy as he ends up getting flushed away down the toilet instead when Sid realises what's going on. The fun and games begins then as Roddy is thrust into a world he doesn't know a million miles from his home in the apartment.

          I like alot of these sort of animated movies and this was no exception. It is extremely cute and charming and well done and one of the better animated movies I've seen in a bit. I found the plot to be interesting without ever being too complicated. The great thing is that kids should be fine following this too and I really hope my son will love this when he's old enough to understand what's going on. The storyline certainly isn't original like alot of these types of films but is still very entertaining so don't expect many twists and turns.

          Above all Flushed Away is also very funny and amusing. It really made me laugh a number of times throughout. Once Roddy was in the sewer he didn't know what to do which made for some hilarious encounters with other characters down there that he meets.

          Overall, this is a must see movie for the whole family in my opinion. Well worth buying if you get a chance.


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          07.01.2010 21:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Ok film

          Flushed Away is a fairly average animated comedy film that will appeal to children but was not a film I particularly enjoyed, it was rather formulaic in the plot and the way that the film was structured and as such did not have anything original or inspiring to it. That does not necessarily make it a bad film just something you watch the once, find reasonably enjoyable but I have no desire to see it again.

          It does manage to make rats at least feel likeable and not quite as repulsive as they are made out to be even if a couple of the rats do live up to the stereotype of being dirty even if the reality is actually the opposite.

          Roddy is a rather unique rat as he lives the high life as a pet in the upmarket London area of Kensington however a sewer rat called Sid who invades the home while Roddy owners are away, Sid out smarts Roddy and manages to flush him down into the sewers where he must learn to survive and try and recover his place in a life of luxury.

          When he meets Rita he hopes whe will use her boat to get him to safety but she has problems of her own as an evil toad has designs on her and a prescious jewel that she has.

          Hugh Jackman provides the voice of Roddy while Rita is voiced by Kate Winslett however neither of them have what I would call distinctive voices and as such I did not keep thinking about the person whose voice I was hearing unlike the Shrek films where the voices are more recognisable.

          The animation from Dreamworks is pretty impressive and visually the film is good, also at just under 90 minutes it is about the right length, any longer and it would have become tiresome.

          Not the greatest animated film but worth a viewing just do not expect too much.


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            05.01.2010 05:50
            Very helpful



            Entertaining enough, just don't expect groundbreaking

            Flushed Away is a 2006 Animated comedy which is a culmination of a partnership between Aardman Animations ( The people behind "Wallace and Gromit" ) and Dreamworks Animation, and features the voices of Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen and Jean Reno.

            The Plot:
            Roddy St James ( Hugh Jackman ) is an upper class pet rat who lives in a posh Kensington Flat, one day while Roddy's family is out of the house on holiday his world is disturbed when a common sewer rat ( Shane Ritchie ) is spewed out of the sink and decides to stay.
            Roddy schemes to get rid of him by flushing him down the toilet, however Roddy finds himself being flushed down the toilet after Sid fails to fall for his ploy.
            After being flushed Roddy meets fellow rat Rita Malone ( Kate Winslet ) and enterprising scavenger rat who works the sewers in her boat the "Jammy Dodger", while disliking each other initially Rita and Roddy find themselves having to work together after they're captured by the henchmen of the Toad ( Ian McKellen ), an evil and quite mad toad who despises all rats, blaming them for his fall from grace as Prince Charles pet toad.
            After deciding to dispose of Roddy and Rita by freezing them in liquid nitrogen the Toad has a plan to wipe out the entire rat population of the sewers at half time during an England vs Germany World Cup match, however Rita blocks his plan by stealing a vital power cable and using it as a belt, and so Rita and Roddy must save the day and escape the clutches of the toad and his henchmen, all the while Roddy finds himself finding a home outside of his comfy existence !


            Pretty standard stuff as far as animated movies I suppose, however the one thing that sets this movie apart from other examples of this genre is the excellent humour and animation style of Aardman Animation, while there is no escaping that this is primarily a childrens movie, Aardman manage to inject some adult humour into parts of this movie and as such make it not so much of a chore to watch this, as so many other animated childrens movies do nowadays.

            The Animation is beautiful and the script is very well done, the voice acting is also a credit to this movie and in particular Sir Ian McKellen does a fantastic job as the evil toad, my personal favourite character of the movie.

            While this offers nothing new to the Animated Movie genre ( i'm not sure anyone can anymore, the market is so saturated with these movies ) "Flushed Away" stands over the majority of the other examples of this genre, and if you're sitting down with the kids to watch a movie then you rely on this to entertain the whole household.


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            03.01.2010 16:14
            Very helpful



            Roddy is trying to get home after being flushed down the toilet

            FILM ONLY REVIEW

            Roddy is a rat who is living the high life in Kensington where he is a pampered pet. Things go wrong for him when his owners go away and he gets a visitor in the shape of sewer rat Sid. Roddy tries to get rid of Sid by offering him a go in the jacuzzi, the toilet but Sid is wise to what a toilet is and decides to push Roddy in and flush it.

            Poor Roddy is now in the sewers and is trying desperately top find his way home when he comes across a whole rat town and asks for help. He is told of a girl called Rita who sails the sewers on her boat the Jammie Dodger and she is the one who might be able to get him home. Unfortunately for Roddy Rita is wanted by an evil toad whop is after a ruby which she has and soon they are both captured.

            Roddy and Rita escape but Roddy tells Rita that the ruby is a fake and smashes it. Rita is not happy and tells Roddy she will not help him but Roddy changes her mind by telling her of the box at his house which is full of diamonds and ruby's and she can have one if she helps him.

            Will Rita be able to get Roddy home and will Roddy really want to go back to his lonely life?

            I was looking forward to watching this film as I am a fan of children's films as it means I do not have to use much brain power watch them. This film was no exception. The storyline was very good and enjoyable and I found it was quite different to other children's films I had recently watched. I did find it was very easy to follow but a little predictable towards the end.

            The animation was excellent, it was made by Dreamworks with the help of Aardman, and it was quite apparent that Aardman had a hand in the film as there were quite a few characters which stood out as their work. The leeches were quite noticeable their creation as the eyes and the movements were just like the ones from their Wallace and Gromit short films. I did find the animated rats were great and I loved the detail which they were all given. The details was also excellent in the rat town and I loved how they used out old and finished with items to make their world. It was a mini city which had the characteristics of London and I found this to be quite funny.

            The voices which the characters were given really worked well with each of the animations. Hugh Jackman voiced Roddy and I loved the posh way he started out and how he started to mellow as the film progressed and Kate Winslet was the voice of Rita. The evil toad was voiced by Sir Ian Mckellen and he was excellent. The voices were done in such a way that they added a lot of emotions and feelings to the otherwise plain animations and I think they were all very good choices.

            I think this film is excellent for people of all ages. I managed to record this film so I did get to watch it is peace before the boys saw it and I have to say both me and hubby loved it. There was a lot of funny moments in the film which appealed to us and not just young viewers. The songs which the leeches provided also made both me and hubby chuckle. My boys did watch this film the following day and actually did sit still for the duration. They told me it was good and funny. They did find it was a little frightening at times when Rita and Roddy were being chased by the bad men but as my eldest was quite quick enough to tell my middle boy, they always escape as it is only a film!

            The music throughout was good but a little unmemorable. The only songs which I can really remember are the ones which the leeches provided. I found this a funny part of the film and for some reason although it was slightly weird the way they all just burst into song it did make for some good and entertaining viewing.

            The running time of this film is 85 minutes and I think this is a great length for the younger viewers and the certificate is a U and I do agree with this. As this is a film only review then there are no DVD features to speak of.

            I am definitely going to recommend this film to fans of animated films and say it is a great one for the whole family to sit and share.


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              12.08.2009 00:53



              Think twice about leaving your pets home alone!

              I love it when British films turn out good! This is definitely one of those rare occasions where our film-makers have got it right.


              Roddy is a pet rat whois left behind whilst his owners go on holiday. He likes to think he has an amazing life, going on dates with dolls, playing sport alone etc, until Sid, a common sewer rat comes out from within the plumbing and ruins his peacfulness.

              Roddy is angered by this and so tries to trick Sid into jumping down the toilet - however Sid is not as stupid as he looks and instead pushes Roddy down and flushes him away..

              There are some baddies and some goodies that he meets along the way, Kate Winslet's character being one of the nicest. The random slugs who pop up quite frequently are also really funny!

              This film is a great family comedy, with jokes to suit everyone. I reallly enjoyed it and would watch it over and over again to cheer me up.


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              28.06.2009 23:11
              Very helpful




              It's nice to actually say that I did get this DVD as part of a christmas present rather than me buying it for myself. Although on saying so, what kind of person am I if I become pleased at getting a film suitable for the younger population to watch?

              This is another of the very cleverly made CGI films. Teamed up with Aardman Animations and Dreamworks, this was the first of Aardmans feature length collection. Even if it was short lived I think this is one full of the right characteristics of a decent enough film.

              It features the life of Roddy St. James, a well to do pet rat, living in the uppercrust of Kensington. When a common sewer rat appears, Roddy sees himself as being much more worldly and attempts to flush him back down the toilet. Sid isn't stupid however, and in the end it is Roddy who finds himself landing in the squalid land of the sewers.

              The only thing he is intent on now is getting back to the posh flat of which he lives. Although nothing is ever simple. His journey through the tunnels sees him meet up with fellow rat Rita and although she dislikes him at first he manages to convince her to help him get home.

              Not all that simple when you have an evil toad and his two pretty useless cronies after you. Featuring a remote controlled toy boat, french frogs and singing slugs, this is comedy at its most silly.

              There is a plainly obvious and distinct difference given between the way the rats differ. Whilst Roddy lives in a nice house, he is more a prisoner. Locked away in a cage with no friends to keep him company. Then you have the sewer rats, big families and free to come and go with lots to keep them entertained.

              It isn't weak on the familiar story line of people with lots of money being alone, whilst those with appareantly nothing thrive amongst their peers.

              The film is also not short on famous names for the voice overs.

              Kate Winslet as Rita
              Hugh Jackman as Roddy
              Ian McKellen as The Toad
              Shane Richie as Sid
              Andy Serkis and Bill Nighy as Whitey and Spike (Evil toads cronies)

              Despite its childish nature and humour I still find myself laughing at it. It is thoroughly enjoyable to watch and although I haven't watched it as often as I'd of liked to it's still something to pull out when you've nothing going on.

              Also on the special features section there's the dancing slugs, one of the best things to watch.

              You can get it for just under £5 from Amazon and is a DVD which is definetly needed in your home.


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              01.03.2009 15:34
              Very helpful



              You should see this film

              Flushed away is one of a flow of recent animations with well known actors doing voice over. This film is DreamWorks and Ardman collaboration.

              The Story is of the adventures of a pet rat, Roddy (voice of Hugh Jackman), who is comfortable in his nice plush home in Kensington when a sewer rat Syd (voice of Shane Richie) turns up turning his life upside down. Roddy believes he is intellectually superior to Syd and tires to flush him back to the sewer by pretending that the toilet is a Jacuzzi. Syd turns the tables on Roddy and then he is quite literally flushed away and down into the Sewers

              All Roddy wants is to get home but in his quest meets Rita (voice of Kate Winslet) who he persuades to take him home on her boat "The jammy Dogger" but as you would expect thing are never that straight forward. They have to defeat an evil toad (voice of Ian mackellen).

              The film looks at the development of relationships with each other, how we learn to trust and how our friendships develop.
              You see the comparisons between the plush lifestyle in Roddy's Kensington home and a run down shack where Rita's huge poor but loving family live. It reminds us all that money isn't everything.

              The story has a combination of adventure, comedy and entertainment.

              My reason for reviewing this film is it is one of my most able to recite films due to my sons love of this film.
              He is 22 months old but will go to the shelf and pick a DVD in between tipping most of then on the floor. He doesn't seem to search for a particular film but he will spot on and then pass it over to me with excitement when he finds one that suits his mood. This film he appears to forget and then when he finds the case is passes it over with great anticipation.
              My son is a very active toddler yet will sit most of the way through this film and screams with excitement when he first sees Roddy in his home. The film is fast paced enough to hold his interest. The characters are larger than life and you are drawn in to care about them all except the evil toad.

              This film does have clips of adult humour and enough entertainment to not drive me to distraction

              I have seen this film at least three times a week for the past 3 months sometimes on day after another so you would think that I would just groan when I see the DVD case but I do enjoy it. The relationship between Rita and Roddy is a very push and pull and despite knowing the film the film backwards as they start to get closer then some event happens to pull them away.

              This film was released as a U in 2006 and is a great family entertaining film with something for everyone.

              It is currently available at
              Amazon.co.uk for £4.97 which is eligible for supersaver delivery
              Or play.com for £5 with free delivery


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                06.12.2008 14:51
                Very helpful



                A great film for everyone to enjoy.

                In the film, a pet mouse is spoilt rotten. He lives in London and has everything he could ever want, except family and friends. However, his owners got away and a rat invades. The mouse, named Roddy, sets out to push the rat away but he finds him self caught up in an adventure in a world he never knew existed.

                The cast does a great job and deliver the laughs very well. The story is very simple to understand so everyone will be able to watch. The animation is superb with some fantastic attention to detail. The film is very entertaining and is also very funny. It can be watched over and over again before it gets old. The twist are great and will keep you watching. The film also contains some great spoofs of other films that will make you laugh out loud. It has some great humour aimed at both children and adults.

                The DVD contains no extras. However, it is still worth it.

                Overall, this film is a great watch for both children and adults. It is very entertaining and will make you all laugh. The DVD contains no extras but the film is still worth a watch.


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                07.11.2008 01:46



                Great Movie

                This delightfully entertaining movie is set above and beneath the streets of London. The story is about a house mouse named Roddy who lives the good life. He is the pet of a little girl who takes excellent care of Roddy. He gets dressed in adorable suites, he gets all the food he can eat, and he lives in a mousey sized castle. However, Roddy's world is turned upside down when a sewer rat invades his home and flushes him down the toilet into the underground sewer systems of London. Roddy learns that there is a whole other world outside the comforts of his cozy home when he stumbles upon Ratropolis. The rest of the movie consists of the adventures and trouble Roddy gets into while he is trying to find his way back home. He meets several delightful and shady characters on his adventures.

                This movie was adorable. I loved it and I highly recommend it to viewers of all ages.


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                21.08.2008 15:07
                Very helpful



                A great movie!

                Flushed Away

                This film was released in 2006, can you believe it? It seems like 2 minutes ago since it was released. The film is another one for us British to be proud of. It was directed by our very own British David Bowers and Sam Fell. The film itself is computer animated and has some excellent actors and actresses completing the voiceovers. These include: Kate Winslet and Shane Ritchie (the well known Alfie Moon from Eastenders).

                The story is based on a house pet, Roddy, that is left at home with his posh family in Kensington, London. His family go away on holiday and leave him with the full house to himself. One day he gets an unexpected visitor, a sewer rat (Shane Ritchie) who end up taking over the house and flushes the family pet down the toilet. This is where the fun begins.

                There is lots of fun and games that happen throughout the film, Roddy has to learn a whole new different kind of life as he is used to living with his posh family in London. Roddy desperately wants to return home but needs to help a newly made pal get out of her messy predicament in order to return home.

                This story is full of fun and is excellent to watch. I remember it being released around the same time as Happy Feet and although Happy Feet was brilliant, I 100%edly loved this film more.

                The film has a certificate of a U and is therefore ok for all people to watch. The film does not contain any swearing and is a great movie for all the family.

                The film lasts for 83 mins, 83 mins of excellent entertainment!!

                This movie can be purchased from Amazon and most DVD stores and shops. I believe it will be within the lovefilm content also.


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                07.08.2008 13:15
                Very helpful



                light hearted fun childrens film

                This was a film i really enjoyed,its aimed mainly at kids but if you are like me its one adults will like too.The plot is fun and well thought out,with a fantastic baddie and two heros that you easily get attached to,it offers excitment comedy and the whole movie is animated like wallace and gromit which gives it a better feel and lots of colour.The movie kept me watching the whole way through and made me laugh especially the part with the singing slugs!,its all good family fun and highly recommended for your collection i would suggest people who like wallace and gromit shaun the sheep and disney movies will ind this very enjoyable,with a great cast doing the voices like kate winslet ian mckelin and andy serkis(golem in lotr) you cant go wrong or the kids.Its not usually very expensive to buy ive seen it for £5.oo upwards so give it a go:)


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                22.10.2007 17:27
                Very helpful




                Classification – U
                Release Date 2 April 2007
                Runs For - 81 minutes
                Cost - £12.98 from Amazon.co.uk

                Plot Synopsis
                Flushed Away tells the story of Roddy St. James of Kensington, a pet mouse who lives a life of luxury as the pet of a rich household. He has everything he could want - a golden palace, toys to play with, and access to a flash car and a range of outfits. When his family goes away for a few days, he lets himself out of his cage and sets about having the party of a lifetime - a party that is spoiled when Sid, a common sewer rat, finds his way into the house and proceeds to take over. Launching a cunning plan to get rid of Sid, when his plan backfires he finds himself in a dark underworld, a strange and scary place for a domesticated pet, and must conceive a new plan to get back to his own luxurious home and oust Sid . Bumping into Rita, he finds himself embroiled in a world of gangsters and crime, but he and Rita agree to help each other out – He so he can get home, and she to help her family.
                The story is simple enough, but with enough satisfying twists, turns, and gags to keep the film entertaining, and the film starts with a fast pace, and keeps going like a mad dog on a postman’s nut sack..

                The film is a combined effort from Aardman Productions (Wallace and Gromit, Creature Comforts) and DreamWorks (Shark Tale, Shrek) This is Aardmans first CGI production, and the reason for using CGI instead of Claymation was the large amount of scenes involving water, which is apparently almost impossible to do convincingly in stop motion. However, the characters do bear more than a passing resemblance to the Wallace and Gromit style characters.
                Obviously, from such well-established studios, we expect good quality animation, and Flushed Away does not disappoint. The animation is crisp and clean, with lots of tiny details that make it all the more wonderful. While many films over emphasize realism, this film deals in fun, imagination, and comedy.

                There are so many tiny details that every time I watch this, I notice a new sight gag, and it is great that a film can remain entertaining past the first viewing. While the animation is perfect, it is far from showy – all too many studios these days seem to be releasing these kinds of films but trying to show off their technical wizardry rather than their skill at creating a story.
                A lot of thought has obviously gone into the animated scenery – at first looking a lot like London, as we know it, with deeper observation we can see that it is cunningly built by the rats out of pencils, erasers, cans and bottles, and it is brilliant.

                Although aimed at children, and therefore packed with some very obvious gags, there’s plenty here to appeal to adults and teenagers – for instance, the many references to other films , some related to Flushed Away (For example, the Wallace and Gromit Films, X-Men (which Hugh Jackman starred in) and some unrelated but well known, such as Mary Poppins. These subtle references are scattered throughout the film, either in lines used by characters, or in outfits or props seen in the film. While some are obvious, some are more obscure, such as the cockroach reading Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’.
                Roddys DVD shelf in particular hosts an admirable collection of films, which for a giggle I’ve included at the end of this review, as I find some of the titles amusing!

                There’s a very British feel to the humour in the movie – lots of wit and sarcasm , something we excel in, and the gags at the expense of the French frogs, while perhaps a little politically incorrect, were some of the real movie winners. That said, we don’t just poke fun at the French here, the Americans, the monarchy, and the upper classes all get a good raspberry blown in their faces.
                Characters and Cast
                The characters are engaging and funny. Hugh Jackman excels as Roddy, the bemused upper class twit, living in the lap of luxury and finding himself thoroughly confused by the new world he ends up in . Rita (Voiced by Kate Winslet) is altogether more ballsy – streetwise, not afraid to say what she thinks and a bit of a Lara Croft type action heroine.

                Shane Richie has a relatively minor role as Sid, the rat who invades Roddy’s home, and he’s a charming, lovable cockney rogue – cheeky but essentially harmless .
                The villains are well voiced too – Ian Mckellan, always a talented actor, does very well as the pompous, over-inflated Toad, the main villain of the piece, and manages to convey an air of menace appropriate to the role . Of course, no villain would be complete without his cronies, and in typical gangster movie style he has two, the intelligent Spike, and the brawny but brainless Whitey. Andy Serkis, best known as Gollum from the LOTR movies, is excellent as Spike, but for me, it is Bill Nighy who really steals the scenes as the ex-lab rat Whitey.

                The great lines are generously spread around, with all parts having something to say. Even the slugs, who MADE the movie for me with their high pitched singing and screaming (Hugh Jackman actually provided the scream for the first slug Roddy meets), had some brilliantly appropriate songs at key points in the film. They are background characters, but they really enhanced the film for me, providing laugh-out-loud comedy whenever the plot got to a particularly tense point . As did Rita’s little brother Shocky, who although only having a few lines, made the most out of them, and really came across as a cheeky little tyke.
                Overall, the cast did great jobs and matched the roles perfectly. They delivered expertly timed lines with a tongue in cheek attitude that was spot on. You get the impression that the actors had a hell of a lot of fun making this movie.

                The soundtrack contained many well known songs - Whats new Pussycat, Bohemian like You, and Don't worry, Be Happy, to name
                but a few. There were also a coupld of original tracks, including Ice Cold Rita, and Thats not Rice You're Eating .

                Tex: Where are your helmets? Which one is the quarterback? Pick up the ball! Pick up the ball! Aw, these Brits do not know the first thing about football.
                Passerby: Is it a bird?
                Passerby #2: Is it a plane?
                Passerby #3: Is that guy wearing my underpants?

                Le Frog: To action!
                Henchfrogs: We surrender!
                Le Frog: Not that action, you idiots! The kung-fu thing!
                Spike: I have a funny feeling in my guts about this!
                Whitey: It's just that curry you had last night, Spike. I'm the same; I have a bum like the Japanese flag.

                DVD Features
                The DVD has a whole host of extra features!
                Filmmakers Commentary - a commentary about the film

                Music of Flushed Away - Explains why certain songs were picked, and how they were selected to match the characters and scenes.
                Cast and Crew Interviews

                DWK – aimed at kids, this shows kids how to make a slug from plasticine, draw characters from the films, and a maze game.
                Super Slug Stuff

                Slug Songs - Videos of the slugs singing well-known songs, hilarious!
                Slug Cam - Watch a real slug move …for 17 minutes … I kid you not!

                Slug Games - 2 games, one where you rescue slugs using the Jammie Dodgers mechanical arm, and one where you conduct the slugs.
                More Games – You need to put the DVD into your Pc to access these, not being much of a special features person, I did not bother!

                Video Jukebox - Watch songs from other DreamWorks films – Shrek, Over the Hedge, Shark Tale, etc
                Curse of the Were-Rabbit trailer.

                Shrek 3 Trailer
                I really enjoyed this film. It didn’t get as much publicity as Shrek, or any of the other Aardman films, and seems to have been largely overlooked, but in my view, its just as entertaining as any other animated film I’ve seen- in fact more so . Many animated films seem to have dumbed down a lot in recent years, but this film delivers intelligent and witty humour to entertain the adults, and slick animation and obvious gags to keep the kids from getting fidgety.

                Thanks for Reading

                Slug Loveliness - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFYWa27Js-Y

                Roddys DVD Collection- as promised!
                When Roddy is selecting a movie for the movie premiere, the following DVDs were on the shelf, from left to right:

                • Chicken Run (2000)
                • A Clockwork Potato
                • Die Again Tomorrow
                • 12 Angry Folks
                • A Few Good Puns
                • The Curse of the Daddy
                • Brief Incontinence
                • The Maltese Budgie
                • You Only Live 9 Times
                • Once Upon a Yime in a Vest
                • Death in Venice II / Zombie
                • The Mancunian Candidate
                • All the Presidents Own Teeth
                • Ratman Ratman Returns Ratman Returns (Again)
                • Puckered Lips Now
                • Piddler on the Roof
                • Goon with the Wind
                • In the Heat of the Fridge
                • My Big Fat Greek Bottom
                • A Fistful of Dullards
                • The Julianos of Boca
                • Courtney and Brendon
                • The Weisberg Chronicles
                • Nicky and Dylan
                • The Chaos of Charis
                • Madeline's Mayhem
                • Macy & Owen's Day out
                • Z is for Zaneta?
                • Kira
                • Forces of Nature (1999)
                • Galaxy Quest (1999)
                • Just Like Heaven (2005)
                • The Love Letter (1999)
                • Mousehunt (1997)
                • Old School (2003)
                • Paulie (1998)
                • The Peacemaker (1997)
                • Red Eye (2005)
                • Shrek (2001)
                • Shrek 2 (2004)
                • Over the Hedge (2006)
                • Shark Tale (2004)
                • The Last Castle (2001)
                • Antz (1998)
                • Madagascar (2005)
                • Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)
                • The Prince of Egypt (1998)
                • The Road to El Dorado (2000)
                • Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)
                • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)
                (I used IMDB.com to find the entire list!)


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                  One of the best Animations for a few years

                  Very good film, this is truly funny, plenty of jokes in it for adults as well as children one of the best Animations I have seen for a few years. I liked the way a whole mini London existed in the sewer system, good idea very imaginative. Action packed from start to finish, full of funny characters. This is one to watch again and again I would definately recommend this one to the whole family.


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                • Product Details

                  Flushed Away is a rip-roaring nautical adventure with a twist: The heroes are a pair of rodents braving the sewers underneath London. Roddy (voiced by Hugh Jackman) is an upper-crust house-mouse who finds himself flushed into the subterranean sewers. Eager to return to his posh home, he enlists the help of a boat-captain rat named Rita (Kate Winslet), who has troubles of her own; namely the kingpin of the underworld, the Toad (Ian McKellen), and his henchmen including the French mercenary Le Frog (Jean Reno). While technically Flushed Away could be considered part of the wave of celebrity-voiced, anthropomorphic-animal movies that hit in 2005-2006 (Madagascar, Over the Hedge, The Wild, etc.), it doesn't inspire the same sense of déjà vu. For one thing, its voice actors are less recognizable than the likes of Bruce Willis and Chris Rock. For another, its look is very distinctive. Like Nick Park's Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, it's a joint production of DreamWorks Animation and Aardman Features, and although Park isn't involved, it retains his trademark blocky look of clay animation. But animating the movie by computer rather than by hand allows for some eye-popping tableaux, such as floodwaters rushing through the sewers and an entire town of little animated characters. It's a crazy thrill ride loaded with inside jokes and enough crude humour to earn a PG rating, and the band of singing slugs is also a hoot. --David Horiuchi

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