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Fly Away Home (DVD)

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Genre: Children's DVDs / Theatrical Release: 1996 / Director: Carroll Ballard / Actors: Jeff Daniels, Anna Paquin ... / DVD released 23 January, 2006 at Uca Catalogue / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, PAL, Widescreen

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2010 16:37



      Fly Away Home is a fantastic movie.

      Fly Away Home is a magical movie for all of the family. The movie is based on a true story of goose migration flights led by an inventor and ultralight aircraft enthusiast. Amy 13 years old, is involved in a car crash which kills her mother and so she is sent to live with her father, Thomas, on his farm in Canada. A different culture to New Zealand to which Amy was raised in. The father and daughter clash, but the one thing that brings them together are the little orphaned goose eggs that Amy rescues from the destroyed land. They hatch and she looks after them as her own and she immediately becomes Mother Goose as the geese automatically assume that she is their mother. As they get older they want to migrate for the winter. Amy and her father must figure out a plan to show them the way South, battling through many obstacles in their journey. I really enjoyed this movie when I was younger, and I still do. It's very facinating to know that there is a meaning behind the story. Very heart warming and a lovable movie. You will not be disappointed.


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      31.12.2009 16:14
      Very helpful
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      a little girl flys her geese to a better place for winter

      Fly away home is loosely based on a true story of a man (Bill Lishman) who was an inventor and ultralight aircraft enthusiast who wondered if he could teach the geese a new migration route by following him and after many attempts and a few years later he successfully did so. The following year most of the geese migrated there of there own accord.

      So the plot is loosley based on this but the inventor and aircraft enthusiast is the father and the geese follow his daughter.

      Amy a 13 year old girl is involved in a crash which kills her mother and she then has to go and live with her father in a different country. She had not seen him since she was three so obviously there is tension as well as the upset of her mothers death and moving. He also has a girlfriend that Amy does not get on with either.

      Amy explores her new surroundings and comes accross a nest of geese eggs that have had to be abandoned by their mother because a contruction company has been along and destroyed where they live. Amy rescues the eggs and incubates them in the barn. Once they hatch and see Amy they think she is their mother and follow her everywhere.

      Amys father (Jeff Daniels) discovers that motherless birds need to be pinioned to stop them flying so that they do not harm themselves and when Amy sees him try to do this she is outraged.

      They decide that the birds need to migrate from their property or the game warden will have to pinion the birds. Amy's uncle knows of a bird santuary where the birds can fly to but they need to be there before 1st November or there is developers who are interested in the land. If the birds do not get there in time the land becomes the developers.

      Amys father tries to get the birds to follow him in the aircraft but they stay with Amy, so Amy decides to go in the aircraft and they fly along with her.

      They devise a route to take the birds and off they go. Obviously there are troubles along the way and with all baddies in films they try and claim the land ahead of the deadline.

      overall this is a great feel good movie, it was made in 1996 so allowances for that also. My 8 year old daughter enjoyed it.


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