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Friends with Kids (DVD)

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Actors: Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph / Director: Jennifer Westfeldt / Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. UK Ltd / Release Date: 12 Nov 2012

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    3 Reviews
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      23.08.2013 17:43
      Very helpful



      A nice movie

      Friends With Kids is an American Romantic Comedy Movie. The film was released in the United Kingdom in June 2012 and so it is very recent. The film stars Jennifer Westfield (who also wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film), Adam Scott and John Hamm. The movie is a 15 which means that it must not be viewed by persons under the age of 15.

      ~ * Plot * ~

      The movie follows 3 couples; best friends Julie and Jason, husband and wife Leslie and Alex and another couple Ben and Missy. Julie and Jason are the last pair to get married and have children; they aren't in a relationship, but both feel that they are getting left behind as all their other friends are getting married and having kids. They then decide to have a baby together but continue dating other people. What will happen? Watch Friends With Kids to find out.

      I found the movie to be an enjoyable watch. It was great easy watching - and didn't require that much thinking. I thought that the plot was interesting, yet nothing I haven't seen before. I think that the movie will appeal to people of all ages, especially people in their thirties who may be able to relate a little bit more to the characters in the movie.

      I found some parts of the movie to be confusing. For example what happened to Julie's love interest Kurt? One minute he was there and then we didn't see him again which I thought was a bit strange.

      The characters were good I thought. It was the actors I had a problem with really. For example, whilst I could watch them in the movie, somehow I felt that I just could not really warm to the main characters Julie and Jason; I tried really hard to like them but I just couldn't' like them as much as I had wanted to. I much preferred the other actors who played the characters. For example I would have liked it if Alex had played the part of Jason as he was a much more likeable actor with great comedy timing (plus he was cuter!), whereas the actor who played Jason seemed a bit too serious, plus the fact that he wasn't hot!! A bit of eye candy would have made me more interested in the movie.

      The movie was quite predictable in parts; although it still made an enjoyable watch. I wouldn't exactly call the movie a comedy as it wasn't that funny. It was more of a romantic drama with a couple of jokes. I had expected to laugh a lot throughout this movie but I didn't.

      Even though I knew what we were going to watch before going to the cinema (I only read the plot etc), I didn't really know anything about the movie itself. So when the movie started and I saw two of the lead actresses from Bridesmaids, I thought that this movie was a sequel to Bridesmaids, although it wasn't. If you liked Bridesmaids then you will probably like this movie; it's a bit more serious and not as funny though.

      All in all, I did enjoy this movie and would recommend it to all romance lovers.

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      14.05.2013 23:32
      Very helpful



      not top of my film list. disappointing.

      ***Film Only Review***

      I recently joined Netflix and whilst I have been obsessively watching episodes of 24, I decided to give my brain a break from Jack Bauer today and watch a light hearted film. Friends with kids popped up and I remember seeing the trailer for it on a DVD I watched (think it was Lawless!) and it looked funny. So on it went and fingers crossed for the best!

      *** Plot ***

      There are a circle of 6 friends, consisting of 2 couples - Ben and Missy who can't keep their hands off each other, and Alex and Leslie. Then there are platonic friends Jason and Julie. At an evening dinner, Alex and Leslie reveal they are pregnant and the other 4 friends are ecstatic. Fast forward 4 years and the 2 couples are knee deep in kids, bickering and seem all round miserable, whilst Jason and Julie wonder what happened to make their lovely happy friends become such miserable anti-social people. They discuss the turn of events over time and decide that their friends' set up is all wrong, as they had kids which made their lives more strained - so they think a better predicament would be to have a child and then they can meet the person of their dreams later without the extra burden of having a child with them as they could spend their time with their new partner and still have a child who would be with the other parent giving them free time to still live their lives...(sounds pretty lame and confusing to anyone else? or just me?!) Of course being a really cliched film Jason and Julie decide to have a baby together as friends as Julie is much older and so wants a child and Jason is happy to oblige as he is not yet looking to settle down but knows he also wants kids. Their friends all think this is a bad idea....are they right?

      ***My Opinion***

      Goodness gracious me this film was such a snooze. I didn't realise it was almost a 2 hour film and probably after half an hour I was close to switching off as the acting was so wooden and dry and the storyline was as predictable as any other american "rom-com" can get to be honest. Without even giving away the storyline its safe to say what you expect to happen with these 2 "best friends" having a kid together does happen and it's not an ounce surprising. What happens between the start of the film and the 2 hour gap until the end really just feels like pointless padding and is borderline boring! I was so disappointed as the trailer made it seem a laugh and an enjoyable watch but it felt more like a documentary on some parts on what happens when a couple get married, have kids and just generally become miserable lol.

      The film is apparently directed by and starring Jessica Westfeldt as the lead woman desperate to find a guy but also have a baby with her mate. The casting was awkward as she looks about 50 on screen and is meant to be "college" friends with the rest of the 5 friend group who all look about mid 30s and her relationship with Jason (Adam Scott) seems cougar-ish as he looks and acts about 20. She clearly thought she wanted to act in the film herself but I think it would have had more appeal with an familiar and younger face in her role as it did not seem believable at all. The rest of the cast was solid with familiar faces from bridesmaids - the reason I thought this would be funny. Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are strong with Maya and her husband played by Chris O'Dowd (IT Crowd/Bridesmaids) giving the only small comedic aspect to the film. I was a bit annoyed though as Chris O'Dowd is irish and he puts on a really annoying fake accent through this film that I can't put my finger on! It's not quite american but not quite cockney it's something else and it was rather off putting!

      For some reason the film played out at times as more of a depressing - why not to get married and have kids - more than a comedy. The couples with kids just came across as miserable, frumpy, argumentative and full of regret. Which is something I am sure does not occur when all couples marry and have kids! Perhaps I was watching the movie too deeply but when there wasn't much else going on it was all there was to focus on until the next fake comedy scene would appear.

      *** Overall ***

      Overall it was not a great watch and definitely not a film I would recommend in a hurry. If you are married with kids and miserable it may seem a mirror on your life, or if your biological clock is ticking and you are thinking of having a one night stand with your best friend who you are secretly in love with and hope this will work out happily ever after then this is the film for you. Needless to say it's not that funny, and is really long and even Megan Fox making a cameo experience was not enough to remotely spice up this film one iota.

      Two stars from me - and this is generous.


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        25.09.2012 10:57
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        I saw the trailer for this and the first thing I noticed was how many cast members were also from Bridesmaids (2011). I loves Bridesmaids so knew I wanted to see this. It is directed by Jennifer Westfeldt (who is also the lead character) and was released to UK cinemas in 29 June.


        The film is about a group of 6 friends, 2 couples - Missie & Ben (Kristen Wiig & Jon Hamm) Leslie & Alex (Maya Rudolph & Chris O'Dowd) and 2 friends Jason (Adam Scott) and Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) Julie and Jason are the main characters in the film and it introduces us to their unusual relationship of best friends in their 30s who spend time with 2 other couples.

        The film then jumps 4 years where both couples have had children and as a result of this their marriages are suffering and they have become unhappy. The 6 friends get together for dinner which goes horribly wrong ending in arguments between the 2 couples and their children. After dinner Julie and Jason decide its better to have children first then look for your life long partner, so they decide to have a child together even though they have never be romantically involved.

        When they do have the baby things go surprisingly well and the pair cope well, this is until they both meet partners. Jason gets together with a broadway dancer called Mary Jane (Megan Fox) and Julie meets a divorced contractor called Kurt (Edward Burns) They then go on a holiday with their couple friends and bring their own new partners along to. What follows is a rather awkward holiday which highlights the cracks that are beginning to form in all the relationships.
        This then leaves us to find out the fate of each of the couples and if their relationships will survive.

        **My Opinion**

        I really want that impressed with the film. The main reason being that, bar a few moments, the film really wasn't that funny nor was it trying to be for the majority. I felt it was marketed as a comedy, yes a romantic comedy, but something that would be funny in the most part. Instead the film turned out to be a romance with the odd funny moment. I found this really disappointing, especially since I couldn't help but compare it to the hilarious bridesmaids. Perhaps if I had been expecting a more serious romantic film I might have enjoyed it, but instead I just felt bored and disappointed, and like I was constantly waiting for it to get funny!

        The second big disappointment of the film was the fact that the all-star cast wasn't quite what I expected. The people I had been looking forward to seeing such as Kristen Wiig and the other cast members who starred in Bridesmaids, actually hardly featured in the film. The majority of the film revolved around the protagonists played by Westfeldt and Scott. This was really disappointing as I was looking forward to seeing these particular actors and felt it was a bit of a con that they were shown so much in the advert!

        The plot itself started off well for the first 30-40 mins when it is introducing the characters and it kept me entertained, but then after a certain point it became a bit tiresome and seemed to be dwelling on the same point with no movement, nor any entertaining moments to compensate. I got that feeling where you start trying to predict the ending and wish the film would finish sooner.


        The main characters that we see in the film are Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott. Neither inspired me particularly and didn't do anything to help the already failing film. My opinion was open to both actors as I hadn't seen either before but I wouldn't rate either one. I was also quite disappointed by the other cast members such as Kristen Wiig, the acting came across as half-hearted and the characters hard to take to or believe. None of it seemed natural and it came off looking very amateur, which is a shame as there are some big names in there some of which have done a really good job in other films.

        **Overall Opinion**

        I was really disappointed in this film, yes it had a few funny laugh-out-loud moments but there weren't enough to make up for the slow plot and poor acting. I rarely get bored during a film but whilst watching this I was looking forward to the ending and getting out! Therefore I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone.


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