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Fringe - Season 2 (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Actor: Anna Tory / Rating: 15 / Release Date: 2011

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2011 10:37
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      The best show I've seen in a long time!

      **Please note their are general spoilers in this review-nothing intricate and nothing in particular just a rough spoiler of the plot but the ending is not spoilt nor any details :-) **

      If you have read my review of the first season of 'The Fringe' you will know I am a huge fan of the show. Tipped as the new 'X Files' when it's first season premiered in 2008 it's now shed that label as it's come in to it's own.

      Season two follows on nicely from the cliff hanger we were left with at the end of the first season. Which I was quite pleased about because the cliffhangers produced in this show leave me screaming at the television! I literally hate the end of each season as I know I have to wait for more to find out what happens!

      In this second season there are 22 episodes each of an hour in length and the story is continuous with the first season. We have the same characters as before, the main trio being Olivia Dunham and Peter and Walter Bishop. After the first season we are fully aware that their is a prime universe and a parrallel universe and the interaction of the two is slowly tearing the fabric of both and causing all sorts of unexplainable inccidents. Much the same as the first season each episode features something grizzly and 'stand alone' whether it's a large monster type creature or virus thats mutating people. However one key difference is that now we have the basis of the characters which was formed in season one, there is a lot more focus played on the interaction between them and their developing relationships. A lot of time is also spent showing and learning how the three main characters are each involved in the problems of the universe and shows how each has played a part in causing it. This means we see a lot more of their past which is interesting when helping to develop the relationship that the viewer has with the characters. It's also key in helping to understand the role that each played in why the universes are falling apart and on a collision course.

      In season two I loved the way the relationship between father and son Walter and Peter was developing, the understanding between the two who both pose difficult personalities. The reversal of the roles that means Peter, the son is the carer of Walter is as sweet and touching as season one and Walter's mental state is endearing too. The intimacy that grows between them is captivating to watch and adds an extra dimension to the show. However Walter's brilliance seems to become the cause of more and more of the awful problems that the team have to investigate, which is something that Peter finds hard to accept.

      By now the relationship between Peter and Olivia is still not of the romantic sort but the situation between them is clear. Both clearly have strong feelings for each other-something that was very obvious after their first few episodes together! However their bond is not easily called attraction because their is no light-ness in the relationship. It's always deep and intense, neither often cracks a smile but their mutual bond and the way they fit together makes you really want them to end up together. You also want one of them to pluck up the courage to admit how they feel but in true to form style neither seems in any rush to make this declaration! However as each episode rolls they seem to become almost as strong as many television couples are played to be after many series together. Their unity is confusing with the fact that they aren't actually a couple. However their 'love story' is one I enjoy as I can't wait to see what happens between the deep and dark pair! Their developing relationship and the father-son bond thats growing between Walter and Peter creates an insatiable appetite between the three for solving their cases and means nothing gets in the way of their quest for answers.

      The second half of the seaons gives us our actual view of the 'other side'-the parrallel universe in current times which is excellent! It's something I couldn't stop watching as it shows the comparison between the two in subtle ways and huge ways. Their scientific ability far out reaches our own but their technical advancements are behind ours. Also with our world being the 'prime' universe the parrallel universe has come off the worse of the two since everything started to unravel. Their world is full of black holes which has ripped homes, places and people into oblivion, although the Fringe department on 'the other side' has it's own unique way of dealing with these 'breaches'. It's captivating and paves the way nicely for season three! J.J Abrams who is the co-writer of the show described season one as 'identifying there is an enemy' and season two as 'getting to know the enemy'-that analogy perfectly sums up the overall tone to the plot!

      As with the first season the Fringe perfectly teams up the good old fashion police type genre show with the unkown aspect. So we get the police hunting side of things with the more sci-fi genre in there too. However there seems to be more time given to the sci-fi and the unknown elements than in the first season, especially towards the latter few episodes. However it does work well which suprised me as I didn't expect it to. The only thing to note is that it is a noticeable shift, and at time it feels like the show is a completely different one-except for the characters!

      To conclude- as with the first season the cliffhanger we are left with is amazing! It's one of the best cliffhangers I've seen, and thats saying a lot!! I won't spoil it because it would destroy everything that is being built throughout the first half of the season but it will leave you on the edge of your seat! As the team say "answers; will only leave you with more questions" and that is how the season ends-leaving you with lots of questions and desperate for more! My rating is a big fat five stars! You must watch this show, it's television genious!


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