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Gone (DVD)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Horror / Actor: Amanda Seyfried / Director: Heitor Dhalia

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    5 Reviews
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      21.11.2013 12:58
      Very helpful
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      OK, but nowhere near great!

      RELEASED: 2012, Cert. 15

      RUNNING TIME: Approx. 94 mins

      DIRECTOR: Heitor Dhalia

      PRODUCERS: Dan Abrams, Sidney Kimmel, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi & Chris Salvaterra

      SCREENPLAY: Alison Burnett

      MUSIC: David Buckley

      MAIN CAST:-

      Amanda Seyfried as Jill
      Emily Wickersham as Molly
      Sebastian Stan as Billy (Molly's boyfriend)
      Jennifer Carpenter as Sharon (Jill's diner colleague)
      Michael Pare as Lt. Bozeman
      Daniel Sunjata as Sgt. Powers
      Katherine Moening as Det. Lonsdale
      Wes Bentley as Det. Peter Hood



      On arriving home from work one day, Jill, who lives with her sister Molly, is horrified to find that Molly has vanished.

      Jill herself was kidnapped a year or so before, and is convinced that Molly has been snatched by the same person as her own abductor. One or two little details about Molly's disappearance indicate that the abductor may have been trying to take Jill again, mistaking Molly for her.

      When Jill contacts the police, they are of no help whatsoever as they believe she is being overly paranoid and suffering from some sort of post traumatic stress disorder resulting from her own abduction....especially bearing in mind she received psychiatric treatment after the ordeal.

      Frustrated and angry with the police, Jill decides to try by herself to find Molly and the person who has taken her, but it is a race against the clock and apart from a few very momentary flashbacks where she remembers little snippets of what happened to her when she was captured and held prisoner inside of a deeply dug hole in a remote corner of a large park, she has very little to go on.

      However, Jill attempts to find her sister by using strategy, instinct, and a misty sense of recall via her vague memory flashbacks....against all odds, as the police refuse to take her seriously.


      From the outset, Gone seemed to have more of the quality of something made for TV rather than cinema.

      I found it to be a bit on the slow side to start with, despite Molly's abduction occurring very early in the proceedings. I had the urge to hurry things up a bit in case I lost interest altogether. However, I stuck with it and was treated to a moderately watchable crime/thriller movie.

      There is a distinct lack of realism about the storyline, in that if it were to actually happen, there are several things Jill undertakes in order to try and find Molly which I feel are too 'neat' in the sense that surely nobody can be in the right place at the right moment and with the right people so many times? There are far too many coincidences present in the storyline, but I nonetheless found the film fairly entertaining.

      The acting from the whole cast is acceptable, but nothing remarkable. Amanda Seyfried played the part of Jill reasonably, but I found her character to lack a certain depth, and for somebody still suffering from the trauma of her own kidnapping one year earlier, she comes across as far too down to earth.

      I can't say that I was constantly aware of a musical score, but the little I did notice is of a light orchestral nature, hovering around avant-garde territory, yet not quite dipping its toes fully inside of that pool.

      Mood-wise, there is something depressing about this film and I can't quite put my finger exactly onto what was responsible for such, although I consider it possibly could be due to the characters having little depth of personality. Also, I had the distinct feeling I was watching actors on a screen, rather than having the experience of being drawn into something temporarily real. However, I was intrigued to learn the outcome of Jill's search, although I'd like to have seen a tauter level of suspense present.

      The middle part of Gone is a bit rushed after the rather slow start, then as the film edges towards the end, it does become somewhat confusing. The confusion may have been caused by this modern syndrome of shooting some scenes in almost complete darkness - this only happens towards the end in Gone, but at crucial moments where it is essential to actually see what is going on.

      The whole storyline is a bit too cut and dried, together with having a lack of originality in that I felt as if I was watching pretty much any other kind of crime/thriller rather than experiencing something carefully crafted and unique.

      Despite my criticisms above, I still quite enjoyed Gone, but was only able to view it as something out of the light entertainment bucket....a little banal, a little trite and lacking any positive kind of bite. I certainly wouldn't recommend Gone to hardened crime/thriller fans who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of the genre, but for half an evening's viewing, this is an acceptable film to choose if nothing too demanding is required.

      Overall and in summary, Gone isn't a film that I'd urge anybody to dash out and buy, and it didn't strike me as containing anything even remotely approaching greatness, but it is moderately entertaining in a slightly tacky way. If the characters seemed more like real people rather than a few actors in front of the cameras simply talking at instead of to one another and some of the confusing parts towards the end were ironed out, Gone could climb into the lower end of the 'good films' bucket....but, it would need some work first in order to achieve that status.


      At the time of writing, Gone can be purchased from Amazon as follows:-

      New: from £2.15 to £14.73
      Used: from £1.05 to £13.70
      Collectible: only one copy currently available @ £6.56 (appears to be used)

      Some DVDs on Amazon are available for free delivery within the UK, but where this doesn't apply, a £1.26 charge should be added to the above figures.

      Thanks for reading!

      ~~ Also published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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        20.06.2013 21:58
        Very helpful



        see review x

        The film starts off with a young girl who is called Jill walking in the woods, she then stops sits down and marks a part of the map she has in her hand. All of a sudden it jumps to her travelling back home with no explanation about what she was doing and why.

        You can tell Jill has some problems but these are not made quite clear yet, but her reactions to situations, and the fact that she loses it with a guy in self defence class show that she has had some sort of problem. She comes home one time to find her sister molly is no where to be seen, when she finds an ear ring on the floor she has a flash back of been held down by a man, but then the flashback stops. She then goes to the police station convinced that her sister has been kidnapped by a man that came back for her. So now it becomes apparent that at one point she was abducted herself, although apart from the flashbacks this was not shown in the film.

        The police are not convinced that she has been kidnapped and told her to leave it until Monday, which it is only now Friday so she is not happy at been told to leave it for so long. Then it is shown that the police do not believe her and they explain why to another police man who is taken with her case. I wont tell you the details of why they do not believe her, but you cant blame them.

        She goes looking for clues to where her sister is, but only lands in trouble with the police herself and she ends up having a warrant out for her arrest. Can she escape the police while she looks for her sister, or will she convince the police to look for her, or will she just turn up and nothing even happened to her, well to find out that you will have to watch the film.

        The acting of the film for me was good but I have seen better films with better acting, there was only one main actor in the film which was the part of Jill played by Amanda Seyfried there was other people in the film, but they did not play any major part, this in anyway did not spoil the film, as it was the way the film should have been made, as she was the lead role and the most important person. The part of Jill I don't think could have been made any better than what it was as she played a brilliant part and made you believe the story more.

        I actually really enjoyed watching this film, although at the start it was a little confusing and you did not know what was happening, the film still kept you interested and make you want to keep watching to find out what was going to happen next. Even though the film was confusing it does all come out in the end so you will want to watch this film from beginning to end as until it ends you do not know what is going to happen. I would recommend this to watch at least once you will not be disappointed.


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        19.05.2013 11:58
        Very helpful
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        Good film

        We have recently got Sky back after going a few months without it so it's fair to say I'm making the most of it! This morning I decided to see what films were available on demand. There were a few I fancied watching but one really caught my eye and that was 'Gone'.

        I was intrigued by the plot of this film and felt that the description made it sound very interesting so I decided to download it and watch it straight away. This is a film only review.

        The film begins with a young blonde haired girl walking through the woods. She looks very innocent and naive and it seems odd that she is walking in a woods on her own. She stops and gets a map out of her bag, colouring some of the map which suggests she is carrying out some sort of task.

        When she gets home we learn her name is Gill and she is a student. She lives with her sister Molly and they are very close. Molly is angry that Gill has been in the woods and we then learn that Gill was abducted a year earlier and was taken to the woods. The police wrote off her claims and instead Gill was put in a psychiatric unit but since getting out she has been obsessed with finding her abductor.

        One night Gill heads off to work like usual, leaving Molly studying. Work is the same as usual but when she gets home the next morning Molly is gone.

        I was intrigued by the plot of the film and thought it sounded really interesting. I felt captivated within just a few minutes of the film beginning. Gill is a very sweet and innocent girl and it is clear to see how much she loves her sister. Molly is a hard working student and it is easy to become fond of the sisters.

        The film is fast paced and it soon becomes very fast moving and interesting. I had high expectations regarding the excitement and interest of the plot and I am pleased to say that I was not disappointed. The plot was interesting and I was hooked to the sisters story.

        The acting in the film is very strong. Amanda Seyfried plays the leading role of Gill and she does an excellent job. She is likeable and believable and although all of the police officers write her off as mad I was quite sure that she wasn't and she instead was telling the truth.

        The film is quite dark. A lot of the film follows Gill trying to find her sister on her own so it does have an eery and scary feel to it. I found the film to be anxiety inducing and I was desperate to see what would happen.

        The film is quite short with a runtime of 86 minutes. I found that this worked to the films advantage and it helped with the intensity and fast pace of the film.

        The ending of the film is done very well. It ties up all loose ends and it is action packed and fast paced.

        ==Additional Information==
        The film was released in 2012.
        It runs for 86 minutes.
        It is rated a 15 in the UK.
        It stars Amanda Seyfried.

        I really enjoyed this film. It has a scary feel to it but it also highlights a strong bond between sisters. It is thought provoking and I would definitely recommend it.


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          17.04.2013 13:33
          Very helpful



          a film I wouldn't rush to see anytime soon!

          I have been off work for the last 4 days and so I have had lot's of time to chill at home. I find I rarely get the chance to sit down and watch a good film so I decided to have a flick through the Sky Movies on Demand section and see if anything caught my eye. I spotted Gone was showing and reading the synopsis it sounded rather interesting and whilst I am usually a bit of a baby in watching "thrillers" it seemed more of a mild storyline and nothing that would freak me out to watch so decided to give it a go!

          - Plot -

          The film focuses on Jill Conway (Amanda Seyfried) who lives in a rather secluded Town in a house with her sister. One night she leaves her older sister Molly at home studying for her pending exam the next day and heads off for her night shift. When she arrives home at 6am she goes to wake her sister for her exam but it appears she has disappeared. Jill finds numerous items missing like a picture and her purse and so freaking out she heads straight to the Police Station.

          At the police station Jill is obsessively ranting about a man who has returned to take her but must have taken her sister instead upon discovering she was not home. It then transpires that one year prior Jill was found dishevelled, cold and hungry in a nearby Forest. She has always said a man abducted her in the middle of the night, and left her in a hole in the middle of the woods where there were human remains of other girls but she managed to escape. Police sent a team to search the forest but this hole was never found and she could never identify the man who took her or have any recollection. Jill has some degree of mental problems and she has spent time in a psych ward. Jill adamantly believes this man has taken her sister, but the forces that be at the police station do not take her seriously as every week she comes with a new story of a missing girl and that her abductor has returned. Jill is told by the Lieutenant that if her sister has not returned by Monday (it is now a Friday in film time) he will search for her, but until then she has probably just gone off for a break somewhere.

          The film then kick starts pretty quickly with Jill on a one woman mission to find her sister whilst the police also work at trying to bring her in as she is considered armed and mentally unstable. Has her sister really been kidnapped and will she be tortured and killed by the end of the day if Jill doesn't find her or is this all just a figment of her vivid imagination?!

          - My Opinion -

          I felt the film started quite solid and had lots of tension and was paced well to keep my attention from the beginning. There are a few clues as to what's going on and a small possible solutions from the shifty cop at the Police station who is always conveniently missing and eager to help Jill, to the somewhat underplayed and intermittent boyfriend who seems to be trying to help find Molly at some times and then at other times not really doing too much at all.

          If I am really honest I do not like Amanda Seyfriend. I tend to avoid watching films she is in as the ones I have seen before she has been awful (especially In Time with Justin Timberlake and Red Riding Hood was just about bearable for me!). Her eyes freak me out as they are really wide and she just has this bleak blank stare for the whole film! She does put in a solid performance as a young naive girl on a quest but I felt she was a bit lacklustre and wasn't as fierce as she could have been and probably this role could have been better cast to someone else. Nevertheless I did feel some empathy at her predicament but couldn't really make my mind up if I wanted her to actually be right, or if I wanted her to be proven wrong and just a crazy girl on an imaginary mission that wasn't needed. The rest of the supporting actors aren't too familiar to me but they do the job well of playing relatively vague characters and keeping the momentum of the film going.

          I did actually like this film as it engaged my attention throughout but was just so disappointed as the ending was a complete and utter anti-climatic let down! I felt it had all been good for 90% of the film as the plot was steering in an unexpected direction so you couldn't predict the ending, but without giving anything away the finale was completely bland and offered absolutely no explanation at all. I wasn't asking for a lot but the conclusion of the film was all too rushed and didn't offer any satisfactory ending to the whole film!


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            23.06.2012 18:01
            Very helpful




            I was quite intrigued when I saw the trailer to this movie, but I must say, I was totally disappointed by the result!

            ~~~THOUGHTS ON PLOT~~~
            Kidnapped just a year ago, Jill (Amanda Seyfried) returns home to find her sister missing. Paranoid the killer is back, she runs to the police station but noone believes her. Equipped with a gun, she goes and hunts the killer herself. Sounds good, right?

            Not quite.

            Chasing down clues and stealing cars seem to be Jill's forte as she switches rides like half a dozen times and even manages to outrace several police cars and go by unnoticed. With each new clue, the killer becomes more obvious and at no point do you really question any one else. Whilst I did think the friendly cop (Wes Bentley) looked dodgily creepy, he was no more than a decoy.

            The only thing going for this film was the potential twist that it was all in her head and they seemed to push this a lot throughout the movie that when the ending actually came and it was just a linear plot, I was left utterly disappointed and actually wanted her to have made everything up. There was quite a bit of tension in the final scene but the result of everything just seemed too 'easy'.

            The film tried too hard to be stylish or push this heroine to be likeable that it was forced. The scripting was mildly funny but only if you like Amanda Seyfried. If not, you just find her character a bit childish, a bit annoying and at times stupid.

            Amanda Seyfried- Jill

            Also stars Sebastian Stan, Wes Bentley (recognisable from The Hunger Games) and Emily Wickersham.

            'Gone' had a potentially good plot but the straightforward storyline and the lack of good twists left it utterly boring and failed to thrill one bit. Amanda Seyfried as the lead was bearable at best and you couldn't really take her seriously. The ending was only slightly tense and completely lacklustre. For a similar thriller with some actual substance, go see 'Salt' instead.


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