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Hobo with a Shotgun (DVD)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Suitable for 18 years and over / Director: Jason Eisener / Actors: Rutger Hauer, Molly Dunsworth, Brian Downey, Nick Bateman, Drew O'Hara ... / DVD released 2011-08-01 at Momentum Pictures Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    7 Reviews
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      14.10.2013 22:20
      Very helpful



      Think sperting blood where blood shouldn't spert

      Star - Rutger Hauer
      Genre - Exploitation Action/Horror
      Run Time - 86 minutes
      Certificate -18RR
      Country - Canada
      Blockbuster Rental- £1.49 per night
      Amazon -£4.68 DVD (£6.79 Blue Ray)
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      It's been a long time since I watched a Rutger Hauer movie, the iconic Dutch actor doing nothing of note since Blade Runner and The Hitcher. Once he played the villain in the lead his career seemed to wrinkle and flaw like his skin and his Guinness adverts the last time he registered. In the interim he has been banging out awful movies to pay the bills, also a writer and environmentalist in that career hiatus, perhaps more famous in Holland of late for defending Greenpeace than going to Film Festival and Award ceremonies. He also heads an AIDS charity, the unfortunately named Rutger Hauer Starfish Association. It's a shame his movie career never scaled the heights as he is very cinematic and charismatic chap and to this day his only gong being a Golden Globe for an obscure TV movie called 'Escape from Sobibor' about a Nazi guard in the death camps.

      Hobo with a Shotgun was one of three fake movies trailers on the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grind House films to be then turned into an actual movie, Machete and Machete Kills being the other two. Exploitation movies were huge in the 1970s and so ideal for certain directors to send up and offer retro cinema cool. This one was made on the cheap in Canada (you can't tell) and as blood splattered red as the maple leaf.

      Hobo: I'm gonna sleep in your bloody carcasses tonight!


      Rutger Hauer ... Hobo
      Pasha Ebrahimi ... Bumfight Filmmaker
      Robb Wells ... Logan (as Rob Wells)
      Brian Downey ... Drake
      Gregory Smith ... Slick
      Nick Bateman ... Ivan / Rip
      Drew O'Hara ... Otis
      Molly Dunsworth ... Abby

      === The Plot===

      'Slum Town' is run by fearsome maniac white suited 'Drake' (Brian Downey) and his psycho sons Slick (Gregory Smith) and Logan (Robb Wells), the Utopian hell from the near future lawless and extremely violent. Drake entertains himself by playing his version of the Hunger Games on the local bums with gruesome decapitations involving drain lids, chains and revving cars the money shot. With the cops on his back pockets anything goes in Slum Town and the people have to do what they do to survive and get money, especially the hobos, 'bum fights' one way to put food on your shopping cart.

      Hobo (Rutger Hauer) is only passing through this particular hell and soon fighting back, the rescuing of a pretty prostitute Abby (Molly Dunsworth) from one of the Drake boys getting their attention. In a pawn shop, there to buy his dream lawnmower (who knows), he finally cracks when it's raided and so spends the $50 on a shotgun instead and wipes out the bad guys. But he doesn't stop there, going on a killing spree Charles Bronson style and taking out Slum Town's deviants and crooks, including pedophile Santa's, pimps and the creator of 'Bumwars!' This raises the ire of the Drakes and they use local TV to get the people to turn on the bums, and if they don't take out the hobo with the shotgun then they will also suffer the wrath of the Drakes.

      Slick: I'm gonna wash away my blood... with your blood!


      Hobo: "Put the knife away, kid... or I'll use it to cut welfare checks from your rotten skin!
      Slick: Well you better cut one to Mother Theresa, so you can give it to her while she's finger-banging you in Hell"

      Hobo with a Shotgun provides its target audience with exactly what they want while still able to be aware of just how silly it all is. It's a nasty splatter feast that's completely comfortable in its own skin - or anyone else lying around. It's deliciously violent in that grind house exaggerated sperty blood way with that expected cheesy exploitation flick feel and deliberately bad camera work and scene setting to make you giggle and then wince some more. With a head rolling over there and guts spilling out over here it's not for the squeamish, even though it's not remotely scary or realistic. It's here to shock and certainly not for Daily Mail readers. We even have a bus full of school children torched to death!

      Shot on digital Red Epic camera to give it a blood splattered hue its relentless slashes and spilling guts. As its shot in a nondescript part of Halifax, Nova Scotia it has a fresh, non Hollywood look to it and even features a classic Top Trumps super-car, the 'Bricklin', making a rare guest appearance, the De Lorean of Canada. It has some fun lines to and sure to be quoted in some six form common room or student digs somewhere.

      For its $3 million budget it did a useful $7million American back and a good first impact movie by young director Jason Eisner, the highlight of his underachieving 8 year directorial career so far. If you like the Tarantino/Rodriguez (Planet Terror and Machete Kills) thing then you will enjoy this as clearly a tribute to. But if you want to be easily dismissive and upset about films having and influence on out youth then watching the will have steam coming out of your ears.


      Imdb.com - 6.0/10.0 (30,145votes)
      Metacrtic.com - 55% critic's approval
      Rottentomatos.com - 57% critic's approval


      The New Yorker -'A film that can't resist picking its own scabs'.

      Top Critic -'It stomps over any notions of good taste and credibility after roughly five minutes'.

      Financial Times -'Jason Eisener's Hobo with a Shotgun is trash with a difference: designer trash'.

      The Guardian -'I've got to admit there are flashes of demented brilliance here'

      The Sun -'This is the type of movie you want to punch in the face'.

      Daily Star -'Great title, but this silly vigilante action movie is so exaggerated, so over-the-top that it is over the hill. It has gone to seed and needs to be weeded'.

      The Baltimore Sun -'It's a Grindhouse mess but it stars Rutger Hauer!'

      The Scotsman - 'Rutger Hauer at least seems to be in on the joke, even if the joke wears pretty thin'.

      The Observer - 'Belongs at the bottom of a disused coal mine in one of those desperately impoverished West Virginia townships that advertise for people to send them their nuclear waste'.
      = = = = = = = = =


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        13.10.2013 13:33
        Very helpful



        truly awful

        This film was such a let down. As a general concept, hobo with a shotgun sounds like a fun tongue in cheek action film, but sadly due to such a poor performance, this film is nothing but terrible.

        Now I would normally say during my review that there are spoiler alerts, but the plot is so bad that really if you haven't seen the film, your not missing anything by reading this... infact if you haven't seen the film I beg you not to.

        Basically there is a homeless person who arrived in a new city, to find it full of dirty cops, and crime is rife. After saving a prostitute from Slick, who's dad (Drake) is basically the crime, drug and media lord of the city. After this happens, he takes Slick to the police, who just let him go, and torture the tramp (the police are corrupt). The hobo then decides he wants to buy a lawnmower, and takes part in a torture video to get money, but in the shop 3 armed robbers try to rob the store, and the hobo buys a shotgun instead... and basically goes on a killing spree on the criminals...

        Now honestly, the film is so unbelievably lame. There is endless profanity, but just in places where it is needless. Its one of those films where every third word is a swear word, and half the time they don't make sense, such as "she is so hot I would swall the (male genataila) off her". Really? Its not said in a funny way, or even in a cool way, its mostly just pathetic, as if the writer writing the film was 12 years old and had just learnt some naughty words.

        Anyway, couple this is honestly the worst acting I have ever seen... seriously if I was in this film, I would want my name NOT to appear in the credits its that bad. Honestly I have seen better acting by my 8 year old sister in a school play than the acting in this film.

        Ok the film isn't very realistic, but it was never meant to be, and not being realistic isn't often a problem with action films, but there are whole parts of the film that are never really explained. Like when drake phones "the plague", two assassins who just randomly show up, capture the hobo, then give him to drake, but randomly kill all the staff in the hospital where the hobo was for no good reason, as well as randomly start killing an octupus in thair lair? Now random can be incredibly funny, see anchorman, 21 jump street, the other guys, etc etc, but in this film you get the feeling they had an octopus outfit hanging around, and had to find a use for it. It truly is bad. This film feels like it was made on a budget of around £1.50 (even though it was probably more, it just feels so bad).

        Overall then, if you want a boring, unfunny, tacky film with no redeeming features and poor performances from EVERYONE involved (honestly I feel I could do a better job acting out this film than anyone involved) then this is the film for you. I just genuinely find it amazing that films like this are still being made. If I was given this film for free I would still feel ripped off, honestly avoid this film like the plague. I only give this 1 star because dooyoo will not let me give NEGATIVE STARS!


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          10.08.2012 17:58
          Very helpful



          This film wont appeal to many, cant think of anyone I could show this too

          This film is set in the 80's possibly but not to sure about that as it is a Canadian film, the special effects also look like 80's.
          The main plot is that a hobo turns vigilante, when the hobo gets arrives on a freight train he quickly relises that he is one of the most upstanding members of the community, the whole town is full of murderers, rapists, crooks and thats just the cops, when trying to purchase his lawnmower from the pawn shop for $49.99 he gets himself in the middle of a hiest, this puts him over the edge, grabs a shotgun and shoots the three robbers, because of his high morals he does pay for the shotgun before leaving, luckily for him it was the same price as the lawnmower, shotgun in hand he starts to clean the town up, one cartrige at a time, this gets the unwanted attention of the local evil crime boss and his stupid sons.

          The violence was very over the top and very unrealistic to say the least, fair enough this is a comedy after all, apart from the fact the violence was not very funny, there is a good few funny parts in the film but these were more a kind of odd bizzare slightly funny kind of thing.

          There is a lot of sick jokes in the film that most people wont like these involve children, pedo santa, torching the school bus full of kids, children getting pimped out, mainly to cops and santa, the list goes on, personaly I cant think of anyone who would enjoy them kind of jokes, it is an 18 certificate but not for me.

          The main star is Rutger Hauer who plays the hobo, cant think why he did this film as he has been in far better over the years, Batman Begins and Sin City, others are Pasha Ebrahimi who I have never heard of and Molly Dunsworth who is also relatively unknown.

          Extra's on the disc are two commentarys, the making, deleted sceens, alternate ending and a trailer, I did not watch these so cant review them.


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            29.02.2012 22:49
            Very helpful



            A good story but you have to brave to watch this one!

            Film Only Review:

            Meet Hobo (I never did catch his real name!) played by Rutger Hauer. An elderly homeless man that lives on the street but dreams of having enough money to buy a lawnmower to start a buisness up and make himself a better person.

            He jumps off the train at this random city which is basically hellsville. Think the worst estate near where you live and times it by a million. You've got paedophiles dressed up as santa, pimps beating prostitutes in the street, people carrying guns, drugs being dealt and even a guy that gets people to eat glass and things and he pays them for it and films it and one man, the public are very, very fearful of Drake (Brian Downey) who with his two thug sons, Slick (his favourite) and Ivan (slightly thick and not so favoured son) run the town.

            Everyone is scared of Drake and Co especially when he shoves his own brother early on in the film into a man hole and rips his head off via a car (blood and guts everywhere!) especially when the sons tell the town who are gathered for the 'game' look away your next, even kids have to watch it.

            Drake and his sons are bascially animals. In Drakes club people hang to be beaten and girls stripped down to bikinis are just as animalistic bathing in blood and having a shower and the likes in it.

            Hobo soon starts to see all these terrible things, but finds the lawnmower of his dreams, tries to keep himself to himself and beg for cash to try and afford it. However one night when nosying about he sees a beautiful and very young prostitute, Abbey (Molly Dunsworth) try to defend a kid from Slick as the kid owes him money, he then in very graphic fashion tells her whats hes going to do to her takes her outside and men turn up with a bodybag to take her away and Hobo steps in beats the guys off, Abbey gets away and Hobo decides to take Slick and dump him at the policestation and make a complaint. All is well at first, the policeman really is greatful to Hobo and promises to rid the town of scum when low and behold up turn the Drake boys who beat Hobo in front of the police...yes they're in on it all too. Its clear Drake runs everything!

            Hurt Hobo goes to Abbey who takes a liking to the rather wise and religious chap, not in a sexual way. However she lets him stay at hers but next morning he's gone and hes now a man on a mission.....a vigilant who later gets tagged with the line 'Delivering justice....one shell at a time' and thats pretty much it. Hes on a mission, looking out for Abbey wherever he goes but takes down menaces, paedos, druggies and pimps one at a time, the death toll is rising even Drake is getting concerned.

            During a news broadcast Drake and his sons break in and get on the tv and tell people to get and kill all homeless people, the hobo is wanted and people are promised wealth and friendship from Drake.

            However although Hobo is course homeless many people are in this dump of a town and the people in the town are animals and scared to death of Drake and co and so once again the bodies start stacking up as people turn on eachother.

            Abbey is feeling the heat as people know she knows him but can she convince Hobo to leave with her, set up a gardening buisness and live happily ever after or will the town find them and bring them to their own justice? Or will Hobo want to rid the town or vermin at any cost?

            My Verdict:

            I know that this is a film that has recieved mixed reviews and I can totally understand why. This film is rather unusual! Many horror type films take you so far into a story and leave the rest to the imagination. This film leads you to the heart of the matter and doesn't spare your eyes one bit. If you don't want to see peoples intestines, see paedophiles kidnapping children and school buses with little ones on it burning don't watch this.

            For me though I didn't feel disturbed by the material in this film at all. It tells a story in a graphic way to get you as the viewer to be revolted and to bond with hobo, which I did. All the characters were fabulous, the scenes gory as hell and I was never sure how the film was going to end although I could see why hobo had the objective of cleaning up the town. His friendship with the lonely Abbey was lovely and theres a scene in the movie where he delievers a speech to some new borns that was touching and really heartfelt and I thought this scene really showed off his amazing acting abilities.

            However I did feel this film lacked pace in certain parts and was repetitive throughout with the same stuff happening over and over and just one scene getting more shocking or bloodier than another but the ending shocked me and I only anticipated it as it was happening.

            I won't lie even I felt a bit cringe at some of the scenes and at one point I felt I was going to be sick but it did make me feel a whole range of emotions. The told story was told well and if you can stomach loads of inerds and blood and bits being chopped off go for it, but rent it I doubt its a film many people would want to watch twice to be honest.

            This is rated 18 and rightly so!


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              24.10.2011 18:43
              Very helpful



              Not high art, but should be well liked by people who enjoy old school exploitation films.

              Back in 2007 Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez gave us the double feature Grindhouse inspired by the B-movies they grew up watching. The Grindhouse experience not only gave viewers two movies to watch, but a bunch of trailers for fake feature films as well. The clips in question included Hobo with a Shotgun and Machete, which ironically enough got turned into proper movies after positive reaction on the internet. Hobo with a Shotgun is blessed with such a nutty title that it immediately piques your interest. Although I wasn't expecting an Oscar contender I couldn't resist checking it out on DVD. Let us see if it is any good or a waste of cash, like giving lose change to a smelly tramp.


              The movie starts with a nameless hobo arriving at Hope Town after hitching a ride on a train. Hope Town may sound like a pleasant place to live in, but graffiti replacing the word Hope with Scum on the welcome sign hints that the settlement isn't as nice as the name suggests. Those suspicions are proven right when the Hobo witnesses a drug baron known as The Drake executing his own brother (by sticking him in a manhole and tearing off his head with barbed wire... ouch.) It appears that The Drake rules the town assisted by his sons Ivan and Slick. With the police paid off by the crooked family, who have a thing for Miami Vice style fashion, the populace is forced to live their lives in fear.

              Our hero the Hobo tries to keep to himself and ignore the carnage. His dream is to scrounge enough wonga to purchase a lawnmower from the local pawn shop to start up his own grass cutting business. Things change however when he is brutally beaten up as punishment for rescuing a prostitute named Abby from the clutches of Slick (what a cool name, I wish my parents had called me that.) Enough is enough. The Hobo snaps and decides to clean up the streets of the filth plaguing it. As the movie title reveals the tool he will be using won't be a mop! The hobo abandons his plans to buy a lawnmower and instead uses his savings to get a Shotgun which apparently comes with a limitless supply of ammunition. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be The Drake right now.


              Rutger Hauer, the cast's biggest name having appeared in films like Blade Runner and Batman Begins, plays the part of the title character. He replaces David Brunt who was the hobo in the original trailer. The film doesn't require much in terms of acting skills, but from everyone involved he does come across as the most accomplished. Hauer manages to deliver some terrible dialogue convincingly and plays the character straight even when things go over the top. Even though the hobo is a loon, who mutters anecdotes about bears and mistakes whores for teachers, I found myself rooting for him in during his murderous rampage in the name of justice.

              Aiding the Hobo in his quest is Abby the prostitute played by Canadian actress Molly Dunsworth. Initially she only helps out the Hobo as he saved her life, but as they get closer she becomes smitten by his dreams of moving away to a more peaceful place where they can spend their days mowing lawns. Out of all the characters Abby is probably the only one I would describe as normal although that isn't saying much. The rest of the cast, in my opinion, are off their rockers. The most down to earth guys in the film, after Abby, are probably the armour clad duo known as The Plague. They enjoy beating up tentacle monsters in their spare time which pretty much sums up the sanity of most of the characters in the film.

              I thought The Drake was a good villain for such a crazy film. He wouldn't be out of place hosting the TV show from Schwarzenegger's Running Man as he revels in performing public executions, giving the murders a game show like twist. Out of his two sons Slick comes across as the most charismatic, although I suppose he would be with a name like that. Slick is singled out as being the one with the most potential out of the two which is no surprise given Ivan's lack of personality. Ivan just seems to delight in causing chaos, fully exploiting the fact that he is untouchable given his pop's scary reputation.


              If you are someone who is put off by gore stay well clear of Hobo with a Shotgun. The film spends a good amount of time literally showering its characters in blood (at one point a bikini wearing floozy even dances around as plasma rains downs on her from a severed head.) Like wise if you are seeking a thought provoking ninety minutes you would be best served looking elsewhere for DVD entertainment. All that said, with a title like Hobo with a Shotgun why would you be expecting anything else? This release is clearly targeting an audience seeking mindless fun so does it deliver in that regard? Well sort of.

              When the ending credits rolled I was somewhat disappointed. I was expecting more and felt that the film makers had struggled to turn an idea that worked as an amusing short trailer into a full length feature. My favourite part was when the hobo first acquires the gun and starts taking down the town's criminal element. The mix of violence and dark comedy worked in those scenes such as when he confronts a child molester who dresses as Santa Claus (he wasn't laughing "ho ho ho" after that encounter.) For the rest of the film however it seemed like the movie didn't know what it wanted to do.

              Even though the characters were crazy, they didn't act silly within the established rules of the movie's insane world. This was in contrast to the over the top action were ice skates are considered to be a viable weapon. Hobo with a Shotgun could have worked as either a gritty film about a homeless man seeking revenge or a straight up black comedy with spoof humour. I wish they would have picked one style and kept that tone for the whole film rather than produce a half baked mish mash of the two. It did succeed in emulating exploitation films from the seventies and eighties, although with a budget of three million dollars and modern day film technology it feels more polished than those B movies it is trying to copy.

              I cannot award Hobo with a Shotgun more than two stars as critically speaking it is below par in terms of acting, story, visual effects and so on. The film makers weren't however making this to win awards so within their modest aspirations I wouldn't say that the movie is without merit. The paper thin plot doesn't require your undivided attention so it may be more entertaining if viewed with a group of chums laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Would I buy it? No. Is it worth renting for when the guys come over for a few brewskies? Sure why not.


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                14.09.2011 17:27
                Very helpful



                One man goes on a path of vengeance...armed only with a shotgun and his seething iner rage!

                Hobo With A Shotgun is a recent Canadian Exploitation Horror flick made in the Grindhouse style that has become very popular of late thanks to movies such as Machete, Death-Proof and Planet Terror. Filmed like an eighties Video Nasty and owing much to that era, it is a non-stop violent, blood-crazed gore-filled rollercoaster ride that keeps you glued to the screen from beginning to end in as much disbelief as anything else!

                Rutger Hauer of course is no stranger to such fare. After making his name in such classic films as Blade Runner, Ladyhawke and The Hitcher, his face was pretty much all over the straight-to-video shelves in the nineties as he starred in all manner of low-budget flicks, some good, some truly awful! This film harks back to a time when Rutger Hauer was everywhere, credits appeared at the start of a film and the words "In Technicolour" would grace the screen every time you sat down to watch!

                The plot is a simple one: an unknown Hobo, riding the rails, stops off in a small town to do some peddling and finds himself waaaay out of his depth. This town he has arrived in is in the midst of a vicious crime spree and the gangster who runs the town pretty much has a free reign to do whatever he pleases! This includes fitting manhole covers around his victims heads and then decapitating them by then attaching their heads to the rear of one of his cars and driving off. Something a mysterious women in white finds a paticular turn-on!!

                Hauer has had enough. After chewing broken glass to earn a few measly dollars in change, he enters a pawn shop to buy himself a lawn mower (don't ask) and gets caught up in a robbery instead! Grabbing a shotgun from the wall, he takes on the robbers and blows them both away much to the delight of the local shop-keeper! Caught up in the moment, Hauer then goes on a one-man clean-up campaign; venting his anger on all those who think they can escape the law! What follows is a catalogue of blood, gore and senseless violence of the kind that has not been seen on our screens in many a year as Hauer becomes a local hero and celebrity. But when the local gangster boss seizes a prostitute with whom Hauer has struck up a friendship, he soon realizes that the odds are against him ~ especially when he realizes that even the local Sheriff is corrupt!

                Hobo is an absolutely awesome, retro movie that has been described as the film that Machete wanted to be. Not having seen that, I cannot comment but would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone!! It is Rutger Hauer at his very best and a real tribute to the late eighties and early nineties when this sort of film was much more prevalent!

                If you like a film heavy on the blood and violence, not so bothered about the plot, this will be right up your alley! Me, I loved it to bits ~ the wife, not so much!! It is definitely the film all Rutger Hauer fans have been waiting for and just the kind of surreal, vicious nonsense that I absolutely adore!


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                12.09.2011 21:59
                Very helpful



                Not worth watching

                If you are looking to watch a horrificly disgusting, mentally thought out disturbing film then this is perfect for you.
                'A hobo with a shotgun' I thought would end up being a comedy, but it is the complete opposite.

                ...The story...

                A hobo with a shotgun turns out to be exactly that.
                The term hobo is used to label a homeless person and this film shows some of the worst cruelty and disrespect to homeless people.
                With no reason at all other than power and greed, the town is run by a power hungry man controlling his sons and encouraging them and others of the town to carry out sick activities against the homeless.
                However, it doesn't just stop there.
                When the 'favourite' of the sons decides to take when he cant win, he tries to kidnap a young girl to no doubt torture and kill her after she disrespect him by telling him outright to leave a young lad alone when he is bullying him and planning on killing him.
                From this moment onwards when the homeless man saves the young girl, the real part of the story begins.

                As the 'hobo' got himself a shotgun, he began shooting down every evil heartless person in the town.
                The homeless man did in many ways saved the young girl; not only from the phycho killing brothers, but also from her job as a prostitute on the streets as she takes him into her home.
                The storyline takes you through many emotions, throughout the beginning all I could feel was disgust, anger and hatred towards most of the characters.
                As the story picks up, you are forced to feel sympathetic for the homeless man which is what really drags you into the emotions of the story.

                I really did not enjoy this film, I have seen films containing a lot of gore and sad storylines, but this one for me was too far fetched.


                From the beginning, I knew I wouldn't like the film.
                Any film which begins ripping off someone's head involving barbed wire and a car is clearly mental.
                I have seen many films which include blood, gore and horrific scenes but all throughout this film I found every gory scene too over the top, too fake and simply far too stupidly mental.

                Towards the end of the film, I really did feel the film took a turn for its worst when it introduced a fighting octopus and talking robots. The film really is... strange to say the least!

                There are A LOT of scenes and acts which had me and my partner thinking, as they were so surreal and not very well thought out at all!

                Overall, I would not recommend this, it wasn't worth watching, it did upset me and I think the storyline could have been successful if the film itself was better thought out as there was potential for a very moving story with a good message.

                ...The film...

                I was surprised to see this film was actually made in 2011, when watching I thought all the way through that it was an older film.
                The film is listed as a horror, although for me it wasn't a horror at all.
                I am one of those, who cant stand scary films, but this one for me just was more gory and disgusting than scary in any form.

                Running time- 86 minutes
                Rutger Hauer as Hobo
                Gregory Smith as Slick
                Molly Dunsworth as Abby
                Brian Downey as The Drake
                Robb Wells as Logan
                Nick Bateman as Ivan/Rip
                Peter Simas as Grinder
                Jeremy Akerman as Chief of Police
                Glen Matthews as Gang Leader
                Drew O'Hara as Otis
                David Brunt as "Dirty Cop"

                Thanks for reading, I also post on Ciao


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