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Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown (DVD)

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Genre: Children's DVDs / Universal, suitable for all / DVD released 2006-10-23 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2012 20:56
      Very helpful



      A film about a group of animals escaping a flood after an ice age.

      Intro and Info:

      Ice Age 2 the Meltdown is an adventure comedy film that was made and released in 2006. Ice Age 2 was directed by Carlos Saldanha who also co-directed the first Ice Age film and directed the third Ice Age film. Ice Age 2 was produced by two people: Lori Forte and Chris Wedge. Ice Age 2 was made on the budget of 80 million dollars but the film grossed well over 655 million dollars and so it was a huge box office success grossing well over the budget. Ice Age 2 is rated 6.8 out of 10 on the IMDB website and that is based on just over 81,000 votes.


      Manny (voiced by Ray Romano), Sid (voiced by John Leguizamo) and Diego (voiced by Denis Leary) are all enjoying the nice weather and the fact that the ice Age is now at an end, However when Manny and Diego go to the top of the of a glacier and see that the glacier is the only thing stopping water from flooding the land. When Manny and Diego and Sid come down they alert the other animals but they do not believe them, but then two vulchers agree with Manny and they say that if the animals do not get to a giant tree in three days then all the animals will die. And so Manny, Sid and Diego are again on a journey to save their lives and many others but they will also meet some unexpected friends.


       Ray Romano as Manfred "Manny"
       John Leguizamo as Sid
       Denis Leary as Diego
       Chris Wedge as Scrat
       Queen Latifah as Ellie
       Seann William Scott and Josh Peck as Crash and Eddie

      Good points and Bad Points:

      The Animation in this film is amazing, with all the animals and the environment looking very good as well as all of the movement and actions and so on everything was superb and it looked better than the first Ice Age as everything looked sharper and more colourful. The direction I thought was also very good with the use of different camera angles, also all the scenes ran well together with no continuity issues and the lighting was really good as well. I think it adds a good effect to the scenes and film and so good directing and brilliant Animation.

      Because Ice Age 2 is a animation film I would expect it use CGI a lot as well as special effects in the scenes and although there was a lot of CGI it was all to a very high standard and also it went well with the film and never oversaturated the film. The CGI looked amazing and nothing was out of place or anything. The Special effects in the film also were very detailed and also there weren't too many special effects which in my opinion was better because when they were used they looked better.

      The picture quality was brilliant and better then the first Ice Age and as I mentioned before everything seemed to look sharper and more colourful and also the film was released 6 years ago but the picture quality was as good as the films that are released recently. The sound quality was also very impressive with all of the sound throughout the film being very clear and easily heard by anyone, also the sound stayed clear in every scene even when there was a lot going on. Because the film is 91 minutes long it isn't very long and the film in my opinion was easily watchable and the film is very entertaining and the film's story doesn't fell stretched.

      The acting again was very impressive again, with the return of many of the actors from the first film and a few new actors being in Ice Age 2. I think that it is harder to voice act in some cases because you cannot tell what the characters expressions will be and so it comes from your voice but all of actors managed very well with portraying their characters. All of the Actors also managed very well to show their characters emotions and feelings and so I was very impressed with the acting. Every one of the actors were also very easy to understand and all of the actors spoke clearly.

      The story is also well written and the film had many humorous scenes and other things to add comedy to the film. Ice Age 2 also follows on from the first film and its events but it has a unique and different story to the first film and so it is still original and entertaining and so I think that Ice Age 2 has a lot to offer to a large audience. The story did have a few sub plots not many, but in my opinion the few sub plots along with the main story were more than enough to make a good film and be entertaining. The screenplay is as good as the story it's dramatic in places and it also has good dialogue. The story is also easily understood and isn't confusing.

      There was a soundtrack in this film and it was very good, Some of the music was humorous and light hearted to stick with the theme of the film and so the soundtrack was very good in my opinion. The Music also created some suspense in the film when it was needed and also made the film more dramatic in places. The Music in this film was very good and it also fit the tone of the mood which also added to the overall effect of the movie. Overall a very good and entertaining soundtrack that fit the film perfectly.
      I didn't really find any bad points with his film as I really enjoyed it, the film is just as good as the first in my opinion and also has better animation and picture quality, also with this film being rated a U It means that everyone can enjoy it.


      Ice Age 2 the Meltdown is the 2nd film in a series of films. The first being Ice Age, This being the Second film and Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs is the third film. Also a fourth film is being made and it is to be released in 2012, It will be called Ice Age Continental Drift. I really enjoyed this film and I could easily see them making more films in the series as the films are very successful and the story can keep being expanded.


      Overall I really enjoyed watching Ice Age 2 The Meltdown and think that it was a very good film. The animation in Ice Age 2 was better than the first and everything looked sharper and more colourful. The CGI and Special effects were amazing and all though the film relied heavily on special effects I thought they were all to a very high standard and so were very good and they did not oversaturate the film. The story and screenplay provided a very good story and the story is easily followed. The sound track as I have previously mentioned I thought was superb and the actors all did an amazing job portraying their characters. Overall I really enjoyed watching Ice Age 2 the Meltdown and I could easily watch this film again and I highly recommend it. The film is rated a U and so everyone can enjoy it.

      5 Out of 5

      Highly Recommended



      Thank you for reading my film review, any comments or ratings are appreciated and I will try to rate you all back but if I miss you please let me know and I will rate. This Review may be on Ciao as well.



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