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Insidious (DVD)

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    17 Reviews
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      31.07.2014 07:08
      Very helpful


      • " to an extent"
      • scary
      • "entertaining "
      • gripping


      • "not liked by critics"
      • "bad reviews"

      Great film, but disputed

      Insidious is a horror movie that has received mixed opinions really, some good points and some bad, but I think this is a good film!

      James Wan directed this movie, which was released in 2010. It is roughly 102 minutes long and has a thrilling tale.

      It is basically about a family who move into a new house, which soon turns horribly wrong. Two of the characters in the movie, Josh and his son Dalton, when they sleep at night visit another realm, which is where the dead go. It first starts with Josh, where as a child he begins to visit the other realm. Soon enough his parents start to notice a strange figure standing at the back of him in family photos, at first they think that it is a camera problem, but it soon becomes apparent that it is an old lady standing behind him.

      It turns out that this old lady is a parasite, who wants joshes body so she can live again. His son Dalton also has the gift, and in the end is possessed by a demon and taken into the other realm. Elsie, who is also a spirit walker, attempts to aid the family.

      The ending of the film carries a twist. After Josh visits the other realm to find his son, it is not him that returns, it is the old lady who has stolen Joshes body for her own!! Elise takes a photograph of Josh, to her horror sees the old lady in the photo. The old lady then kills Elise so no body will find out!

      I love this film and think it is very entertaining. A lot of people find the film to be boring and follow suit from other films, but i do not find that this is the case, it is worth a watch by all horror viewers. After all, it is from the makers of the excellent movies Saw, so there doing something right!


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      13.09.2013 11:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A family find themselves haunted blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda and cannot escape.

      I recently had the misfortune to see this film on television and that is 2 hours I am NEVER getting back!

      A family, consisting of mum, dad and 2 kids, move into a new house only to suspect it is haunted. Things keep moving about, there are freaky noises and a general feeling of unease. When one of their sons falls from a ladder in the attic, he promptly ends up in a coma that the Doctors have trouble explaining. Suspecting that spirits in the house are to blame, the family move.

      But the hauntings continue.....whatever was in the previous house has followed them here it seems....

      The mother-in-law suggests that they seek spiritual help after a visit from the local Priest fails to quell the general spookiness and malaise going on and recommends a psychic that she knows. This psychic brings two pseudo-scientific cronies to help whose sole role, it would seem, is to run about scared and generally just spout psycho-babble that no one really understands but to which they feel obliged to nod as if they do.

      This psychic reveals....dum dum dum.... that the boy is able to astral project and has been ensnared by an evil spirit whilst in a dimension other than our own. More to the point, it is a spiritual malevolence that she has encountered before ~ cue twist!

      This is an okay film with a few jumpy moments but really nothing to get scared about. Watching this, I found myself constantly face-booking with a commentary of the poor performances from all which bizarrely includes a mis-cast Barbera Hershey who seems to be deliberately acting awful in this role as though she suspects how bad this film is but could do with the pay-check!

      Coming from the makers of Paranormal (boring) activity, I should have known what to expect. Events in the other dimension become almost laughable at times and when recalling a trailer for this I saw, in which people filmed in infra-red in the cinema were screaming in fright, I find myself wondering if they were seeing the same film. Probably not.

      This is a prime example of how Hollywood has forgotten how to make a scary movie! Spanish horror {rec} is scary. This is more funny and notb in a good way. Why? Because it is MEANT to be scary.

      A big shock twist, yeah right, at the end is supposed to lead into the sequel out now folks! Yeah, heres one reviewer who will be giving that a miss!

      The film is just two hours of build-up to one little baby scare at the end and if you have seen Paranormal Activity, you will be able to guess whats coming as it is the same scare just dressed up a little.

      Really. Seriously. Don't. Even. Bother!


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        24.01.2013 11:08
        Very helpful



        Cliche with a twist

        Star of note - Barbara Hershey
        Genre - Horror
        County - USA
        Certificate - 15
        Run Time - 103 minutes
        Blockbusters - £2.00 per night
        Amazon - £4.75p DVD (£7.45p Blue Ray)

        Insidious: Working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner, intended to entrap, beguiling but harmful; alluring...

        So 'Insidious', from the creators of the rather excellent horror film 'Saw', messrs Leigh Whannell and James Wan, a demon possession flick with a twist, the unexpected what made Saw so clever and original and what we hoped would drop kick this one above the staid norm in a tired genre.

        The boys are not going for that level of intrigue and gruesome this time around and simply want to update a standard in the genre, that of the young child taken over by a malevolent spirit. Horror is all about cliché and there are plenty here but there is nothing wrong with that as its part of the fun. Every horror director will know their audience - that of date flick kids and genre fans and have to box tick all those clichés the punters are expecting. The producer and director can then choose to have big pressure from the studio with a Halloween release and so expected accompanying big takings and construct your film around that release, or stick out the film you really wanted to make at another time of the year and have it go up against the romcoms and summer blockbusters, all those who don't like that particular cliché coming to see your movie the plan. This one was released on Aprils Fools Day in the US.


        Patrick Wilson ... Josh Lambert
        Rose Byrne ... Renai Lambert
        Ty Simpkins ... Dalton Lambert
        Barbara Hershey ... Lorraine Lambert
        Andrew Astor ... Foster Lambert
        Lin Shaye ... Elise Rainier
        Leigh Whannell ... Specs
        Angus Sampson ... Tucker


        The Daltons have just moved into a spacious suburban house in a swanky Boston neighborhood, dad Josh (Patrick Wilson) in a good job and mum Renai (Rose Byrne) a homemaker to 8-year-old Dalton (Ty Simpkins) and baby Foster (Andrew Astor). But there is something not quite right about the house and when dad is at work doing all hours to make the mortgage the thumps, bangs and creeks begin, one of those bumps being little Daltons head when he has a tumble in the creepy attic space.

        After that he doesn't quite feel right and starts to see things in his room, Renai, too, freaked out and swearing to Josh that she, too, has seen an a shadowy intruder in the house. After a few sleepless nights of this Josh comes around to his wife's paranoia and succumbs to her demands and they move house again.

        But whatever the malevolent force is, it's not haunting the house but little Dalton, soon up to its old tricks and frights in their new home, the anxiety and fear confounded when Dalton slips into an inexplicable coma.

        Three months later Dalton is still comatose and the visions of the intruders and spooky events increasing, meaning mom calls in the priest and then the ghostbusters, the latter suggested by Renai's clairvoyant mum ( Barbara Hershey). But the biggest clue to the disturbance is something strange about the families past in that there are no family photographs of dad Josh or little Dalton. The demon apparitions are getting stronger as the boy's coma deepens and so they have to figure out how to wake him and send his possessor back to where it came from.


        Well folks I'm afraid it's a run of the mill demon pick, effective because it has been buffed and shined in all the right places with a decent budget. The parents at their wits end, the vulnerable kid being possessed and the priest called in are nothing new, of course, the Poltergeist ending straight from Spielberg's classic. I was seriously hoping the creators of Saw, the best American horror film in 30 years (which is not saying much), could do better. But the Americans love their horror movies and for its $13Million it did $100 Million back as the young couples turned out to cuddle up and chew their nails in the comfy multiplexes. Again, as long as you pack those clichés in they will come out in their droves, why the genre has become so stale.

        Barbara Hershey turning up raised an eyebrow, especially as she looked like she had just stepped off the set of Dynasty, seriously big hair and make-up. Oscar nominated back in 1996 for a Portrait of a Lady, her faced is as stretched as her career. She was a pretty good actress but doing horror movies means your Hollywood tombstone is being chipped out by a stonemason soon after. Everyone else on show felt like they knew they were in a B-movie and the plot and dialogue pretty perfunctory. It was almost as if the director's reputation got the better of him and he saw something that just wasn't there in this poor script.

        The film really drags by half-way and the set up takes forever as the director and writing team don't quite know how dumb to treat their audience and how many clues to offer to the big twist. The casting is obvious and quickly gives away the villain and you just wait tapping your fingers for your suspicious to be confirmed. Throw in the screeching violin and Cello to make you jump and the cliché is complete.


        Imdb.com - 6.7/10.0 (77, 875 votes)
        Metacritc.com - 52% critic's approval rating
        Rottentomatos.com - 66% critic's approval rating


        Daily Telegraph - 'Plays out in such a high, trilling key of baroque anxiety it's both jumpy and ludicrous'.

        Film4 -'Like the ghouls and ghosties confronted by its characters, Insidious overstays its welcome'.

        The Times -' An engagingly unassuming presentation of an effective yet disappointingly derivative shocker'.

        Herald & Sun - Insidious is happy enough with elevating your breathing pattern every now and then, as opposed to choking you outright with one shock after another.

        Empire magazine - 'For all its creaky-old-dark-house clichés, Insidious is a fun ghost-train ride, full of truly terrifying moments. But once it's over, it's forgotten'.
        The Sun - 'Is this reminding you of anything? Like, say 97.2% of any horror movies ever made?

        = = = = = Special Features = = = = = =

        - Horror: The Exclusive Seminar -

        The director talks about his film and horror credentials.

        - Behind the Scenes -

        More of the above as the twist is 'bigged up' as clever when I'm sure it's been in many a superior Hammer Horror.

        - Insidious Entities -

        Special effects and make up stuff...

        - On set with Insidious -

        More of the above.

        = = = = = = = = = = =


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          28.09.2012 15:29
          Very helpful



          Hauntingly jumpy.

          Firstly, this is a film only review as I don't own this on DVD.

          Insidious is a horror film that was released in 2011. The film is centered around the Lambert family, when tragedy strikes the happy times and plans for the future in their new home seem lost forever.

          Renai (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Patrick Wilson) Lambert move to a new house with their three children. Part of the fun for Dalton (Ty Simpkins) is exploring all the new rooms and so he heads up to the attic after hearing a noise up there, but something spooks him and he falls down a ladder in the attic. That night the Lambert family go to bed as usual, everything seemingly a normal evening. The following morning Dalton does not wake up. Once arriving at hospital Renai and Josh are informed their son is in coma.
          Eventually a couple of months later Dalton gets to go home, although he is still in the coma. Upon Dalton's return strange things start to happen and Renai believes her house is haunted and seeks help from paranormal investigators, Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) and her team. This only proves to scare Renai much more than she ever thought possible, as she struggles to open her mind to the possibilities of the situation, the hauntings are becoming increasingly distressing. The fight to wake their son is going to take everything they have, but do they really have what it takes to save their family.

          Insidious is around 100 minutes long it was written by Leigh Whannell (who was also part of the cast) and directed by James Wan.

          This film for me is kind of judged in two parts. My overall view of the film is good. I really enjoyed the experience of watching this movie and I would watch it again however the first half and the second half were very different. The first half was really good, tension built well and it was very jumpy, it certainly sets the heart rate up a notch, but then we come to the second half as we start to uncover the reasons behind the storyline and that is where the film weakens and contains a few cheesy moments, not enough to ruin the film for me though, there are still many jumpy bits but the storyline turns a little silly.
          I am a fan of horror movies although I quite often find myself disappointed by a film due to them failing on building suspense enough to make me jump and I quite often forget them soon after they finish but Insidious was different.

          I managed to see Insidious in the cinema with a friend and I was not disappointed with the scare factor at all. I thought they managed to pack all types of scare in from physical jumping (and screaming in some cases) to that nasty cold tingle down your spine. Even now thinking back to watching one specific scene I can feel the chill on my spine!
          I would recommend this film to people who like a good horror movie for the scare factor.
          This DVD can now be found in places like HMV for around £6. As I said above I saw this film at the cinema so I paid around £8 to see it and I did not come out feeling that I had wasted my money so I would certainly say around £6 would be good value if I were to purchase this DVD now.

          This review can also be found on ciao under the same name.


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          08.05.2012 13:52
          Very helpful



          Definitely worth seeing for some jumps

          Insidious is directed by James Wan who is widely recognised for the other films he has directed, such as Saw and Death Sentence. I quite enjoyed both of these films so on that basis i thought i would give Insidious a go.

          I might add that i watched this during the daytime with my girlfriend so it may of had more of an impact if i was on my own and it was at night.

          Insidious starts off pretty well, a family has moved into their new home and are getting on with the usual stressful things such as fitting in work around unpacking the boxes and furniture. Renai (the wife and mother) works from home as a songwriter as well as looking after the children.

          After one of her sons has a fall in the attic he enters a coma that the Doctors cannot wake him from, Renai starts hearing things and seeing strange apparitions/ghosts around the house. She eventually convinces her husband to move house to escape the scariness.

          Initially things seem fine until....


          .....it becomes apparent that they have not escaped and the ghosts have followed them. After a couple of comical "ghostfinders" and a Psychic arrives to find out what is happening, they find out there son is not in a coma but has spirit walked to a dark place that he cannot get back from. There is now a variety of ghosts and demons trying to possess his physical form so that they can live again.

          *****SPOILERS OVER*****

          I will not give away the ending but lets just say it was slightly "luke warm". I have found this to be a problem with most of the modern horror movies, its almost like the writers ran out of ideas and quickly rushed the ending.

          Insidious IS a good horror movie, it will make you jump and it will fill you with suspense and keep you on the edge of your seat. The initial part of the story is intriguing and the acting from the cast is solid (if a little wooden at the start). There are not many plot holes and things tend to be quite well explained. It is just unfortunate that the film is let down by the ending (which looks like it has left itself open to a sequel).

          On a technical note the cinematography was very good and the usual camera filters for a horror movie were used (dark, grainy, sepia) well.

          I have watched a lot of horror movies so am used to the usual signs and tricks that are thrown in so i can generally tell when something is coming up. However my girlfriend spent most of the movie hidden behind a cushion or with her fingers in her ears. From this i can presume that the film does its job well and on this basis i give it the rating below.

          My rating 8/10


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          20.03.2012 19:22
          Very helpful



          But had a rubbish ending!

          *Movie Only Review*
          When I rented this out, it was one of those impulse rents. I had heard nothing about it, had only seen one advert and hadn't even read the back of the case. So I really didn't know what to expect.

          Insidious -
          When James and Renai move into a new home, with their three children; Dalton, Foster and Cali, is seems as though they have a fresh start. However, when tragedy strikes, strange things start to happen in the house and Renai starts seeing people that her husband does not.
          When she convinces him to, again, move it, it looks like they have left their problems behind them. That is until she starts seeing people again and it seems that whatever was in the house has followed them.
          Now they must work out what it is and what it wants!

          Surprise -
          I watched Insidious with no information about it so that I wouldn't expect something great and be disappointed when I didn't get it.
          Surprisingly, I enjoyed the first 2/3s of the film. The storyline was interesting and didn't give anything away so that you felt just as confused as the family did. There were plenty of moments where something just popped up and made me jump out of my skin and, after about 20 minutes, I was cuddling up to a pillow to try and protect myself (something that I do very rarely with movies).
          It seemed like Insidious was going to be great! Now I just wanted to know what was haunting the family? And why?
          Sadly, this is where it all went wrong!
          I don't really want to give anything away and don't really know how to explain my disappointment without doing so, so just imagine this:
          'You've watched up to now. Something is haunting them. You've spent the last hour or so sympathising with the mother, wishing you could help her, hoping someone is going to come and rescue her. And BAM! She wakes up and it was all a dream!'
          Imagine the disappointment!
          This doesn't actually happen but it may aswell have!
          And now, after such a great start, Insidious has suddenly jumped onto my 'disappointed list'. I'm gutted!
          The ending felt very rushed, which I wouldn't have minded if it was decent as the build up was so intense and just seemed so unbelievable that anyone would even think of it!
          However, the very last scene does drop a great twist which slightly pulled it back for me!
          I have never heard of any of the actors in Insidious, however, they all gave great performances. Especially the mother who really did make me empathise for her!
          I don't know if I would recommend this or not and have given it 3 stars because I don't want to rate it low, but also don't want to rate it high. If I could, I would recommend the first hour or so then say turn it off and assume they all die to avoid disappointment.


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          15.02.2012 23:46
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A decent horror film.

          Film Only Review:

          I am a huge fan of the horror genre but I find it difficult to find many genuinely interesting or original films nowadays. I therefore had high hopes for this 2011 release 'Insidious'. The film is directed by James Wan and it's biggest star is Barbara Hershey, who assumes a supporting role.

          The story involves an American family consisting of beleaguered mom Renai, workaholic dad Josh and their three young children. They have just moved into a typical creepy 'American Horror Story' style house when strange things begin to occur. Specifically, a terrible accident involving one of the sons, Dalton, leads to a drastic change of lifestyle. It's after this seemingly random and unexplainable accident that Renai begins to realise that there is something terribly wrong at work in the house.

          The story eases us into the lives of the family and this allows us to get to know the characters at the beginning so that we care about their journey throughout the rest of the film. Both of the leads play likeable and interesting people who we can relate to and imagine ourselves being friends with. Although I didn't know the actors in this movie I didn't feel I was missing any big star action nor did I feel that the performances were underpar. The story is really the star here anyway.

          A classic haunted house storyline at the beginning of the film quickly turns into something more complicated and dramatic. I enjoyed the twists and turns in the film and although I felt the story borrowed fairly heavily from other horror movies I enjoyed how these influences were played in this film. I specifically felt it was reminiscent of movies like The Changeling and Silent Hill whilst some scenes even seemed to be lending from reality shows like Ryan Buell's Paranormal State.

          One thing feels certain and that is that this is made for a 21st century audience who are hungry for regular scares throughout the movie. By that I mean that the shocks and horror plays out exactly as expected. This film is filled with classic horror tropes like the ghost figure floating in the hallway, the face appearing at the window, the ominous grandfather clock, the innapropriately jolly music playing whilst something horrible occurs... However, these classic scary moments are actually effected pretty well here. It feels like a bit of effort and thought went into making these classic scares mean something as well as making them memorable. I particularly love the use of Tiny Tim's oddball hit 'Tiptoe Through The Tulips' during the film as it is the perfect music to send chills up your spine when you hear it playing against the horrific visuals. Whilst there is a little bit of gore and lots of screaming moments the most scared I got was when the horror moments were more contained, quiet or strange.

          I thought the build up to the peak of drama was very exciting and there are some great distractions from the intensity when Barbara Hershey (who plays Josh's mother) and her paranormal investigation team turn up. There are some unexpected comedy moments thanks to the brilliant actors who play the geeky, out-of-their-depth ghost hunters.

          The unravelling of the plot was satisfying to me and I felt genuinely interested throughout. There are lots of subtle hints and clues which tease the audience and are there to both help us piece together the truth or to set us off course. I had several theories about what was going on throughout the film and they all turned out to be incorrect. It was fun to try and crack the puzzle.

          I really liked the end of the movie although it becomes obvious that there has to be a twist in the tale. The twist might be able to be guessed by some viewers and again it is reminiscent of other well known horror movies - I daren't name them here or I'd reveal the twist. However, I did find it genuinely shocking and a satisfyingly horrific end to the whole affair.

          Ultimately this is a horror movie that was worth watching. I might be a little immune to the horror genre and didn't suffer from any real jumpiness whilst watching this but my companions were leaping out of their seats at certain moments. As I said above, I was most unsettled when there was something a little weird or crazy going on - the psychologically disturbing scenes had most of an impact for me. This is not a story or a work of directing that hasn't been seen before but it does feel like some work has gone into creating the chills and thrills. I would certainly recommend seeing this if you enjoy a decent horror movie.


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            28.11.2011 04:57
            Very helpful



            Well made, just my idea of garbage!

            Film Only Review:

            Renai and Josh Lambert (Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson) move into a new home with their 3 children one of them being a young boy called Dalton (Ty Simpkins).

            One day Dalton heres a noise in the antic and he goes up to investigate and has a fall but he's ok and just gets a telling off from his parents about going up there. Next day though he cannot be woken up and the hospital simply say he is in a coma. Three months later the family move, taking Dalton with them (still in a coma) for a fresh start and this is when paranormal activities and people being seen really start. Renai, freaked out by all of this and having a sick child to gets her husbands mother Lorraine (Barbara Hershey) involved and she contacts her friend Elise Reiner (Lin Shaye), who deals with ghostly activities and all things paranormal who comes to the house with a team of two guys trying to detect the ghosties and all that!

            The story then gets a bit creepier and the music takes the same tone through the movie as we learn what has happened to Dalton and how his father is connected to it. Can his Dad rescue him from his coma, are the ghosts real or not, is it a poltageist.....well I can't say much more because I will give the plot totally away if I do!

            My Opinion:

            Ok so this film is billed as a horror and is an 18 rated movie, however my friend who I was watching it with had seen it before and gave it a 5 out of 5 rating and brought it round raving about it and put it on and me being me didn't take a lot of notice and didn't know it was a horror and I wouldn't of done unless I spotted the case after we had watched it cos I thought it was a comedy...genuinly!

            The film is dark and all about the 'other side' and paranormal activities and to me this was simply a rip off of the films, paranormal activity but where as paranormal activity is set up to look real this is told in a story fashion. Being made by the director James Wan I would have thought this to be a winner considering he was involved one way or the other in the Saw movies...but nope I found this slow going, tiring, I didn't jump once sadly and predicted the whole storyline before it happened and really got the feel of paranormal activity throughout and I didn't know it till just now that the people involved in this was involved in the making of that too. It figures lets put it that way lol.

            The acting in this was nothing special, with no known names it that I have ever heard of anyway. The story was very easy to keep track of and to understand whats going on, my mate who is at her best watching Disney movies (a long standing joke between us, sorry Liz lol) got this no problem.

            I got bored fast with this one and I don't understand people who like it or feel that it is scary. For me scarier the better and this just didn't do anything for me at all! lol.

            The film last 102 minutes and is far too long in my opinion. Actually scrub that any minutes made of this film is too long for me!


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            01.11.2011 12:22
            Very helpful



            Insidious is terrifying in all the right places, it just fails dismally when it adds too much story

            Put Halloween or A Nightmare On Elm Street on for me, and I'm completely fine. Increasingly devoid of scares, and so familiar to me that I could recite them word for word, I have no problem sitting through those old senseless slasher films. However, put me in front of the new breed of psychological horror that have been doing the rounds in the wake of such gems as Hostel and Saw, and I spend more than half the film with my eyes behind my hands. Insidious is just that type of psychological horror that cranks up the tension rather than delivering quick jolts, and is all the more terrifying for it.

            Opening with an eerie montage of the film's main set, the tone is quickly set for the horror that follows. The Lambert family (Josh and Renai) have just moved into a new house with their 3 kids. It becomes apparent fairly quickly that something isn't right though as Renai Lambert becomes more and more ill at ease in the house. When their son Dalton slips into an unexplained coma, things take a disturbing turn for the worse. His body appears to be housing some evil being who appears round corners and along corridors of the house. Renai and Josh turn to his mother Lorraine and a bizarre medium who comes complete with a duo of ghostbusters for help, as a terrible secret from Josh' past comes to surface.

            Insidious is utterly terrifying for its first hour. Relentlessly atmospheric and chilling, most of the horror takes place at the new Lambert house. The last act lets the film down though, as things become slightly camp and down right daft. The explanation for Dalton's descent into the subconscious is a prize one, but when the characters of Elise and her two jokey pals are introduced, the potentially excellent premise is frittered away on one-liners and set pieces that are, frankly, laughable.

            Patrick Wilson does a decent job as the straight faced lecturer Josh, who seems incredulous to his wife's claims that something is haunting their house. It is Rose Byrne though who gives it some welly though, as she goes between fragile wife and overprotective mother. Although this should be nothing more than a scarefest, because there are children at the centre of the horror, you find yourself more sympathetic to the adults. A somewhat spooky appearance from Barbara Herschey, who seems to be taking a masterclass in being scary, enhances proceedings, but it's still not enough to save the film from a woeful ending.

            The direction of the film is virtually flawless, it is the hokey script that lets it down as things head towards its climax. Director James Wan is no stranger to horror having already directed the original Saw film, as well as producing most of its sequels. In his hands, the scares are plentiful. It just seems that the focus shifted halfway through the script to chuck up too many surprises, not enough scares and some weirdly out of place one-liners from two characters who make the film feel like a youtube parody.

            Definitely one of the scarier films of the past couple of years, its just a shame they didn't see it through to the end.


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              10.10.2011 17:21
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Not to be watched alone!!

              This film was bought for my birthday. It's quite a new film, though I hadn't seen any adverts for it, so I didn't know what to expect. You can get the Dvd online for about £9 at the minute.

              A family move into a new home, but when the son becomes ill, strange things start occuring in the home, and horror becomes a reality. I don't want to give too much away, so that's all I'll say about the story.

              I thought the storyline was a little unclear at first, but when you realise what's happening, it's fantastic and really well thought out. Like all horrors, there are some predictable parts, where you're saying "don't do that!!" but thre are some really jumpy unexpected parts too.

              I'm a huge fan of horrors, and have seen lots, but this was refreshing. The acting was brilliant although none of them are high profile actors. The dialogue in the film was well thought out and iteresting, I thought that the special effects and make-up in the film were really well done too. There weren't so many parts in this film where you're left thinking "Why would you do that?" which is what many horror films have me thinking, the director tried to acoid horror cliches I think which makes the film better.

              The best/worst thing about the film are the jumpy unexpected bits that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown!

              I don't normally watch the bonus features on DVD's, but I watched the making of the film after I watched the film, just to put myself at ease a little bit before I went to bed. It was interesting although they don't go into much detail about what they did in the film.

              This was one of those films that left you thinking for ages afterwards about the possiblity of what happens in the movie happening in real life, and this is what gives it that extra scare factor for me. I couldn't stop thinking about it when I went to bed and I think I scared myself a little!

              Overall, I loved and hated this film. I loved it because it was brilliant to watch and definitely worth it's horror genre, but I hated it because it really did scare me. It is rated a 15 but I think an 18 would be more suitable for this film because it's so nerve-wrecking. I'd definitely recommend this film to horror lovers, I really enjoyed it.


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                18.09.2011 22:19
                Very helpful



                A bit of a let down from Wan


                I like a good horror movie, but of late I've found it harder and harder to find one, which actually scares me..................even a little. Perhaps this is because we have become accustomed to the genre and there isn't really that much left to scare us. This said this afternoon I decided to give Insidious an airing and see if for a change I could be moved into being a bit scared.


                Directed by James Wan Insidious is a tale of out of body experience, but from the start it wasn't particularly the storyline or the acting, which captured me. From the first frame the music of Joseph Bishara had me hooked. With strings and sound more in line with the old horrors of days gone by when a movie would scare me. There were haunting, scary and some soft and gentle moments neatly woven into a pretty tame script. I think it might if not for the music have been ejected quite quickly, however thankfully the music kept my interest as the movie developed and took over the interest role.

                The Lambert family have a crisis, their son Dalton ( Ty Simpkins ) has went into a mysterious coma after a fall from a ladder, there is no medical evidence to prove the coma was a result of the fall. Shortly afterward his mother Renai ( Rose Byrne ) starts having weird episodes and visions. They move house after she suspects the current one is haunted, but hubby Josh ( Patrick Wilson ) is not so convinced. Although he does suspect something it would appear.

                Enter Josh's mum Lorraine ( Barbara Hershey ) and her friend Elise Rainer ( Lin Shaye ), from here on in the music gets creepier as does the movie. It all flows nicely for a while and is well directed to this point, something goes sadly amiss here and I'm not sure I can put my finger on exactly what it is. I went from at least being moved toward being scared to laughing in the space of about five minutes, which is kind of sad as the movie did start to get better but my thoughts kept drifting to why I found a certain scene funny and not scary.

                I guess again here I might well have ejected had it not been for the truly excellent music score, which both kept the momentum of the movie going and also the suspense. The performances in the Min were pretty good, with the odd unbelievable effort from Patrick Wilson. Where I was forced to laugh yet again.


                It's not a film that I will return too, and apart from the music I can't find a lot to praise about this well hyped and over-rated horror. I think perhaps my days of jumping from the couch might well be over, and perhaps I set standards to high in such cases. However I would and did expect a lot more from James Wan, unfortunately he was unable to deliver the scare I required, except perhaps in the fact of how overall how feeble this plot and story were.


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                  05.09.2011 20:16
                  Very helpful



                  Everyday family suffers supernatural events.

                  Insidious 2010
                  Director: James Wan
                  Writer: Leigh Whannell
                  Stars: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins

                  When I first saw the trailers for Insidious I knew that this was going to be a film that was right up my street. I love anything spooky and there is nothing more spooky than a weird kid. However when I realised it was by the same guy responsible for the Saw movies I was a little worried that it would turn into a slasher gore fest.

                  Josh and Renai are a typical American family who seem to have the perfect life. They have moved into the house of their dreams and filled it with their 3 seemingly perfect children. One of the children Dalton is involved in what seems to be a minor household accident however within 24 hours Dalton has fallen into a coma. Released from hospital still in a comatose state Dalton is interred in his bedroom - it is at this point that strange things begin happening in the house. Freaked out that the house is haunted the family move to a different house however the hauntings continue and we realise this is not a typical haunted house movie.

                  I really enjoyed this film but to be honest, for me it was a film of 2 halves. Whilst the film clearly borrows themes and ideas from many different horror films such as Poltergeist it still had a lot of original ideas. As I said when I realised the movie was by Saw director James wan I was expecting a lot of blood and guts but I was pleasantly surprised as there was very little gratuitous violence or horror. The first half of the film relies on spooky understated ghostly activity which is well executed and builds up the tension so you are on the edge of your seat. There are a lot of great scares and some frightening imagery. However Insidious falls into the trap of revealing the "monster" and from that point on it was a bit ruined because lets face it, it can never be as bad as you imagine. I felt that the last part of the film suffered from horror overkill and there were almost too many frights in quick succession. That said the climax will have you jumping out of your seat.

                  The cast are all very good particularly Barbera Hershy who puts in great performance as Daltons grandmother. All of the characters play their roles in quite an understated way which keeps us in mind that these people are an ordinary family and this could happen to anyone. I thought it was great that Renai did the thing I always think victims of a haunted house should do, move house! I never believe when people stay in a house in which the whole family is potentially in danger.

                  Whilst this was not a film that had me wanting to sleep with the lights on there are a lot of scares to enjoy. f you like a good horror then I would recommend Insidious. Whilst it is not massively original I would say just suspend your disbelief and enjoy.


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                    16.07.2011 20:54
                    Very helpful



                    Short, but effective and genuinely scary - well worth your time

                    Leave it to James Wan, the man behind "Saw" who kick-started the whole franchise, to make another low-budget thrilling horror experience. This time there is very little gore, no limbs being hacked off, no scary man in a freaky mask telling the victims that he wants to "play a game." No, the villain here is far sneakier and sinister than that (hence the title). Plus with "Insidious," Wan ventures out into the paranormal, as seems to be a popular crowd pleaser when it comes to the horror genre these days. Even the opening score, loaded with string instruments plucking and bowing away, is similar to those of vintage horror films that scare us even to this day. "Insidious" marks a fine return of horror to its original roots, and shows that Wan is more than capable of creating and maintaining an effectively creepy tone.

                    Josh (Patrick Stewart) and Renai (Rose Byrne) are a married couple with three young children who have had the immense good fortune of moving into a nice spacious house. Looking through a family album one day, Dalton (Ty Simpkins), the couple's eldest, notices that there are hardly any childhood pictures of his dad. "I wish I could but I don't think we have any" answers Renai - there is obviously something fishy going on here. One day the ever-so curious Dalton wanders around the house, and whilst drawn by a mysterious force, climbs up into the attic, and falls due to a broken ladder. He seems fine as Josh and Renai rush to his aid, but the next day he ends up in a coma with no sign as to if he will ever recover. Doctors cannot explain what is wrong with him, and no scientific explanation can be given for his condition.

                    But this is when strange supernatural events start occurring around the house. Foster (Andrew Astor), the middle child, claims he sees Dalton walking around at night. Renai can hear disturbing sounds through her baby monitor. Things go bang at night and family is terrorised by visions of scary spirits who show that even a smile can be petrifying and deadly. Quite sensibly, the couple conclude that it's their house that is haunted. Josh, even though he remains rather reserved and skeptical, decides to move, so his family can settle in better and get on with their lives. But this is all in vain - for the horrific events only become more active than ever, and Renai has to live in constant fear of running into these seemingly random spirits. In comes a pastor who ends up being a useless waste of time. However Josh's mother Lorraine (Barbara Hershey), has along with some hidden family secrets, a method of her own she would like to try out. Her close friend Elise (Lin Shaye), an experienced medium with eyes of perception like no other, enters the house, and with some probing around, is sure that it's Dalton that's haunted, not the house.

                    It's a bizarre theory, with Wan throwing together some fairly far-fetched concepts of astro-projection and demonic possession to produce a reasonable explanation. It may sound a tad silly, but what did you really expect from a supernatural horror anyway? Adding a slightly more human touch to the otherwise unrealistic notion, we are given these answers in a brief sum-up scene, delivered by Shaye with convincingly disturbed assurance of her character. Now that we know the cause, it's time to find a treatment option. Out comes a World War II mask (don't ask) that helps Elise contact the spiritual world where Dalton is supposedly "lost," and saving this young boy from evil demons who wish to possess his body is the main objective.

                    No matter how many preposterous developments the film may hurl at you (even the main villain looks like Star Wars' Darth Maul's long lost twin brother but with slightly worse graphics and make-up), the scares and characters remain effective, which is the entire point of a horror film. It certainly gets its job done, and quite refreshingly, without any excess blood. The number of characters remains restricted throughout, and Wan is a master when it comes to building tension. Most of the time, we know there is something lurking in the shadow. We know there must be something behind Josh or Renai as they worryingly walk around their house. It scares us more to think about the different possibilities of what hostile thing could be appearing out of nowhere. And with a sharp, piercing screeching of his orchestra, Wan delivers some finely crafted chilling scenes.

                    With fine performances from rather well-known faces, the family dynamic is easy to settle into. Byrne can show fear exceptionally well, with her wide-eyed expression and scream appearing shockingly natural. Stewart, playing the well-known part of "doubtful male" is never annoying, but a fully committed family man providing as much support as he knows how. The most memorable are however the two matriarchal supporting players, Hershey and Shaye, whose crucial roles bring in even more terror and intensity. Wan also has time for some comedy too, believe it or not. The two rather goofy co-workers of Elise, Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson), have a love-hate, bromance competition even in the midst of demonic invasion. They are the classic nerdy geeks with fancy, often ridiculous sci-fi equipment trying to track down everything that is haunting Dalton. They provide a brief but much-needed break from all the jump scares, all the while not wasting time with trivial, needless scenes.

                    Ending on an ambiguous note, there could well be a sequel, depending on how financially successful the film turns out to be. It's doing well in the States, and because of its small budget ($1.5 million), the returns have been impressive enough. But it would be neater and at its peak just on its own. If the ideas here are stretched out even more with unnecessary follow-ups, with more absurd twists, that would be pushing it too far. The family element was played nicely, with hidden underlying connections adding plenty of fun for its running time. Whether you can be fully on board with everything the film presents is obviously entirely up to you, but "Insidious" is so much more than what can be expected. Every movement of its characters and every single note of the highly effective music crawl under your skin, waiting to erupt at the last minute for a loud, energetic climax. It's certainly not for everyone, but horror fans will be more than satisfied by this surprisingly entertaining offering.


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                      14.07.2011 22:14
                      Very helpful



                      Nice try, but it fell totally flat

                      RELEASED: 2010 (UK), Cert.18

                      RUNNING TIME: Approx. 102 mins

                      DIRECTOR: James Wan

                      PRODUCER: Oren Peli and 4 Others

                      WRITER: Leigh Whannell

                      MUSIC: Joseph Bishara

                      MAIN CAST:-

                      Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert
                      Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert
                      Rose Byrne as Renai Lambert
                      Barbara Hershey as Lorraine Lambert
                      Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier
                      Angus Sampson as Tucker
                      Leigh Whannell as Specs


                      FILM ONLY REVIEW

                      When the Lambert family moves into a new house, not all is plain sailing.

                      Little Dalton Lambert is scared of his bedroom, and various odd sounds can be heard at strange times with seemingly no cause, plus there appears to be a degree of poltergeist activity.

                      Things take a turn for the worse when Dalton sinks into a coma after falling off a ladder whilst exploring the loft. After receiving lots of tests whilst in hospital, the medical experts tell Dalton's parents (Josh and Renai) that their son's coma can't be explained as he has no physical injuries and all his brain scans are showing clear.

                      Josh and Renai take Dalton - who remains in a coma - home, and they look after him as best as they can.

                      Meanwhile, the strange, creepy events in the house continue and escalate.

                      That sets the plot, and as ever, you must watch it for yourself to learn more.


                      I was expecting very good things from Insidious, bearing in mind that it is a creation from the same people who were responsible for Paranormal Activity, which I really enjoyed.

                      The first part of Insidious is quite scary, as there is a lot of "things that go bump in the night" stuff in progress, plus strange, inexplicable noises emanating from various parts of the house. What made that scary for me was because nothing - apart from the little incidences of poltergeist activity - was visible (at first). However, as the film progressed, for me it lost its initial creepiness and became quite bizarre, but not in a very appealing way.

                      A lot of the movie is filmed in darkness, and it always irritates me with these types of scary/horror productions, to the point where I want to scream out "for pity's sake, turn the f***ing lights on!!!" I know full well that if I were experiencing these spooky happenings in my own home, there is no way I'd contemplate investigating the cause in complete darkness. Later on in the film I can accept it being necessary to have the lights off because of the way the story goes, but earlier on, it merely seemed like madness to me to go groping around in the dark on the hunt for all things ghostly/gory.

                      The acting from all the main characters was acceptable, although for me, not what I'd call stupendous....adequate, but nothing which made me sit up and marvel at anybody's performance. I suppose the best of the bunch is Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert, closely seconded by Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier (Elise being a medium and paranormal expert). I quite liked the two ghost-buster characters of Tucker and Specs, as they did make me smile a little when they first arrived at the Lambert household. I found the character of Renai Lambert quite irritating, although I can't quite put my finger on why. It's possible that she came across to me as rather bland and in possession of little or no personality.

                      As the film progressed, I feel it went way over the top to the point where it lost any shred of believability that was present in the first part....the first part being put across with much more subtlety. There are some rather, in my opinion, crazy and unrealistic portrayals of supernatural 'beings' which I feel are ludicrous rather than scary, and the storyline went down some pretty loopy avenues, plus I found the special effects to be rather poor as nothing looked at all convincing to me. There was far too much happening all at once, and from about mid-point onwards during the film, it lost all credibility for me. I'd have preferred the bulk of the film to be much lower key and consider it a shame that something which starts out so well with great potential, topples flat on its face.

                      Overall, I found Insidious very disappointing, particularly as it was made by the same people responsible for the rather good Paranormal Activity (their other claim to fame is the movie Saw, too, but I've not seen that so am unable to make comparisons). However, I do believe that some people could find the whole film incredibly scary and may thus enjoy it immensely if they love movies about the paranormal, even if it didn't touch my own spooky spot once the more bizarre proceedings got underway.

                      I'm a little uncertain as to what star rating to award, as I'm tempted to give only one....but shall opt for two, due to the early part of the film being pretty good.


                      At the moment, I'm unable to provide any Amazon pricing information as the film on DVD won't be available for purchase on the site until 12th September, 2011.

                      A quick hunt through YouTube shows that a couple of attempts to upload the full movie of Insidious have been made, but succeeded in being removed due to copyright infringement. However, there are a few clips/trailers available to watch as a taster.

                      Thanks for reading!

                      ~~ Also published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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                        26.05.2011 13:25
                        Very helpful



                        Don't Cross The Line.

                        Went to see this impulsively yesterday, this being my officially my first 'horror'/'scary' movie at the cinema... having seen the trailer I thought this would be another typical 'Paranormal Activity' style movie (there are quite a lot fo similarities eg the baby monitor.../baby crib shots) but this movie moved into a rather strange and shocking direction for the ending which was a surprise.

                        ~~~THOUGHTS ON PLOT~~~
                        Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) move into a new house with their two boys and baby girl. The day after a ladder accident, their oldest son Dalton does not wake up and supposedly entered into a coma, with mysterious occurances causing Renai to be extremely disturbed.

                        Deciding the house is haunted, Josh and Renai move once again but the strange sightings have not stopped. Josh's mother (Barbara Hershey) suggests calling an old friend Elise (Lin Shaye) about the paranormal sightings. Elise tells them that 'the house isn't haunted. It's your son that's haunted'. Following Elise's instructions, the family tries to contact their son and bring him back from the spiritual realm at all costs...

                        The beginning of the movie follows a pretty typical start up in which mysterious sightings and sounds are heard which they dismiss as pure hallucination until they get weirder and weirder and an actual physical/spiritual figure floats into your bedroom from the balcony! The jumpy bits were rather predictable, though nonetheless made me jump. You know when they're looking through special coloured UV glasses that at one of the clicks they WILL see something. = =

                        I guess the super predictability of it made it very suspenseful - as I kept putting my hands over my eyes in anticipation of the scare- quite a few times and squealed out too.

                        The most evil spirit of all also looked rather strange as it instantly reminded me of Darth Maul from Star Wars... which was pretty funny.

                        I'm glad that this movie explains what is causing these disturbances, even though their claims are pretty farfetched, if I took everything they said to be true, it would make sense to some extent. That said, the movie took a pretty surreal turn as they try to rescue their son from the shadow realm called 'the further'... I thought it was extremely hilarious and somewhat comedic opposed to scary in that part of the movie and was just waiting for the resolve. Of course, they threw a few more scares right at the end to shock you, though by then I just want to know what happens!

                        Like with almost all horror movies, the ending is left pretty wide open for a sequel, and this is no different. I predicted something like this would happen (I won't say what) in order for there to be continuation but this was pretty hilarious and I would like to see what they do to this if there were to be a sequel.

                        Patrick Wilson- Josh
                        Rose Byrne- Renai
                        Ty Simpkins- Dalton

                        Also stars Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey (Nina's mother in Black Swan) and Andrew Astor.

                        I thought Rose Byrne did a good job being the disturbed mother in the movie. At one point I thought the film would take the turn that she was mentally ill and everything was her hallucination/imagination... though glad it wasn't like that. Patrick Wilson did much better in the second half as he has more of a role to play towards the end.

                        I also liked Barbara Hershey- there is something about her that makes her good at these creepy roles...

                        Insidious isn't the most groundbreaking horror film out there but it does fine to give you a few jumps. The movie does take a rather strange turn which may make you laugh but overall the film is solid. The ending leaves it open for a sequel if they make enough money at the box office- I'd definitely like to know how they'd carry this on given what happens at the very very end...


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