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Iqbal (DVD)

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Genre: Children's DVDs / Theatrical Release: 2005 / Director: Nagesh Kukunoor / Actors: Naseeruddin Shah, Girish Karnad ... / DVD released 23 October, 2006 at Tip Top Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      01.05.2008 13:01
      Very helpful



      A good film to watch

      Iqbal was released in the year 2005. This movie is about a Deaf & Dumb boy name Iqbal and whose dream is play cricket & play in Indian Cricket team. The movie is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor who has earlier made movie like Hyderabad Bluez, 3 Deewaraien etc...all these movies were good but Iqbal is the biggest hit from him. Iqbal is produced by Subhash Ghai who is a big filmaker in Indian Cinema.

      Iqbal's character is played by Shreyas Talpade, this was his first bollywood movie, but he had a good name in Marathi film industry. But he did a very good job in his first Hindi movie, and also won all the awards for the newcomer of the year.

      Cast :

      Shreyas Talpade (As Iqbal)
      Naseeruddin Shah (As Mohit)
      Shweta Prasad (As Khatija)
      Pratiksha Lonkar (As Iqbal's Mother)
      Yateen Karyekar (As Iqbal's Father)
      Guruji (Pritish Karnad)

      Director : Nagesh Kukunoor


      The movie starts out by showing a village Kolipad and itstotally deserted, but in place all of sudden you see a huge group of people & they are shouting, when the camera goes closer it shows all of them watching India's cricket match on TV. There is Iqbals Mother who is pregnant and is cheering for Team India, She is a big fan of Indian Cricket team. Then the movie moves forward a many years.

      And it shows Shreyas Talpade asa 18 year old boy who is deaf & dumb, but is also a cricket fan and wants to play cricket. he has a small sister Khatija who supports her brother and speaks on his behalf & also makes him understand what other people want to say to Iqbal by sign Language. His mother is also very protective towards him & incourages him to play cricket.

      Iqbal's father who is a farmer and is having a tough time financially, he does not like cricket & wants iqbal to come and join him in farming. But his mother stands between him & his father. Iqbal on the other hand learns cricket on his own in the field by practising on his own. He is a bowler in this movie. iqbal has cows and he names them by giving them name od some of the great Indian cricket players.

      There is a cricket sports academy near their vilage and is headed by Guruji who traines young people, he is a very influential person and knows how to make anyone get in the indian cricket team.

      Iqbal wants to join his academy and learn more about cricket, he and his sister everyday go there and listen what he saying to his players & then his sister translates that to Iqbal. one day is sister tells Guruji about Iqbal & guruji days he will see what this lad has in him. And when seeing Iqbal's bowling, the pace and his line & length he is impressed by Iqbal & tells him to join his academy and he will coach him.

      But Iqbal father is unware of all this, Iqbal soon gains popularity in the academy, there is this one guy name Kamal who is son of a rich Man, before Iqbal he was the most popular person, he starts feeling jealous about Iqbal & Taunts him everytime. One time when Kamal was batting against Iqbal, he bowls a bouncer to Kamal and that hits him on his head making him injured seeing this Kamal's father tell guruji to sack Iqbal, as guruji is a person who works for money he sacks Iqbal.

      Seeing this iqbal is broke, he thinks he would never ever make it to Indian Team because of the politics in it. so when depressed he starts burning all the cricket collection he has and suddenley he see a picture, and that is of Mohit who was a very good bowler of his time and leaves in the same village. But he is a drunker, so iqbal thinks he can coach him. So he goes to him and tell him to coach him, but he has given up cricket for long years and the reason for it you can know after watching the movie. so he says no to him as he wont be able to teach him, but Iqbal wont give up he comes every day to him, seeing this one day Mohit agrees to coach him but tell him how can he speak with him, so here comes his Sister who is between both of them and plays the part of a translater.

      And Iqbal starts is getting coached by Mohit, what happens? or that you have to watch the movie, coz there is more drama left in the story.

      Music :

      Is gievn by Salim & Sulaiman, the music is good and it inspires you a lot, Spl the song 'Ashayein' & 'Jeetenge'. But my fav is Ashayeain i just love this song, everytime you listen this song it Inspires you, whenever you are feeling low. The backgroung score is also good, it goes very well with the flow of the movie.

      My Analysis:

      When i first wacthed Iqbal i liked it very much, because the subect was new, to watch a movie where a person is deaf & dumb and wants to make t big in cricket is really good. It also shows the more information about cricket, how politics is involved, you should have influence & rich to reach some position, but at the same time you can make it big on your own.

      Iqbal for me is a very good inspiring movie, and i have watched it many times. Well its a well made movie, a every person who is associated with this movie has done a very good job.

      Pratiksha Lonkar has done good job of playing Iqbal's mother, the way she done her character of a inspiring mother, protective is good.

      Yateen who played Iqbal's father has also done a very good job, showing off the image of a fther who wants his son to do what he wants is good, the reason shown by him why he dont like cricket and all.

      Guruji, you will love to hate this character, he has done justcie to play the role of a many who is corrupt and who can make or break your career.

      But the three important parts of the movie are played by Shweta Prasad, Naseeruddin Shah & Shreyas Talpade.

      Shweta the isiter of iqbal, she has played a protective sister & his translater, she can do anything for his brother dream. She is always behind him. she has done full justice to her role and you will love her in this film.

      Shreyas who plays Iqbal has excelled, what a performance to give in yourfirst film. Here you cant say anything all you have to express you feeling is through your body & action. And he has done it beautifully.

      Naseeruddin Shah, what can you say about this guy, he is a master. Everyone knows he is brilliant actor & once gain he proves why he is.
      The way he displayed the role of an ex-cricketer then a drunker and the way he coaches Iqbal is just superb to watch, a brilliant performance by a brilliant person.

      Nagesh Kukunoor as a director has done a good job, seeing the way he covered all the area & keeping in mind everything. he has done a great job thats all i can say.

      This movie is available in many Subtitles so its good for you people to watch who cannot understand Hindi.

      You can get this movie from various places, from Play to amazon and starts from £10.

      I have this review on Ciao as well.


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        12.11.2007 16:16
        Very helpful



        Keep it simple, your audience demands it!

        When I bungled my recording of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Channel 4 again sticking their slick HBO drama on in the middle of the night, I was greeted with the worse case scenario of recording the wrong channel—an Indian film! Iqbal, the tale of a deaf mute peasant boy who dreams of playing cricket for India, would be my evening entertainment. As a huge cricket fan I thought why not. How bad can it be? As long as the fielders dot start dancing with bells I knew I could get through it.

        Bollywood gets a bad rap in the United Kingdom, even though their films feature regularly in the billboard charts here. In fact the Indian film industry is bigger than the British film industry here now, most Bollywood productions having some connection with our Asian community. But for some supercilious reasons the white British film press won’t touch Indian film with a barge pole, even when its number one in the movie charts, which has been twice in the last three years. Because of the that malaise the Indian movie people rarely do screenings for the journalists here to have a look at, or at least that’s what the British hacks say.

        -The Plot-

        Deaf and mute lower caste peasant boy Iqbal (Shreyas Talpade) lives with his younger sister Khadija (Shweta Prasad) and parents in rural India, his job to tend the family Buffalo heard. But Iqbal only dreams of playing cricket for India, spending his days watching the local pros play at the regional academy, looking for tips to fore fill his ambition, rather than tend the heard. He has named all the buffalo after great Indian cricketers.

        Sis, feeling his pain, is quickly on the case and gets her beloved brother a trial, where Iqbal comes up against star batsmen Kamal (Aadarsh Balakrishna) and revered academy director in Guruji (Girish Karnad).

        Dad (Yatin Karyekar) has tired of Iqbals laziness and wants him to help on the land from now on, his cricket dreams never in the equation, Iqbals shrine to his favorite game having to be hidden in a haystack; such is pops dislike of the sport. But Iqbal is determined to make it and with his stumps and bat strung over his shoulder like a quiver of arrows he’s determined to practice all hours.

        After putting the star batsmen’s nose out of shape, literally, Iqbals bouncer hitting him on the head, our deaf mute is thrown out of the academy, Kamals dad unfortunately the rich benefactor of the Kalipad facility. With Iqbals dreams in tatters he will have to toil in the fields and forget about cricket, now he has defied his father. So enter the villages washed up silver haired drunk and ex star player in Mohit (Naseeruddin Shah ), who also had similar dreams of playing for India when he was Iqbals age. The two strike a pact to keep training, Mohit passing on all his knowledge, training the boy at night when father will never know. Maybe this episode in his life will be is his salvation for all that went before, living his dream vicariously through Iqbal. But if dad finds out it will be big trouble, especially for mum Sadita (Prateeksha Lonkar), helping her son ignore the fields and secretly practice cricket as the debt piles up.


        Naseeruddin Shah ... Mohit
        Girish Karnad ... Guruji
        Shreyas Talpade ... Iqbal
        Shweta Prasad ... Khadija
        Yatin Karyekar ... Anwar
        Prateeksha Lonkar ... Saida
        Dilip Salgaonkar ... Bipin
        Jyoti Joshi ... Farida
        Aadarsh Balakrishna ... Kamal
        Gururaj Manepalli ... Akash
        Rajita Joshi ... Doctor
        Srikanth Chitrao ... Sunil Mitra, the Selector
        Vikram Inamdar ... DeSouza, the Team Manager
        Elahe Hiptoola ... TV Reporter
        Balaji Manohar ... Mohammed, the Team Cap

        -Any good-

        For my first experience of real Indian film making of late I quite enjoyed this. Yes Bollywood is very simplistic in its approached and aimed at the more rural population of Indian. The soundtrack is cheesy and the wobbly head writing and acting sign posted to say the least ,but there’s still something sweet about all those happy faces in that abject poverty, very much no your place cinema. It reminds me of the early Ealing Comedies where the working class were a jolly bunch and they could live their dreams is they prayed ad worked hard enough.

        Cricket is massive in India, ten times bigger than football is here, and on screen worked pretty well, although the country cricket crowds were familiarly low, even in India. With corruption, politics and religion weaved into the story it was surprisingly contemporary when it needed to be. And with a guest appearance from the great Kapil Dev it feels like a cricket movie. This would not work in England.

        Am I converting to Indian film? Probably not. It’s deliberately aimed at a certain audience to be uplifting and happy, the lower caste always having a chance to make it when it reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. But for 90 minutes I was with Iqbal and his cricketing dreams, hoping he would be the next opening bowler alongside Kapil and Madan Lal. The question now is will Channel Four show any clever Indian movies at this hour, greedy Indian nigh watchman spoilt for choice these days. But with no kissing and cuddling allowed, even at this hour, I still want to be corrupted by western film.

        Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor
        12 Rating?
        Imdb.com rating 8.8


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      • Product Details

        Feel-good movie following the story of an 18 year old deaf and dumb boy as he attempts to realise his dreams of cricketing glory against all the odds.

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