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Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai (Hindi) (DVD)

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Genre: Romance / Production Year: 1998

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    2 Reviews
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      16.01.2009 12:37



      A Good Movie To Watch With Your Family

      I am a Salman Khan fan but recently his films have not been doing well on the box office.This movie was released quiet some time ago and I really liked it.The main leads are played by Salman Khan,Twinkle Khanna and Aditya Narayan (Small Boy).Johny Lever has played a major part in the movie as well and adds a comic touch to it.This is how the story goes,Salman Khan (Suraj) is a spoilt brat and has just returned from London after completing his studies,he is a playboy and has a drinking problem.Salman Khan lives with his dadaji (grand father) and his parents are no more.Salman Khan falls in love with Twinkle Khanna (Komal),this time it is real love but she comes to know that he is a playboy and does not want to keep a relationship with him,Salman Khan gets disappointed and tells his grandfather about the situation,they both decide to go to Komal's house to get their marriage arranged, but she says only when he mends his ways and gives up smoking and drinking will she think about it,but now one more problem arises and from nowhere Salman Khan's son turns up,now you will say since he is not married from where did he turn up,but when Salman Khan was studying in London he had an affair with an Indian girl and he is their son,now Salman Khan tries to hide this from Komal,this is the plot around which the story revolves,I won't tell you what the end is,otherwise you won't watch the movie.The movie has a nice end to it and every one has acted well especially Salman Khan and the little boy.The songs are good,I like the song "Pehli Pehli Bar".I will surely recommend yo to watch this movie.


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      19.02.2006 16:38
      Very helpful



      Falling in love isn't always easy, as this film proves...

      Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai means "When you fall in love with somebody". This is a film only review.

      ~*~ CAST/CREW ~*~

      Starring Salman Khan, Twinkle Khanna, Anupam Kher and Johnny Lever with support from Aditya Narayan, Farida Jalal, Saeed Jaffrey & Himani Shivpuri, Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai was released in May 1998.

      The film is directed by Deepak Sareen and produced by Kumar & Ramesh Taurani. The cinematography is by Manmohan Singh with story/screenplay by Honey Irani and is rated PG - Parental Guidance.

      ~*~ PLOT TEASER ~*~

      The film starts off with a limousine driving down a driveway and to the entrance of a very large mansion in even larger grounds. Dhanrajgir (Kher) steps out of the car whilst speaking on his mobile phone and walks up the stairs to the entrance. He enters the house and scolds a member of his staff for not being able to get hold of his grandson Suraj on the phone in the UK. The employee reminds him of the time difference between India and the UK. Dhanrajgir (also known as "Dadaji" meaning grandfather) calls the UK himself and Mahesh (Lever) answers the phone and is startled to hear the voice at the other end. Mahesh is companion and friend to Suraj (Khan) who lives in London (I think he's supposed to be studying there) and is supposedly widely known as a playboy. Dadaji insists that Suraj comes back to India to live now or he'll come over to the UK (this is due to the fact that Dadaji misses him so much). Suraj and Mahesh are on the first flight back to India.

      Suraj is doted on by his grandfather as his parents died in a plane crash when he was young and he is the only heir in the family. Dadaji is aware that Suraj is spoilt and that he's a playboy and that he has a bit of a drinking problem (although Suraj tries to hide this fact from him). He drinks morning, noon and night. By chance he meets Komal (Khanna) and for the first time in his life he falls in love and hard! He goes out of his way to meet her and make her fall in love with him till she realises that she's seen his picture in various publications. She tells him she can't love a philandering so and so like him and dumps him. He goes all out to get her back even to the extent of giving up drinking. Their relationship is back on track and everything is rosy in the garden... Until a reminder of his past life turns up in the form of Kabir (Narayan). Initially Suraj tries to get rid of Kabir but very soon he realises he can't live without him but he also loves Komal and can't let her go. Kabir refuses to stay out of Suraj's life and he's very soon at his wits end about what to do.

      Who is Kabir? How will Suraj decide who he loves more? What sacrifices will he have to make to live a happy life?

      ~*~ ACTING/ANALYSIS ~*~

      Salman Khan (though not someone I'm usually very keen on) played his part to perfection in this film. He was very convincing as a spoilt drunk playboy (as he seems to be in real life) then turned in some great acting as a rejected lover trying to win the love of his life back then also as a man torn between two loves. I think if someone else had played this role one might not have felt any degree of sympathy for the character of Suraj but Khan comes over as quite sincere even when he's being an idiot in the film.

      I've not seen Twinkle Khanna in many roles to date but she came across as a very talented actress as well as being very beautiful (as her mother Dimple Kapadia before her). She played the role with ease and you instantly take a liking to her character and even though she makes a couple of dodgy judgement calls you respect her decisions down to the last scene of the film.

      Anupam Kher was brilliant as the doting grandfather (although I felt it was a bit cheeky to make him a grandfather as his character is supposedly 70 odd in the film) and he's not even old enough to be Salman Khan's father in real life! He's very good at emotional scenes and there are not many older actors who could have carried the role so well.

      Johnny Lever as the faithful friend and companion of Suraj's character did well in his role. Lever's not hero material - usually he plays complete comedic parts such as the local dumb policeman, the hapless security guard, the hero's best friend and confidant who's not very good at keeping secrets, so he was cast perfectly and kept what could have turned into an overly sentimental tear-jerker into a more light-hearted film.

      It's a shame Saeed Jaffrey and Farida Jalal both has such very small parts playing the heroine's parents. They barely appear in three scenes and those scenes are very small parts. There were somewhat wasted as they are both very talented artistes.

      The music is by Jatin-Lalit and the playback singers for the film are Lata Magneshkar, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan and Sonu Nigam. The lyricist for the film is Anand Bakshi.

      The songs for the film were nothing special, although Pehli Pehli Baar is quite catchy and peppy, really none of the others stood out and within 15-20 seconds of each song I was reaching for the remote control to fast forward through the songs, of which there were about 6 or 7 lasting about 7 minutes each!
      The cinematography was very noteable with scenery from long shots for the many scenic shots from Ooty (in India), London, Austria and Switzerland.

      The story was well paced, although some scenes shift very suddenly and I was left wondering if I had missed something somewhere.

      The plot had a few inconsistencies which rankled slightly, such as

      a. Suraj is supposedly in the UK studying but he just seems to be out living it up with every girl in sight who'll have him.
      b. Suraj does an emergency break when he first spots Komal entering a florists and a car hits his car quite hard from behind, the driver of the other vehicle is quite unperturbed by this accident and Suraj leaves Mahesh to deal with the details whilst he goes in the shop to see if he can chat up Komal, he's out within a few seconds and his car is there with Mahesh and the other car is nowhere to be seen.
      c. Suraj is driving around the UK and a flash red sports car and later you see him driving this same red sports car in India and then later he's driving this same car in the UK again even though he's only gone back for a week or so. Do we believe that he's taking the car to and fro in the hold or as hand luggage?
      d. Suraj's grandfather is allergic to dogs but later in the film we see him running around the garden quite happily with Kabir's dog Sandy.
      e. And are we really expected to believe that a student from India living in the UK has girls falling at his feet wherever he goes? I know many guys who've come here to study from India and they've had trouble even getting one girlfriend, letting alone dozens at a time and we're expecting to believe that this guy has dozens of girls on the go at the same time and they all come to the airport to wish him farewell and none of them mind about the other ones! Yeah right!
      f. In one scene in the UK at the start of the film, Salman Khan is singing and dancing with lots of different girls in the street (all rather pretty European/white girls mind you) and they're doing a very strange disco type dance and wearing rather bizarre outfits such as mini skirts with white socks and trainers, nightclub gear in the middle of the day and in the middle of traffic in the street, one girl was wearing a white evening dress with black tights and white high heels! Oh what a fashion sin LOL!

      ~*~ CONCLUSION ~*~

      I felt the storyline overall was fairly good and not one that's been overused - not that I've seen before anyway. The film could be classed as a romantic drama with sprinklings of comedy.

      ~*~ OVERALL ~*~

      I think I would have to rate this a 7 out of 10 as it was a nice enough story and the acting was pretty good too. At 160 minutes though, some people might find it's a bit much to sit all the way through. Like me though, if you fast forward most of the songs, you'll save quite a bit of time!

      Some useless trivia: if you've seen Bend it Like Beckham you'll recognise the grandfather from this film, Anupam Kher, as he played the main character's strict father in that film.

      Also posted on other sites under the same username.


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    • Product Details

      Mr. Dhanrajgir or Dadaji (Anupam Kher) is the paternal grandfather of Suraj (Salman Khan). Dadaji is concerned about the manner Suraj treats young ladies, he just flirts with them one after another. Then Suraj meets with the girl of his dreams, Komal Sinha (Twinkle Khanna). Komal lives with her uncle and aunt (Harish Patel and Himani Shivpuri), and does not appreciate Suraj's advances. So Suraj takes on the identity of Suraj Dhanwa, a childhood friend of Komal Sinha and her family. Komal accepts him and also falls in love with him. But then the real Suraj Dhanwa shows up, resulting in the break-up of both Suraj and Komal. Komal is not convinced that Suraj will stop his flirtatious attitude, and is hurt by his impersonating Mr. Dhanwa. Matters are further complicated when a child named Kabir shows up claiming that Suraj is his dad.