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Jack and Jill (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / Parental Guidance / Director: Dennis Dugan / Actors: Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, Al Pacino, Dana Carvey, Tim Meadows ... / DVD released 2012-07-02 at Sony Pictures Home Ent. / Features of the DVD: Subtitled, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      25.02.2013 17:08
      Very helpful



      Not one of Sandler's good films

      I watched this film as there wasn't much else on, and by the end of it i had to ask myself three question: why was Adam Sandler wearing a dress? Why did Johnny Depp have a picture of Justine Beiber on his shirt? and why couldn't i stop watching that monstrosity of a film?

      It starts off with a documentary type Q n A about twins and whether they have special powers etc, then there's a questionable montage about Jack and Jill's (both played by Sandler) early twinhood. Then we skip to the future where Jack is a successful director with a family and Jill is alone, unsuccessful, attention seeking and generally unlovable as a character and is coming to Jack's for Thanksgiving. Doesn't sound too bad yet does it? Just wait.

      There's this actor by name of Al Pacino (i don't know the actual actor's name) that Jack wants to do a 'Dunkin Donut's' ad who has a psychotic breakdown and falls obsessively in love with Jill and ends up kidnapping Jack instead.

      As a general fan of Adam Sandler's works i have to say this was an absolute disappointment. I assume it's supposed to be a funny take on obsessive love and how it goes wrong. But even the funny parts aren't really that funny, for example the 'football' scene where Jill play's soccer with a load of Mexicans is just plain slapstick and not really Sandler's usual standard of humour. Along with that i feel they play too much on trying to make humour out of Jill's general disgustingness, ie body shaped sweat stains and the continuous debate on Jill's femininity. It's used so much throughout the film that it just makes the audience focus more on the cringeworthyness of Jill instead of the funny side of Jill.

      Along with that, Jack's absolute detest of his sister is never properly explained in the film. Sure the audience can pick a few things up for themselves, but nothing from the montage or Jills behaviour in the beginning of the film gives us the reason why Jack detests her so much. It just seems out of the blue for a plot point. Speaking of the plot, compared to Sandler's other films this one seems very sort of higgledy piggledy in duch a way that i can only pick out the aforementioned points as solid plot lines.

      All in all a big disappointment from Sandler, something which i only watched til the end to see if Sandler's greatness would be allowed to come through and save the film.


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        24.11.2012 22:12
        Very helpful



        disappointing comedy drivel from adam sandler!

        So every week Sky Movies release a new premiere of a film and I generally like to check it out and see what it's about. This week it was Jack and Jill, and as much as I like a good comedy and I am fond of Adam Sandler I have to say this film was just a MAJOR disappointment!

        - Plot -

        Adam Sandler plays Jack, an advertising executive in Los Angeles who is married to Erin (Katie Holmes) and they have 2 kids. He is currently working on an ad for Pepto Bismol when a member of his team tells him their biggest client - Dunkin Donuts - are considering leaving unless they get Al Pacino to star in one of their commercials. Already stressed at work, Jack is also annoyed as it is Thanksgiving and his annoying twin sister Jill (also Adam Sandler) is coming to town, for her annual visit and he has to pick her up at 4:00am.

        It then transpires that Jill is really irritating, inappropriate and far more attached to her twin brother than he is to her. She wants to stay for longer than the holidays and Jack and his family realise that they need to find her a companion of her own so set her up on a dating website. After a disappointing day of no responses, Jack puts an ad up and she goes on a blind date with "Fun Bucket" only for her him to stand her up in the toilets during their first course lol.

        As she is so depressed, Jack takes Jill to a basketball game where they spot Al Pacino who all of a sudden falls in love with Jill. Obviously as Jack wants him for the dunkin donut commerical he is eager to set them up together but Jill is not interested as she is still reeling from her "date" with Fun Bucket and needs to get over him first. Onset Jack trying to secure Jill on a date with Pacino so as to get him for the commercial and also get shot of his annoying sister in time for the new year, when the family are set to go on a cruise and he doesn't want her tagging along.

        - My Opinion -

        Boy oh boy this film was awful. Adam Sandler isn't usually a star of the most tasteful comedy films but this one was sooo bad and so not funny. Sandler and Holmes had 2 children in this film, one white daughter, and one (presumably, as it is never explained) adopted asian child who seemed to be the butt of most racist jokes, along with the mexican gardener which really weren't funny at all. They clearly tried to make it comical as he kept strapping things to himself but this point of the film I really did not get!

        Katie Holmes as Sandlers wife Erin was particularly boring and she was not funny in the slightest. She seemed to have a one track face for the entire film and had absolutely no chemistry or significance in respect to the dynamic with Sandler and I really thought they were an odd pair as a couple on screen. She says little to nothing in most scenes and is more of a mute extra who does different facial expressions with the odd sentence here and there rather than displaying her acting.

        Adam Sandler was his usual self, and I thought as Jack he was moody and seemed to have lost a lot of his comical edge that he used to have in previous films. Saying that, he was much better in drag, playing the annoying and crazy twin sister Jill and I was impressed at his ability to walk in heels lol. Adam Sandler of course produced this film so it is obvious his stamp is all over it, but sadly there were just not enough jokes or funny aspects to it at all, and I don't know why but it fell flat and lacked any kind of zing or spark to transform it from what felt like a low budget B movie into a blockbuster comedy.

        Al Pacino in this film was actually the worst part of it. From the man who was excellent in Godfather and Scarface, when his name was mentioned at the start of the film I thought he would just be a cameo. However, as the film progressed he actually was a lead character of the film, stalking Jill around like some demented psycho and if you ask me he lost a lot of movie brownie points for being in this poor poor film. His character role played to the notion of him losing his marbles and credibility as a real actor and being reduced to starring in some Medieval play and then a donut commercial. He is referred to as Al Pacino in the film and playing himself he seemed odd and as he was nominated for worst supporting actor at the kids choice awards, I have to agree he was the rightful winner lol.

        The only saving grace for this film was Johnny Depp's cameo for all of 5 minutes near the beginning of the film. He was yummy to look at and actually sparked some of my interest in the film, until it got dry again and my mind wandered back to dreaming about christmas presents and the film blended back to boring again.

        The special effects were good, and although it is clear Adam Sandler was playing both Jack and Jill, the camera work and special effects made it good really natural and it wasn't too obvious how fake it was.

        - Overall -

        Sadly this film would definitely not be getting any thumbs up from me and I Wouldn't recommend anyone else to watch it unless they were absolutely desperate and completely nothing else on tv. It stank like a bag of potatoes and really was not funny. The film kind of plodded along with not much direction and it ends on a predictable fairytale ending note which just made it all the more disappointing. Adam Sandler is not on top comedic form, and Al Pacino is particularly awful and the film itself (for me anyway) was sleep inducing. My advice is to just watch something else!

        Run Time - 91 minutes
        Rating - PG (so the kids can watch it if you want to torture them instead lol)
        DVD can be bought on amazon for £7 in case you're a big Adam Sandler fan and find watching paint dry if good entertainment value.


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