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Just Go With It (DVD)

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8 Reviews
  • A typical rom-com
  • Easy to watch.
  • A bit ridiculous at times.
  • Predictable.
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    8 Reviews
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      23.04.2014 16:08
      Very helpful


      • " ideal for fans of the genre."
      • "A typical rom-com"
      • "Surprising in places."
      • "Easy to watch."


      • " A bit ridiculous at times."
      • Predictable.

      Just go with this predictable easy-to-watch- rom com.

      Plot Synopsis
      A long time ago a kind hearted, good natured Jewish boy was about to marry the woman of his dreams but mere moments before the nuptials commence a chance overhearing puts the brakes on love?s young dream and leaves the young boy with a shattered heart and a life long obsession with marriage?kind of.

      Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) was that poor young boy but not anymore, that fateful day turned Danny?s life around. No longer destined to be a cardiac surgeon he is now one of the finest plastic surgeons in America. He?s rich, successful and a hit with the ladies. He?s also married?kind of. Danny has discovered how to make himself irresistible to the opposite sex?tell them you are trapped in a loveless marriage to a horrible wife.

      So what happens when you meet the one but she thinks you?re already married? Easy?create a pretend divorce, a pretend wife (Jennifer Aniston) and two pretend kids (Griffin Gluck, Bailee Madison). What could possibly go wrong?

      The Review.

      This sounds like a ridiculous plot?and it is. It is quite typically an ?Adam Sandler? movie. It?s easy going, doesn?t take itself too seriously and it?s goofy as hell. If you like his previous stuff you will like this. If you?re not an Adam Sandler fan then this film will probably grate on you like nails down a chalkboard.

      Sandler?s character is the typical romantic comedy male lead, he?s self centred and arrogant but with a soft caramel centre underneath. His secretary/ fake wife played by Jennifer Aniston is also very typical of the genre. She?s soft and unassuming on the surface but a stunner with a hot body underneath. He brings out her sexy side and she brings out his caring side. It?s all very nice. Just nice. There are some more abstract characters featured throughout the film though, Eddie (Nick Swanson) was a total surprise, I?m not sure if he was funny or annoying, the same goes for ?Kiki Dee? (Bailee Madison), I feel terrible saying it about a child actress but I found her really annoying. My favourite character and the one that got the most laughs (of which there weren?t really many) was ?Bart? (Griffin Gluck). I liked his character and particularly enjoyed his inventive methods of getting his own way.
      The plot is eleborate and over the top and I think the film relies on this for most of it?s humour. The comedy style is very much based on slapstick, silliness and extreme circumstances. I have enjoyed pretty much all the films I have seen Adam Sandler in and this one is no exception. It is the perfect easy viewing for fans of the romantic comedy genre. It?s heartfelt and touching at times but also frivolous and fun. It didn?t prompt any laughing until I ccried moments, it was more of a titter to myself . Overall though it is a well done example of this type of film and although the ending is predictable the journey there has some unexpected moments, nothing too exciting or innovative but different. One rather large surprise was Nicole Kidman?s role as the snotty, stubborn and cringe inducing role of Devlin Adams. A part I would have liked to have seen played by anyone but Nicole Kidman, it just did not suit her. Other than that there isn?t much to complain about, the film does exactly what it says on the romantic comedy tin. A nice and easy way to spend a couple of hours.


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      16.04.2012 23:16
      Very helpful



      Adam Sandler has truly hit rock bottom, which might actually be an insult to rock in general

      No I refuse to "just go with it"; just go with the fact that Jennifer Aniston has sunk this low in Hollywood. I refuse to accept the fact that Oscar winner Nicole Kidman actually believed starring in something as atrocious as this film was going to be somehow beneficial for her career. I cannot accept just how this hateful, audience-insulting film managed to cost 80 million dollars in production budget alone. I struggle to come to terms with the fact that Adam Sandler needs an absurd star vehicle such as this one just to sell his name and star in a film. I am stunned to find myself hating a child actress so much that I found myself wanting to drown her sorry ass in the beautiful Hawaiian waters every time her rage-inducing face turned up on screen. I find it sickening how exploitative this 12A film can be. I cannot physically laugh at even fictional patients suffering from fraudulent plastic surgeries, whose symptoms are grossly exaggerated by tacky computer graphics. Everyone involved in this film, who in their glory days, did in fact have some sort of reputation, seem to have thrown all of it down the toilet by participating in a film so crass, disturbing and quite simply senseless from the start. So no, I cannot find myself just going with a film like this one.

      Just how on earth are we supposed to laugh at something so wrong and insulting? Sandler plays a narcissistic plastic surgeon who couldn't care less about anyone other than himself. What's worse, he has no problem with laughing directly at his patients. If this ever happened in real life, that doctor would most likely get his license revoked permanently. Shame no such thing happens here. Setting up such a truly, genuinely evil and hateful protagonist in a romantic comedy is never a good idea, since the audience ceases to care about his outcome. His game of seduction is this: he pretends to be married - he has a fake wedding ring on, and creates a fantasy world for himself in which he makes up a fictional husband-beating, cheating wife. Women somehow fall for his one by one, and he couldn't be happier with his forever-ongoing sex-life.

      But it seems our boy is about to grow up. After a chance encounter with Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a hot young blonde with the perfect figure, he finds himself truly falling for the woman - by falling for her, it means he doesn't want to have to lie to woo her. Complication arises when she finds his fake wedding ring. And so the fictional world is created - dressing up his assistant Katherine (Aniston) as his soon to be ex-wife, and Katherine's two children as his own, he tries to convince his new "love" that his affections are real. It's a complete farce of course, something that would have worked well with suave, smooth-talking male protagonists in the days of Cary Grant, but because Sandler is in charge here, his rich, playboy scheme never settles comfortably with the film's setting. However there is that inevitable soft-spot for this cheeky, egocentric, commitment-phobic playboy. This involves his changing attitude towards his assistant's two children. It's a painfully cheesy, cringing moment, in which all seems to be forgiven, and all the surrounding women fall for him...again.

      And let's consider Aniston's character. What kind of a mother would allow her own children to be used in a sick ploy such as this one? She claims to care about her children - they're all she can talk about. But that's it. She only "talks" about them. We hardly have the chance to see Aniston acting as a mother in any way. Why she is so shockingly fine with being used for his nasty little mind game is anyone's guess and despite this obviously being an attempted screwball comedy, there is something deeply wrong going on here. Aniston is essentially playing the role she has done for many, many years now - the slightly whiny, but supposedly lovable and independent woman with issues. She has no problem repeating the identical character, but when she is this mismatched and misplaced, even she cannot save this from being a complete dud.

      Children are there in romantic comedies to be adorable and funny, neither of which is achieved here. The older daughter, Maggie (Bailee Madison), is an annoying little brat with her awkward English accent being one of the most irritating, hateful things about the film. She has plenty of lines too, which means we all have to endure the painful scenes where she tries to be funny with her tacky accent and over-acting. It would be slightly unfair to place the entire blame on the young actress. Whoever thought of giving her character a fake English accent to play with is a complete and utter waste of space. Her younger brother, Michael (Griffin Gluck), who thankfully has less to do, might as well just not exist at all, since his jokes about poo aren't likely to generate any laughs even with the younger demographic. Kids these days are tough to please, and "Just Go With It"'s pathetic little effort doesn't come close to getting anywhere with anyone.

      What a shambolic mess this turns out to be - it is expecting too much of romantic comedies to come up with something unpredictable and original nowadays. But at least we should have some laughs and genuine connection between its characters. But when it becomes clear that Dennis Dugan (director) is more interested in flashing as many shots of Decker's cleavage from as many different angles as possible, you know the focus of the film is set all wrong. This is a new, record low for Sandler and Aniston, who have chosen to star in one of the most despicable, unfunny, offensive comedy films of the year. There is not a single moment that feels remotely funny (except for maybe when that annoying she-brat falls or gets hit or something, but I guess that's more emotionally satisfying than it is funny), nor is there a moment where the thinly-drawn, shallow characters have anything to offer by interaction. Sandler, who is hardly ever likable in any role he picks, ends up with the most disgusting, self-satisfied, selfish one to date. If there was ever a film to avoid, this is it - avoid like the plague, even if you happen to be the biggest fans of anyone involved.


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        10.03.2012 21:21
        Very helpful



        A lighthearted rom-com with more 'com' than 'rom'

        I have just watched 'Just Go With It' for the second time! I saw it around a month ago and was expecting the usual Adam Sandler goofiness and daft humour. I was surprised at how much I liked the film, yes there was some really goofy parts that are too stupid to laugh at but on the whole I really enjoyed it!

        The Plot

        After having his heartbroken on the day of his wedding Cosmetic Surgeon Danny realises what he calls 'the power of the ring', which is the affect a wedding ring and a sob story seems to attract him many women. He continues to con these many conquests into believing he is a downtrodden husband and many fall for it. And it is when he meets Palmer that this little lie drops him into a lot of trouble.

        After telling Palmer he is married and then realising that she may be the one, Danny has to concoct an ex-wife and family to cover his lies. He calls upon the help of his assistant, single mother plain Jane Katherine and her two children budding actress Maggie and cheeky chap Micheal. Reluctantly Katherine agrees and Maggie and Micheal also go along for the ride after haggling with Danny over their payment for the lies - acting classes and a trip to swim with dolphins.

        The story focuses on Danny's web of lies spinning out of control when Palmer decides it would be good for her to get to know Danny's family and ex-wife better for the sake of his kids. Danny is forced to take them all away including his wacky cousin Eddie who invites himself onto the trip as Katherine's lover - another lie of course.


        Adam Sandler - Danny
        Jennifer Aniston - Katherine
        Nicole Kidman - Devlin
        Nick Swardson - Eddie
        Brooklyn Decker - Palmer
        Bailee Madison - Maggie
        Griffin Gluck - Micheal

        I loved all the characters in the film. Adam Sandler as Danny is still coming out with his usual jokes but also portrays a softer side when it comes to Maggie and Michael. Jennifer Aniston as Katherine gives a great performance emerging from the plain assistant to the glamorous sexy 'ex-wife'. Both Jennifer and Adam really make the characters lovable and portrays Katherine as a more serious character compared to Danny's constant joking around.

        The best performances come from Bailee Madison as Katherine's daughter Maggie and her son Michael played by Griffin Gluck. Bailee Madison is such a great little actress. She acts so well and her comedic timing is great. She is lovable, funny and very sharp! I absolutely love her. Then you have the cut Griffin Gluck as Michael who really acts well for such a young actor. He gives both a great comedy performnace as well as tugging at your heart strings.

        Another surprising performance is Eddie played by Nick Swardson. He is absolutely hilarious and adopts a German accent and really provides the films main laughs. He just does not know how to act around the kids and frequently tries it on with women way out of his league. He acts as Danny's sidekick often helping him both get out of trouble and helping him get into it. I had never seen him in any films before and his performance in this may be daft but is so funny!

        The film is a typical rom-com with the obvious twists and turns of which I will not mention in case I spoil the ending. It has a nice light feel to it and there isn't any too heavy emotion. It's easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. It's also not to heavy with romance so I am sure the haters of romantic films will not be put off.

        It really did surprise me with how much I enjoyed it. I have since bought the DVD after watching it on a film channel and will be a film I will watch again and again.


        117 minutes running time
        Produced by: Dennis Dugan
        Writers: Allen Loeb, Timothy Dowling, Adam Sandler


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        02.11.2011 23:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good film to watch when you don't want to think too hard

        "Just Go With It" is a romantic comedy from 2011 starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. I had high hopes for this film because I like both the main actors and love romcoms, and it didn't disappoint.

        --The Plot--

        Adam Sandler plays a plastic surgeon called Danny, who works alongside his loyal assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston). Danny has had his heart broken at an early age, and consequently avoids commitment and becomes a bit of a womaniser. He continues to wear his wedding ring from the wedding that never happened, because he thinks it helps him to attract women. One night at a party he forgets to wear his ring and he meets the woman of his dreams, the beautiful Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). They spend the night together and the following morning she finds his wedding ring and presumes he is married and cheating on his wife, and the big romance comes to an abrupt end.

        Rather than just telling her the truth (lets be honest, that would make for a very short and boring film!), he convinces his office assistant Katherine to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife and they all meet up for dinner one night so that Palmer is satisfied that he's not lying. Everything is going fine, until Katherine lets slip that she has kids, and Palmer assumes they're also Danny's kids. The lie escalates and Danny has to pretend he's the father to Katherine's children and offers them gifts/bribes in return for going along with it. Katherine goes along with it because he offers things for her children that she can't afford, and she hasn't seen them this happy for a long time.

        Part of the bribe is that Katherine's son has always wanted to go to Hawaii to swim with dolphins, and in true film style they all end up going on a holiday together keeping up the pretense that Katherine and Danny used to be married and that the children are Danny's. Danny thinks Palmer is his true love, and considers popping the question to her whilst they're on holiday. But as the holiday continues there are twists and turns that make Danny question who is really his true love.

        --The Characters--

        Although I do like Jennifer Aniston, I find a lot of her roles in films a bit "samey". This film was a bit different as she was playing a single mum who is supposed to be portrayed as being dowdy, until she has a haircut and puts a bikini on and all of a sudden everyone realises she's beautiful. This wasn't overly convincing in my opinion because I think we all know that even in the most drab and shapeless clothes, no make-up and the worst bad hair day you could ever imagine, it is still glaringly obvious that Jennifer Aniston is a very beautiful woman. In fairness though, she did play the part well and you could connect with her as she came across as a genuinely nice woman who loves her kids more than anything else in the world.

        Adam Sandler plays Danny well, a character who doesn't take himself too seriously and a typical womaniser who's frightened to face his real feelings. He's a bit of an idiot and there are many times during the film when you just think "Why didn't he just come clean?", but as I said before, that wouldn't make the film as entertaining. Even though he's an idiot who gets himself into ridiculous situations, you still can't help but like him and feel sorry for him when things aren't going to plan.

        Nicole Kidman makes an appearance in this film as an old college friend of Katherine's. She only plays a small part but actually has quite an impact on the film and is responsible for some of the twists and turns in a fairly indirect way. She plays a competitive superficial unbearable character and she's very convincing in this role.

        --My Thoughts--

        I really enjoyed this tongue in cheek film as it didn't require much in the way of concentration but was entertaining and made me laugh. It's not a film that takes itself very seriously and it does get a bit ridiculous at times, but you kind of expect this from Adam Sandler. I thought the characters were very easy to like, and although the outcome was a bit predictable sometimes this isn't a bad thing, it's all about the journey to get to the outcome. There are quite a few scenes of scantily clad beautiful women so if you're an insecure person who's considering watching this with your partner I'd probably watch it with the girls instead! I don't think this film will change your life or anything, but there are a few thought provoking moments and it'll leave you with a warm feeling inside. Oh and one final thing, it also has a fantastic soundtrack.


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          14.10.2011 08:09
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A reasonable comedy that if its not taken too seriously is pretty good

          If you've been a regular reader of my reviews since I joined Ciao in 2002 you will probably have realised that I am a huge Adam Sandler fan. There are very few of his movies that I've not seen and that list got even shorter this week when I saw Just Go With It. I wasn't too sure whether it would really be my thing as it looked more like a romantic comedy than his usual sort of slapstick fun, however it was watching 50 First Dates that prompted me that actually Sandler can do romance as well and for that reason we ended up sitting down in the week to watch it.

          Snowballing Lies

          Having found out on the day of his wedding that his childhood sweetheart was cheating on him, Plastic Surgeon Danny Maccabee begins a life of hoping from one girl to another, determined not to commit again. Still using his wedding ring to con women he meets a girl whose a little different and ends up falling in love. She's convinced he's married though and wants nothing to do with him, so Danny convinces his assistant to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife so he can get the girl of his dreams, but one lie soon becomes many more as one lie becomes many, many more.

          Sandler and Dugan

          This is the latest in a number of collaborations between star Adam Sandler and director Dennis Dugan. The pair have worked together on a number of movies including Grown Ups and my personal favourite Happy Gilmore. Like all of the duos previous movies the direction is well done. There is nothing really amazing required from Dugan but he does the simple things well. From the stunning locations to the comedy set pieces it is a pretty standard, yet enjoyable movie. There is nothing to really test Dugan, but then perhaps the biggest test was getting something so simple right.

          If the direction is pretty standard then the script is pretty formulaic. It does work however as despite being simplistic it is, perhaps more importantly, enjoyable. Most of the twists you can see coming about an hour before they happen, but it is a reasonably funny film if you like Sandler's style of comedy. It's a film written, unsurprisingly to Sandler's strengths and like the majority of the films he's been in, it is the reason it works. The simple standard of direction and script and totally trumped by the amazing Hawaiian Landscape that is used for the films back drop.

          Casting Call

          The casting for the movie was actually quite well thought out. With the lead character written for Sandler he is his usual self and for that reason if you've disliked any of his other movies avoid this. For fans though his comical timing is as good as always and his rather interesting approach still makes me laugh in the role opposite Sandler, I actually really enjoyed Jennifer Aniston's performance as his assistant. She switched from meek and mild assistant to abusive and uncaring ex-wife with relative ease and for once she doesn't appear to be playing Rachel from Friends. It would also be fair to say that for her age, she still looks incredible in a swimsuit, for once a chick flick perk for the guys.

          I was also impressed by Brooklyn Decker's performance as the object of Danny's desires Palmer. She seemed quite relaxed opposite Sandler and the pair had a good look to them one screen, although she looks far too young for his character, which took a little of the edge off it. The rest of the cast provided a good spring board for the main story and for the first time I didn't find the two child stars, Griffin Gluck and Blair Madison anywhere near as annoying as I generally find children in these types of movies, in fact the pair provided some of the films funniest moments.

          Just Go With It

          Perhaps the name of the film is really an expression of how you should treat the movie. It isn't the best film you'll ever watch, it is however enjoyable enough to pass the time and that is something I always forget when I'm watching films. It doesn't need large amounts of concentration, it's the type of film you can relax and watch without thinking too much. As a fan of Adam Sandler I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I expected and would happily recommend it, however if you don't like him or Jennifer Aniston then I'd avoid it completely. A funny, easy watching film that really shouldn't be taken seriously.


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            23.09.2011 10:33
            Very helpful



            A funny comedy film

            Plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee has never been lucky with the ladies, until he realised that wearing a wedding ring and pretending to be married and recently separated made him almost irresistable to the opposite sex. However, this backfires when he falls for the young and very beautiful Palmer, who also wants to meet the ex-wife Danny speaks so much about. Danny quickly enlists the help of the assistant at his practice, the dowdy Katherine who is pretty reluctant to take on the role. However, Danny throws some cash at her, convinces her to get a makeover and it turns out Katherine is pretty stunning after all (shocking). The 3 adults, along with Danny's cousin Eddie and Kate's 2 kids (who Danny of course passes off on his own) go off on holiday to Hawaii, and quickly hell ensues. Danny's plans to woo Palmer are thwarted by the presence of Kate and the kids, and also manages to turn things on their head. Will any of them be able to Just Go With It, or is Danny's masterplan about to go majorly wrong?

            Never having heard of this film, I was a bit uncertain when my mum picked this up at Blockbuster a few weeks ago as one to sit and watch with my parents on an evening. I'm not a huge Adam Sandler fan, and Jennifer Aniston's movies are a bit hit and miss. However, after seeing a couple of violent thrillers in a row, we decided we wanted to watch something a bit more light-hearted and decided to give it a go. I noticed the reviews on Amazon were mostly positive too so we were all hoping it wasn't going to be too much of a disaster. Luckily enough, it actually turned out to be laugh-out-loud funny with a script and story to really make you giggle, although if I did have one complaint it might be that it felt a tad too long by the end. However, if you're looking for something a bit silly, a bit funny and an easy watch, then Just Go With It is the way to go!

            First of all, the story is pretty much set up for you to think Danny Maccabee is a bit of a moron... he beds women with lies, and when it starts to backfire, instead of owing up he concocts more massive lies to cover it up, with hilarious consequences. Adam Sandler, who is of course known for his comedic acting, brilliantly takes on the role of Danny, and I have to say the prosthetics at the beginning are truly hideous! He is actually really funny, and definitely had a great chemistry with Jennifer Aniston who plays his put-upon secretary Kate. Aniston plays a mum, a character I haven't really seen her play before but she does well with the young actors she is starring with and seems pretty natural. Her and Sandler do create some great comedy together, and bounce off each other really well. The facial expressions, delivery of lines and other things are spot on and do create a really funny comedic performance.

            I was surprised to see Nicole Kidman in this film, around halfway through in a guest role as Devlin Adams, a much hated school friend of Kate's, made funnier by Kate's adoption of the name Devlin in front of Danny's girlfriend Palmer! Kidman is hysterical, her character is absolutely hideous and I was surprised at how much she was prepared to take the mick out of herself for the character, as I usually expect her to be quite a straight-laced performer. She and Dave Matthews, who played her husband Ian were brilliant, and I liked watching them on screen. Finally, I want to complement Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddick's wife I recently found out!) who plays nice but dim Palmer, who seemingly believes in this ridiculous facade Danny and Kate are putting on. The young actors Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck were actually really good too, and certainly held their own amongst the big names in the film, and had a couple of touching scenes themselves, sure to tug at any heart strings!

            The film is set in Hawaii and consequently has a gorgeous back drop that makes you want to get away from cold miserable England as soon as possible! It was actually shot in Hawaii so what you're seeing is for real, and it does portray Hawaii in a great light. Usually I don't make comment about a soundtrack but I will in this case as I felt the movie featured some really good modern tracks which suited the film including Sean Kingston's 'Fire Burning', Mike Posner's 'Cooler Than Me' and a superb mix of 'Chasing Cars' (Snow Patrol) and 'Every Breath You Take' (The Police) which I had to seek out online after hearing it as I loved it. The whole soundtrack was really good, and coupled with a great script that is genuinely funny and snappy, it helps put together a really good movie.

            I enjoyed this film far more than I had expected to, and if you love a funny, if a bit silly comedy movie, then look no further than Just Go With It! It does feature some really big names in both Sandler and Aniston, and for once both actually live up to their hype, giving out performances worthy of their reputations. Both Aniston and Decker look gorgeous, Sandler is very funny and the kids add a bit more of a serious element to the film, so there is something for everyone here. Both my parents and I were laughing all the time, genuinely finding it funny, and cringing in a few parts too! I don't know if its one I would add to my DVD collection, but if I saw it being shown on Sky Movies or on the telly, I'm sure I'd happily watch it again. You'll know if this is your thing, so if not, steer clear as it won't offer what you want. I enjoyed it, I'd recommend it and it's a funny way to spend a couple of hours of your time!

            Directed by Dennis Dugan
            Written by Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling
            Running Time: 117 minutes
            Certificate: 12

            Main Cast:
            Adam Sandler ... Danny Maccabee
            Jennifer Aniston ... Katherine
            Nicole Kidman ... Devlin Adams
            Nick Swardson ... Eddie
            Brooklyn Decker ... Palmer
            Bailee Madison ... Maggie
            Griffin Gluck ... Michael
            Dave Matthews ... Ian Maxtone Jones

            The DVD is available on Amazon.co.uk for £9.00 (September 2011 prices), and on Blu-Ray for £8.99.

            Thank you for reading.


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              16.03.2011 12:27
              Very helpful



              Adam Sandler and Rachel from Friends discover .......love

              This is a film only review.... I repeat, a film only review.

              I have to confess, I am neither an Adam Sandler nor a Rom-Com man. Every now and again I have to serve my penance with my partner and be forced to watch a film that involves the boy getting the girl or the girl getting the boy despite the odds (the odds being geekiness/distance/opposites - delete where appropriate). My penance last night was Just Go With It; a rom-com starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, which is a remake of the 1969 film Cactus Flower.


              Dr Macabee, played by Adam Sandler is the serial womanizing plastic surgeon who uses a whole spiel about being married, complete with wedding ring to woo women. This after finding out on the eve of his wedding, his wife to be had been cheating on him. He then meets who he thinks is 'the one' Palmer, played by Brooklyn Decker and in an attempt to woo her ends up going to Hawaii with his assistant Kate Murphy (Aniston) and her two children in a web of lies that would make a politician blush. As to what happens in Hawaii, well you will just have to watch the film wont you!


              I will be honest.... This wasn't a bad film. Don't tell my girlfriend that or I will be forced to watch more Rom Coms and after the film The Holiday, where I came worryingly close to gouging out my own eyes, it is not something I want to make a regular occurrence. But Adam Sandler plays his part well and I like the way the way he is maturing as a comedic actor, more subtlety and less sill voices and pulling faces. Jennifer Aniston is and always will be Rachel from Friends and in Just Go With It she is no different, but there is nothing wrong with type casting; need a foppish Englishman go to Hugh Grant, need a small psychotic Italian go to Joe Pesci, need some bad acting go to Jason Statham and need a quirky but hot love interest go to Drew Barrymore/Jennifer Aniston.

              The storyline itself is a bit farcical and quite a few times the web of lies being spun all over the place by everyone including miscast Nicole Kidman, gets a bit too much and stretches the realms of belief even for an Adam Sandler film. It had a feel of a 1970's West End Farce about it, with impossible scenarios being developed, much against common sense, and it was no surprise when I found it out it was originally a French play called Fleur de Cactus.

              The casting worked very well, especially young Bailee Madison who plays one of Murphy's children. She is quite a little talent and I expect we will see more of her in the future, as she has taken to comedy well. I couldn't help but wonder Nicole Kidman was in this film. Does she need the money? The exposure? And although she is very skilled at comedy I didn't 'buy' her character of Deviln, college acquaintance of Murphy, at all.

              Final Thoughts....

              As Rom-coms go, this wasn't a bad film. It kept me entertained throughout and made me laugh out loud (the kids call it LOL) a couple of times. I like the way Adam Sandler is maturing and you know exactly what you are getting with Rachel, I mean Jennifer Aniston, and she duly doesn't disappoint. The storyline can be a little weak in places and a little hard to swallow and the outcome a tad predictable but the journey to the end is enjoyable enough, even if a little contrived. Overall, a good film that didn't have me reaching for the nearest sharp eye gouging instrument or the remote.

              Cast: Adam Sandler
              Jennifer Aniston
              Nicole Kidman
              Nick Swardson
              Brooklyn Decker
              Bailee Madison
              Griffin Gluck
              Run time: 117 minutes
              Rating PG - 13
              IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1564367/


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                13.03.2011 20:19
                Very helpful



                Just Go With It!

                I've liked Jennifer Aniston but her recent roles have been really quite superficial and shallow, not allowing her to show her true potential. In Just Go With It, it appears she got her mojo back, being paired with real life good friend Adam Sandler for this typical rom-com.

                ~~~THOUGHTS ON PLOT~~~
                Plastic Surgeon Danny (Adam Sandler) uses a wedding ring to get girls, but he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a girl he thinks could be "the one". When she discovers his wedding ring, he tells her he is getting a divorce. As Palmer is insistent on meeting her, Danny manipulates assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his wife, dragging her two children Maggie and Michael (Bailee Madison, Griffin Gruck) along for the ride.

                Taking advantage of Danny's wealth, the whole gang take a trip to Hawaii, so that the children can spend time with their "dad". Coincidentally, Katherine bumps into old time rival Devlin (Nicole Kidman) and trying to impress her, claims Danny is her loving husband. Both Katherine and Danny play their part in order to get what they want, but can they keep the truth from coming out?

                With a rom com like this, it is of course extremely predictable, but what you didn't expect was just how nice this supposed love rival Palmer is. Her sincerity kind of throws you off a bit, until her dumbness kicks in and she just seems to be passive in everything that happens, only once suspecting something was wrong.

                That isn't to say there aren't any kinks on the way, which is provided by Devlin, throwing in a clichéd dance off- Hula style. This scene was one of the actually funny scenes, another being the first lunch Palmer has with Katherine, and Danny's "barking hand" made me laugh out loud. I thought a lot of the dialogue was quite witty and the pop culture references were relevant and modern, a few lines reminiscent of FRIENDS script.

                Unfortunately, this type of rom com also provides cheesy and cringing moments- I mean, this IS an Adam Sandler movie so it can't come without it. I did not like the scene where the kid runs into Danny's crotch- it was utterly unnecessary and would only be funny for the most immature of people.

                The ending was again predictable but thought it ended rather quite well, if a little too easy.

                Adam Sandler- Danny
                Jennifer Aniston- Katherine
                Nicole Kidman- Devlin
                Brooklyn Decker- Palmer
                Nick Swardson- Eddie
                Bailee Madison- Maggie
                Griffin Gluck- Michael

                Adam Sandler usually annoys the hell out of me, but he is bearable in this movie, playing a real douche bag (his typical role) with a less whiny voice this time round. I don't see the chemistry between him and Jennifer Aniston at all, which aids the first half of the movie, but towards the end, you really question how much of a match they are.

                Brooklyn Decker's character Palmer is as I mentioned, far too nice, though a bit clueless towards the end. I was really rooting for her strength in character when she declared she doesn't date married men etc, but she just became rather passive. Nicole Kidman on the other hand was rather wasted on this movie. She played the role with class, but it didn't allow her to shine or anything- so just a bit of money in the pocket for her then!

                Of the two children, Maggie (Bailee Madison) was the one who shined, making me laugh a few times with her references and her accents. Usually the children don't do much in these rom coms but here, she does manage to make an impact!

                'Just Go With It' uses the successful rom com formula to create an enjoyable movie with some laugh out loud moments, combining typical elements with a humorous and witty script. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler (both comic actors) does their thing well, even if they lack on screen chemistry- they look like good friends- just not lovers. Whilst it follows a linear plotline, there is enough here for everyone to enjoy.


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