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Koi... Mil Gaya (DVD)

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Science Fiction / Theatrical Release: 2003 / Suitable for 12 years and over / Actors: Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Rakesh Roshan, Rekha, Johnny Lever ... / DVD released 2003-09-15 at Yash Raj Films / Features of the DVD: AC-3, Closed-captioned, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, PAL, Subtitled, Widescreen, Import

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    3 Reviews
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      10.12.2008 00:02



      A truly magical story

      Koi Mil Gaya is a film made by Rakesh Roshan and it his second film that he has made with his son Hrithik Roshan starring as the lead male role. His first film was Kaho Naa Pyar Hai which was one of the most successful debut films ever.
      The film is a new concept for bollywood - science fiction. It was very original because it was completely different to the storylines of typical bollywood films.
      The story is basically Hrithik Roshan who plays Rohit, a grown man with the mind of a child due to his mother being in an accident. His father was a scientist who tried to prove that aliens did exist.
      Rohit befriends Nisha. At first they fight terribly but as she learns about his problem she slowly starts to warm to him. She is played by Preity Zinta.

      Nisha and Rohit are one day experimenting on his father's old machines and send signals to outer space. This is received and a space ship lands on earth but forgets one of the alien children before leaving again.
      This is alien is named Jadoo, meaning magic, and he helps transform Rohit to someone who is physically and mentally strong. Even more than average humans.


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      06.10.2008 16:25
      Very helpful



      Good film for kids

      Koi Mil Gaya means Met Someone...is a bollywood blockbuster movie released in the year 2003, its probably the first Bollywood Sci-Fi movie and was an instant hit, this movie is made by Rakesh Roshan and his Son Hrithik Roshan in the lead. This was their second movie after Kaho Naa Pyar Hai which again was huge hit and Debut movie of Hrithik Roshan.

      Cast :

      Hrithik Roshan (As Rohit Mehra)
      Priety Zinta (As Nisha)
      Rekha (As Sonia/Hrithik's Mother)
      Rajat Bedi (As Raj)
      Mukesh Rishi (As Inspector Khan)
      and many more


      Rajesh Roshan

      Produced & Directed By : Rakesh Roshan


      Sanjay Mehra is a scientist and has developed a computer that send sound waves in the space, he Uses Om word for his sound frequency.
      One day he gets response from the space, he is delighted that his experiment worked and goes and tell this to his colleagues who laugh him off. He is furious as no one believes him that he has been able to contact someone from other planet. While coming back in car his wife Sonia is with him and who is Pregnant.

      While driving he see's a Spaceship and in excitement he has an accident in which he dies and his wife is injured and gives birth to their son Rohit.

      In accident the doctors says that Rohit's brain has been Damaged and wont be abnormal child, Rohit is shown a young man but a brain of 11 year old, all his friend go pass him and he is still in school, as he is abnormal.

      There is Raj son of the local mayor and he use to be Rohit's classmate but makes fun off him every time, then comes a girl Nisha who is new in town, some incident happen between Rohit and Sonia and she is angry with Rohit's behaviour as she is not aware that he is
      Abnormal. But later becomes friend with Rohit.

      Computer teacher insults rohit at school and he feels bad, come back home and finds his father's computer. He operates that and unknowingly sends signal in space, due to which a spaceship comes to their town.

      An Alien is left behind and he becomes friends with Rohit, rohit name's him Jadoo (means Magic), rohit, nisha and rohit's small friends all become good friends and Jadoo cure's rohit...
      What happens with Jadoo? will he go back? will the government find about the Alien?


      The music of this movie is given by Rajesh Roshan, brother of rakesh roshan. well the music of this movie was also a huge hit. All the tracks from Title song, Jadoo Jadoo, Haila Haila, Ishar Chala Main, In Panchiyon and Its Magic were big hit. But The song that was a huge hit was Its Magic, due to its picturesization, It had Hritik showing moves and its really a good video to watch. Hrithik is probably the best Actor Dancer in Bollywood.

      My Analysis:

      Well the movie was a big hit, main reason according to me was it was loved by children's as it was really made keeping Kids in mind. Also the fact being a Bollywood Sci-fi with such great special effects seen for the first time in Bollywood movie.

      I did enjoyed this movie, and for me it was just one reason Hrithik Roshan, what a performance by him.

      Well the story has been inspired by Hollywood 'ET', but it had its own bollywood spice to it which made it enjoyable, the movie was well executed in each aspect of it. The songs and music go very well, i didn't feel that they were just fitted in to make it a bollywood movie.

      Few scenes i enjoyed watching are,
      When rohit is disheartened and speaking to God.
      The Basketball Match.
      When Rohit reply's back to Computer Teacher,
      When he gets speacial power from Jadoo, and do all things which amuses everyone..Etc...
      The way Rohit acts when he says that we is able to be a perfect match to Nisha...

      Performance from everyone is really good.

      Rakesh Roshan has a speacial Appearance, Rekha as Hrithik's mother has done splendid job, she has done full justice and was an ideal match to play this role.

      Preity Zinta as Hrithik's love interest is good, she is fun, energetic and did a good job. Although she didn't had much to offer. but she is good in her part.

      Prem Chopra as mayor, Mukesh Rishi as inspector have done a good job.

      Johny Lever as police constable makes you laugh with his Sindhi Ascent.

      But the show stealer is Hrithik Roshan, what a performance, after this movie i became his fan, the was he acted an abnormal child is simply remarkable, He did put a lot of effort for this movie, he had to loose a lot of weight to get that look. For his efforts were recognised by everyone and he Received that year Best actor Award & Also the critics awards, which hardly and actor gets at the same year.

      Jadoo, the alien, well no dialogues for him.

      Rakesh Roshan as a director has done a good job, he executed this project really well, and a smart job to make it in a way that kids will love it which means that the movie will be a hit.

      All an all its a good fun movie to watch. The sequel to this movie was released in 2005, Krishh which again was a big hit.

      Hope you all like it. Thanks for reading.

      This review is posted on Ciao as well under the same username.


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        30.08.2008 17:42
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Declared a Superhit...It seemed to have won over the audience

        KOYI MIL GAYA ( I Met Someone) is one of India's rare science fiction films.It is no doubt a thoroughly entertaining film , has some melodious and well picturised songs and importantly it has Handsome Super star HRITHIK ROSHAN in the lead role, but all said and done it is an innocuous and mostly forgettable film drama...

        However the Indian audience loved it, because it appealed to the children,and the subject was different, had never been tried by Indian film makers before. It is a take off on ET, a much loved Hollywood film, with some very good special effects and technically this is a superior film...

        KoiI Mil Gayaa borrows elements mainly from"ET" and a little from "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind " and mixes them with some more typical hindi filmi conventions to create a Indianised version of ET ...

        THE STORY

        ROHIT MEHRA ( Played by Hrithik Roshan) the son of a deceased Scientist, is developmentally disabled, has a child's mind in an adult body., though fully grown has the innocence and the mentality of a six year old.
        He is a happy go lucky lad well cared and loved by his widowed mother Sonia( Played by Rekha). He has a group of friends who are very faithful to him and he also comes across a lovely young woman Nisha ( Played by Preity Zinta) who is a newcomer in his town....Nisha is fond of him and very protective of him as she realises that he is mentally deformed...

        He is being bullied by the local bullies , and the gang leader Rala(Rajat Sharma) is after Nisha ...Rohit is angry at this , and tries to impress Nisha in his own way...but somewhere deep down knowing his weakness, he is miserable.His mother Sonia is able to understand his feelings and tries to give him the much needed confidence....

        When he is unhappy he takes resort in his late Father's lab....As he is fiddling around with his fathers various apparatus, he makes an accidental contact with an alien and befriends the alien...circumstances force his alien friend to come and visit him....
        And Hrithik and his friend's lives get transformed , as they start communicating with the alien named JADOO ....


        Hrithik Roshan as Rohit certainly earns high marks for the effort he has put into playing Rohit , although the script does'nt help him much....He has portrayed the child like innocence that is part of Rohit's persona in a very convincing manner, using his expressions and head movements, and that constant puzzled look of a child ..

        Besides looking cute and pretty ,and singing a couple of songs with Hrithik , Preity Zinta as Nisha has very little to do in the film.
        Performance wise Rekha as Sonia, has done a good job with her role.,she has always been a very consistent performer and here she has done full justice to her rather small role. It is Hrithik all the way....
        This film was made by RAKESH ROSHAN, Hrithik's father as a comeback venture for Hrithik,who had been facing a lean period in his career after the initial super success, and a lot of care was taken by his father, efforts were made to fit him into every single frame of the film.The efforts succeeded and the movie became a super hit with the audience...

        I found the direction a bit childish, even emoting by Hrithik was not upto the mark, a little overdone.The scenes where Hrithik gets bullied by Raja are too long and too many, and one wishes them away, they could have edited out 10 minutes of those ,and you wouldnt have known the difference....

        The songs are sweet and quite well picturised especially the song 'Koyi mila gaya, dil kil gaya,very pleasing to the ear and well sung.


        Actors: Hrithik Roshan,Preity zinta, Rekha, Rajat kapoor..
        Format: Closed-captioned, Color, DVD-Video, NTSC
        Language: Hindi
        Number of discs: 1
        DVD Release Date: February 24, 2004
        Run Time: 171 minutes

        All in all an O;K film....if you have nothing better to watch...


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