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Lamhe (DVD)

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Genre: Drama / Theatrical Release: 1991 / Parental Guidance / Director: Yash Chopra / Actors: Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Waheeda Rehman, Anupam Kher, Deepak Malhotra ... / DVD released 2002-03-25 at Yash Raj Films / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, Closed-captioned, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, PAL, Subtitled, Widescreen, Import

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    2 Reviews
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      05.10.2008 20:56
      Very helpful



      A good nineties film..

      Lamhe(Moments) - 1991

      Hindi film Industry went through its Golden period from 1950's, 60's right until the early seventies, after which, one could see the gradual decline in the quality of the films , music, direction..
      The reason probably was because by then, the Industry became more materialistic and money played a more important part than art and quality.
      Eighties and Nineties saw the Hindi film Industry churning out the largest number of Films in the entire world.But lesser said about the quality of most of these films...

      Lamhe produced in 1991, was like a breath of fresh air and it was one of those rare films , that got recognition from the most hardened critic.It had an explosive subject by Indian standards, yet, it was accepted by the masses which showed that at least a certain class of the Indian film viewer had become more broad minded, capable of accepting a subject that was out of the ordinary.

      Yash Chopra , the Producer/director of this film was extremely apprehensive about the reception it would get on its release.It got a luke warm reception in the beginning, but the critics universally praised the film..The film went on to do great business in all its later releases.In fact it is considered to be one of Yash Chopra's finest films ever made.

      The story of Lamhe

      Lamhe is an unconventional Love story ,spanning two decades.Viren( Anil Kapoor) on his visit to his native village in Rajasthan, meets Pallavi(Sridevi), an extremely bubbly and charming lady who is many years older than him.He is totally smitten by her and wants to marry her.He consults his Nanny( Waheeda Rehman), who is the only family he has, and the nanny is not too happy with the idea.

      However to his disappointment he realises that Pallavi is in love with someone else , who she gets married to and has a daughter.Soon after, the couple die in an accident , and the child Pooja, is looked after, and educated by Viren's nanny at his home in Rajasthan with Viren's help.Pooja(Sreedevi again) grows up to be a lovely young girl looking exactly like her mother.
      Pooja hero worships Viren and as she comes more into contact with him , she gets more and more attracted to him and falls deeply in love with him.When Viren comes to realise this, he tries to dissuade her by telling her about the vast age difference between them and also about his feelings for her deceased mother.When this does not act as a deterrent to her feelings which remain steadfast ,he tries to keep away from her and goes back to London where he has some business interests and decides to marry his long time girl friend , so that the matter gets settled..
      This film has a very interesting ending.

      My own views of Lamhe

      I saw this film because of Yash Chopra and i was not disappointed , and after all it was a film made in the nineties , so i went with very little expectation.However, it turned out to be quite a good film taking everything into consideration.

      The film is beautifully shot in Rajasthan and England and has superb direction by Yash Chopra, who has given some wonderful films like Daag,Trishul,Kabhie Kabhie earlier in his career.

      This film was made when Sridevi was at her peak.Yash chopra made two great films with her which incidentally were her career best films...Chandni and Lamhe.

      Sridevi has given a reasonably good performance in a double role.I personally liked her role as Pallavi better than that of Pooja. Sridevi's biggest plus point is her innocent face and the ability to be completely uninhibited in front of the camera. However, she is not a great actress by any standard, but
      she is very popular and she has a great mass appeal and given a good director she does perform well like she has done here. Personally i found Some of her scenes downright childish and irritating in the later half of the film, as Pooja, which could have been handled better by the director, but the masses loved her, so...

      Anil Kapoor is good.He has done some great films like 'Parinda','1942-love story' and 'Ram Lakhan'.Here, he has a very strong role and he has portrayed it to the best of his ability.He looks suave and chic throughout the movie, and stands out inspite of Sridevi's strong presence.

      I liked Waheeda Rehman's role as the gentle loving Nanny.Waheeda made a comeback with this film after nearly a decade.She is grace personified as she has always been and makes her presence felt in any role.

      Anupam Kher as Prem , Anil Kapoor's friend has some good comic scenes with Sridevi .

      More than the performances, the strong point of the film is its superb direction by Yash Chopra.He is a great director, who is able to get the best out of his star cast, so according to me all the credit for this film should go to him.

      The movie has some great music composed by Classical musicians Shiv-Hari , Shot aesthetically in exotic locations of Rajasthan and England.

      Songs from Lamhe

      Kabhi main kahoon kabhi tum suno
      Morni baagha ma bole aadhi raat ma
      Panchi badal premike pagal
      Mohe chedo na
      Gudiya raani
      Megha re megha
      Meri bindiya teri nindiya

      Details of the DVD
      Year : 1991
      Genre : Drama,Romance
      Director : Yash Chopra
      Music Director : Shiv Hari
      Leading Cast : Sridevi, Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Waheeda Rehman, Deepak Malhotra
      Language : Hindi with subtitles


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        30.05.2008 15:51
        Very helpful



        A Good movie to watch

        Lamhe released in the year 1991, is one of my fav romantic movies from Bollywood. Although the movie didnt work that well in India. It has Anil Kapoor & Sridevi in leading roles, and produced & directed by the great Yash Chopra.

        Cast :

        Anil Kapoor (As Virendra Pratap Singh)
        Sridevi (As Pallavi \ Pooja)
        Waheeda Rahman (As Dai Jaa)
        Anupam Kher (As Prem)
        Deepak Malhotra (As Siddharth Bhatnagar)

        Music : Shiv Hari

        Produced & Directed by :

        Yash Chopra.


        Well the movie starts with showing the beautifull Rajasthan, Viren who is a Kunwar(prince of a particular Small Province) who lives and have business in London come to Rajasthan for some legal issues and also to meet Daijaa, she is the governess of Viren who looked after him after his parents death.

        Next to viren's palace lives his fathers good friend, he has a Daughter pallavi. Viren & Pallavi becomes friend and she shows Viren the real Rajasthan as before he hardly use to come for 2 or 3 days. Viren falls in love with pallavi, actually love at first sight of a thing. Pallavi is elder to Viren.

        Due to some incident Pallavi's father dies of a heart attack, and he tells Viren to take care of Pallavi & now he is responsible for her. Viren is already in love with Pallavi, and thinks she also likes him, but he comes to know that she is in love with another guy Siddharth who is a pilot by proffesion. This scene is very good to watch out when Viren comes to know about this, you will like it.

        So Siddharth & Pallavi gets married and Viren leaves for London, taking a broken heart. After a year Pallavi & siddharth dies in an accident & on the same day when pallavi dies she gives birth to pooja her daughter. Now Viren takes the responsibility of Pooja, but he leaves her with Daijaa, and goes back to London.

        Now he comes to India every year just to mark pallavi's death anniversary but leaves in one day without even meeting Pooja, as he does not want face her as she is bron on the same day when her mother died, and she was the love of his life.

        Viren had friend prem who is in Buisness with him in London, and he knows everything about Prem's life.

        Years pass by, there is a girl in London name Anita who is love with Viren, she works with him. But viren cant forget Pallavi and Anita knows this and wants Viren to start a new life.

        This time when Viren comes to India, he meets pooja, and gets shcok to see that she looks Exactly the same as her Mother. Pooja falls in love with Viren...And know the movie moves forward. What happens next is some thing more complex & intresting. Once you watch this movie i'm sure you will like it.

        Music :

        Well the music was given by Shiv Hari & lyrics by Anand bakshi, the music of this movie is brilliant. All the songs are very good and nicely picturised in the movie. this is what you expect from a Yashraj Film and you always get it. Each song in the movie goes very well with the story. 'Megha Re Megha', 'Morni Baga Ma', Kabhi Mein Kahun, 'Title Song; etc are just a delight to listen. You will get a frsh feeling when you listen to song from this movie.

        My Analysis :

        Well as mentioned earlier this is one of my fav movies, its not the usual romantic movie and its different. I dont knoe the exact reason why it didnt work in India.

        Lamhe means 'Moments', and you just feel the title is so right for the movie. Its a pure and nice love story.

        Anil Kapoor :

        well he has again proof what a class he is, he is look in the first half is great when he is young, and the second half he is mature. He played both the roles to perfection. In this movie he has played character of a Shy & reserved guy, and seeing his earlier movie where he has played Comedy, Action hero etc it was unbelivable that he can give such a performance as well. From this movie he was an all rounder for me who can do any kind of role.

        Sridevi, what to say about her, i dont have words. Because there was this incident in the early shooting stage of the movie she lost her father in real life, but as the dates were fixed and they have to complete the movie on time. She came back and delivered a performance which you just cant believe. After being in sorrow deep inside and at the same time give a performance is simply great. She plays a double role, in first as pallavi she is shown a more mature girl, but knows how to enjoy the life, while playing Pooja she is a young girl who is naughty, fun loving, like to be happy and can do anything to get her love...

        Anupam Kher, you will love his part, because whenever he comes on screen you just laugh, what a comic timic this person has, he is a brilliant actor and has worked in different types of role, like playing, negative, father, supporting actor, Comedian he is brilliant in any kind of role. The way he makes fun of everyone, specially when Pooja is with him is good to watch.

        Waheeda Rahman, she is the senior most actor in this movie, a big heroine from early bollywood days, you know what she is capable of and she delivers that. She has done her role perfectly.

        Full marks to Yash Chopra for making & coming up with such a good movie, for me he was not wrong in any department. The camerawrok, location everything is simply great in this movie. The way he executed this whole movie, you feel good.

        Over all a good movie to watch with your partner.

        As yash raj movies always attracts international market, you have this movie available in many Sub Titles.

        You can get this movie at Amazon from £7.


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