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Magic Mike (DVD)

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12 Reviews

Genre: Comedy / To Be Announced / Director: Steven Soderbergh / Actors: Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Olivia Munn ... / DVD released 2012-11-26 at Lions Gate Home Ent. UK Ltd / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    12 Reviews
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      08.03.2014 21:18



      A good film for the ladies

      When my girlfriend asked me to come and watch a film with her I thought, yeah ok, see what it's all about. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for.

      Magic Mike is a film about male stripping. As a man I have to say this would probably not be my first choice of a movie for a Saturday night. The film starts with introducing us to 'The Kid', a young 18 year old who lives with his sister and gets fired. Then he meets the charismatic Mike who shows him that making a few extra dollars can be easy. This gets him into the world of male dancing while taking his clothes off. He makes money, meets women and has a good time. But is it all as good and happy as he thinks it might be?

      Overall I have to say that as a man I did find this film quite funny. There are lots of humorous moments which made me laugh out loud. My girlfriend enjoyed this film immensely, she said it was the plot, I have to say I think there were plenty of other parts which she liked.

      The pacing of the film is quite good, it has lots of laughs, intrigue and very good looking people to look at. However I found that it did go on for a little too long, it could have easily been twenty minutes shorter. There are very good performances by Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer though.


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      07.03.2014 15:46



      Mike got me all hot and bothered

      Magic Mike tells the story of Mike (Channing Tatum), an obscenely gorgeous guy who wait for it, gets naked for money. What he really wants is his own business designing kitsch furniture, so he works other odd jobs as well to save as much as he can. He has brains not just brawn. It motivated me to want to do more with my own life - and by that I do not mean become a stripper.
      Mike sees himself as an astute business man and even hopes to get shares in his owners new planned strip club in Miami, taking a backseat from the dancing career that is unsustainable. The club owner is played by Matthew McConoughey, who is remarkably unrecognisable. He plays a sleazy, slimy chancer and makes what could have been a farce character have depth and sincerity.
      Channing Tatum made his name as a dancer in the hit film Step Up and his moves only get better with time. He is often criticised for being only a pretty face and even better body, with no real acting talent. I think this film should change that. He has a natural charm and likeability and this part suits him to a tee, partly because when he was younger he was indeed a stripper himself.
      Magic Mike also tells the story of a young boy (Alex Pettyfer) who gets carried away with the money, female attention and party scene. He starts off as a sweet kid and ends up wild and out of control.it is up to Mike, who introduced him to this life style to get him out of trouble. But what cost does that come with? It is so frustrating to see what Mike gives up to save a friend who has made more than one grace mistake. I am not sure I would have done the same for a person I barely knew.
      Well worth a watch, if not just for the insanely hot dance routines.


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      18.02.2014 17:33
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Brilliant movie and very well acted by all actors involved!

      Well after seeing this movie advertised at the cinema there was clearly only reason why I was going to see this movie, HOT MEN STRIPPING! I mean who could pass up a chance at seeing Channing Tatum or Matt Bomer, or even the lovely Alex pettyfer...? Well not a lot of us can! This movie is brilliant!

      You think of the same old storylines with strippers involved like the chip "n" dales and all the old stories, well this movie just raised the bar way above that! It indulges in the life of a stripper and what goes on behind the scenes of a male stripper, but not only that but how hard it is to do the right and wrong things, if anything the movie is quite educational as well as a very entertaining movie.


      ~~~MINI PLOT~~~~
      Mike Lane (Tatum) has big plans on becoming his own boss with his own company and making a lot of money and success in his life, like most people in the world he needs to do any odd job that makes sure he pays his bills on time. One particular job of Mikes is his stripping job, which he's the star of the show. Mike works for a man named Dallas who owns Xquisite strip club, Dallas only has dreams of creating bigger and better strip clubs all over America.

      Mike soon meets 19 year old Adam (Pettyfer) at one of his construction site jobs and takes him under his wing to try help him out of trouble with the boss and get him more work at the site. Later Adam is needed at Xquisite as one of the strippers is ill and they need someone to take his place, with Mike persuading him to do it as a onetime thing Adam sees no harm in trying it out but seems to stick to being a stripper after Dallas takes a liking to him and wants him to stay.

      Later Mike is introduced to Adam's sister Brooke, who seems a bit bitchy and moody a lot especially towards Mike. Mike seems to find himself falling for Brooke more and more each time he sees her even though he has an on-off relationship with another woman whom he quite likes as well.

      Adam seems to love the lifestyle of being a stripper but seems to mess with the wrong people and starts to meddle in drink and drugs like any other "rock and roll star" and even meddling with clients and having sexual encounters.
      ~~~THE END~~~

      As you can tell from the "MINI PLOT" this movie is a great entertainment movie and great to use for "girly nights" Its definitely something you have to watch at least once because once you do you will find yourself buying it and watching it over and over again, and not just for the topless men...(or bottomless in fact)

      Channing Tatum = Magic Mike
      Alex Pettyfer = Adam
      Matt Bomer = ken
      Cody Horn = Brooke,Paige
      Matthew McConaughey = Dallas
      Joe Maganiello = Richie.

      Written By: Reid Carolin
      Directed By: Steven Soderbergh
      Age Rating: 15
      Running time: 1hr, 50 min
      Genre: Drama, Comedy
      Cinema Release: July 11, 2012
      DVD Release: Nov 26, 2012
      US Box Office: £113.7M


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        06.01.2014 22:26
        Very helpful



        Lacking a bit of anything to make it more watchable for me.

        Magic Mike is a film that was released back in 2012. At the time of release, I had seen a couple of trailers for it and also heard a couple of people talking about it in a positive way. I was not sure what I thought from what I had seen, but when I noticed it was available via my netflix subscription recently, I thought I would watch it. My husband didn't fancy watching this at all, and it is certainly not suitable to share with children with its 15 rating so I watched it by myself.

        The plot is about a group of strippers, and in particular a character called Magic Mike played by Channing Tatum. Mike is not just a stripper - he is an entrepreneur, and runs several businesses. However, he wants to set up his own business designing furniture. He can't do this though without a loan and he hasn't got a reliable enough income to get credit, so he is stuck in the stripping business.

        One day he comes across down and out Adam (Alex Pettyfer). A young kid, looking for a bit of a break in life. He takes him under his wing and teaches him how to do his night job. Adam lets all the money go to his head a bit, and he starts partying too hard and getting involved with the wrong crowd.

        This film has a run time of 110 minutes, so it is quite long for what it is in my opinion. There is only so much plot to it, and it is then filled with scenes where the actors are stripping. Fair enough to a point as this is what the film is about, but by the end I was fed up of watching the actors gyrate about the stage wearing slightly different skimpy outfits and flexing the same muscles.

        I was getting to the stage where I was just waiting for something interesting to happen, and it just didn't feel like it did to me. There was a bit of a disagreement between the characters, but I didn't really care enough to get engaged with it, and the film kind of just petered out by the end making me think is that it?

        There is a decent back story here with Adam and his friendship with Mike. However, for me, it just didn't go deep enough into this story. Things were touched upon such as drug use, yet the issues are just skimmed across in avery unsatisfying way.

        This is classed as a comedy/drama - it didn't work well as either for me. The humour was lacking, and the drama was just not there either. The soundtrack to this sort of film should at least be memorable, but even that left me a bit cold. The only memorable tracks to me were It's Raining Men, and Like A Virgin. I felt the dance routines and stripping scenarios on the whole just felt a bit slow and clichéd to me.

        Overall, it's a satisfactory film just about - somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars. It's not very high brow at all. I didn't think it would be but it would have been nice if it had a bit more intelligence behind the story.


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          31.10.2013 11:31
          Very helpful




          Star - Mathew McConaughey
          Genre - N/A
          Run Time - 110 minutes
          Certificate -18
          Country - USA
          Blockbuster Rental- £1.49 per night
          Amazon -£DVD (£ Blue Ray)
          = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

          So hands up who thought Oscar winning director Steven Soderburgh would make a movie starring Mathew McConaughey about the life of male strippers? No, me neither. Well he has folks and the critic's favorite director on board reason enough to rent it, right? No.

          Apparently it's based on rising star here (excuse the pun) Channing Tatum's career before he was an actor, an erotic dancer when just 18-years-old in Tampa, Florida, where this film is based. In fact so qualified is our Tatum he is making his own reality TV show on the subject in Las Vegas next year. I presume the female fans will be pleased to learn he is indeed fully qualified and so no real reason not to watch this film, boyfriends and husbands sure to feel insecure and inadequate if they watch with her. Soderburgh and Tatum had previously worked together on the under-rated feminist action flick Haywire. The Magic Mike opening weekend in America saw an audience of 73% females, including 43% of women over the age of 35. Maybe that was why it was made?


          Matthew McConaughey ... Dallas
          Channing Tatum ... Magic Mike
          Alex Pettyfer ... Adam
          James Martin Kelly ... Sal
          Cody Horn ... Brooke
          Reid Carolin ... Paul
          Olivia Munn ... Joanna
          George A. Sack ... George
          Micaela Johnson ... Portia
          Denise Vasi Denise Vasi ... Ruby
          Joe Manganiello ... Big Dick Richie

          === The Plot===

          Bandana wearing 'Dallas' (Matthew McConaughey) runs a popular and classy strip club in Tampa, his plan to move his act and strippers to an even cooler club on South Beach, Miami. But his star stripper Mike Lane (Tatum) has bigger dreams and building up a nest egg to create his own empire of businesses. But it appears a pipe dream from the results so far for the 30-year-old and by day just another jobbing builder working and equally uncommitted to his relationship with bisexual law student Jo (Olivia Munn).

          At a construction site he meets young Adam (Alex Pettyfer), a naive but cute 19-year-old kid also working cash in hand. When Adam gets fired (yet again), Mike takes him under his wing and the naive kid soon working on the hunky male stripping troupe, behind the scenes at first, and then thrust on to stage to bale them out one night after a drunken no show by one of the guys. These guys don't just take their clothes off for baying women but have complex dance routines and that's what makes Dallas's club the big draw in Tampa. Mike sees a lot of himself in the kid at that age and a lot what he wants to be in Dallas.

          The kid is a natural, of course, and soon doing regular nights, earning up to a $500 a show with boxer shorts full of cash, partying hard with drink, drugs and girls. His tomboy and protective sister Brooke (Cody Horn) is not too happy with Mike leading him astray but giving him the benefit of the doubt as she secretly fancies Mike but not about to project that. Mike has big dreams and wants to stop stripping and start a business selling designer furniture. Brooke likes that mature side of Mike but when Adam messes up and loses some drugs he has been secretly selling on the side then all of their worlds are about to come crashing down with a big dose of reality.

          Dallas: Fact is, the law says you cannot touch!
          Dallas: But I think I see a lotta lawbreakers up in this house tonight..


          I must admit I'm stiff scratching my head why I rented this? It's so not for straight men. The critics loved it and garnered an amazing 80% on Rottentomatos.com, but the audience approval rate of just half that on the same website the giveaway. This film is the Page Three of movies and pure female indulgence, a classic tongue-in-cheek exploitation flick the way Paul Verhoeven dumped Showgirls on us and here only to tease the audience expecting to see naughty bits, in this case men's willies and shimmering butts. I reckon that stage show s going to pack out.

          To a heterosexual male this is one to watch from behind your hands, one of those digits on the fast forward for the drawn out stripper routines. Poser Mathew McConaughey joyously throws himself into the role and apparently accepted the part with a chuckle in just ten minutes over the phone with Soderburgh, in great shape for it, whilst Tatum broods and exudes masculinity on set and no more.

          The dialogue is as chunky as their pectorals and the narrative clumps around like the other muscle head strippers, the entertainment as brief as their swimwear. The improv riffing style doesn't help either. At times it's like watching an episode of Baywatch as Mitch (Hasselhoff) goes to war with steroid pumped male strippers, CJ (Pammy) knocking Mike out with the iconic flotation device an entirely appropriate ending for this complete misfire.

          It cost just $7 million to make and pulled in a huge $167 million for what it is, a beefcake movie and nothing more. Not surprisingly the sequel and that Broadway show are on the way. If you are female and want to see hunky actors' gyrating in tiny trunks then this one is for you, a real girly treat. But if you are male and like football and drink beer then a big mistake. The critics say there is so much more to this film and you have to look harder but I so disagree. If this was a TV movie without the stars it would have never been made. Its not terrible but if 'The Chippendales' the movie is your thing then indulge. But no Full Monty moment girls, another film I really didn't get.


          Imdb.com - 6.1/10.0 (61,598 votes)
          Metacrtic.com - 72% critic's approval
          Rottentomatos.com - 80% critic's approval


          Top Critic -' Musings on the nature of capitalism wrapped in a very pretty package ...'

          The Sun -' Magic Mike also completes the transformation of Channing Tatum from mumbling toy-boy to thinking man's beefcake'.

          This is London -' When you realise how anodyne and banal the plot is becoming, it's a disappointment - but the plot is hardly the point'.

          We Got That Covered -' Magic Mike is far from perfect, but that's the fun. Whether you think Soderbergh is winking at the audience or the movie is "so bad it's good,"

          The Aristocat -' I never imagined that I would see The Full Monty re-envisioned by the Oscar winning director of Erin Brokovich and Traffic.'.

          Sacramento Times -' ... the director, the unpredictable Steven Soderbergh, gives the clichés a surface gloss of credibility'.

          = = = = = = = = =


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            25.08.2013 23:18
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Slick and stylish; lacking substance...

            Every so often, a girl just needs to watch a film that has not much in the way of plot and A LOT in the way of hot male nearly nude bodies. "Magic Mike" certainly meets those requirements. What it lacks in substance, it more than makes up for in ripped torsos and good looking faces . . .

            I mainly went along to see this film in the first place as my sister really wanted to see it and her usual viewing companion, her husband, was clearly not too enamoured with the idea of watching such shallowness. Whether this was because he just didn't like the idea, or whether he was scared he wouldn't measure up and come out of the film feeling decidedly lacking, it is unclear, but he didn't want to go so the onus was on me to give up a couple of hours and go watch. Clearly, I am a GREAT sister . . . ;-)

            "Magic Mike" is about the world of stripping. MALE stripping, which makes a nice change for us girls. It stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey - who are all in possession of rather good bodies (understatement of the century!). Tatum plays Mike, an all-round sound dude who works construction by day, makes furniture on the side, and moonlights as a stripper by night at a club called Xquisite, run by Dallas (McConaughey). Mike meets Adam (Pettyfer) at his construction job, he seems like one of life's losers (he quits on his first day on the job after being accused of stealing sodas), but after running into him on a night out, he ends up inducting Adam into the world of stripping. It turns out, surprisingly, that Adam is a fast study and he quickly becomes a hit with the Xquisite regulars.

            In the meantime, Mike is trying to get his plans for a furniture business off the ground - but his lack of credit is proving to be a stumbling block. He is relying on Dallas' plans to move the club to Miami and give him a bigger share of the profits, but as time goes on he is starting to doubt Dallas' word. He doesn't want to remain a stripper forever. In the meantime though, he is also getting drawn in deeper as Adam starts to go off the rails and not only become a drug user, but also a dealer. He has given his word to Adam's sister Brooke that he will look after him - but this is starting to become harder and harder as Adam is completely unpredictable.

            "Magic Mike" is admittedly low on plot, as I have already said, but it also has pretty much everything else you need to make a good film. There's humour, drama, romance, interesting characters, good looking male and female characters . . . all of these make up for the lack of substance and make for an entertaining film. The dancing is also pretty good - remember here that one of Tatum's first starring roles was in "Step Up" - he definitely has the moves. Actually, the fact this film is in existence at all is due to the fact that Tatum actually used to BE a stripper and wanted to bring out a film loosely based on his experiences!

            My favourite performances in this film were probably from Pettyfer and McConaughey though. Pettyfer's Adam is both compelling and irritating in a you-just-want-to-shake-him sort of way in equal measures - and the fact he is gloriously good looking just made me want to stare at him all day. McConaughey's character, in the meantime, had the charm of his usual rom-com type characters, but there was definitely a darker, untrustworthy edge . . . and a slight campness too! I think this is probably the first film of his I've watched where I haven't found him all that attractive, despite the undeniably great physique!

            If you are looking for a lightweight, entertaining film which is more about the visual than anything else (In other words, you want to see some half naked male bodies writhing about to music), then i would recommend "Magic Mike". If, however, your films need to have a decent plot, or you are a heterosexual male, you may want to give this one a miss!

            (This review was originally posted on Ciao in July 2012 under my ciao username pmshack99)


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              19.08.2013 18:54
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Magic Mike DVD

              Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum with their kit off for most of a film, oh yes please, that is definitely something I want to watch and so when this came out on DVD I was definitely first in line.

              Magic Mike is the stage name of Mike Lane (played by Channing Tatum) and he performs as a stripper. However what he really wants to do in life is make unique custom furniture but he needs the money he gets from stripping to start it so he's in a bit of a hard situation and you see his struggles with this throughout the film. The strip club is owned by Dallas, one absolutely crazy character played by McConaughey and he definitely brings some laughs to the film.

              Mike meets a guy called Adam and takes him under his wing and introduces him to the stripping world which Adam absolutely loves as its all women and money. This soon gets him into trouble though as we find out.

              This is definitely a film you need to watch with the girls and that's exactly what I did as I dont think my husband could have sat through this film.

              Oh my gosh, it is very badly acted, some of the dialogue is actually laughable and just really very bad in my opinion. Case in point, Adam's sister Brooke, played by an actress called Cody Horn who I had never heard of. The conversations between her and Mike were extremely basic and forced and not acted well at all in my opinion.

              The dance numbers however are absolutely brilliant and the boys definitely have stage presence and know how to work props! Obviously the scenes where they have their tops off are pretty cool and I was quite surprised that Channing Tatum could actually dance really well but then I've heard that this film is loosely based on his life before he was famous when he was a stripper so he probably does have some really good moves!!!
              According to an article I read, "Magic Mike was released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on October 23, 2012. 698,497 DVD units were sold within its first week, generating revenue of $10,449,515. As of December 23, 2012, DVD sales totaled over 1.9 million units with $26,362,047 in revenue."

              Never going to win any Oscars but definitely one to get the girls round for!!!


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                25.02.2013 11:35
                Very helpful



                If you like watching hot, toned, men you will love this....

                I recently joined Lovefilm as Quidco were offering £15 cashback (cheeky me!) I signed up and got a few free DVDs to feast my eyes upon. I never got round to seeing it in the cinema so Magic Mike was one on top of the list!

                Magic Mike is loosely based upon Channing Tatum's experience as a stripper when he was 18. Working at Xquisite night club as the front man stripper Mike (Tatum) has high hopes and dreams of opening his own custom furniture store. He takes under his wing Adam (Alex Pettyfer) who is recently fired from a construction job and in need of some money (and seemingly friends!). Bringing him to Xquisite, the owner Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) throws him on stage and teaches him some move and young Adam finds himself thrown into a world of easy women, drugs and much more.

                Mike is the more level headed guy, just in it for the money to pay bills and save enough to better his life. A romance starts to blossom between Mike and Adam's sister, Brooke as he promises her to look after Adam but will anything flourish and is leaving stripping behind as easy as it is to join?

                Without spoiling this film too much I must say this is definitely one for the ladies! There is lots of sexy toplessness, but cheeks and a whole load of gyrating! Watching Tatum and Pettyfer running around in nothing but a thong for a good chunk of the film is more that worth a watch and high in entertainment value if you ask me.

                I had thought the film would be mainly about stripping and with a paper thin storyline to hold it together, but surprisingly it has a solid plot to follow through and the acting is brilliant. Tatum has always been a strong actor in my opinion so no doubt it is easy for him to slide into this role, and you can definitely tell he used to be a stripper in the past! He also displays some of his fab dance moves, which are clearly reminiscient of his days in the film Step Up. I also wouldn't mind him doing a few booty pops on my lap too!

                Alex Pettyfer is an actor I hadn't actually seen in too many films only I am Number 4 and I think he is a soon an up and coming actor with versatility and also easy on the eye! He portrays well as initially a shy kid just looking to make a quick buck but how easy money can cause you to spiral out of control when young and reckless. Matthew McConaughey doesn't have too much of a leading part in this but he does act well as a greedy club owner just in it for himself. He does seem a bit old to be all oiled up and rubbing around on stage but he still manages to pull it off!

                Sadly there were no extras on the DVD only the option of scene selection or subtitles which was a bit disappointing as I would have liked some extra stripper scenes haha!

                Overall I did like this film, and it was a good watch but for me not something I could watch over and over again. It has a fairly longer run time than I expected at 110 minutes but the topless hunks are nice visuals and the acting is good so for this I would still recommend it. It can be bought on amazon for £7 which is a decent buy, and for the yumminess of the characters I will give it 4 stars!


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                  05.10.2012 09:43
                  Very helpful



                  One to watch for a bit of a giggle

                  ==Magic Mike==

                  ==What brought me to watch Magic Mike? ==

                  Well, living where I do there are plenty of bored housewives who are looking for something to fill their day, so when this film was released it became common knowledge! People in the street were talking about it and Facebook statuses were wrote about it, it became a sort of phenomenon between us all. Unfortunately for me I am normally the last one to keep up with trends and it was no doubt the same with this movie. I started to get bored with all this conversation about this particular film as I had no idea what they were on about other than this film had Channing Tatum (big positive) and it featured his life before acting as a male stripper that sold the film for me! So I trawled the internet as unfortunately for me I missed out when it was on at the cinema hubby put his foot down and wouldn't come with me, I am quite glad at this as there were a few school girl blushes when I eventually got to watch it!

                  ==Plot ==

                  The storyline of this film see's Channing Tatum's character Mike go through his daily life and how he works many jobs to try and better himself and own his own bespoke furniture company. However, the banks won't lend to him so he has to find other ways to support this dream. One of which is an ordinary job as a roofer and the other a bit saucier as a part of a male stripper team at Xquiste, where he is the predominate male lead. He brings in the most money and is therefore favoured by the clubs owner Dallas (played by Matthew McConaughey). When Mike goes to his roofing work one day he immediately spots "the kid" (Alex Pettyfer), he sees the young good looking 19 year olds potential and decides to mould him into his prodigy, a fresh young dancer who is more than capable of picking up the ladies thanks to Mike's help. These two become the main lead of the film and the film shows how their friendship progresses throughout the movie. The plot is definitely not the strongest but it does have a slightly believable feel, however the snippets of half-naked men gyrating on a stage is enough to make any woman forget the story line and concentrate on the "more appealing" parts of this film. Personally, I am glad I didn't make my husband sit through this film as he would have been bored to tears and unable to look at the screen in certain parts! This is definitely one to watch on a girly night in with a bottle of wine and a good box of chocolates!


                  As I have already stated Magic Mike is played by Channing Tatum, his overall performance in this film definitely does not match up to his previous work, it doesn't seem to me that he is acting in any particular way apart from in the dance scenes. His dance work is excellent, and it is very believable that he used to be a stripper! Many know that Channing is a good dancer because of his previous film roles in films such as "Step Up." The choreography of the dances are not used "stripping moves" you do get to see Channing's actual dance talent, he is a street dancer so this type of dancing may not suit everybody's taste, but combine it with shirts off and g-strings and I think a few might reconsider!

                  The Kid is played by Alex Pettyfer, he is known for his lead role in "I am number four", Alex plays a good part and he is easily a likeable character his boyish charm and good lucks see's him become a wanted man in the Xquiste club. In some parts of the film "The Kid" surprisingly takes all the lime-light, for me I didn't think this would be possible due to Channing's strong reputation with many women and I didn't believe this newcomer could over see him in certain parts.

                  Unfortunately, for me I was a bit let down by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), his acting was reasonable but he seemed to be the sleazy character you would expect from a strip club, his dance moves were somewhat undesirable and made me wince slightly, I would have expected them to have wrote his character better as I bet there were a few women disappointed by this.

                  There are many other actors and actresses who feature in this film I have chosen to talk about the main ones as the others don't really play significant parts they just add to the film in minimal ways.

                  == Availability ==

                  The film can be pre-ordered from many film retailers, the DVD and Blu-ray will be available in most stores from 23rd October.


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                  28.09.2012 22:54
                  Very helpful



                  A lot remains the same and unoriginal despite the great performances and raunchy, dancing men

                  Ladies and gay gentlemen, witness your dream come to life in Steven Soderbergh's daring "Magic Mike." Loosely based on leading man and producer Channing Tatum's life as a male stripper before he made a name for himself in the film industry, there is plenty of biceps, pecs and ass that bounce around the screen, as the male cast works all night for their most dedicated, screaming fans/clients. They're brides-to-be, students who recently turned 21 out for a good time, wives, older women: i.e. whatever their age, race or occupation, it doesn't quite matter - the ladies all love the Xquisite club of Tampa, Florida. For 20 bucks they're in for the treat of their lives, as group performances, solo dances, and exclusive private lap-dances rock their world.

                  Magic Mike (Tatum) is the star stripper of Xquisite, and despite nearing the age of 30, he has a loyal fanbase, and has no trouble racking up some new ones as he networks in various clubs to promote his shows. Stripping, he says, is easy: women, money and a good time all come easily. During the day, he makes his living as a roofer, and whilst on a job, he meets Adam (Alex Pettyfer), a down on his luck young lad who looks good enough and could really use the cash. Mike introduces "The Kid" to the rest of his group, Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello), Ken (Matt Bomer), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), Tito (Adam Rodriguez) and last but not least, the leader/owner of the club, Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). After a slightly awkward and embarrassing first start which the girls love anyway, Adam quickly settles into their night world of stripping, loving all the attention, money and no strings attached sex he gets to thoroughly and frequently enjoy.

                  Adam's leg-shaving, thong-wearing, sailor-hat-waving, late-night-partying antics are picked up by his older, more sensible sister Brooke (Cody Horn), who first assumes her brother is coming out of the closet, but once she faces the truth, tries her best to show her supportive face. She and Mike strike up a semi-relationship, during which she entrusts her less mature and aimless brother to a more experienced man to safely keep him out of trouble. But sadly, this is not to be, as Adam quickly spirals out of control, drunk on his drastic change in lifestyle, dabbles with illegal drugs, and gets himself into a messy situation. Despite the dangerous and volatile nature of his life, Adam is no way near to call it quits, whereas the ageing Mike, thanks to his genuine attraction and like towards Brooke, starts considering a new, alternate life without taking off his clothes in front of a wild audience.

                  So to address the obvious aspect most people will be rushing to the cinemas for, there is absolutely no shortage when it comes to the raunchy, extremely direct, thrust-heavy scenes of nudity, as actors fearlessly take control of the stage and show us everything they've got. Tatum in particular, gets to show off his dancing skills more so than other members in the cast, and the light, erotic side of the film is put together with masterful precision with several concept dance numbers, everyone dressing up appropriately for specific days or events. Soderbergh never forgets to liven things up even more with a dash of humour, something that arises not only from the generally outrageous nature of the film, but also from various stage mishaps that are bound to arise from live performances. Big Dick Richie for instance, needs to "prepare" with a pump to live up to his aptly given name in his solo act, he also has an unfortunate encounter with a slightly overweight, enthusiastic member of the audience, unwisely trying to life her up. Dallas' private dance tutorial for the newcomer Adam is guaranteed to bring the house down as the deadly serious but equally sleazy McConaughey steals the show.

                  Yes, McConaughey, in a second fantastically impressive performance of the year (after the earlier released "Killer Joe") is without a doubt the highlight of the film. With more than enough greasy charm to spare, he is completely fearless in diving into the role that could easily have been a cheesy caricature. He is quite the tease on stage, knowing exactly what is expected of him from his audience, driving the females wild with his thick Southern accented opening monologues, but behind the scenes, he is also the selfish, money-grabbing manager, promising all sorts of things to his strippers whilst never quite living up to his words. His screen time may be limited, and his is most definitely a supporting role, but it's one that never goes unnoticed.

                  Tatum has most certainly come a long way from his "Step Up" days, and as someone who continues to impress and improve with every film he stars in, he is once again on top form here, even in the more sensitive scenes of quiet reflection. He and Horn make a convincing pair, and a lot of their exchanges sound so natural and effortless that despite the subject matter that may feel a little distant to most, the characters themselves have plenty of realism about them.

                  Pettyfer doesn't play the most likable character in the world, and so he has a tough time trying to find sympathy from the audience with his cocky, arrogant act that eventually lands him in trouble, but he fits the role of a young, naively enthusiastic youngster well enough for Magic Mike to slowly realise and mature himself.

                  The main noticeable weakness comes from the film's lack of substantial plot, and the "coming of age" type of storyline that opts to take the easy, cheesy way out. And for someone who has been in his line of work for a significant period of time, Mike often demonstrates a surprising lack of street savvy knowledge when it comes to his relationships. For instance, he has a lady friend, who he calls up whenever he's bored; so the two of them are using one another for sex. One day, he sees this woman on a date with a man. Mike decides to approach, his first wrong move. Turns out the man she's having dinner with his actually her fiancé. Mike looks shocked; second wrong move - somehow having expected their relationship to have been more than it really was. Unlike the bright, teasing trailer, the film itself ventures out into harsher, more brutal sides that come with the job - and it's a move that certainly had its good intentions to start with, but in the end descends into unavoidably preachy, judgmental look at all the fun aspects it previously enjoyed.

                  But "Magic Mike" has more than enough of its confident, hysterical moments to pass the time - and with stand-out performances it boosts its appeal even more. But please, no sequels - would that be asking too much? The nudity will go up, the plot will go down and so will the general quality.


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                    4 stars

                    My baby sister (16, not really a baby!) is going trekking around Argentina with school at the weekend and so wanting to spend some time with her I thought I would take her to the cinema and then for some food. My oh my...... We settled on Magic Mike when we got to the cinema as it was the next film that was due to start and because we had both heard that it was 1) about male strippers and 2) the male stripper was none other than the divine Mr Channing Tatum. The film throws you pretty much straight into the world of being a male stripper and nakedness and within the first 5 minutes you have seen the eccentric Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) grinding about on stage to a shrieking gang of girls all eager for more, Channing Tatum getting out of bed with nothing on and a very topless young girl! Subtle it isn't then!

                    We are slowly introduced to the characters and realise Dallas is the owner (and also one of the strippers) at a successful male strip club who is eager to expand his business to Miami; Magic Mike (Channing Tatum), a construction worker by day, part time furniture maker and a stripper by night. He straight away seems more of a complex character, who seems to have a 5 year plan as it were in order to make as much money as possible to pursue his dream of making custom furniture. Adam, or 'The Kid' is up next (Alex Pettyfer) who is portrayed as a bit of a waster, kicked out of college, lives on his sisters sofa and not a dollar to his name, he meets Mike on the construction site and they soon strike up a friendship which see's Mike introducing him to stripping (even if he isn't aware of this straight away!). Adam is envious of Mike and his luxurious lifestyle, nice car, etc. and looks up to him, so stripping is an obvious career choice, right?! Interestingly I have heard that Pettyfer and Tatum didn't get along on set at all, but this doesn't show in the film.

                    Other characters in the film include Tarzan, Big Dick Ritchie, Tito (all strippers but I guess you figured that out from the names!), and Kim who is Adams sister.

                    The film teeters on being predictable in some areas; there's got to be a love story right? But in other areas hits you with things you were not expecting. One scene in particular jumps to mind which I was not expecting, and which prompted me to whisper to said little sister 'DO NOT tell dad what I brought you to see!!'.

                    I had been interested in seeing the film as it was apparently inspired by Tatum and his rise to fame which included a stint as a stripper in Hollywood before he made the big time. Tatum didn't disappoint as the big softy he usually plays in most of his films, but Alex Pettyfer also unexpectedly impressed me. I didn't instantly recognise who he was but after a while realised I had seen him in a number of films quite recently including the lead in I am Number Four and Beastly, to a smaller role in In Time with Justin Timberlake. Born in Hertfordshire, it's always nice to see a Brit onscreen especially when his acting is decent!

                    The film is a mix of seriousness with a dash of comedy and lots and lots of flesh. It isn't pretentious and doesn't try to be anything it isn't. It's just a portrayal of the world of male strippers and the good and bad things that come with the title.

                    At 110 minutes it's not a short film, but not too long either. Just right!

                    A budget of $7 million, saw the film smash into profit straight away on its opening weekend making $39 million in the US alone. There is already talk of a second Magic Mike.

                    The soundtrack is pretty decent too, and had me singing away to most songs, many with a dancey undertone or R & B feel.


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                      Not what I was expecting

                      About the film
                      Magic Mike is a comedy/ drama film that was released on 29th June. The film has partial autobiographical aspects of Channing Tatum's life as a stripper. Magic Mike has a run time of 110 minutes and is rated 15 due to scenes of a sexual nature, drug use and bad language.

                      Michael Lane works many jobs and has near enough everything he could ever want. He spends his nights working as a male stripper, meeting hot girls and partying through the night. Feeling sorry for a young guy he meets on his construction site job, Mike takes Adam under his wing and introduces him to the world of stripping, befriending him at the same time.

                      While Mike struggles to juggle the different aspects of his life, Adam's life is spiralling out of control. The parties, drugs and women are a lot for a young guy of 19 to deal with and it all begins to get too much and far too tempting for Adam. While trying to look after Adam, Mike attempts to figure out how to have a successful personal and work life without compromising what he really wants.

                      Channing Tatum as Michael "Magic Mike" Lane
                      Alex Pettyfer as Adam (The Kid)
                      Cody Horn as Brooke
                      Matt Bomer as Ken
                      Olivia Munn as Joanna
                      Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie
                      Matthew McConaughey as Dallas
                      Mircea Monroe as Ken's Wife
                      Riley Keough as Nora
                      Gabriel Iglesias as Tobias
                      Wendi McLendon-Covey as Tara
                      Kevin Nash as Tarzan
                      Adam Rodríguez as Tito
                      Betsy Brandt as Banker

                      What I thought
                      When I first saw the trailer for Magic Mike, I really wanted to see it. After all, I'm a 26 year old woman who is not against seeing partially naked men on a big screen. I didn't expect the film to be good, I just wanted to go to the cinema to drool for a couple of hours. My good friend Kirsty (also not against seeing naked men) agreed to come with me and we headed for a girls day out.

                      As the film started, I was immediately unsure about what I was going to see. The way that the film is put together is by showing what happens from month to month. Just as I was getting into the story, it suddenly jumped to another month and I didn't like this. It made the film seem quite bitty and not as smooth as it could have been. It actually reminded me of a documentary at times.

                      Once the plot gets revealed and we find out that Mike (Channing Tatum) is a stripper, I thought that this is where I would begin to like the film. However, the stripping scenes were just so cheesy that Kirsty and I could not stop laughing. Immature, I know but we kind of acted like giggling school girls a little bit. Not all of the stripping was bad but some of it was so sleazy and bad that I couldn't help but find it funny. Also, not all of the strippers had great bodies and I didn't want to drool at all. One of the strippers was quite old, had long hair and was just gross. Not what I wanted to see at all.

                      I'm quite a fan of Channing Tatum and have been wanting him to do another dance film since Step Up. Well, he does dance in this film - he just takes his clothes off at the same time. Honestly, he was the most impressive of the strippers but then if this is supposed to be partly autobiographical of his life before making it big, I guess he knew what he was doing. Not only was he the best stripper but also the best actor in this film. He showed a lot of emotion, passion and dedication and I really believed that his character wanted something better out of life while enjoying what he was doing while he could.

                      As nice as Alex Pettyfer is, I hated him in this film. Playing Adam, aka The Kid, he was terrible. His character looked like a scruffy teenager who needed a shave and a haircut and a personality check. Adam is arrogant and full of himself even though he has absolutely nothing going for him at all. Throughout the whole film, this character never once turned into someone I could actually like in any way, shape or form. Also, as a stripper, he had a terrible body and should have kept his clothes on. I was not impressed!

                      The rest of the cast weren't amazing either. Matthew McConaughey plays Dallas, the guy who runs the strip club but he was the sleaziest guy I have ever seen. He was the most cringe-worthy of them all. Joe Manganiello plays Big Dick Richie but I couldn't stop thinking about him playing Alcide in True Blood. Cody Horn plays Brooke, Adam's sister and I have never watched someone on screen that was so bland, so mardy and so annoying all at the same time. A dead fish would have had more personality than her.

                      So what about the plot... Well. The first half of the film is basically about stripping while the second half takes a more serious turn. The change in pace and feel did not work for me at all. The change made it seem as though I was watching two completely separate films that just did not work well together. Although I wasn't expecting the plot to be any good, nor did I care about this before seeing Magic Mike, I was hoping for something good by this point. As the stripping was only so-so, the plot needed to be better to make this a good film. Unfortunately, this didn't happen.

                      As you can see, I'm not a fan of this film and nor would I recommend it, even to 16 or 17 year old girls. Probably especially to 16 or 17 year old girls. A complete waste of time and money seeing this film.


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