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Men in Black 3 (DVD)

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11 Reviews

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Fantasy / To Be Announced / Director: Barry Sonnenfeld / Actors: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Rip Torn ... / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    11 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 20:43
      Very helpful



      Another Men in Black movie - some good comedy and quite entertaining fun but quite cheesy

      - Story -

      Seeking vengeance, a ruthless alien by the name of Boris the Animal breaks out of an intergalactic jail and chases after Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones) who broke his arm while arresting him in the past. Agent K ends up being killed and Agent J (played by Will Smith) has to travel back in time to when K originally apprehend Boris to try and change things so as to spare Agent K (I hope that makes sense? its a part time travel sci fi movie).

      - Thoughts & Opinions -

      This Men in Black follow up features all the usual aspects of a Men in Black movie ie. lots of CGI visual effects, wacky characters and a detailed alien species related plotline. Will Smith again plays Agent J, Agent K's wise cracking, self assured partner, who does his best to keep his cool, while seeming to be in over his head, as usual.

      The movie features a fairly heavy use of incidental music and a musical score used to add emphasis and add to the sense of panic, of time running out etc. the pace is pretty fast, with few dull scenes and there's a good amount of dark comedy present as well, with more revelations as historic figures are revealed as being 'one of them' (ie an alien being).

      I felt that the storyline got a bit complicated in parts, with the background information on the Trogladytes getting a bit long winded and sounding rather complicated perhaps, although the basic plotline is pretty simple to follow but I guess I felt that perhaps it tried a bit too hard to create a serious background story when it maybe wasn't entirely necessary, although im sure sci fi fans will disagree. The character interaction between Agent J and the younger Agent K is part of the appeal of the movie, as with the other Men in Black movies, their dialogue being quite quick witted and amusing.

      I felt that one or two scenes or parts of the story seemed a little convenient and it does get a bit 'mushy' you could say in parts, which makes it a little cheesy but for me, the visual effects, good use of the musical score and the general action/fight scenes and pace made the movie more than entertaining enough for me to continue watching and not feel too put off.

      The villainous Boris is expectedly grotesquely alienesque, with exaggerated visual appearance and loud booming, distorted voice, coming across as perhaps a bit of a patomime villain, again in a very similar vein to the 'baddies' in the previous Men In Black movies.

      This movie in no way breaks new ground but then it is the third in this series of movies, so what do you expect, I suppose?. The cast give decent performances and its certainly entertaining, if not a little daft perhaps but thats probably part of the appeal. I particularly liked seeing Emma Thompson as Agent O, who is also very self assured, seemingly running the department. Other noteable members of the cast include Josh Brolin who portrays the 1960s version of Agent K and Nicole Scherzinger (known as one of the Pussycat Dolls) who has a smallish role as Boris's girlfriend.

      - Would I Recommend It? -

      Yes, this is an entertaining movie with plenty of CGI visual effects and a good use of the musical score. Its rather cheesy and emotional in parts which may not appeal to all and it doesn't really break new ground as such within the movie franchise, I suppose but otherwise its worth a watch, so I'm happy to recommend it.

      Thanks for reading my review, I hope you found useful. Thanks for any and all rates and comments.


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      24.03.2013 23:52
      Very helpful



      The first two were great, this was a big disappointment!

      I am a big fan of the Men in Black series and really wanted to see MIB III, hoping it would be better than the first two, but it isn't. The first two had great story lines that worked really well and I just hoped this would live up to my expectations. It didn't.

      The plot was that some random alien who was never mentioned in any earlier movies had his arm blown off and was arrested by K, want's to seek revenge. To do this he travels back in time (no details, just with some device) and tries to stop the event from happening.

      I don't think the time travel storyline in this film worked. I mean yes, it's great to see the whole sci-fi "anythings possible", "technology knows no bounds" kind of film but time travel doesn't work in a film, it creates a lot of confusion and I don't think the storyline was that good.

      I'm not being picky here but there are a few holes in the story that get quite complicated. Like how K knew who J was in the future but not in the past despite the ending where he knew him when he was a child. To make sense of this: How did K know J as a child, not know him in later life, then suddenly know him again "by chance" when he joined MIB. In the first movie we see J join as a new recruit from being a police officer, so we can now conclude that K already knew him at that time. So in the 60's he knows who James is, then when he visits him from the future he doesn't? That's not right, right? A tangled mess, which is why a time travel storyline doesn't work.

      The acting was superb and the special effects were excellent too, but the scenes at cape Canaveral in Florida where quite obviously filmed in a studio with a green screen. The sky and the background doesn't look right, it's just too obviously a green screen and the metal doors are obviously not made of metal by the way Will Smith handled them. He could have flicked the door shut. In real life it would require a lot of effort to close!

      The ending had a great twist to it regarding agent J and it completely came out of the blue, something unpredictable at the start of the film. But this again creates a hole in the story, since it was never mentioned in any previous movies in the series. The final end should have just been left on the line "he should have left a tip" but somehow in space because K didn't leave a tip an asteroid heads towards earth, then when he does leave a tip it gets hit by a satellite and avoids earth. What? That was just unneeded and ruined the ending.

      Overall not a great film, a big disappointment for me really. The first two were excellent with a great storyline but this was just a let down. MIB 4 Better not be as big a let down, if they make it of course.


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      23.02.2013 20:02
      Very helpful



      Thanks For Reading

      Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and staring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, this is the third of the MIB (Men In Black) trilogy and was released in 2012.

      The plot is based around Boris the Animal (the last of his species) escaping from the MIB Lunar Prison with the help of his girlfriend. Upon returning to Earth he seeks his revenge of Agent K who was the MIB agent that captured him decades before. After a brief encounter Boris warns K that "...he is already dead" and soon Agent J (Will Smith) finds himself in an altered reality where K was killed in his original encounter with Boris and Earth is under attack by the Boglodites which are no longer excint. It's up to J to travel back in time and with a younger version of Agent K undo the damage that's been done and save the future, the planet and his partner.

      Thankfully I really enjoyed Men In Black 3, and it does the first film true justice unlike the crappy MIB 2 which left a lot of people disappointed. The reasonably simple time travel plot works well and falls within the realm of possibilities based on the MIB universe. That same plot unfolds and develops well and at a good pace thanks to a excellent script. The end of the film does what preseeded justice and manages to tie up all the loose ends and rounding everything up nicely without leaving much in the way of plot holes.

      There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and the comedy is close to what was achieved in the first Men In Black film. The banter between J and the younger K is excellent and succeeds. Being based in the 60's was brilliant as was the chance to see a more technological less advanced MIB headquarters (wow how things have advanced.)

      Plenty of action scenes stand alongside the comical moments and help keep the film entertaining. All the scenes have been done well and the final show-down towards the end of the movie will have you on the edge of your seats. The cast deliver stunning performances through the film and you can't help become emotional involved with them as the movie goes on.

      Like most films of last year MIB 3 seems to get a mixed bag of reviews, however is no where near as bad as soon would like you to believe. I was a bit worried about watching MIB 3 considering how many years have passed since both the original and MIB 2, however my fears were unfounded as this is a great Sci-Fi Comedy with plenty of rewatch value.

      This is one your remember.


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      05.01.2013 13:16
      Very helpful



      Film 4 here we come

      Star - Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones
      Genre - Comedy Sci-Fi
      County - USA
      Certificate - PG
      Run Time - 106 minutes
      Blockbusters - £0. per night
      Amazon - £ DVD (£Blue Ray)

      So, 15-years after the brilliant Men in Black and ten years since the rather feeble sequel we are at film three, Will Smiths first movie for nearly three years, the guaranteed bucks of the prequel tempting him out of his over exposure sabbatical. But no fun song and video this time around to help promote it from Smith so maybe reticent after the second film flopped so badly. Fortunately MIB3 is a lot better than film two and surprisingly did the best money of the trio although nowhere as original and fun as film one. It seems the big budget Sci-Fi comic book movies are surefire winners now.

      The Men in Black movies are based on the Lowell Cunningham graphic novel books of the same name, the premises being that a team of top secret FBI style agents clean up any stray aliens that make Earth, important that humans forget their encounters, agents flashing a white light device in their eyes to insure that. The fun was very much that ongoing joke in the first movie but lost in the second, film three going with a much stronger narrative to reboot things.

      The director/producer partnership of the balding and bonkers Barry Sonnenfield and Stephen Spielberg are back for number three and Smith and Tommy Lee already signed up for film 4 the gross was that positive, very much the make or break movie. And when in doubt with a failing sci-fi franchise a time travel narrative usually does the trick, Star Trek Generations and Captain Kirk memorably so, the method deployed here to tighten up the relationship between Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) character and Will Smiths Agent J, deployed to set up the next three films no doubt.


      Will Smith ... Agent J
      Tommy Lee Jones ... Agent K
      Josh Brolin ... Young Agent K
      Jemaine Clement ... Boris the Animal
      Emma Thompson ... Agent O
      Alice Eve ... Young Agent O
      David Rasche ... Agent X
      Michael Stuhlbarg ... Griffin
      Mike Colter ... Colonel
      Nicole Scherzinger ... Boris's Girlfriend
      Bill Hader ... Andy Warhol


      The feared 'Boris the Animal' (Jemaine Clement), a Boglodite and the last of his alien race, has been busted out of a top security prison, with the help of his sexy accomplice, played by the sexy Pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger, Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) soon assigned the case.

      Boris has a grudge with K over a lost limb and putting him in that prison and so opens a worm hole to suck him back to 1969 to get even, just before the arm in question was lost, K expecting the forced time jump and ready to face his fete. Just before he is jumped, K explains to J that he was responsible for the deployment above Earth of something called the 'ArcNet' back in the 1960s, which protected the planet from a Boglodite invasion, destroying their race.

      After K jumps the timeline changes and K apparently long dead for 40 years now, a bronze statue appearing at head quarters in tribute to him dying on duty in 1969, and no record of him being alive since then, Js new partner being Agent X (David Rasche) in this skewed timeline. Realizing he has to go back in time to save his partner, K pulls some strings and tumble backs in time - literally - the younger version of K (Josh Brolin) obviously having no idea who the black kid in the suit and sunglasses is when he gets to the Men in Black HQ in 1969, the facility then headed by Agent Q (Emma Thompson). Just as J is about to be mind-wiped by the younger K in an ungainly machine and sent on his way, K realizes the kid knows things he shouldn't and so earns him a late reprieve, the two agreeing to team up to hunt down Boris, and with the help of Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg), a telekinetic member of the friendly Arcane race, realizing his fete, especially as the Boris the Animal from the present day has also gone back to 1969 to join the other Boris The Animal to help kill Agent K. K is also sensing some sort of bond with this kid called J that he wasn't expecting and so wants to explore it further.


      Although not quite as good as the critics say, it's not bad, a dam site better than the last movie, which was so lazy it annoyed me. Obviously it's far too easy for under pressure movie execs to fall into that idle trait of effectively repeating all the successful elements of the original film to make money in the sequel and so it was nice that this one developed a story line that will get the franchise back on track. It's certainly an unexpected twist at the centre of the film and makes sense, although that time travel lever directors love means pretty much any film can pretty much go anywhere if they pull it. I suppose that is lazy as well.

      The chemistry between Smith and Jones is just about hanging on and most of that chemistry - and the film - stolen by Josh Brolin as the younger Agent K, getting all TLJ mannerism and ticks bang on, but just 21 years his junior. In fact Brolin is the victim of an unfortunate time travel paradox here as he would have written himself into film four with his performance as the younger Agent K if only he wasn't the younger K, no room for two K's anymore.

      For its $225million it did a useful $621million back, as I say the highest earner of the three. I remember when there was all that palaver when the ambitious James Cameron made that movie about a boat back in 1997 for a mind boggling $200 million to be the most expensive movie ever made, yet that budget is the norm for summer blockbusters now, over 30 films since passing that budget mark since, 47 of the top 50 most expensive films ever, all made in the last ten years. Rather surprisingly 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End' is top budget dog at $300m. Interestingly, the rare Will Smith flop, 'The Wild Wild West, is the second most expensive movie to Titanic of the last millennium at $170 million, Water World, not surprisingly, coming third. The more you spend on a movie the more it seems to hope to make, most of us now shaking our heads in disbelief on how we fell for the Avatar hype and just how bad that film really was. But with MIB3 it has Will Smith and a great cast and so worth every penny, Emma Thompson deliciously funny as ever.

      All that stuff with members of the general public encounters has gone and although some of the aliens amongst us offer comic moments you still feel Barry Sonnerfield wanted to race it on and get J and K back to 1969 to set up the next film. I must admit I did enjoy the Apollo program sequences though and the film looks great, not overdoing the digital effects to detriment the narrative, the aliens as fun as ever and plenty of jive talking one-liners from Smith. In fact there's a wonderful in-joke at the start of the movie when J and K are trying to crack an illegal alien sushi eatery scam in downtown Manhattan with the introduction of the alien looking 'Blobfish' to the movie, which is an actual real fish, an unbelievable looking thing. Role on the Blobfish and MIB4!


      Imdb.com - 6.9 /10.0 (123,543 votes)
      Metacritc.com - 58% critic's approval rating
      Rottentomatos.com - 61% critic's approval rating


      Empire -'Here's a case of a second sequel being better than the first because, well, it had to be...Thankfully, reliance on visual effects has been dialed down this time around for the sake of a decent story'.

      This is London -' If, inevitably, it's not as fresh or inventive as the original, it does that thing of riffing on the old favorites in a way that flatters the audience's familiarity pretty well'.

      Los Angeles Times - 'Men in Black 3" has got the MIB mojo back - well, most of it anyway'.
      Movie Talk - 'MIB3 is dumb, flashy fun, and if you simply ignore its obvious shortcomings you may in fact find that being back in the saddle with the boys in black remains an enjoyable, frivolous ride'.

      The Mail on Sunday -'keep you interested enough to leave the cinema without feeling you've been cheated'.

      The New Yorker - 'Mainly rollicks along, keeping a nice balance between grotesque-alien playfulness and badass secret-agent seriousness.

      = = = Special Feature = = =

      -Partners in Time: MIB3 -

      Director Barry Sonnerfield, a bit of an eccentric, discuses his movie....wearing a cowboy hat

      - Gag Reel -

      I hate these self indulgent things

      -Back in Time -

      The film theme song by someone called Pitbull.

      = = = = = = = = = = = =


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        31.07.2012 15:40
        Very helpful




        I went watching this at the cinema at the end of May. I'd seen a few trailers for it and enjoyed the previous Men In Black movies so definitely wanted to see it. It was released to UK cinemas on Friday 25th May and is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.


        The film starts by introducing us to Alien criminal Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) who was caught by Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) 40 years earlier and detained in a spaceship prison. Helped by his girlfriend Lily Poison (Nicole Scherzinger) he escapes from the prison and goes back to Earth where he intends to go back in time to 1969, the year Agent K caught him (and shot his arm off) to re-write history and kill Agent K thus allowing his race the Boglodites to take over the planet Earth and kill off the human race.

        Boris is successful in going back in time using a time jump device and it becomes apparent that his mission was successful when back in 2012 the Bogladite ships are present and destroying New York City. Agent J (Will Smith) seems to be the only one aware of what has happened, everyone else just believes that Agent K was killed by Boris 40 years ago. So he finds the time jump device and goes back in time himself to stop Boris killing his partner and thus saving mankind in the future.

        **My Opinion**

        The film was really entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyone who knows these films will know they are not supposed to be serious or realistic, and essentially they are a satire of sci-fi movies. The whole film is fast paced which meant it never got boring and the scenes and alien characters change all the time making it really interesting to watch. I liked the idea of the plot where they go back in time, again it allowed for a totally different setting and allowed for a few laughs at the expense of the 60s outfits and way of life.

        Most importantly the film was really funny, there were lots of laugh out loud moments which was a big part of the why the film was so enjoyable. It wasn't just the lines that were funny, but many of the (alien) characters who were simply funny to look at. The film also wasn't too childish and aimed itself at children and adults with parts to amuse everyone.

        Also the whole nostalgia thing made it fun to watch, as I was pretty young when these films first came out so was fun to reminisce on the idea of Men in Black and see the characters in action again. Journalists are already asking the stars about the possibility of a sequel (Men in Black 4) and they haven't counted it out so it is a possibility.


        As I've already said the film isnt supposed to be serious, therefore doesn't really demand amazing acting skills. However the cast are amazing actors especially the protagonists Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. (n.b Josh Brolin plays the young Tommy Lee Jones when they go back to 1969) I've enjoyed many a brilliant performance from these actors in other films they have starred in. And as expected they both pulled this one off perfectly. I suppose the main demand of this film was to be funny and both men managed this really well.

        The rest of the cast also pulled it off really well, the majority of them play alien characters which rely more on how they look than acting skill, but they were still all funny and gave the characters there own spin.

        **Film Production**

        We saw the film in 3D, not exactly out of choice but because it was the better showing time than the 2D version. I'm not a great fan of 3D films and find them a bit annoying, but this was probably one of the better ones and the style of film really suited the 3D effects. Its clear a lot of money was put into this film and therefore the 3D was good quality and didn't blur. The effects in general were really good and it was interesting to watch it as a sequel to the last Men in Black film which was released 10 years ago in 2002, and see how much film making has advanced since then.

        **Overall Opinion**

        This is a fun action comedy which I would recommend if you're looking for a good laugh and something a bit different. It's suitable for children but also aims at an adult audience. I found it enjoyable and a bit of flash back to the past and my childhood yet brought into the modern day with effects etc.


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        20.07.2012 14:25
        Very helpful



        Good fun, with plenty of heart - a marked improvement from the second installment

        Let's pretend the less than adequate direct sequel to "Men in Black" never happened. With that logic, we can say it took almost 15 years for this new entry to hit the screens after the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones alien-fighting duo saved the world all the way back in 1997. So who remembers what this franchise is really about? As the title gives it away, Smith and Jones are men in black suits, a part of a top-secret government organisation that hunts down harmful extra-terrestrial life forms. They have fancy laser guns, fast cars, and all sorts of gadgets that accompany them in their missions. It's also been far too long since we've seen Smith on the big screen. He's been keeping himself busy with film-producing work, but time actually spent on screen was absolute zero for past four years or so.

        And what a welcome back to form this turns out to be. Which is odd, since we see so little of the series-defining and utterly necessary Jones who even in his brief outing delivers the laughs with his comically wise words and still, emotionless face, a quality Smith's Agent J has always had trouble adjusting to. The reason for Jones' shortage is because of an evil alien called Boris the Animal (Jermaine Clement) who escapes from a maximum-security prison on the Moon with the help from Pussycat Doll's Nicole Scherzinger in a tight black leather suit (seriously, what other clothing CAN female villains wear nowadays?). Out to exact revenge on Agent K (Jones) who arrested him in the first place, Boris decides to rewrite history, jump to the past, and permanently wipe K off. It takes a while for J to understand and accept that within a single day no-one knows or remembers who K is. To fix this complex situation he himself travels back into 1969 to make sure K stays alive to save the world once more.

        The trouble with having time travel in films is that it can seriously get out of hand. Isn't the character supposed to be dead? Shouldn't there be another copy in this timeline? How many times can you "time jump"? The questions that can arise are endless, and the subject of time travel itself is a touchy one with passionate arguments both for and against the idea. But apart from a lazy mishap in the film's climax, the adventurous idea stays well on track and provides a secure and fun base for the film to build itself around. So J travels to the 60s, when Americans were less than kind to people of his colour. He drives a fancy car, wears his black suit, and suddenly the police come round thinking he stole these. Various culture shocks aside, J is even more stunned to meet the young K, played by Josh Brolin.

        Now Brolin is the single most important reason why this film works so well. "Men in Black" was never only about the disgusting looking aliens. It was mainly concerned with tip-top banterous chemistry Smith and Jones, a highly unlikely pairing, shared. The cocky, mouthy Smith teamed with the serious, quiet Jones always provided the laughs. With Jones gone, the shoes to fill must have been absolutely enormous, and to perfectly master Jones' mannerisms and have an equally dynamic spark with Smith is Brolin. The past K claims he's 29. Brolin is in fact 44 and he does look it. The humour doesn't end there. It helps that Brolin and Jones look rather similar. So similar that some members in the audience actually believed the past and present Agent K's were played by the same actor but with make-up. But what Brolin achieves goes so far beyond superficial looks. He nails the accent, the facial expressions, and with them creates a fascinating younger version of K. Smith, comfortably slipping back into the role of the effortlessly hilarious J, generates as many laughs with Brolin as he did with Jones. Recasting a crucial role and completely changing its timelines was a bold and risky move; a gamble that immediately pays off as soon as Brolin enters the picture, truly a result of genius casting.

        Saving the world is no easy task, as these two agents are about to find out, and did I mention J only has 24 hours to spend in the past to correct it? Now that time constraint does give him a reason to hurry, but it doesn't serve any more purpose than that. The villain looks and sounds deadly enough to warrant our attention, with "Flight of the Conchords'" Clement in an almost unrecognisable form as the grumpy Boris. His size, brute force and dialogue seem deliberately absurd, as is the CGI used to portray every single aspect of his body with repulsive alien-like features. There is a vomit-inducing kiss he shares with Scherzinger to kick start the film, something that might not entirely be appropriate for a PG audience. With this type of simple, straightforward and completely comprehensible villain, the threats he makes are more than convincing, and as we see a glimpse of what he is planning for Earth in which giant squid-like alien vessels take over everything, it's easy to see this guy doesn't make empty threats he cannot deliver.

        Despite the determination of our villain, the action remains relatively calm throughout and there are no stand-out, memorable or mind-blowingly complex sequences of heavy gun-fire. The futuristic rides and slick silver firearms are all there, but the episodic "find one clue that leads to the next one and so on" police procedural type of pacing adds no creativity or originality to the duo's chase for Boris. The ambitious final action sequence that combines the real-life account of American's first rocket launch into space as well as the fictitious fight against aliens carried out by J and K is well integrated and the aforementioned huge misstep that conveniently but not logically sums everything up is the only aspect that threatens to ruin a perfectly well set-up conclusion.

        It might be surprising to hear that this third installment ends with heart, and an unexpectedly touching revelation that gives an enriching background story to both J and K in a short period of time that pulls off the emotional punch without ever going overboard or dragging out the drama; again, a bold, relatively unconventional addition to a film franchise that had a set of rules that had already worked. With just enough tweaks but leaving a lot of the good material intact, "Men in Black III" is certainly a sci-fi adventure to embark on, something that shows there is no slowing down The Fresh Prince no matter after how many years of absence, that with the right casting choices, a sudden replacement is not always a disaster, and that Emma Thompson is an awesome actress who can do absolute wonders in a brief scene that barely lasts a minute or so. It takes real talent to pull off what Thompson does here, and she manages flawlessly. A sequel is probably already in the talks, and I don't care if I have to wait 15 more ears to get another genuinely fun "Men in Black" film. They really proved themselves with this one, and the pressure is on should they want a fourth feature.


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          19.07.2012 08:14
          Very helpful



          Decent enough!

          As it was half term I decided that I would treat my son to a day out at the cinema as we had no other plans and I do like to do at least one thing with him in the holidays if I can. I planned to go to the cinema on a Wednesday so that we could use an orange Wednesday code as well as a gift voucher we had and so it was going to be a cheap enough trip out. My son chose to see Men in Black 3 which surprised me as he hasn't seen any of the other films but decided to go with it as it was one of the only films that would have been anywhere near suitable anyway. The film runs for 106 minutes and so it is a good length to expect a child to sit through and not overly long.

          I haven't really seen either of the previous two Men in Black films and so I was concerned that I would be lost watching this one to be honest but as I had a little knowledge about who was who in terms of the main characters I think it was easy to keep up with the story. It has been ten years since the last Men in Black film and I suppose they were looking to capitalise on the previous successes. Obviously my son had no idea who anyone was but he seemed to keep up with the story as it is all explained quite well though I do think those that are more familiar with the stories would perhaps notice things that my son and I didn't and in particular the relationship between the two main agents.

          The story centres around Agent J played by Will Smith who must travel back in time to the 1960's to stop an alien by the name of Boris the animal killing his partner and friend Agent K played by Tommy Lee Jones. Whilst the story is far fetched I suppose this is the idea around films such as this where secret agents battle aliens which live amongst us on a daily basis and erase the memory of any humans that should come in to contact with them!

          The story is quite grown up considering that it is a PG and there are a few swear words in there which aren't too over the top but I still felt were unnecessary and whilst my son didn't pick up on the odd "bullsh!t" the use of the words don't add anything to the story and could have been omitted I felt. Whilst the story is quite grown up and a bit more of an adult film than some my son would usually watch I felt he kept up well with the story and there was enough going on to keep him interested as the story progressed! There are some elements of humour in the story where I was actually laughing out loud and my son commented that he hadn't expected it to be quite so funny but I did personally think there would be more humour in the film that what there was. Some funny moments to look out for include a battle in the Chinese restaurant and Agent J being transported back to the 1960's.

          When the story started with a very sexy looking Nicole Scherzinger of the pussycat dolls fame approaching Boris the animals secure cell in a prison designed specifically to hold him on the moon and then kissing him complete with his very long and inhuman tongue I have to say I thought I had made a mistake in bringing my son to see the film but the bulk of the film is fine for a child to watch I would say as long as they are not likely to be scared by some of the crazy looking aliens and things. My son wasn't bothered by the aliens really but did say it was disgusting when a spider type creature climbed in to Boris's hand. Boris the animal alien is played by Jeramine Clement and I felt he was a very convincing, over the top, bad guy who you would not want to bump in to on a dark night! Boris is a very well thought out villain really as he doesn't have anything about him that is too extra ordinary to look at most of the time but he can release weird things from his hands and legs which make him seem very scary all of a sudden and his dog like teeth really freaked me out!

          Tommy Lee Jones doesn't feature all that much in this film in all honesty as he argues with Agent J early on in the film and then Boris the animal changes time so that he is killed in the past and so he does not exist in the current time. I have to say I was shocked at how old Tommy Lee Jones was looking in this film but he does an excellent job of portraying the troubled Agent K very well. Josh Brolin plays the younger agent K when Agent J is transported back to the 1960's and he does a great job of acting much like the older Agent K when it comes to his job and responsibilities but he is a much more care free, smiling person and Agent J constantly asks what happens to him to make him change but of course he doesn't know yet. This is something we find out at the end of the film and which actually brought tears to my eyes! I am quite typically soft and do cry at a lot of things and so it is not to say everyone would be affected this way but I did find it quite sad! I think possible the younger Agent K stole the film for me as he comes across so laid back and you see just a glimmer of a romantic past with the head of the Men in Black organisation Agent O.

          Will Smith is good as Agent J as you would expect from him considering he is used to the role having played it in the previous two films. Smith is probably the character which brings the most amusement to the film and as such my son said he was his favourite character.

          The creativity used to design some of the funny looking aliens was a highlight for me as it was enjoyable to see how some of the alien forms looked so odd whilst others looked remarkably human on the surface until you dig a little deeper. My favourite alien was Griffin who was so sweet and seemed to see the world in a really positive way which was refreshing to see. My son was impressed with the futuristic ways in which the agents could travel and the weapons which they had at their disposal too. The film doesn't wow you with special effects but there are enough to keep you interested I feel.

          Whilst my son and I found this film enjoyable it is not one that I would watch repeatedly I don't think as it was good but it didn't totally blow us away. That said I think I will now look to watch the other two films with my son and perhaps will then look to invest in the dvd when it is released! I would recommend it to fans of the Men in Black series and to those who are looking for a film which will entertain but will not take over your life (which Twilight and the Hunger Games seem to have done to me!)

          Thank you for reading my review!


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            10.07.2012 00:31
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            A mixture of everything - funny, scary, tearful.

            The first MIB film showed too much that caused me to wretch and the second I can barely remember. This one has a new angle: it is more about emotion and back story than cramming in as much gunk and goo as possible (although we do see some purple alien blood). Better yet, it's memorable.

            The basic gist of the story is Agent J finding out why Agent K is the way he is...and it tugs at the ol' heart strings.

            I believe (but don't quote me) that Rip Torn (Agent Z) was in prison, or had made himself such a bad influence, so he was unable to feature in this film. His replacement is just as good if you're a fan of Harry Potter actors. Nicole Scherzinger makes a wonderful appearance at the beginning but is soon 'blown away'.

            This film focuses on one villain that changed the course of K's life and career, so much so that K smiles like this, (-_-). You will find that <-- funny. K's arch enemy breaks out of a prison built especially for him (this is how mean the guy is) with the help of his prison pen pal (Nicole Scherzinger's character). He is the last of his kind and K blew off his arm in '69 and had him arrested instead of killing him. Now he's broken out of prison and he wants his revenge. In fact, he doesn't want revenge as such: he wants to go back in time before it all happened, retain his arm and invade Earth with his own kind. He succeeds in jumping back in time which J thought wasn't possible. After getting a little mardy because he's told his senior agent status doesn't get him information from K's file and it doesn't get him alerted to the fact that time travel exists he sets about changing the past because chaos has ensued. J is the only one that knows K existed after his supposed death 'in the past'. Everyone else believes he died at the showdown with his arch enemy in '69. He did as it happens because his enemy went back and changed the past, but it never originally happened like that... Agent J fights through the past to get young Agent K (played by Josh Brolin) to believe him as well as try to save his life. With the help of a griffin who can reveal many possible future outcomes and after dealing with two of everybody, Agent J eventually finds out K's secret past and finds out exactly how big of an influence K has been on his life.

            I think I found a hole in the story when I was in the cinema but I cannot remember what it was and I believe my husband set me straight. Other than that the story was water tight and the plot was easy to follow. We all know how time travel films can be very hard to follow sometimes, even for the most logical of us.

            Josh Brolin plays an amazing younger K. You have to believe it to see it.

            The film is funny, mildly scary in places and upsetting yet englightening. The acting is, obviously, fantastic - it's Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for crying out loud (in roles they've played twice before). Everything is believable, except the positions in which Nicole Scherzinger stands at the beginning of the film during the fight scene. You'll see she is very over-posed.

            I have to disagree with most of the previous reviews: it is the best of the lot. The main title intro is fantastic: the opening tremlo arm wobbling of the notes makes the intro sound like an 80's police film. Music by Danny Elfman, I believe.

            3D and 2D.

            Shame it costs over a tenner for two adults to see it!


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              08.07.2012 19:26
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              For a movie about aliens it's alright but nothing out of this world.

              The Men in Black are back. It's been over a decade since the original movie, based off a comic book, wowed audiences with its blend of sci-fi, action and comedy. Generally speaking the first film received positive reviews although I personally thought it was mediocre. No surprise then that I skipped out on watching the less lauded sequel. Fifteen years on MIB 3 hit theatres and I decided to give the franchise a second chance. In theory a story about a secret agency, that protects mankind from extra terrestrial threats, sounds like something right up my alley. Also it has to be said that I don't dislike all things MIB. I recall enjoying the spin-off cartoon series in my youth and I even found the Will Smith theme song to be rather catchy (my poor taste in music is why I review games/movies instead of albums.)


              When the movie opens we are introduced to the principal villain - Boris the Animal. For the past forty years he's been confined to a lunar prison, but he manages to escape his incarceration with the aid of his main squeeze played by Pussy Cat Dolls lead singer Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger (a moniker that long must be of alien origin.) Once freed Boris decides to exact his revenge on the man responsible for his imprisonment - Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones.) His plan for vengeance involves travelling back to 1969 and assassinating K (on the year when they first crossed swords.) Sounds like a rather convoluted idea, until you realise that modifying the future would restore the arm Boris lost during their first encounter.

              The only thing that can save K from demise is his partner Agent J (Will Smith) who is tasked with intercepting Boris in the sixties before the villain manages to modify the time stream. Failure is not an option as it would result in a future were Earth is enslaved by Boris' race and J getting addicted to chocolate shakes. I have to say that I was relieved when the story switched to 1969 as the present day sequences followed the standard MIB formula that I wasn't fond off. Seeing J and K bust a Chinese restaurant for breaking health and safety regulations by serving alien cuisine was supposed to be funny, but it barely managed to register a chuckle from the cinema goers viewing the film with me. Humour is subjective, but when the gags fall flat with an audience encompassing numerous age groups you know something is wrong.


              Part of the reason why I disliked the start of the movie may have been Tommy Lee Jones. Given his acting pedigree I was expecting more than the disinterested performance we got. Jones only features briefly during the first and final acts which makes me feel like he was just phoning it in to score an easy cheque. Although I'm not an advocate of plastic surgery, after spying his wrinkly facial features, I would suggest that he spends some of those movie millions on getting a face lift.

              Agent J is the hero of the piece and his portrayal can be summed up as Will Smith playing Will Smith. That's not as bad as it sounds though as Smith is a rather charismatic fellow. That's partially why he endeared himself to audiences during his blockbuster star heyday. All that said it would have been nice had he put more effort into the role as, judging from other movies, it is clear that the former rapper can act and is capable of more than what we got. His nemesis, Boris the Animal, initially appears to be an interesting antagonist but is sadly not given enough screen time to develop his character. In the end all we get is a two dimensional bad guy who only wants revenge and doesn't bat an eyelid at betraying his allies.

              The star of the show, in my eyes, would have to be Josh Brolin who is perfectly cast as a young Agent K. Brolin not only resembles Tommy Lee Jones in appearance, but he manages to pull off an exceptional impersonation of K as well. Based off his mannerisms and quotes I could instantly buy that he was younger version of Agent J's partner. For many fans it's the dynamic between J and K that carries the Men in Black films and thankfully Brolin is able to reproduce this relationship with his take on the character. His version of K remains a man who keeps his distance and stringently follows the rules, but as a younger less jaded agent he does show moments of warmth which adds a new dimension to the J and K pairing.


              The general consensus seems to be that Men in Black 3 is inferior to the first film, but an improvement over its predecessor. I however enjoyed this third instalment a little more than the original, although that may be due to the fact that I am a sucker for time travel stories. Either way, if you have enjoyed the previous films in the series I can recommend this latest offering. Setting the story in the sixties gives a fresh lease of life to proceedings as the protagonists are forced to adapt to an environment they are not familiar with. J for example has to interact with a society that is less racially tolerant than he is accustomed to. The setting also lends itself to pop culture references and allows the script writers to poke fun at the contrasts in technology between the ages. It's a hoot seeing how they poke fun at the trend of miniaturising technology (so for example a handheld device for wiping memories turns into a body sized chamber in the sixties.)

              It is however hard to overlook certain weaknesses which may have been the result of the decision to commence filming without a complete script. Some of the set pieces don't make a lick of sense and there are a few plot holes. These short comings get disguised with a fast paced plot which gives the viewer little time to dwell on things as you are constantly bombarded with creative alien designs, visual effects and action. I did start to lose interest towards the end, but a touching finale which explores why K is so cold towards his partner rescued the movie for me. The end result is a movie that isn't anything special, but still manages to be entertaining. I wouldn't rush out to watch a Men in Black 4, but Josh Brolin's take on Agent K would make me want to sample a prequel showing the character's exploits during the seventies.


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                04.07.2012 15:06
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                A good film!

                About the film
                Men in Black 3 (MIB 3) is the third film in the Men in Black series and it was released at the cinema on 25th May. The film is available to watch in both 3D and 2D. MIB 3 is rated PG due to scenes of a violent nature and fantasy action and the film has a run time of 106 minutes.

                Imprisoned on the LunarMax prison on the moon, Boris the Animal wants out. With the help of his girlfriend Lily, he manages to achieve this and begins to act out his plan to kill Agent K, the man who shot off his arm in 1969. During a run in with other aliens at a Chinese restaurant, Agent K and J collide with Boris, who informs K that he's already dead although he doesn't know it yet. When K returns to his apartment that night, he and all traces of his existence disappear.

                No one back at the Men in Black headquarters remember K apart from his partner J and Chief Agent O. Agent O informs J that K was killed years ago in a fight with Boris but J knows this to be untrue. After learning that Boris went back in time and actually did kill K, Agent J knows he must return to the past and stop this from happening. He only has 24 hours to save his partner's life and stop the world from being invaded by crazy aliens.

                Will Smith as Agent J, a senior MIB agent
                Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, a senior MIB agent
                Josh Brolin as Young Agent K
                Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal
                Emma Thompson as Agent O
                Alice Eve as Young Agent O
                Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin
                Nicole Scherzinger as Lily
                David Rasche as Agent X
                Will Arnett as Agent AA
                Lanny Flaherty as Obadiah Price
                Bill Hader as Andy Warhol / Agent W

                What I thought
                I can't quite believe that it has been 10 years since MIB 2 was released and 15 since the original film in this series. It makes me feel quite old knowing that I went to the cinema to see Men in Black when it first came out all that time ago. I've now been to see all three films at the cinema.

                Will Smith, as always, is fantastic in this film. Reprising his role as Agent J, Smith brings back the likeability to the role that was there since the first film. J hasn't had things easy and they have only gotten worse since joining the Men in Black but the way that he deals with certain situations is what makes me like him so much. He could be covered in all kinds of alien goo or on a chase but he seems to shrug these things off like they are nothing. As well as being likeable, J is once again really funny in MIB 3. Smith has a way of delivering comedic lines with perfection and I think that this is only getting better with age. I actually think that Smith as J was funnier in this film than in the first.

                Opposing Smith is Agent K, played by two different actors. Josh Brolin plays the younger K while Tommy Lee Jones plays the current, older K. What I have always loved about Tommy Lee Jones playing this character is that he is the complete opposite of J. K is hard, doesn't show emotion and extremely strict whereas J is fun-loving and carefree. The older K isn't actually in the film for very long due to the plot so this is where Josh Brolin takes over. Brolin isn't an actor that I was familiar with at all so I didn't know what to expect from him. He really does play the younger version on K though but with a little bit more fun and life in him. It was fun to see J try to interact with the younger version of his partner and to try to figure out what has made him so bitter in the present.

                The plot of this film was very original and different. I loved the whole aspect about time travel and the things that could change if you did something wrong. The idea for this plot made it possible to bring in new characters and an updated cast instead of relying on things that had happened in previous films. Although K and J are now older and have been partners for a long time, this film shows new things about both of them and definitely lets us in on secrets of their lives. The events of this film provide many laugh out loud moments and both me and my boyfriend found it really funny.

                One of the best things about this film is the villain though and without him, I don't know if it would have been quite as good. Boris the Animal is a fantastic villain and extremely creepy. Jemaine Clement who plays this role brings a sense of uncomfort each time he appears on screen. He is an extremely ugly character with strange glasses for eyes and he only has one arm but that doesn't stop him. With the one arm he does have, he uses his hand to release other little animals which were really freaky, especially because of how they were used. I loved how inventive this villain was and I think he's definitely the best of the three films.

                I really enjoyed MIB 3 and would quite happily go and see a fourth if it were ever made. If you are already a fan of the series, you'll like this one as well!


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                14.06.2012 13:07
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                Not as bad as you might have feared; not as good as you might have hoped

                They're back. Whether you wanted them or not, the mysterious government agency that is your first, best and only line of defence against the scum of the universe return. Fifteen years after they first came to the attention of cinemagoers and ten years since they last teamed up, it's time to don the black suit and shades one more time. Here come the Men in Black.

                This time it's personal. When Boris the Animal escapes from the maximum security prison on the Moon, he is determined to take his revenge on Agent K who put him in prison over 40 years earlier. Travelling back in time, he changes history so that K died and Boris left free to wreak havoc on Earth. As the only one who knows the truth, Agent J must travel back in time to 1969 and stop Boris from re-writing history.

                MiB3 takes a little while to get going. The lacklustre opening (set in the modern day) left me fearing the worst, whilst the feeble ending (also back in the modern day) was something of an anti-climax. Fear not though, because those bits are just there to justify the time-travelling exploits of the plot and once Agent J gets back to 1969 (albeit a 1969 viewed through very rose-tinted spectacles), things start to crank up a gear.

                As with previous entries, there's a lot of fun in keeping an eye on the background for in-jokes and sly digs, whilst the film itself is very conscious of its own past. The famous "alien monitoring screens" displaying pictures of celebrities who are "known aliens" return, although some of the targets (Lady Gaga) are rather obvious. There are frequent nods to earlier films, too (J has a large picture of a pug on his wall; a circus billboard in 1969 advertises "an amazing talking dog" alongside a picture of Frank from the original MiB). These things aren't important if you don't pick up on them, but they add some fun.

                The humour in MiB is a little uneven: there are some elements that are very funny; some that will make you smile and a fair few that fall flat on their face. There are also fairly lengthy periods when the film forgets to be funny and concentrates a little too much on plot (a criticism which could also be levelled at the much-lauded first instalment.)

                The simple fact was that MiB3 mostly kept me entertained, without ever really thrilling me. It has a relatively short (103 minute) run time, so doesn't outstay its welcome; it has some bits that were funny, some exciting action sequences and a strong cast. Yes, it might be a pale imitation of the original, but there's still enough fun left in the concept for one final (?) romp.

                The strong cast certainly helps things along. Sadly, the return of Tommy Lee Jones is a bit of a non-event (essentially little more than a cameo appearance to book-end the film). His performance lacks the same spark that lit up the earlier film. Whether this is because he is 15 years older or whether he is annoyed that his role is being taken by someone else, it's hard to know. Whatever the reason, it feels like he's phoning in his performance.

                This left me worrying that Will Smith would be left to carry the film on his own. This is the sort of role that Smith can do in his sleep (enthusiastic, wise-talking motor mouth with a slightly darker side) but left unchecked it can become a little tiresome.

                Thankfully, MiB3 has the answer in the form of Josh Brolin, doing a scarily good impression of a younger Agent K. After a standout performance in the mediocre W, Brolin was again demonstrates his powers of imitation, nailing the mannerisms and tone of Tommy Lee Jones perfectly. There was a danger that with no Jones, MiB3 would lose the mis-matched buddy element that made the original fun. Not so. Brolin recreates that spark with Smith so well that after a while, you scarcely notice the grumpy one's absence.

                They are ably aided and abetted by a host of other strong performances. Emma Thompson may be a bit of nothing as Agent O (Z's replacement as Head of MiB), but Jermaine Clement is clearly having tremendous fun hamming it up as Boris the Animal. Sure, bad guys are always fun to play, but Clement's juxtaposition of Boris' cultured voice (and objection to being called 'The Animal') with his penchant for violence and chaos makes for a more interesting bad guy than usual.

                Brolin may be getting most of the headlines, but the film is almost stolen from under his nose by an understated performance by Michael Stuhlbarg, as a man who can see every possible future all at once. Even though he only appears halfway through, Stuhlbarg is brilliant as the oddball Griff; endearing, mysterious and funny. Stuhlbarg comes across like a young, thoughtful, eccentric Robin Williams and adds a surprising amount in what is a relatively limited role.

                MiB3 has a very strong visual style which is consistent with the earlier films. Like them, there are some pretty impressive special effects on aliens, weaponry and other gadgets and the whole thing looks good. This is unmistakably a Men in Black film and fans of earlier entries will instantly feel at home in the world that Barry Sonnenfeld has (re)created.

                This strong visual style is replicated in the cinematography. I saw the 2D version of this, but it was one of the very few films where I actually found myself regretting this. From the look of the 2D version, Barry Sonnenfeld is a director who understands 3D and there were several sequences that were clearly staged in such a way as to make full use of this. Of course, I can't comment on whether this worked in practice, but it was clear that 3D was a carefully planned element of the film, rather than something that was chucked in afterwards.

                MiB3 has been given a pretty tough ride by some professional reviewers. Frankly, I think there is an element of snobbery going on there. Sure, it's not as good as the first film but in patches it's a lot better than the sequel. And it's certainly a lot more entertaining that many "three-quels" which have been gushed over in the press. Yes, it's an addition to the franchise we didn't particularly need and I'm in no rush to see it again. On the other hand, in an undemanding sort of way, I quite enjoyed it whilst I watched it. And isn't that enough?

                Perhaps fittingly, MiB3 gets 3 stars.

                Basic Information
                Men in Black 3
                Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
                Running time: approx. 103 minutes
                Certificate: PG

                (c) Copyright SWSt 2012


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