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Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas (DVD)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Children's DVDs - Disney / Universal, suitable for all / DVD released 2004-11-15 at Disney / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    5 Reviews
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      02.12.2013 18:02
      Very helpful



      Film full of episodes!

      It's getting to that time of year again when me and my daughter settle down to Christmas movies to get us into the festive spirit. One of the ones we have watched recently is this Mickey's twice upon a Christmas.

      Rather than a feature length movie, this film is made up of five individual episodes, Belles on ice, Christmas: Impossible, Christmas Maximus, Donald's gift and Mickey's dog-gone Christmas.

      Belle's on ice features my daughter's favourite character, Minnie Mouse and also Daisy Duck who are performing in the big ice concert. Minnie goes first and does a brilliant performance which makes Daisy a little jealous and the two end up trying to get the most of the limelight. Who ends up on top? Will their friendship still be the same? Christmas: Impossible, it's Christmas eve in the Duck household and after Huey, Dewey and Louie pinch Uncle Scrooge's cookies he baked, he tells them they won't be on Santa's good list. They do all that they can to rectify their behaviour but is it too late?

      Christmas Maximus is all about Goofy's now grown up son Maximus who wants to bring his girlfriend, Mona, home for Christmas. He's a little worried about how Goofy will act around Mona and doesn't want to scare her off. Will Goofy still be his normal Goofy self around Mona? Donald's gift is focused on Donald Duck, he has had enough of the Christmas season and just wants to kick back with a hot drink and forget about the festivities until his family drag him to the shopping centre to watch the window display light turn on event. He finds a quiet looking door and goes through it to get away but all is not what it seems, will he manage to get away from the holiday season after all?

      The last episode during the film, Mickey's dog-gone Christmas, features the main man himself, Mickey. It's come to that time where Mickey is decorating his house with millions of different decorations, when he leaves the room, his dog Pluto thinks he can help Mickey by putting the star on the tree. It doesn't go quite as planned and everything gets ruined. Mickey sends him to the dog house but Pluto has different ideas, he ditches his collar and goes to see Santa. Will Pluto ever return to Mickey?

      I must say, I was definitely surprised the first time we watched this as I was expecting the normal cartoon animation from Mickey mouse but rather than the cartoon, it's CGI this time. It did take a lot of getting used to but by the end of the film I prefer Mickey this way rather than the cartoon. The characters are easy to identify and look like they do in the cartoon, just more 3D. Although the visuals have changed, it still has the normal Disney magic with songs, good meanings and lovely stories.

      Some of the episodes are longer than others, my daughter's favourite was the first episode featuring Minnie and Daisy but this seems to be the shortest of the lot which is a bit of a shame but if it was any longer I think it would have felt dragged out and not as engaging. Between each of the episodes there is a book that all of the episodes come from and a narrator introducing and ending each episode. I definitely think this ties all of the episodes in together so it doesn't feel thrown together in any way.

      There is a definite Christmas feel to this film and it's perfect for getting you into the Christmas spirit. I must admit, the CGI was a little hard to get used to at first, but now I really like it done in this way. I think it's worth a watch!


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        22.12.2010 20:17
        Very helpful



        Highly Recommended

        Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas has a retail price of £15.99 according to Amazon. Everywhere I've seen it on sale, it's been under a five though. Amazon are selling it for £2.99 at present, though I'd say that if you want it in time for Christmas, you really need to buy it in store. I've seen it in Tesco so I'm sure that if you fancy owning a copy for Christmas Eve with the kids, you'll be able to find it easily enough in time.

        This DVD has a name which suggests it follows on from another Disney DVD, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, but it doesn't at all. This DVD is entirely different from the first, because this one uses modern computer animations instead of the original cartoon format. I'm not sure of the exact years in which the contents of both DVDs was made, but to look at them - the first appears to be an 80s job, whereas the second appears to be a late 90s / 00s job.

        There's a run time of 63 minutes included here, with five episodes: Belles on Ice, Christmas: Impossible, Christmas Maximus, Donald's Gift and Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas.

        My personal favourite was the middle episode which starred Goofy and his son Max - as seen in the 90s (I think) TV series Goof Troop. It was modern Disney at it's best! It was funny, it was mature and it appealed on different levels to everyone in the audience - from the five year old and twelve year old right up to us adults. We were all happily chuckling along.

        Little girls will like Belles on Ice, with Minnie and Daisy doing a bit of figure skating, and duck fans will appreciate Donald's Gift. There really is something for everyone on here, which is impressive considering the short over all runtime.

        We've watched this DVD right through twice now, and it's definitely going to be a Christmas favourite in the future. We all like Disney's Once Upon a Christmas, and it was nice to get this and find something the same - yet rather different. Definitely recommended, especially for a fiver or less.


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        17.11.2009 13:35
        Very helpful



        This DVD in my opinion is for one of those nice cosy Sunday afternoons, when the tree and decoration

        We are very big Disney fans in my house and what better way to kick off the festive season, with our all time favourite characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

        The animation in this DVD is amazing, it is 3D cartoon, it is bright, colourful and euecatching. Very well animated.

        Mickey's Twice upon a Christmas is the second in line from Mickey's Once upon a Christmas. This DVD, just as the first one did, is presented in a set of short little Christmas tales featuring characters such as Daisy and Donald Duck, and many of the old favourites.

        There are 5 short festive tales:
        You can watch these storys all together or in any order.
        I will keep the description simple as I don't want to be a spoilsport and ruin it if you haven't seen it.

        Belles on Ice
        This one is my daughter's favourite, as it's all sparkly and has Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck as the stars. They are in an ice skating show, however they are both battling against each other to be the star of the show. This of course ends in complete chaos.

        Christmas Impossible
        Huey, Dewy and Louie, Donald Duck's nephews are the stars of this tale, they manage to cause Santa Clause chaos, when they decide to go to the North Pole to make sure they are on Santa's good list.

        Christmas Maximus
        My husband's favourite character Goofy and his son Max are the stars of this tale. Max is grown up in this story; he brings his girlfriend Mona home for Christmas. The trouble is that Goofy, being his normal self, starts embarrassing his son such as showing her Max's baby pictures of his son.

        Donald's Gift
        Donald Duck is being his usual self in this one - grumpy! He wants a quiet Christmas with just a cup of hot chocolate, well of course Daisy Duck is having none of that, so she drags him out Christmas shopping, of course, this also ends in chaos!

        Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas
        Mickey Mouse and Pluto are the stars of this tale. Mickey is putting the Christmas decorations up for a party when Pluto gets too excited and ends up burning all of the decorations. Mickey is cross with Pluto so Pluto runs away and gets adopted by Santa's reindeer

        DVD Extras:

        Deleted Scenes:
        There are a few scenes that were deleted from the stories, these are shown and explained as to why they were deleted.

        There are three little games to play.
        If I remember right, The first game, you have to guess what Donald the Duck is singing. The other two games are with Santa, the first one where you guess presents in Santa's workshop and the next where you take Santa's quiz. I haven't put the extra's on for 12 months but I'm sure that's what the games are.
        They were bit too hard for my daughter last year, she had just turned 5 at the time.

        Behind the Scenes Inspiration On Ice:
        This is a short little production interesting for kids about the first story about Minnie and Daisy, it shows
        how the animators made the characters move like real ice skaters.

        I cant wait to get the tree up now and sit watching this with my family :)


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          16.08.2009 17:41
          Very helpful



          A modern take on the meaning of christmas. Minus the Jesus!

          Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is a Disney christmas film which was released in 2004. It is the sequel to Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, although it is not essential to have seen the first film as this film holds no relevence to it, other than being a Disney christmas film!

          I brought my copy of this DVD in the run up to christmas last year and since then have been forced to watch it more than a few times. It is a brilliant christmas film and is sure to get young children really excited over the festive season. It is available at Play.com, Amazon.co.uk and HMV to name a few. If you shop around you might be able to find it quite cheap - we got our copy for around £5.00. It's classified as a U so it's suitable for the youngest of children too.

          Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is a selection of short stories, rather than a film. Each story is about 10 minutes long and the total running time is approximatley 64 minutes. Inbetween stories is a pop up book whos pages turn to reveal a new story, which is also introduced by a narrator.

          The first story is called Belles on Ice and involves Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. A big ice skating event is taking place which Minnie and Daisy are going to be performing at. There is a choir, christmas lights and an audience. The girls have made a big effort and have even brought along their own props. Minnie takes to the ice first with Daisy, Mickey and Donald watching from the sidelines. She puts on an amazing performance which soon brings out the green eyed monster in Daisy. Instead of waiting her turn Daisy jumps on the ice during Minnies performance and steals the show. Before long both the girls are battling for the limelight and are competing against each other with daring stunts, which include jumping over hippos and aligators! How will the show end? Who will come out on top? and most importantly can the girls ever salvage their friendship after this?

          The second story is called Christmas: Impossible and starts with Huey, Dewey and Louie being informed by their Uncle Scrooge that they need to improve their behaviour otherwise they won't get on Santas good list. The boys realise they have been really quite naughty and don't have time to get on Santas good list as it is christmas eve. They decide to visit Santas workshop in the North Pole to put their names on the list. When they arrive the elves are very busy getting everything organised for the sleigh ride but the boys are oblivious to it all as they try to find the list. The search for the list ends in disaster as the workshop gets trashed and turns into total chaos. How can this disaster possibly be fixed? Is christmas ruined? Will the boys ever get on Santas good list now? and what will Santa have to say about all of this?

          The third story is called Christmas Maximus and starts with Max (Goofy's all grown up son) preparing to bring his girlfriend Mona home for christmas. Max is terrified that his dad is going to embarass him so asks him to 'play it cool' and make a good impression on Mona. Goofy tries his best but stays true to his name with a number of cringe worthy incidents, such as squashing so much luggage into his car that the suitcase explodes sprawling Max's clothes everywhere (noticeably his pants) and getting Max's baby photos out. There isn't a huge amount of talking in the story and is told through a sweet song called 'Make Me Look Good'. How is Max going to get through the day? Will Goofy stop being goofy? and what on earth is Mona going think?

          The fourth story is called Donald's Gift. Donald Duck just wants to sit down with a hot beverage and forget about the festive season for a while but Huey, Dewie, Louis and Daisy Duck drag him to the mall where they are going to see the christmas window display being switched on at Mousey's department store. When they get to the mall Donald goes in search of a hot chocolate but it seems everywhere he turns he can hear the song 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas'. As Donald slowly starts to lose his mind he finds a door which appears to be a dark but peaceful and quite room. He hits a switch and it's soon apparent that he has walked right into the middle of Mouse's window display. Hundreds of lit up elf dolls and a Santa start singing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' and Donald soon loses it and destroys the window display. How will everybody waiting outside Mousey's take this? How is Donald going to get himself out of this one? and will Donald's christmas spirit ever return?

          The fifth and final story is called Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas. Mickey is decorating his house with christmas decorations in a typical over the top fashion. Pluto sees an opportunity to put the star on the tree when Mickey goes into the next room to phone Minnie Mouse. The whole thing turns to disaster as pluto slips and sets of a chain reaction... before long every single decoration is ruined. Mickey gets very angry, shouts at Pluto and sends him to the dog house. Whilst Mickey is out shopping for more decorations Pluto decides to ditch his collar and leave. He jumps on board a train which takes him to the North Pole where he befriends Santas reindeer. When Mickey returns home and discovers Pluto has gone he is devestated and spends all of his time searching for him. Meanwhile Pluto is having lots of fun with the reindeer (he has even be re-named Murray) but it isn't long before he too is missing Mickey. Will Pluto ever get home? Will Mickey and his best pal be reunited?

          I would say this DVD would best suit children upto around 10 years of age... although I must admit I also enjoy it and I'm 24 years old! It is perfect for the run up to christmas and can teach children a number of things including christmas spirit, morals and friendship to name a few. My daughter also understood christmas a bit better after watching this (eg. decorations, christmas carols, reindeer).

          The DVD is also in 3D computer animation which took some getting used to at first but now I find it hard to watch Mickey and friends in any other way! It makes everything look brighter, more realistic and generally a lot better than hand-drawn animation in my opinion.

          Bonus footage includes Santa's Workshop Challenge, What is Donald Singing?, Santa's Sort, Inspiration On Ice, Snowball Madness and All Things Deleted. As with most bonus games, they aren't too great but if I was about 20 years younger I might enjoy them abit more! I expect my daughter will enjoy playing them when she gets old enough.

          I recommend to all children, families and Disney (and christmas) junkies.


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            08.11.2008 11:47
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great new take on Mickey Mouse.

            You are going to get so sick of my Christmas reviews, I have so many things to review it's unreal!

            Depending on how quickly the DooYoo team get my suggestions on and in what order, this may or may not be the first/second Mickey Mouse dvd review!

            I am one of those sad mothers who insist on getting their children a Christmas dvd in November, just to prolong the festive feeling, this is how i came across the this particular jewel.

            The dvd I will now review is - "Mickey's twice upon a Christmas".

            Now I own many different Mickey films, the majority of them Christmas ones, so of course when this was released a few years ago I had to have it. As we own "Mickey's once upon a Christmas", I assumed it would be the same sort of format, a selection of short festive based cartoons, well I was half right!

            The front of the dvd case gives the impression that this is a standard cartoon film like so many others that I own, this is in fact a computer generated film, ok I was slightly disappointed originally, but have since come to love this version as much as the basic cartoon versions.

            The stories are based, as always, around the original characters, although these stories tend to show the more "human" qualities of the characters, thus encouraging the child viewer and the characters themselves to show a little compassion and Christmas cheer and work together.

            The first story centres around Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. They are performing an ice skating routine for a Christmas show, when one is introduced as the better of the two the green eyed monster rears it's ugly head and the two become engrossed in a bitter battle to be the best.

            This is shown with the usual Disney flair, plenty of humour, lots of action scenes and the unmistakable soundtracks. All the songs have been especially written for the scene and fit perfectly.
            There are also a few cameo roles featuring the crocodiles and hippo's in pink tutu's from "Fantasia", as part of the routine finale.

            The next story centre's around Goofy and his now grown up son. His son is coming home for Christmas, travelling back from university with his new girlfriend. Whom he is desperate to impress. Knowing his Dad's over enthusiasm towards the festive season he fears that his over exuberant father may show him up!

            This story is shown almost entirely in song, explaining how Goofy's son wants to be seen as an adult, and not the son and heir that Goofy see's him as.
            The songs are again done to perfection, making this story almost into a musical, all scenes again are hysterical, with Goofy always being at the centre of the gaffs, perfect!

            The final story involves the two favourites (in my house anyway!), Mickey and Pluto.
            Pluto is, as always, Mickey's best friend/pet. When Mickey decides to have the Christmas celebrations at his house he decorates his house to perfection, ok he goes completely over the top as he does every year. Whilst on the phone to Minnie, who is telling Mickey to take it easy, decorations wise, Pluto tries to help by putting the star on the top of the tree, as he does so he knocks the tree over onto some candles and sets fire to the entire room, destroying all the decorations (though surprisingly not the room!).
            Pluto, for the first time since they have been together, is relegated to the dog house, after a particularly bad telling off by Mickey Pluto runs away thinking he is no longer loved.
            After stowing away on a train he ends up at the north pole and becomes the pet of one of Santa's reindeer.

            This story is of course the best, the fact that the makers have managed to get every Christmas theme and cliché into one 10 minute cartoon is complete genius.
            There is a very little music in this story, concentrating more on the moral of the story, I won't spoil it for you, but I'm sure you can guess what happens.

            There are a few extras on this disc , these being -

            Santa's workshop
            What is Donald singing?
            Santa's sort
            Inspiration on ice
            Snowball madness
            All things deleted.

            These are a selection of games that can be played with the use of your dvd remote control, and of course the so called "blunders" scenes, very funny.

            This has a running time of 64 minutes, again this I feel is not too long, but as the dvd is split into shorter stories you can pick and choose what you wish to view.

            This dvd was brought as soon as it was released costing me £12.00, this was quite some time ago and have seen it available around the £5.00 mark.

            I highly recommend this dvd, it has all the usual Disney charm, suitable for the entire family, but as this comes in CGI it seems to add that little bit more to your viewing pleasure. At times I did forget I was watching a film rather than a cartoon, until you get to a scene where there is a lot of detail. There is a scene where there is a large Christmas tree, and the detail is so crisp thanks to the CGI's.

            For more information visit - www.disney.co.uk

            Thanks for reading x


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