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Mindhunters (DVD)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Crime & Thriller - Thriller / Theatrical Release: 2005 / Director: Renny Harlin / Actors: Eion Bailey, Clifton Collins Jr. ... / DVD released 20 September, 2005 at Dimension / Features of the DVD: Closed-captioned, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, Widescreen, NTSC

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    6 Reviews
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      09.12.2012 16:20
      Very helpful



      An okay cheese-ridden action flick but a disappointing amount of psychology

      I came across this whilst browsing online but couldn't be sure if I'd seen it before or not. Deciding I probably hadn't I gave it a go and rented it out from Blockies as it was quite cheap being an older movie. It did the job of keeping me entertained, even though there were plenty of moments of cheese and cliché that made the film feel both dated and ridiculous.

      This was directed by Renny Harlin who has actually worked on a few things, including a director's role in Die Hard 2, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Cutthroat Island, so he's got some experience in the business that's seen through this flick in terms of its cast and atmosphere. This falls in to the action thriller genre where we're introduced to 7 newbie / wannabie FBI profilers. As part of their rigorous training, their instructor decides it's time for them to attend the final test that he's designed; spending a weekend on a remote island, part of which is a training ground and base for army type personnel, to solve a crime. It's like a pretend mini town with pretend people popping up, empty cars and buildings, and no one else in sight except for the 8 trainees. There is one late addition, however, of an FBI guy already trained in behavioural sciences to hunt serial killers that seems to be there to see how effective the program is.

      With the leader flying off and leaving the recruits alone, it's just the island and the program left, and there's soon to be a murder mystery for them to solve. But the trainees are in for more than they bargained for when it seems someone has already set traps, not for pretend murders, but for real murders. One by one, the young FBI profilers are taken out by some phantom serial killer and it's not long before paranoia and mistrust start to run high. Could one of them be the killer? Has the program gone horribly wrong? Has the leader lost it and decided to kill them all? Has one person, trained to hunt the mind of the serial killer, turned his talent to the taking rather than the saving of lives? And who is this last FBI guy that's observing the program? No one can be trusted, but the question is whether their training and ability to catch the scent of a killer enough to stop him or her before it's too late?

      The cast included Val Kilmer (Jake Harris), LL Cool J (Gabe), Kathryn Morris (Sara), Johnny Lee Miller (Lucas), Will Kemp (Rafe), Eion Bailey (Bobby), Christian Slater (JD) and Cassandra Bell (Jen) amongst others. I was surprised to see that Christian Slater's role was actually quite short lived, but most other characters played their parts fairly well. At the least, characters were entertaining to watch, though I did find LL Cool J's character was too obvious, becoming less of a realistic FBI guy and more of a guy with a clichéd script put in the film for his muscle and appearance. In this sense, the casting wasn't so bad if the script had been more believable and the events a little less obvious.

      I really liked the sound of a psychological profiling devision, aptly named 'Mindhunters', because I love crime thrillers and psychology, and I love American flicks with FBI agents in so the film sounded perfect for me. Unfortunately, it was let down by a cheesy script that in parts seemed to reflect the age of the film somewhat, even though it's only really 7 years old, and it reduced the atmosphere it could have had because I couldn't always take it seriously. It also seemed a little too try hard at times, as if trying too hard to be psychological, trying too hard to be a tense thriller, and definitely in parts trying too hard to be an action flick at the same time.

      There was a fair bit of action intermingled throughout the film, with an explosion or two, some running around and fighting and trying to survive a faceless killer. This kept the pace up and made it interesting to watch, providing you could suspend the want to critique what was happening. For instance, there were times when I thought 'what? That wouldn't / couldn't have happened', so don't necessarily expect something that's believable with Mindhunters.

      As for the premise itself, I liked the notion of a training program on a remote island where the profilers had to try to 'mindhunt' a serial killer in their midst. I liked that something could go horribly wrong and the aforementioned killers would be real. However, the way it came about wasn't overly believable and again, I didn't really find myself shocked by the ending because I had come to expect what eventually happened. Actually, from the start you get a sense of what was going to happen as you learn a little about the characters, so whilst there was some tension built up throughout regarding who would die next, I did unfortunately find the finale quite disappointing and unoriginal.

      We were supposed to be lead to believe the killer and the way of stopping him would be psychologically orientated, however I didn't find the reasoning behind the murders particularly convincing. The problem with the film in general for me was its lack to really convince me of anything or be realistic and gritty enough to build a tense and exciting atmosphere.

      Would I recommend? If you want something a bit cheesy that feels like it's from the 90s rather than the 00s, but enjoy the mix of thriller psychology and serial killer action in your movies, then it's entertaining enough to watch. Just expect cheese and don't hold your breath for anything particularly new or believable.

      DVD released 2005, certificate 15, running time 106 minutes
      Selling for £11.99 (Amazon)


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      17.02.2010 11:45
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A film about FBI profilers being picked off by a serial killer.

      'Mind Hunters'
      This was a film that I had heard about way before it came out and was really interested in watching. With the likes of Val Kilmer, Christian Slater, LL Cool J, Jonny Lee Miller and Kathryn Morris, it looked like it was going to be something well worth the wait, and although I did actually enjoy the film, for some reason I felt that it could have been so much better and was really lacking in places.

      With all the talent the producers were able to convince to be a part of the film, it could have given us a great viewing experience, but the more well known actors that were involved, were just not utilised to the best of their potential in the slightest.

      This is an intelligent film that revolves around seven FBI agents that are currently in training to become psychological profilers.
      At the start of the film we are introduced to Christian Slater and Kathryn Morris as they attempt to raid a house with apparent kidnappers inside. As things go down hill very quickly, we realise that it is a training exercise with Val Kilmer as the head examiner, an extremely good profiler and a very hard trainer.
      After a further introduction to what will be our main cast of seven FBI agents, including LL Cool J and Jonny Lee Miller, the setting for the film is shown to us.
      An isolated island that is normally used for Special Forces training, but what has been temporarily taken over for the wannabe FBI profilers to use for their final training exercise.
      The island has its own purpose built town with all the amenities you would expect to come with such a place. Throughout the town various traps and settings have been preset for the trainees to use their psychological skills in order to try and track down a fictitious serial killer named 'The Puppeteer'.

      As personalities clash and moods flair, we soon realise that something else is going on within the island, as one by one the agents begin falling victims to well planned out and intelligent traps, traps specifically designed for each personality of the seven agents. Because of the varying personalities and the fact that some of the agents have hidden secrets within their pasts, it doesn't take very long before they all begin suspecting each other and coming to the realisation that the killer is most likely one of them. This leads us to scenes of each individual coming face to face with their potential fates and not knowing whether to trust the person next to them to help them, or whether that same person has intelligently set the scenario up so that they will be there as part of the trap.

      My thoughts:
      Like I said above, I did enjoy this movie. The story line was very quite well written, the actions scenes were really well filmed, the psychological traps were very intelligently set up for each individual personality and the actors involved played their parts very well. But............I finished the film feeling it was just lacking.

      I don't want to give anything away too much, but when I saw the cast list of the film I was really hopeful considering I am a fan of all the main actors, some more than others, but the shock I got, was that two of the biggest names were not used anywhere near to their potential, and instead were pushed to the side in favour of some of the lesser known names, names that took on the more leading roles (I'm not going to say who I'm on about, you can probably guess though).
      Also, although this film was very intelligent and very well filmed, the story has been done so many times before that I felt myself remembering films that could have been mirror images of it. One in particular that came to mind was 'D-Tox' with Sylvester Stallone, a group of different law enforcement put together in an isolated complex, all with certain psychological problems, and then one by one they all get picked off by a serial killer that is suspected to be one of the group (sound familiar??).

      Then we have the ways in which each FBI agent is killed. If I didn't know any better, at times I could have sworn that I had suddenly switched from scenes of this film and over to scenes from the film 'Saw'. Nearly all of the traps would not have been out of place in the Saw film series and I'm not being funny, I got the impression that a lot of the ideas had been stolen from those films.

      Don't get me wrong with my plot picking above, like I said, I did enjoy the film. I just wish that they had tried to go down a more original line and especially, had utilised more of the great talent that they had managed to bring on board.

      If you are looking for an intelligent action thriller, this may just fill the spot, but I will say that a big part of it is predictable, and at the same time, a lot is completely unpredictable and will make you go "Huh?"

      Without revealing any spoilers, I also found that when the plot unfolds and everything is revealed, the film suddenly lost some of its intelligence.

      Depending on where you buy this from you can get it from between £2 and £6, I personally got it from ebay for £2.

      The running time for this is 1hour 41 minutes, it doesn't drag.
      It has a few special features, but nothing to write home about.
      Directors commentary
      A feature of the islands town and its traps.
      A feature on profiling the film and a stunts featurette.

      I have only watched some these features, and those were ok.


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        03.10.2008 14:54
        Very helpful



        A great movie full of twists and turn which will have you on the edge of your seat.

        This is a film that I knew nothing about and had no idea who was in it. Its one of those films that a friend persuades you to watch guaranteeing that you will enjoy it. I gave it a shot and was very surprised at how good it was.

        Mindhunters was directed by Renny Harlin and stars a host of names including Jonny Lee Miller, Val Kilmer, Christian Slater, LL Cool J and Kathryn Morris. They are a group of FBI profilers who are sent to a remote Island in order to partake in a training simulation which will determine if they make the grade or not. As the team arrive on the Island though, things soon take an unexpected turn and it seems a killer is among them. With the group pointing the finger at each other it appears that one of them is hiding the truth and so begins a fight for survival. The team includes a man who has a talent for fixing things. A wheelchair bound ex police officer who never goes anywhere without his gun. A smoker who has been attempting to quit for a while, and a un confident woman who is petrified of drowning. As the team become suspicious of each other they realise they can only trust themselves if they are to survive.

        Sara Moore (Kathryn Morris) plays the un confident FBI profiler who seems to struggle with the physical side and field duties of being a profiler. All the rest of the team are aware of this and they are encouraging to her and try their best to support her and assist her. Jake Harris (Val Kilmer) however is more critical of her performances and challenges her every move in an attempt that she will slip up. He is doubtful she will make it through but Sara is hopeful and determined to prove him wrong. After an accident when she was younger she has admitted to the rest of the team that she cant swim and is terrified of the water.

        J.D (Christian Slater) plays the head of the team. Although Jake is in charge of how things are done and is responsible for their training, its J.D who leads the team out in the field. He is always the first on the scene and the first to give input on his findings and investigating. His coolness and calmness in the field is the reason why the rest of the team have never doubted him and for this reason he is well trusted by the rest of them.

        Lucas Harper (Jonny Lee Miller) plays the edgy ultra intelligent member of the group. Its revealed early on that his parents were killed when he was a child and its for this reason he has grown up to live without fear. It seems that nothing fazes him even when dealing with the fact that one of the team is hiding a dark secret. He has a liking for Sara but with her vulnerability and lack of confidence, she has problems letting anyone in too close. Lucas is sometimes frustrated at this and try's to get her to let her guard down for once instead of being over cautious all the time.

        LL Cool J plays the part of Gabe who has been added to the team at the last minute by Jake in order to observe the rest of the team. Nothing much is known about his background early on and the other characters you can see are uneasy around him. When things start going wrong its an easy option for the team to be suspicious of Gabe for the reason that they don't know nothing about him. He never stated much about himself and being added to the team so late on and unbeknownst to the rest of them gives major cause for concern.

        Jake instructs and controls proceedings from a remote terminal and acts as the eye in the sky so to speak. He has cameras dotted all over the island so can see every move each person makes. After the team lose radio contact with him however he soon like every other member of the team becomes a suspect. He was the one who sent them hear after all so that alone is a reason to be suspicious.

        Not a lot can be said about events that occur as its one of those films where the slightest thing can be too much information. Trust me when I say that the information I have give about the characters is in no way a spoiler to any of the movie.

        The thing I enjoyed most about the movie was its ability to draw me in right from the get go. Like I previously said I was not familiar with the film so had no idea what to expect. Its one of those films that will have you guessing from the start and how its done is brilliant. Its not just a case of throwing in a few characters and have them hunting for a killer just for the sake of it. Each character appears to be linked in someway and as things start going wrong it appears that events unfold in connection with each characters personality. Again I cant really elaborate on this too much but its tense and full of suspense from start to finish. Its one of those films that has you on the edge of your seat, and just as you think you have worked it out you soon realise you couldn't be any further from the truth.

        I cant really say much towards the downside of the movie apart from that its probably not that well known. Like myself there are probably many others out there who had or have not ever heard of this. It didn't get much coverage when it was released in the UK and for this reason it can easily be missed. I know myself after watching it I have asked other friends if they have ever seen Mindhunters and I usually get a blank stare followed by a response such as "what is that?" or "I have never heard of it". I said the same thing myself at the time but was really pleased I took the advice and gave the film a try.


        LL Cool J as Gabe Jensen
        Kathryn Morris as Sarah Moore
        Jonny Lee Miller as Lucas Harper
        Val Kilmer as Jake Harris
        Christian Slater as J.D. Reston
        Will Kemp as Rafe Perry
        Eion Bailey as Bobby Whitman
        Clifton Collins Jr as Vince Sherman
        Patricia Velasquez as Nicole Willis

        Mindhunters is a brilliant and well done film that I highly recommend to anyone out there. If you like a film with a gripping pull you in type story line full of twists and turns then this is a film you will probably enjoy.

        For a film that not many people might know about it contains quite a strong cast of characters. I am not really a fan of Val Kilmer to be fair but he gives a decent showing as the top man. Compared to seeing him in other movies though I get the impression he has been having a few extra takeaways from time and time again. When you see him you will know what I mean. Christian Slater is actually a better actor than what most people give him credit for. Although Mindhunters probably wont go down as his best performance he gives a good showing and he is an instant recognisable actor to most viewers. Jonny Lee Miller was the actor I was most impressed with in this film though. I have seen him only in a couple of films including one called Hackers in which he played a slacker teenager who had an incredible gift for being able to use a computer like no one else. In Mindhunters he plays a more older mature role and his character is probably one of the best in the film. Early on he spends most of the time in the background whilst Christian Slater and LL Cool J seem to hog the spot light, but as the film advances his presence becomes stronger. His story is one that involved his parents being killed early on in his life so he is an easy character to latch on to and gives you a reason to actually feel something towards him. His performance overall was very good and definitely worth a mention in my review.

        Mindhunters is one of those films that I have seen several times and even though I have previously seen it I would watch it again if it happened to be on television. If you can manage to get your hands on it then its well worth the watch. I told others about it after I seen it and after they watched it themselves they were confused as how they had never seen it before and agreed it was a really good film.

        Brilliant stuff.

        Genres: Action/Drama/Thriller/Mystery/Horror
        Running Time: 1 hr. 46 min.
        Release Date: May 12th, 2004 (UK)
        MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence/strong graphic images, language and sexual content.
        Distributors: Dimension Films


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          19.09.2006 22:08
          Very helpful



          Well worth buying if you want an entertaining Sunday afternoon movie

          This film caught my eye when I read an article about different takes on Agatha Christie’s ‘Ten Little Indians’. For those who haven’t read or heard about this book (or seen the stage or film version of it) the basic theme is that 10 people are invited to a deserted island where they start dying one after one under mysterious circumstances. Tension between the characters mounts as they fight for survival and struggle to identify who the murderer is before it’s too late. As far as I’m concerned this is one of the best mystery novels I have ever read hence the reason to my interest in this article.

          The opening scenes seem far away from Agatha Christie as a group of FBI agents are put through difficult and very life-like training scenarios by their unorthodox teacher Jake Harris (Val Kilmer) in order to try to qualify as profilers. It seems doubtful to me that the FBI would train agents to become profilers in this way as it seems as if the training is mainly based around trying to find killers (preferably serial killers) through hunting them down. However, this is a very minor issue that will only annoy the absolute perfectionists amongst us.

          The finale to Harris’s training programme is to take place on a deserted island, Oneiga, where the agents are sent to participate in a simulation exercise. A (fictitious) murderer, “the Puppeteer” is on the loose and their task is to create a profile in order to track the killer down. There is much at play for the agents as this is their final chance to prove themselves and hopefully make the grade as profilers. On the way over to the island Harris introduces Detective Gabe Jensen (LL Cool J) who is supposedly joining Harris as an observer. This is an unpopular addition and it doesn’t take long before the agents start to question why he’s really there.

          The agent’s arrive on the island with strict orders from Harris on what he expects from them. Harris then explains that the island was chosen as it would create a sense of isolation – the same isolation you would find in the mind of a psychopath. Well, maybe this is not the most convincing of explanations, but at least now we know why they are in fact on an island – and it’s not just to make them easier victims for a serial killer…

          Soon after the agents' arrival on the island mysterious things start to happen. At first they all believe this is simply part of the simulation; that is until the first agent, rather gruesomely, dies. At first their attention is focused on searching the island in order to find the killer but soon they start to suspect that ‘the Puppeteer’ is in fact a member of their group. Things rapidly get out of hand as paranoia spreads through the group and one by one they continue dying.

          This is a typical Renny Harlin film with many sudden shocks and a plot that really is not very believable but entertaining nonetheless. The acting is maybe not the greatest but it’s not really necessary either. Each character has got their own very clear characteristics: the leader with insecurities, the vulnerable girl/woman who may be stronger than she and everybody else thinks and the hard man who’s not so confident when it really matters are three examples.

          The cast includes:
          Val Kilmer - Jake Harris
          Lucas Harper - Johnny Lee Miller
          JD Reston - Christian Slater
          Gabe Jenson - LL Cool J
          Eion Bailey - Bobby Whitman
          Patricia Velasquez - Nicole Willis
          Kathryn Morris - Sarah Moore

          Personally I found this movie to be totally and utterly unrealistic, but hey, who wants realism? It will certainly never be known as the best movie ever or for the best acting. Still, this is an entertaining movie and as it doesn’t require much thinking or involvement I’d say it’s perfect for a lazy, hung-over Sunday afternoon. The deaths are very imaginative and remind me of Final Destination in that it is difficult not to laugh (out of shock rather than anything else!) at them. That does sound slightly twisted but I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that.

          The ending is fairly predictable (certainly if you have read Agatha Chrisite) and I found it a bit slow but the rest of the film moved much quicker and kept me entertained and trying to guess who would be the last man standing. Furthermore, it never hurts to rest your eyes on LL Cool J – Mindhunters is well worth watching for that simple reason so in spite of the, at times, poor acting, the totally unbelievable scenario and the predictable ending I would definitely recommend this.

          The extras on the DVD include a commentary by director Renny Harlin where he explains how the film was made and how things came to look and sound how they did. This is fairly interesting and delivered in his typical monotonous, Finnish accent something which makes it even better. For example he talks about how this, in my mind, typically American movie was shot in Holland and why it was shot there.

          Furthermore, the DVD contains a ‘featurette’ with interviews with some of the main actors and the director interspersed with scenes from the movie. Another featurette shows how the stunts in the movie were shot and the preparation the actors have to do for them to be as realistic as possible. This I found pretty interesting – but make sure you don’t watch it until after you’ve seen the actual movie as it more or less gives away the ending. The final extra consists of Renny Harlin walking the island set while talking about how it has all been made and the effort required to get it all absolutely perfect.


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            26.07.2006 15:29
            Very helpful



            Leave the mind at the door and let the hunting begin

            There are certain rules one must adopt when viewing any film directed by Renny Harlin.

            1. Don’t expect amazing acting
            2. Do expect at least one explosion
            3. It will be pretty stupid but enjoyable
            4. It must never be taken seriously

            Mindhunters is another one in the fine Harlin tradition that has brought us mindless entertainment in the form of Deep Blue Sea, Long Kiss Goodnight and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. The film sat on the shelf for a while before getting a release, usually when this happens it means the film is a complete turkey and the studios don’t know what to do with it. In Mindhunters case, whilst it sat on the shelf someone got hold of it and it became available for download on the Internet. However I’d imagine it didn’t harm the box office too much.

            The film follows a bunch of FBI profilers in training. They are sent to an island where they will participate in a simulation and construct a profile on a serial killer named ‘The Puppeteer’. Exploring various environments on the island the group use their surroundings to get clues and ideas about The Puppeteers motives. But the simulation soon becomes more real and members of the group start to get killed off in well-planned constructive ways. As they are the only people on the island, the killer must be among them. Together they must use their skills to find out who is responsible and stay alive.

            Straight away let me tell you that Mindhunters completely defies sensible logic. The killer pulls off his deeds by being able to know where and what someone would be doing at an exact moment. Now you’d think with this ability they’d be able to pick the next lottery numbers and just live it up on easy street. But no matter, I’m sure Harlin realized what he had was implausible so the death scenes are just made as interesting as possible. One highlight has a certain well-known actor encountering some liquid nitrogen whilst another get’s a gruesome wake-up call to the effects of smoking.

            Eventually we get the inevitable showdown and reveal of the villain. Their motives are stupid but it doesn’t matter, by that point you’ve been entertained and that’s it. By following the Harlin rules a ropey film is made somewhat bearable and actually not that bad considering.

            - The DVD-

            Harlin’s films always look fairly decent. This transfer does a good job of representing the moody tone of the cinematography in 2.35:1 widescreen. Naturally it’s been enhanced for widescreen TV’s and generally it’s all crisp and clean.

            The Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack doesn’t disappoint. Unlike other Harlin films this is not as in your face. But it does create a good ambience to enhance the scares, shocks and action in the tight confines of the films environment.


            Mr Harlin provides a commentary track which is faitly entertaining. I always find Harlin provides good stories about the making of his films and how things were accomplished. All of it is served up in a deep Finnish cum American accent.

            In addition there are three featurettes. One is your standard making of affair laced with interviews and behind the scenes footage.

            Another has Harlin walking the camera and the audience through the empty streets of the island set as he talks about the design of the film. It’s mildly interesting.

            The final one looks at the stunts in the film and highlights the film’s climax. If you’ve see this kind of thing on other DVD’s then you’ll know what to expect.

            One word of warning, there is some spoilerific content in these featurettes so best watching them after the main feature.


            I wouldn’t say this is worth buying unless you really enjoyed it and could sit through it again. But it is worth a rental, if you’ve seen previous films by Harlin then you’ll know what to expect.


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              25.07.2006 09:12
              Very helpful



              Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide

              Director: Renny Harlin
              Release date: 25 November 2004
              Genre: Suspense / Action / Thriller
              Duration: 106 mins
              Age Restriction: 16 V (violence)
              Language: English
              Colour: Colour Deluxe
              Sound Mix: DTS / Dolby Digital / SDDS
              Awards: 2 Nominations

              My Comment: Good cutting edge whodunit thriller with a few mistakes and some unbelievable scenes.

              Straight out of the FBI academy seven profilers seem to be a cut above the rest and are sent to the remote island Onega to perform their final ultimate profiling test.
              We are introduced to the characters around a bar table (pre-island) in the hope that we will identify the persona triggers which will assist you in the plot discovery as it unfolds, I personally figured it out quite soon in the movie as the characters give away quite a lot of the plot.

              The island is eerie and frightening literally with no-where to run. Jack Harris informs them upon their arrival that they will be joined by another person, only described as “The Puppeteer” who has murdered two people on the island and this is who they need to profile. In the midst of their first exercise J.D (Christian Slater) is mysteriously killed they tend to run into a flat spin as they are totally isolated with no communication with the outside world and realise that they have to solve this heinous crime amongst themselves. (Mistake No.1 Liquid Nitrogen comes in steel Dewer Flasks not gas cylinders)

              Now a great deal of reference is made to time with the viewing of the clocks and looking at watches all the time and hence we as viewers know before the actors that this is a murder by time.

              Murder number 2. Is comical Rafe Perry (Will Kemp) also by the clock and nobody witnessed it as they had all been drugged. Needless to say at this point everyone is doubting everyone and the sole non-FBI agent is named the killer. (Mistake No.2 when they are all sitting round the table drinking coffee and Vince looks at the clock which says 12 O’ Clock and he says its 2 O’ Clock and we are still sitting here)

              They are then given clues as to the next murder No.3 at 6pm they frantically figure out elements of the murder but alas are surprised as Bobby Whitman (Eion Bailey) is impaled after all the drama is over.

              Murder No.4 at 8pm sees Nicole Willis (Patricia Velasquesz) under too much pressure and getting rather trigger happy, she leaves the group to gather her thoughts and coming on board she is stressed as she has given up smoking. Naturally her murder would be her vice, she finds a packet of cigarettes takes one puff and begins to bleed and burn to death. (Acid Laced)

              Now the next discovery is presumed to be murder No.5 yet it could have happened at any time but I would imagine during the murder of Rafe as all were drugged and would have given the murderer enough time. The discovery of Jake Harris (Val Kilmer) hanging from the ceiling confuses them more as they realise they may not be getting home at all.

              The events take a dramatic turn with Lucas Harper, Sara Moore and Gabe Jensen running out into the open and opening fire on each other. Lucas (Jonny Lee Miller) is shot and this is witnessed by Sara naturally assuming that Gabe has shot him. Sara is now on the run with Gabe in pursuit.

              Meanwhile back at the compound Vince Sherman is battling to get a magazine for his gun and is attempting to find a place to hid all without his wheelchair he makes it back to the lift by dragging himself and when he gets into it the door won’t close he is then shot in the head. The lift opens to Sara with a dead Vince lying in it. Although he was killed by his own gun that back-fired. (Mistake No.3 Vince has a Baretta in the freezer and in the lift it’s a Glock when Sara finds him.)

              Now only Sara and Gabe are alive so they think and are face to face with each other trying to explain their innocence to one another, when Lucas reappears and attacks Gabe, Sara assists in bringing him down at the end and performs a phosphorous scan on him to prove his guilt and discovers that Lucas has been the killer all along.

              More high paced action ensues and Lucas gets Sara into water which is her fear and she overcomes it and manages to shoot him in the neck thinking again he is dead he gets out the water this time when Gabe comes to her rescue she shoots Lucas in the head.

              Conveniently the two survivors are collected the very next day battered and bruised and fly off into the sunset.

              Various mistakes throughout the movie however they tend to be missed due to graphic murders and enthralling action scenes. A bit of a low-end market movie but with a good cast. I felt kind of disappointed at the end like something was missing. Give it a look though I would be interested to see what you all may think.

              Ensemble Cast in no particular order

              Eion Baily as Bobby Whitman
              Patricia Velasquez as Nicole Willis
              Clifton Collins Jr. as Vince Sherman
              Will Kemp as Rafe Perry
              Val Kilmer as Jake Harris
              Jonny Lee Miller as Lucas Harper
              Kathryn Morris as Sara Moore
              Christian Slater as J.D Reston
              LL Cool J as Gabe Jensen


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              On a remote island, the FBI has a training program for their psychological profiling division, called Mindhunters, used to track down serial killers. The training goes horribly wrong, however, when a group of seven young agents discover that one of them is a serial killer, and is setting about slaying the others. Can the few that are left figure out who the killer is in time?

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