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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (DVD)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / To Be Announced / Director: Brad Bird / Actors: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg ... / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    6 Reviews
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      09.01.2013 22:39
      Very helpful
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      Worth watching for the action sequences and enjoyment factor.

      "This is your mission, should you choose to accept it." - Those infamous words have once again been uttered to Tom Cruise's spy extraordinaire, Ethan Hunt, and he's never turned a mission down yet. However, with Cruise turning 50 this year, is it about time that he hung his lasers and explosives up in the wardrobe and let Ethan Hunt retire gracefully? Well, I don't think it's feasible to bring the Hollywood megastar's age into question when he's still doing all of his own stunts, and one of those involves sprinting vertically down the tallest building in the world (Yes, he really did that). Cruise clearly is still capable of taking the helm in a high tempo action film, so by all means he should continue doing them.

      Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is the latest release in the hugely successful franchise. If you are somehow unaware of the series, think James Bond meets Jason Bourne with an armoury of tools that would make 'The Gadget Show' presenters foam at the mouth. Like its predecessors, this instalment is ablaze with stunning special effects, exhilarating chases and exciting fight scenes. As an action film, it is a success. The scale of the plot is as big as ever, and you will be treated to some cinema-quaking special effects, along with more stunts than you can shake a stick of explosive chewing gum at.

      Whilst the aforementioned factors will make it worth the admission fee, Mission Impossible 4 is far from perfect. Where the film is particularly lacking is, arguably, one of the most important aspects of any film; the human element. The script appears to rush through the plot, delving on the adventure of the story, and skipping swiftly past any attempts at character development. Due to this, the emotional scenes that do arise have very little impact, as we are not given a chance to relate to the characters, or feel any kind of attachment to them. The blame for this cannot be placed on the cast - Cruise is magnificent as always; the franchise newcomer, Jeremy Renner, almost steals the spotlight with his performance; and Simon Pegg delivers the amiable comic relief that lightens up any scene that begins to feel a bit heavy for a blockbuster.

      Ultimately, it is the lack of emotional involvement that stops Ghost Protocol from being a significant addition to the franchise. The film is good, don't get me wrong, but you never relate to Ethan Hunt's plight for long enough to truly experience any sense of dread or concern at the impending disaster that the recently disavowed 'Impossible Mission Force' (IMF) must inevitably prevent. Of course, the film carries the unfortunate trademarks of a modern Hollywood blockbuster - product placement (BMW and Apple being the main culprits here), and cheesy one-liners (having a character comment on how corny a line was, does not make it acceptable!). But you will enjoy yourself watching the special effects that the blockbuster budget made possible, so we can't really gripe about the conveniently placed advertisements. The action scenes are immensely entertaining, and the extravagant stunts often wield suspense in one hand and awe in the other.

      Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is worth watching for the entertainment value alone. It fails to add any gravitas to the series, but it also doesn't detract from it - just focus on the mission and be glad it's not you suspended a couple of thousand feet above Dubai.

      This message will self-destruct in 5...4...3...2...1.


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        24.12.2012 10:04
        Very helpful



        Impressive fourth installment of the Mission:Impossible series

        The first Mission:Impossible feature film was an action packed subtle thriller with twists galore, that prompted film makers to commission another, and then another. The third was high octane and full of explosions, but relied heavily on a revenge tactic from our hero, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), and while it was never going to be a flop in terms of regaining its costs at the box office and subsequent DVD sales, I felt the series was losing some of its edge and gritty plot cleverness.

        Enter a new wave of characters. Cruise is still there as Hunt, and this time we have a secret mission that features separate agents to start with - Hunt is nowhere to be seen until he gets brought in afterwards. As a top agent (Josh Holloway, Lost's Sawyer) gets killed in a mission gone wrong, Hunt is brought in by new bigwig Tom Wilkinson. A series of mishaps and a mysterious attack on the Kremlin force the government to disband IMF (Hunt and co) and brand them as guilt of the attack. Seeking to clear their names, but acting completely on their own, Hunt and his small troop of a desk worker (Jeremy Renner), femme fatale (Paula Patton) and computer geek (Simon Pegg) must solve the mystery and find the culprits themselves. It seems like an impossible mission, and they have no choice but to accept it...

        There's an element of confusion in the early to middle stages, as the plot fights with comprehension to try and explain itself to us. The gadgets and action keep the interest in these parts, and the film makers have clearly understood when to apply the gags and when to up the tempo of the music and start spending some money on explosions and special effects. The vast majority of the film requires you to buckle in, and some of the tech and filming involved is excellent. This really makes the film the highly enjoyable hour and a half that it is, with the plot developing quickly and the explanations coming through visual and spoken methods.

        I suppose it's all about the balance and the enjoyment, and while you could never really credit this or any other M:I film with the most intricate plots in history, there's certainly some clever thought been put into this and the preposterous elements are toned down for the most part. Hunt scaling Dubai's tallest building with some sticky gloves is a highlight, as is the optical illusion screen erected in a corridor. The fight choreography is exceptionally done, and the banter between Renner and Pegg is a combination clearly set for the fifth M:I film due to be released in 2015 (sounds miles off - isn't!). As ever, the film finishes with some more revelations, and they definitely leave it well open for something new to happen.

        I thought this was a well executed action film, well deserving of its high budget and equally high return. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and thought that it was maturely created and had elements of fun for everyone. There is some bad language and violence, and while these are somewhat toned down you can understand its certificate in preventing younger viewers from watching it, as with the previous films. Either way, this is a film that seems timeless, and as long as technology doesn't suddenly develop the impossible, the tech is more advanced than something you and I will have experienced. Well worth a watch.


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        29.10.2012 21:04
        Very helpful
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        More please!

        Star - Tom Cruise
        Genre - Action
        Run Time - 133 minutes
        Certificate - 12a
        Rental - £3.50 per night@Blockbusters
        Amazon -£7.00 to buy

        There was a moment when the Mission Impossible franchise threatened to see off Bond, Tom Cruise's all action spy movies more Bond than Bond. Pierce Brosnan tried his best but he was no taller than Tom, in stature and box-office, and the MI movies were simply better and more fun, budget and daring. Bond had become its video game. But fortunately for 007 along came Jason Bourne and raised the bar in the spy action genre, the elbow in the ribs the Cubby Broccoli estate needed to cast a more macho Bond, Daniel Craig the savior of the legend, not only seeing off Bourne but the market leaders in Mission Impossible. Quantum of Solace was dreadful and nearly the inscription on 007s tombstone.

        I must admit I still don't know what was going on in the first Mission Impossible film and happy that the second one was more action and explosions and fun to follow, Cruise films not really suited to ossification and George Clooney spy stuff. All those latex masks spoilt the film and so I was relieved with all the explosions and spectacular stunts were packed into film two and three. That's what you want in an action movie. I don't want to be trying to work things out on my fingers with a Tom Cruise movie.

        Like 'Skyfall', Ghost Protocol had to stay on the shelf for a while as both respective studios nearly went bust in the credit crunch. But both are here now and good fun too and back to what they were supposed to be about, all action, a gorgeous cast and some subtle gags. Alas, the introduction of Jeremy Renner character to the franchise was specifically created to eventually replace Ethan Hunt when Tom decides to step away from the franchise and, like Daniel Craig, both are beginning to look old on screen and so best get them to train up the new guy whilst they still can. Or are we now ready for a female 007 and Ethan Hunt?

        ---The Cast---

        Tom Cruise ... Ethan Hunt
        Paula Patton ... Jane Carter
        Simon Pegg ... Benji Dunn
        Jeremy Renner ... William Brandt
        Michael Nyqvist ... Kurt Hendricks
        Vladimir Mashkov ... Anatoly Sidorov
        Léa Seydoux ... Sabine Moreau
        Josh Holloway ... Trevor Hanaway
        Tom Wilkinson ....Sec of State.
        Pavel Kríz ... Marek Stefanski
        Miraj Grbic ... Bogdan
        Ilia Volok ... The Fog

        ---The Plot---

        Ethan is in a Russian gulag, there for a reason, busting out with the help of his team, Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) promoted up to field ops, Hunt bringing out a burley Russian called Bogdan (Miraj Grbic). Once in the van and safe it's revealed to Hunt by the team that one of their top agents, Trevor Hanaway (Josh Holloway), has been gunned down by a mysterious female, Sabine Moreau (Léa Seydoux), working for an extremist organization called 'Cobalt'.

        Their next mission is to capture a man called Kurt Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist), a mad Swedish scientist who plans to steel nuclear codes to hack and launch a nuclear weapon from Russia to start the third world war. But when Hunt and his team try to steal some Cobalt leads from the Kremlin a massive terrorist bomb goes off and they are blamed, an undeclared act of war against Russia, the president of the United States initiating the Ghost Protocol, shutting down IMF (Impossible Missions Force) and all the agents ordered to stand down and go to ground. Just as the Secretary of State (Tom Wilkinson) tells Hunt in the same conversation from the side of his mouth that it's ok to carry on looking for Hendricks but don't get caught, their diplomatic limo is attacked and only Hunt and a man called Will Brandt (Jeremy Renner) survive.

        Along with Hunt and Benji, Brandt is recruited alongside token totty female operative Jane Carter (Paula Patton) to make up a small team of four who will operative off the grid without IMF support, using what resources and assets they have to take down Hendricks and save the world, their big lead taking them to Dubai. But with Russian intelligence also after them and questions over Brandt's integrity it won't be easy.

        ---The Result---

        Job done, all the explosions in the right places and plenty of spectacular stunts and action sequences to keep you rooting for Hunt and Co. The sequence where Ethan scales the outside of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, 120 floors up, makes your legs tremble with couch vertigo. As per usual, Cruise did not use a stunt double where he felt he could do the stunt and as physical on screen as ever, actually climbing the glass windows for real in one external shot, but the cables securing him digitally removed and presumably a catch mechanism just out of shot. Part of his action appeal is he will throw himself around a bit and that makes for some cool scenes in the franchise.

        The fact the plot is not that complex this time around makes this easy going and fun and there is far more humor this time, this the first live action film for first time Brad Bird, a director coming from Pixar and the carton world. The big let down is the soppy ending and clearly ambiguous in case Cruise does indeed dump the franchise, Renner likely to be the star of MI5 (can they call it that?). That aside it earns the fourth star from me for making four good movies and Cruise as charismatic as ever in the lead. Cruise loves screen time and in 75% of the scenes here.

        The fans loved it and for its $145 million budget it did $700 million back, Cruises highest grossing film to date, beating the somewhat underrated 'War of the Worlds' and the most successful of the MI franchise. These big movies are under huge pressure to get that sort of money back just to fund smaller movies in the studios cannon and recover critical lost revenues through increasing pirating, the top ten movies pirated last year all must see big budget action ones. Like the Bond films and the like the product placement is shameless, a major part of funding streams for big movies now, Apple products everywhere.

        = = = = Special Features = = = =

        -The Sand Storm-

        One of the big scenes in the movie is the sandstorm that roles over Dubai at a critical, explained how they did it here, not that exciting though in the extras.


        Filler looking at the sets props...

        -Deleted Scenes-

        Two scenes.

        Imdb.com - 7.4/10.0 (171,122 votes)
        Metacritic.com - 73% critics approval rating
        Rottentomatos.com - 94% critics approval rating


        Daily Telegraph - 'A lot of credit goes to Cruise here, who's succeeded over these four films in making Ethan Hunt into a strangely intriguing alter ego'.

        Rolling Stone - 'This is Cruise's show and the actor brings the role a startling athletic grace and becoming maturity. If someone asks you what a true movie star is, point to Cruise'.

        Movies.com - 'Brad Bird's Mission made me feel like a kid again'.

        The Sun - 'a first-class, slam-bang action adventure in absolute state-of-the-art picture and sound. And you don't have to apologize for enjoying'.


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          28.07.2012 16:10
          Very helpful



          Nothing special, but easy to watch if you're in the mood for action (and/or Jeremy Renner)

          I'll be honest, I wasn't too fussed about the thought of seeing this. I love action flicks, but MI and Cruise aren't two ingredients that I'm particularly fussed about. I opted to rent this a little while ago and it pretty much met my expectations; it was easy enough to watch and provided the action to be entertaining throughout whilst not really being very complex in terms of plot or being particularly different to the norm.

          This was directed by Brad Bird, who has worked on a few films such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille, so he has some experience in the film industry (though arguably less in the real action genre). Ghost Protocol is actually the fourth instalment in the MI series, though I don't think that having watched the prequels really makes much of a difference to how well you understand the characters / set up of this one. We're introduced to Ethan Hunt, the renowned agent issued with the almost-but-not-quite impossible task of tracking down a terrorist. Hunt needs to stop said terrorist, Hendricks, before the Russian nuclear weapons start making their way towards the USA. Someone has hold of the codes to make this destruction possible, but now that they're in the wrong hands it's a race against time to stop the mission of destruction.

          Hunt finds himself with a team consisting of Benji Dunn, a techie whizz, and William Brandt, an agent and 'helper'. They track Hendricks down and use some half stupid, half genius plan to stop him at the Kremlin, but that just ends in more explosions and disaster. Their team, IMF, get a bad name after this and are 'disavowed', basically meaning they're now on their own. They should have given up and aborted the mission, but they stick together like troopers and march ahead. They then go to Dubai and all over the shop to hunt him down, all the while trying to do good by the IMF company name. The question is, can the team bring their name back up to form and stop the ultimate disaster of a nuclear launch?

          I won't say any more on the premise except to say that it's very much a cat and mouse type ploy, chasing the bad guys and trying to find the codes like a wild goose chase, so to speak. In doing this, every bit of technology that they can think of is employed, and I remember seeing a few Apple and other branded products along the way.

          One of the taglines for this film is, 'The mission has never been more real, more dangerous or more impossible'. I can't really comment on how this compares to previous films because even though I know I've watched at least 2 of the 3 flicks before this, if not all 3, I can't remember all that much about them. I find them to be quite samey, and so unfortunately this one didn't really stand out that much to be either. The premise for this is very simple when you break it down: 3 guys chasing some launch codes to stop a nuclear disaster. It's nothing new that hasn't been done before, and so instead the film seems to focus on fancy technology, effects and action. There were some interesting twists and elements to the storyline so it wasn't boring, in the sense that we were kept hanging on to find out what would happen next, but it didn't really strike me as being that intriguing.

          The cast includes Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn, the tech whizz), Jeremy Renner (William Brandt, agent and 'helper' for Ethan's mission), and Josh Holloway (a small part played for the deceased Trevor Hanaway) amongst others. Holloway, aka Sawyer from Lost, did only have a small role, which was a shame because quite like him, but it was still nice to see another familiar face. I wasn't convinced at first by Pegg's part in this flick but I was pleasantly surprised to find he was fairly amusing rather than not fitting in and simply being irritating. I'll admit it still seemed odd him being there, but it was a nice juxtaposition to Cruse and Renner, adding something a little lighter and more down to earth to the mix. Cruse was as I had expected pretty much, considering I'm not a huge fan. I find him watchable but nothing special, but in this he actually seemed to add to the sense of being more 'down to earth' (sorry to have to use that phrase again) that the film seemed to be trying to create an edge for. Renner was interesting to watch and I thought he was quite realistic and entertaining in his role as the guy that got caught up in something he wasn't too enthused to be doing. Hey, rather you than me!

          The 'down to earth' thing refers to how the technology they used more often than not seemed to fail. We all know how temperamental tech can be so it was actually nice to see that it doesn't all work perfectly for these guys either. There some cases of futuristic technology, like the gloves that are seen on the posters for the film as Cruise sticks himself to the outside of a building whilst he climbs up it like Spiderman. It was interesting to see the different tech and their various uses, and the fact that there were so many glitches with it actually helped to make the unrealistic that bit more realistic.

          There was plenty of action to keep action fans happy, but I didn't think all of the scenes packed the kind of punch they could have. Overall really, I found the film to be lacking somewhat. I also found a few elements were a bit wishy-washy, not really being clear on how people got to different places and having seemingly unexplained jumps like that can be irritating. It distracts from the reality of it, which only makes believing it and the sense of atmosphere harder to create. It also had that clichéd feel to it in parts, which again, I think I half expected what with it being MI. There are certain elements to the films that tie them together and give them a similar feel, and I'd say this film did that fairly well.

          Ghost Protocol felt like a fairly well-rounded, good quality flick overall, and you could tell that a lot of time and money went in to its production. The effects, the action, the scenes and various locations and the cast all made this quite a mainstream, made-for-cinema movie (though I watched it on DVD and still enjoyed the action, just on a smaller screen and less people talking around me whilst chowing down on popcorn!).

          Overall, I'd say this is a film for those that want lots of action, explosions, chases and some techie wizardry. But don't expect too much in the way of newness or awe; it was easy enough to watch and mostly entertaining, however it just had that 'could have been better' feel to it for me.

          DVD released 2012, rated Certificate 12, running time 133 minutes.
          Selling on Amazon for £12.97.


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            09.05.2012 21:01
            Very helpful



            A team try to stop A nuclear device from setting off.

            Intro and Info:

            Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is an action film that was made and released in 2011. The film was directed by Brad Bird who has also directed other films like The Incredibles. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was produced by three people: Tom Cruise, J. J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. The film was also written by two people: André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was made on a budget of 145 million dollars but the film grossed just over 693 million dollars and so the film was a huge box office success grossing well over the budget. The IMDB website rates Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol as 7.5 out of 10 and that is based on just over 111,000 votes.


            Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) is a Top IMF agent who is locked up in a Moscow Prison and so an extraction team is sent to get him out of the prison. Benji Dunn and Jane Carter are sent to extract Ethan Hunt and his source Bogdan, they succeed and the team then go to find out what their next mission is. Ethan and his team then learn that there mission is to infiltrate the Kremlin Building and find files of a mysterious man called Cobalt. Cobalt is believed to be a Russian consultant who wants to detonate a nuclear bomb. While Ethan and his team are infiltrating the Kremlin they are interfered by someone hacking their radio frequency and letting them discover Ethan's Team. Ethan and his team have escape and get a positive identity on Cobalt and so they must travel to many places to find and stop the man who wants to detonate a nuclear bomb.


            Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

            Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn

            Jeremy Renner as William Brandt

            Paula Patton as Jane Carter

            Michael Nyqvist as Kurt Hendricks

            Vladimir Mashkov as Anatoly Sidorov

            Samuli Edelmann as Marius Wistrom

            Good points and Bad Points:

            The direction I thought was superb, all of the scenes had the right camera angles and everything looked good throughout the film. Also all the scenes ran well together, and the lighting was really good as well. I think it adds a good effect to the scenes and film and brilliant directing.

            Although Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol does rely heavily on special effects and some CGI I thought they were to a very high standard and much better than some that is seen in other films. CGI was used much less than special effects but when it was used it was very realistic and so looked fantastic. The Special effects in the film also were very detailed and very realistic when it was used which also makes the film look better and in my opinion, like I said before the film did rely a lot on special effects but they are not overused and so the film still has a lot too it instead of just many explosions.

            The picture quality was brilliant which is to be expected nowadays and so was the sound quality and so pretty much what I expected from a film that was released this year, however the sound seemed clearer than some of the sound that has been in other films released this year. Because the film is 135 minutes long it is a long film but in my opinion I thought it was easily watchable and the film is very entertaining and the film's story doesn't fell stretched.

            The acting was brilliant too, Tom Cruise returns as his role and he did an amazing job of portraying his character just like he has done in all the mission impossible's, the other actors like Simon Pegg Also did an amazing job in portraying their characters and a few of the actors I didn't really know and so the acting was great. All of the Actors also managed very well to show their characters emotions and feelings and so I was very impressed with the acting. Every one of the actors were also very easy to understand and all of the actors spoke clearly. I would also like to mention how well the actors did in the fight scenes in this film, the choreography was amazing and all the actors did very well to make the fight scenes look realistic and some of the fights were incredible.

            The story is also well written and the film although is an action film it did have a few humorous bits added into the film which were very good and a welcome addition to the film. The film's story does well to join the other films and the story follows and links to the other three films throughout and so this film has a lot to offer to a large audience. The story is also action packed and kick starts very quickly without any boring moments in the film and so this film is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The story did have sub plots and they were great, there weren't loads so they didn't oversaturate and make the film complicated but they did add to make the film more interesting and entertaining. The screenplay is as good as the story it's dramatic in places and it also has good dialogue. The story is also easily understood and isn't confusing.

            There was a soundtrack in this film and it was great, there was the return of the very well-known Mission Impossible theme tune which is always in these films and it is great in my opinion. Mission Impossible also had some unusual music that I didn't really expect in the film like Dean Martin, however it worked very well and made the film much better in my opinion. The Music also created some suspense in the film when it was needed and also made the film more dramatic in places. The Music in this film was very good and it also fit the tone of the mood which also added to the overall effect of the movie. Overall a very good and entertaining soundtrack that fit the film perfectly.

            I didn't really find any bad points with his film as I really enjoyed it the only thing that I could see that would put people off would be the length but as I have previously mentioned I thought it was easily watchable. The story does not drag and is very action packed and so the length won't really be an issue.


            Obviously because this is the 4th Mission Impossible film there have been three others all starring Tom Cruise. Tom cruise, Simon Pegg and Brad Bird have all stated that they would like to make another film however Brad Bird has said he probably wouldn't direct the fifth film. The studios have also stated that they would like to make a fifth film. I think that there will be a fifth because of the financial success the fourth film had. Also the fifth film could easily lead on from where the fourth film left off.


            Overall I really enjoyed watching Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and think that it was an amazing film. The CGI and Special effects were amazing and all though the film relied heavily on special effects I thought they were all to a very high standard and so were very good and also they never oversaturated the film. The story and screenplay provided a very good story and the story is easily followed, also it is very action packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The sound track as I have previously mentioned I thought was superb and the actors all did an amazing job portraying their characters. Overall I really enjoyed watching Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and I could easily watch this film again and I highly recommend it. The film does not drag and so is very entertaining well worth 5 out of 5 in my opinion. The film is rated 12a for violence.

            5 Out of 5

            Highly Recommended



            Thank you for reading my film review, any comments or ratings are appreciated and I will try to rate you all back but if I miss you please let me know and I will rate. this Review may be posted on Ciao as well.



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            06.01.2012 11:23
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Best in the series?

            I went to see Mission Impossible 4 today and having seen the previous three films at some point in my life, yet completely forgetting their plot and characters, I was going into this completely blank.

            ~~~THOUGHTS ON PLOT~~~
            A mission involving the infiltration of the Kremlin results in the landmark being blown up to smithereens. With international relations being super sensitive, IMF shuts down, forcing agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his crew Benji (Simon Pegg), Jane (Paula Patton) and Brandt (Jeremy Renner) to go rogue in order to 'save the world' from nuclear war and clear their organisation's name.

            It was somewhat unclear at the beginning what was going on, why Ethan Hunt was in jail (which he gets broken out of) in the opening scenes, but the plot of the fourth instalment of the MI series quickly goes underway. Without much back story apart from the loss of Ethan's wife being a central thread brought forward to 'ghost protocol'.

            Despite following a typical action storyline with scenes which lend themselves to Bond movies (the banquet in India in which Jane is required to seduce some playboy- that car was divine) and Bourne movies, MI:Ghost Protocol offered some impriessive action sequences and comedic use of gadgets.

            I was most impressed by the invisibility wall/cloak as well as the action sequence in the car factory. Those two scenes stood out to me as I was most focussed and on the edge of my seat. At times I found myself wondering what was going on and feeling somewhat bored.

            This movie, like other action films of today, moved from place to place, featuring Russia, India, Dubai, Manhattan... did I miss any out? Beautifully shot, especially the Dubai hotel shots- stunning. That was another integral segment of the movie which perhaps raised the tension bar up high.

            Ghost Protocol climaxed several times and dragged on a bit- I felt it could've been much more concise and 'snappy'. The things the team kept doing didn't seem to accomplish much and the solution they definitely could've done without all the trouble they went through.

            The ending was satisfying and the catharsis offered closure yet sparked the beginning and reboot of the MI series.

            Tom Cruise- Ethan Hunt
            Jeremy Renner- Brandt
            Simon Pegg- Benji
            Paula Patton- Jane
            Michelle Monaghan- Julia

            Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt. His age shows and definitely not as attractive to watch as he was five or even ten years ago. The film was great but I felt at times I just didn't care for him as a character very much.

            Simon Pegg was hilarious as techie Benji and Paula Patton held her own though at times was a bit annoying with her emotional distractions.

            Newcomer to the series Jeremy Renner fit right into the film and his 'backstory' gave his character presence and integrity- surely an asset to the team in any sequels.

            Whilst I made no recollection of the contents of the previous Mission Impossible films, this latest release was still enjoyable and full of action, even if a bit long.

            Ghost Protocol currently holds the highest rating of all four films on imdb. Perhaps this will respark the franchise and make some sort of impression on the action film genre world.


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