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Mrs Miracle (DVD)

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Genre: Television / Director: Michael Scott / Actors: James Van Der Beek, Erin Karpluk, Doris Roberts, Michael Strusievici, Valin Shinyei ... / DVD released 2010-11-16 at Sony Pictures / Features of the DVD: AC-3, Closed-captioned, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2011 17:47
      Very helpful



      Perfect Family Film!


      The movie also comes under the title; Call Me Mrs Miracle.

      The other week, I read a Christmassy book by American Author Debbie McComber; the book was called 'Falling For Christmas' and consisted of two stories, one of which was called 'Mrs Miracle'. When I was writing a review of the book on Dooyoo a couple of weeks ago, I was only saying how the story would make a great Christmas movie...So imagine my amazement when I was looking through the 'movie channels' and a movie called 'Miracle In Manhattan' caught my eye...something reminded me of the book I had read...when I watched the movie, I was so chuffed to see that a movie HAD been made about the story in the book I read.

      Miracle In Manhattan is an American Fantasy Drama movie. It was released in 2010 and so is quite recent. The movie stars Doris Roberts, Jewel Staite and Eric Johnson. The DVD is available to buy under the title 'Call Me Mrs Miracle' for £6.38 from Amazon which I think is good value for money.

      ~ * The Plot * ~

      Meet ten year old Gabe - his mother died a couple of years ago, and his dad is in the army and will be spending ten months in Afghanistan, which means that Gabe will have to live with his Aunt Holly (including Christmas) until his dad gets back. For Christmas, Gabe would like the latest must-have toy, however Aunt Holly is worried that she will not be able to afford it.

      On the other hand, meet the Finleys; a father and son who own a famous New York department store called Finleys. The father and son don't celebrate Christmas any more, as the father does not think that they should and has cancelled Christmas ever since his wife and daughter died in a car crash on Christmas Eve 20 years ago.

      Meet Mrs Miracle....a magical lady!

      ~ * What Did I Think? *

      I absolutely loved the book and so I was over-the-moon when I saw this movie on the movie channels. I couldn't wait to 'watch' the story that I had enjoyed reading so much.

      ~ * What About The Plot? * ~

      The plot is fairly a simple one; however, it is extremely effective. I thought it was clever that there were two storylines running side by side, and I liked how they were brought together at the end. I liked how the story was also very modern and represented real life.

      ~ * When's The Best Time To Watch It? * ~

      The movie is very Christmassy and so if you like Christmas and you like movies then you will enjoy this movie. This is a great film to 'escape' to during these cold winter nights, especially during the Christmas countdown.

      ~ * Suitable For All? * ~

      This movie is a good movie and I enjoyed watching it. It is such a heart-warming movie that is perfect for the whole family to watch; kids as well as adults will love it, as it is such a lovely Christmassy film. There is nothing 'bad' about the movie (no swearing, no violence, no nothing), which means that it is suitable for all of the family.

      ~ * Does It Live Up To The Book? * ~

      However, whilst I enjoyed watching this movie, at the same time I was also quite disappointed. I think had I just seen the movie, then I would have loved it and thought nothing else of it. However, as I had read the book, I had it all worked out in my imagination how it would all be, and so I was a little bit disappointed that it didn't match up to what I had imagined. Obviously, everyone imagines things differently, however I thought that there would at least be some similarities between the movie and how I imagined it, but there wasn't that much in common.

      ~ * Is It Romantic? * ~

      The movie is very romantic and I love romantic movies so this movie was right up my street, especially as it was Christmassy; something else I love. It is such a sweet story. It is a really heart-warming movie and will definitely make you feel happy and positive (as though you can do anything) after watching the movie, which I think is good, as it is always good to finish watching a movie on a positive note, which you feel you can apply to your own life.

      ********************** SPOILERS COMING UP *********************************

      ~ * How Did It Compare To The Book? * ~

      The movie was very different to the book; from simple things such as in the book Gabe was 8 and in the movie he was 10, to major things such as; in the book the department store are panicking because they order far too many of the year's 'must have toy' and are worried they aren't going to sell them all, whereas in the film, they didn't order any of the toy and are now kicking themselves.

      ~ * What About The Set? * ~

      I imagined the department store to be really magical, yet in the story it was way too normal and looked more like a supermarket, and so it just didn't look magical.

      ~ * What About The Characters ? * ~

      As for the characters; I thought that they were different to how I had imagined as well. Mrs Miracle who is the 'hero' of the story, came across as being a lovely, warm old lady in the book, yet I found her to be highly irritating in the film; she really annoyed me and I just wanted to shout at the television (harsh I know!!). Whilst in the book, Mr Finley (the owner of the department store) was miserable and misunderstood, however in the film he came across as being quite a nasty character, and so I felt sorry for his son Jake. My favourite character was Jake as I felt sorry for him, yet he was a really kind character.

      I didn't like how Mrs Miracle was portrayed in the movie. In the book she was a lovely old lady who everybody loved because she was so magical and kind. Yet in the movie, she came across as being a bit of nuisance and got on everyone's nerves. Also, I didn't like how the other characters reacted to her at first. In the book she just 'slipped into the story' and nobody questioned anything and she was just accepted. But in the movie it was all like 'who's she?' as though they didn't trust her and she just wasn't accepted at first; perhaps that was the reason why I didn't like her in the movie.

      ~ * Does The Movie Send Out A Message? * ~

      I think that that movie sends out a fantastic message; Having the ones you love and who mean something to you around is far more important than having the latest gadget. It really makes you see what is important, and whilst I think it is an important message to send out to everyone, I especially think it is a great message to send out to children.

      ~ * Is It Real? *~

      The movie is so easy to relate to (without the magic of course). The families included in the movie are so normal, and there is a character which everyone can relate to. Children will be able to relate to Gabe (the child in the story) and others will be able to relate to Holly. I think that children will especially love Mrs Miracle as she is magical and quite a clever little character. I loved Mrs Miracle in the book - she was my favourite character - yet I didn't like her in the film.

      ~ * What About The Script? * ~

      The script in the movie is very simple; it mainly consists of 'everyday' dialogue; so it's simple yet interesting. There is nothing confusing about this movie as the script is so easy-to-follow that you won't get lost. I would also say that this movie is easy to get into even if you missed the beginning. This also means that it is easy to understand for young children.

      ~ * Anything Predictable About It? * ~

      I did find the movie to be a little bit predictable (even though I obviously knew what was going to happen from the book). However, I thought that the way it was laid out was just a bit predictable; you could easily tell what was going to happen in the film, yet in the book you would be guessing for a little while.

      ~ * Did You Enjoy It Overall? * ~

      Overall, I did enjoy this movie as I do think that it is a good one, however because I had already read the book, I didn't find it as good as I had imagined. However, I do think that as a standalone film (if you haven't seen the book) this film is good. Although, I would definitely recommend reading the book; it's certainly one not to miss.

      I would recommend this movie!

      Thanks for reading!
      December 2011
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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